Two Approaches To "Gay For Pay" Porn

As I see it, there are two approaches to "straight bait"/"gay for pay" porn, each with its own pros and cons.

The first approach is one that slowly and carefully eases a hesitant straight boy into the world of man-on-man sex. Start him off with simple and relatively non-threatening things like getting a blowjob from a talented gay guy or even fucking another guy in the ass - things that just about any guy can get at least a little bit of pleasure from doing, while still convincing himself that it's not really "gay"! Then gradually work up to things like taking dildos or sucking dick or even getting fucked in the ass - more challenging and blatantly "gay" activities that compromise their masculinity and straightness (in their minds, at least).

This approach seems to be the most common and popular in the genre (and I'm only talking about the producers working with real straight guys, not the insultingly fake sites that shall remain nameless). Although most of them never take things any further than that first exploratory stage. I'm not sure if that's because these producers repeatedly try and fail to get their straight boys to go any further, or if the producers are mostly just "bottoms" content to watch straight boys getting head and fucking ass but nothing more. Whatever the case, it's rare to find porn featuring authentic straight boys doing anything as drastic as sucking dick or taking anything up their asses....and the sites that do specialize in such content almost never work with black males! 

I think this is why I find the second approach so appealing! This is the "all or nothing" approach. It's bold, ambitious, and usually very, very expensive. If a few beers and a really good blowjob is one way into a straight boy's pants, then cold, hard cash is definitely another.  Throw enough money on the table to make even the most homophobic pussy-hounds do a double-take. Hope they take the bait, and if/when they do, ask them to do as much as you think you can get away with before they change their minds and storm out of the room, never to be seen again. It's the high-risk/high-reward approach to "gay for pay" porn. 

When successful, you get to witness the kind of shocking and unbelievably arousing conquests captured in movies like
Every Straight Thug Has A Price and Corrupting Cortez - cocky straight thugs who need or want the money so badly that they agree not only to get their dicks sucked by another guy, but also to do even more drastic things like getting their macho asses licked and played with, or even dropping to their knees to suck another man's dick!

I think the approach one chooses ultimately comes down to what turns people on the most about these types of scenes. The first approach focuses more on seduction than conquest. It's more concerned with giving the straight boy pleasure in the hopes of tempting him back for more. 

Perhaps that's the greatest "conquest" of all, turning a totally straight boy gay against his will?!? I realize that's a very "politically incorrect" thing to say, and some of you will probably insist that anybody who ends up enjoying sex with other men was already gay to begin with. There was a time when I would have said the same thing, and I still think that's true in many cases. But I've also seen this sort of thing happen too many times for me not to believe that human sexuality is a lot more fluid and changeable (corruptable?) than we'd like to admit.

Of course there's also something thrilling and taboo about the second approach, which isn't focused on the straight boy's pleasure at all (at least not primarily), but rather the various surprising and arousing ways in which straight boys will compromise their heterosexuality for cash. It's more about the challenge, the chase, and when successful, the eventual conquest - regardless of whether the straight boy enjoys himself or not.

It's the fulfillment of the ultimate fantasy shared by any gay male who's ever lusted after a straight boy from a distance, dreaming not only of tasting that "forbidden fruit" hanging between his legs, but also seeing those wet virgin lips servicing another man's dick for the very first time, or being able to lick and maybe even penetrate that previously untouched and unviolated ass.

Personally, I find things appealing and arousing about both scenarios. I love watching a straight boy turned on and even "turned out" by being exposed to gay sex over time. But I'm also intensely turned on by seeing a reluctant straight boy submitting to the gayest of gay sex acts for cash.

The down-side to this second approach is that it sometimes ends up being so intense and overwhelming that it scares away the straight guy for good. The first approach, on the other hand, can lead to something like what's happened with
Suspense, where he's been gradually introduced to new things scene by scene and continues coming back for more. Of course, who knows how long any one guy's going to stick around for the slow-and-gradual, step-by-step approach, so there's also something to be said for going after as much as you can get all at once!

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  • Wednesday, October 07, 2009 6:34 PM Joshua wrote:
    I am stoked Michael! I have been waiting for D-Rel to break out of his shell. I can't wait until you drop it on us and I ensure it is gonna be hot in more ways than one. You need to send him my way after you are all finished with him though. LOL!
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  • Friday, October 16, 2009 6:45 PM Ben wrote:
    Finally catching up on your blog posts! And wow. This one was very insightful. I personally love straight boys. And I don't usually like the sites that make claims about having "real" straight boys. Sorry, but if that's the case, something was up with the guy from the get go. A "real" straight boy doesn't agree so quickly to go down on another cock especially to deep throat him!

    Personally, though, I call it the deconstruction of the straight boy as he slowly becomes exposed to the pleasures he can derive from another guy. Especially while he convinces himself that he is still straight since, when it comes right down to it, what feels good and gets you off does not pertain to sex, but to the way that mouth, or hand or hole is making you feel. And frankly, I think if you were to blindfold most straight boys after he starts fucking with a girl, and swap her out for a guy, he is NOT going to know it's a guy who's blowing him. In fact, so long as you tie his hands behind his back he'll never know the difference although he might get a far better blow job cause only another man knows how to please another man; especially in the cocksucking and rimming department. Just my humble opinion. Thanks for all the hot postings!
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  • Wednesday, November 11, 2009 9:12 PM Evan wrote:
    Those two pictures of Del Rel that accompany this blog entry are really hot. When you showed De Rel sticking his sucking on one finger with the other in his ass in "Round One" he looked like any other "gay boy," which wasn't particularly exciting, but in the picture above you can imagine it either way -- as a gay boy pleasuring himself or as a straight boy having to compromise his manhood for cash. With the latter interpretation this picture of Del Rel makes my dick hard as fuck. lol

    And in the other De Rel picture above, where you are fondling his cock, well -- all I can say is that it's nice to be able to see a straight boy's hard cock being fondled and hard so that he can't do anything about it. That boy's got a nice cock and a nice body. Both pictures let us enjoy the naked body of this straight boy -- a sight that would normally be forbidden to us and that only his girlfriend would get to see.

    With the video and these pics we get to see naked straight boy De Rel in all his embarrassed glory.
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    1. Friday, November 13, 2009 1:28 AM Michael wrote:
      Yes, Evan, that photo of D-Rel playing with his ass while sucking his fingers at the same time is all about seeing him in a compromised position that is both comical and arousing at the same time. I've always thought it would be exciting to pay a straight boy to "play gay" if you will, and D-Rel was my first "guinea pig" for such an experiment. Of course I would have much rather seen some big white dicks (or any dicks for that matter) stuffing that beautiful black boy at both ends, but watching him SIMULATE such an experience in order to earn a cash prize is the next best thing, and I'm glad it got your dick hard !

      By the way, I love your phrase, " all his embarrassed glory." I'll have to use that one myself one of these days!
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  • Saturday, September 11, 2010 3:12 AM Mike wrote:
    I hope you make as many vids with D-Rel as you did with Beno. he is divine looking. I enjoyed your video with him "howgay" more than "the competition"
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