Japanese Straight Boys Submitting To Gay Sex Acts For Cash

If I had to choose, I’d say that out of all the porn I’ve seen in my life (and that’s A LOT ūüėČ ), the BIGGEST influence¬†on the¬†videos I’ve made so far¬†has been some of the gay porn produced in Japan.

I first discovered it a few years ago, and it’s left an indelible mark on my erotic imagination ever since. I’m not exaggerating when I say that it’s the most intensely arousing¬†gay porn I’ve ever seen. And if the idea of straight boys having gay sex for money turns you on as much as it turns me on, I think you’ll agree!

Most “gay for pay” porn in¬†the United States¬†is ridiculously, insultingly fake at worst….and highly suspicious at best.¬†What I love about Japanese porn, especially the stuff produced by the studios¬†Japan Pictures and¬†Field Express, is its AUTHENTICITY.

Every scene follows a simple but highly arousing routine: A toned, usually stunningly gorgeous athlete (we’re often shown scenes of him playing his sport beforehand, many times with an actual high school or college team) sits alone in a bedroom or living room somewhere. A man behind the camera talks to him in Japanese for a long time (making me wish to God I knew Japanese), and my sense is that they’re talking about the guy’s heterosexuality, his feelings about what he’s¬†agreed to do for money, etc.¬†Maybe I’m way off, but regardless, the lengthy interviews reveal¬†the guy to be authentically masculine, down to earth, nervous, aloof, reluctant, etc.


The young athlete strips and starts jacking off. Eventually an older Japanese guy (usually in his 30’s and not bad-looking himself), who is oddly enough almost always wearing goggles, begins slowly massaging and fondling the young man’s naked body.

There is¬†little doubt in my mind that for most of these guys it is their first time being touched by another man: The athlete is always visibly uncomfortable, and there’s something about the way he tightly shuts his eyes, or the way his body tenses up, that feels anything but faked.


The older guy then force-kisses him (again proving the boy’s straightness, as the younger guy usually clenches his lips shut in disgust at first, then eventually surrenders….very reluctantly….to the older man’s insistent tongue).




Controversial Porn: Part 2

I see that my previous post provoked quite a few passionate and thoughtful reactions (as I suspected it might). I want to thank those of you who took the time to respond, and for keeping the conversation at an intelligent, thought-provoking but respectful level.

I don’t want to digress TOO much into a serious intellectual debate….this¬†is¬†still¬†a PORN BLOG after all ūüėČ !

But I¬†would like to elaborate on my previous post and try to explain in¬†a little more depth who I am and why I’m making the types of videos that I am (something I will continue doing through this blog in the weeks and months to come). Some of this will echo what’s already been expressed by others.

Let me begin with the obvious: I¬†LOVE BLACK GUYS ūüėČ !!!

Young,¬†MASCULINE black guys in particular. I’ve been sexually attracted to¬†black males for as long as I can remember.

Unlike a lot of white guys with similar attractions, I’m not a “size queen”¬†with a fetish for “big black cocks.” My interest in interracial sex is not motivated by any sense of racial inferiority OR superiority.

I’m not seeking out¬†the thrill of breaking a social taboo just for the sake of doing so.

It’s not even primarily an “opposites attract” kind of thing, an interest in something “exotic” or “different,” although I do¬†enjoy the physical contrasts between black guys and white guys (hair texture, skin complexions, lips, asses, noses, etc.), and I¬†don’t think there’s anything wrong with acknowledging¬†or¬†enjoying those differences in an erotic context.

I realize that nobody’s sexual desires can be attributed to ONE cause, but I do think the origin of my attraction is fairly simple and “innocent.” I grew up as one of the only white kids in predominantly black neighborhoods, so by the time I¬†started to figure out at a pretty young¬†age that I liked boys more than girls, most of those¬†same-sex desires were directed at my black friends in school, church, and the neighborhood, sort of by default.

We can probably all agree that sexual desires formed in one’s childhood and adolescence are almost impossible to change later in life. It just makes sense that my original objects of lust (and in some cases, LOVE) continue to attract me¬†well into adulthood.

As I started to explain in my previous post, I’ve also been obsessed with straight males for as long as I can remember, and a variety of related erotic themes including seduction/corruption, prostitution, economic coercion, resistance/reluctance,¬†etc.

