February 2019 Schedule

Here’s our TENTATIVE February 2019 schedule:

Update #1: February 14th or 15th
Update #2: February 21st or 22nd
Update #3: February 28th

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3 comments on “February 2019 Schedule
  1. Paul "Christopher" Bell

    I wasn’t sure if this post was the right place for this but after seeing all of Bandit’s videos…..some of them have some great moments in them where he jo’s…either waiting his turn with someone or in order to get off. I was thinking maybe if enough people were interested, it might be time for Bandit to show us Solo the Sequel! You have really got some awesome models and I’ve really enjoyed the site the last few years. I know your ability to get models and keep them is a simple money issue, so I always purchase your videos from the site (In fact, I lost my original video of Bandit’s Solo after maybe a year and you reactivated it for me. 🙂 Thanks!). I am sure you all have very busy routines, I could not even imagine what all goes into make a video. Thanks for taking the time to read my post and hopefully we can talk Bandit into a sequel to that solo!

    1. Michael

      Thanks for your encouragement and support! You’re absolutely right, we couldn’t do any of this without the loyal support of our paying customers.

      I can certainly appreciate your desire to see more of Bandit. But I usually only film solo scenes as a way of introducing new (and oftentimes reluctant) models. Not sure what others think, but I personally feel like a sequel solo would be a boring step backwards after everything else we’ve seen him do this past year. But I do appreciate the suggestion nevertheless, and hope you’ll understand.

      1. Al

        It is a very good website hence me being there for so long. I may not like or have not watched many scenes but it’s good to go back to my best.
        I have to say the comment sections are quite enjoyable but it would be good to post more positive criticism. That’s what makes you strive.
        Are Bandit and Manny taking a break anytime soon? Lol They seem to be ruling quite a lot, twud be good to see newer faces..
        All the best…


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