I’m also¬†really turned on by themes of domination and submission. I’ve never gotten into the “S&M” or “leather” scenes. In fact, what I consider “domination” and “submission” is usually comically (some might say PATHETICALLY) tame in comparison. It’s basically just me being, for the most part, a “Top”….in terms of my sexual attractions and preferences, at least. (I like to joke that I was born with the¬†desires of a “top” but the dick of a “bottom,” LOL!).
I love getting¬†head and I love fucking ass.¬†Few things excite me more than¬†looking down at a cute boy giving me head, or¬†lying with my naked body smashed against¬†a hot young stud on his stomach¬†as I¬†thrust my dick deep (okay, as deep as I’m able, LOL)¬†in his butt. I love finger- or dildo-fucking a¬†tight young¬†ass, and I love “nutting”¬†on a hot guy’s face. I even like getting a little¬†“rough” from time to time. By that I just mean grabbing a guy’s head¬†while fucking his face, maybe slapping his ass while fucking him, nothing terribly kinky or imaginative I’m afraid. I’m actually embarrassingly awful at¬†“dirty talk,”¬†however….some of you might already¬†have¬†noticed¬†this in¬†my videos ūüėČ .

[Of course I also have a submissive side, and I’ve enjoyed that dynamic in interracial sex many times as well, moreso in the past than recently however. I¬†*DO*¬†suck dick in most of my scenes, although I don’t think I’m particularly good at it!]

There is NOT,¬†however,¬†any kind of exclusive or causal relationship between my attraction to black males and my interest in these themes. All of the “turn-ons” described above are just as much a part of my erotic fantasies/desires¬†involving white boys,¬†Latino and Hispanic boys, Thai boys,¬†Japanese boys, and just about any race/ethnicity you can think of.¬†I chose to focus on black¬†boys (and hopefully a few Latino/Hispanic boys) primarily for two reasons:

First,¬†they’re probably my¬†preference (mostly for the reason I¬†explained earlier).

Second,¬†I thought I could bring¬†something at least a tiny bit¬†original to the world of amateur black porn.¬†For example, most all-black scenes, even the more¬†“amateurish” ones, don’t take their time and let you get to know the models. And obviously gay interracial scenes featuring white “tops” with black “bottoms” are incredibly rare (although¬†I feel like this¬†has been slowly changing over the past couple years).¬†ESPECIALLY where the black¬†“bottom” is a¬†MASCULINE gay or bisexual boy, or a straight guy going “gay for pay!”

I can understand how the imagery in some of my videos might disturb or offend some people, black guys in particular. If you fit into that category, all I can do is encourage you to avoid my videos for the sake of your own mental and emotional peace. Or better yet, ignore the stuff that turns you off but stick around for the hot all-black content I still plan on producing!

But you know what??? For every guy who tells me that¬†my videos are racist, exploitative, offensive, etc., I hear from at least ten others (including¬†MANY black¬†guys!) who think they’re hot as hell and say they can’t wait to see more!

At the end of the day, porn is almost always going to involve some degree of objectification and “exploitation.” That’s even a big part of its appeal, the idea that beautiful young men (of¬†ALL races) are willing to show off their bodies and perform sexual acts (with varying degrees of enthusiasm) in exchange for a financial reward.

I also think that porn is one place where it’s¬†OKAY to be a little “politically incorrect.” If you really think about it, porn (both gay AND straight) is all ABOUT stereotyping, racial and otherwise! It’s a medium that¬†sort of demands such simplification in order to grab the viewer’s attention with a basic but powerful fantasy.

Burly firefighters, dumb blonde twinks, horny frat-boys, submissive Asians, lusty Italians, the list goes on and on. And yes, it¬†also includes¬†the “dangerous,” super-hung black thug from the “hood.”

In my everyday¬†non-porn¬†life, I can take my “political correctness” to extremes that annoy even my most liberal friends.¬†But I feel like porn is one arena where we should all relax a little bit and enjoy the enormous erotic potential of character types and social stereotypes (as well as “twists” on those stereotypes).

Dragon is¬†a hell of a lot more than a¬†“schoolboy,” and Shyne¬†(or Cortez, for that matter)¬†certainly doesn’t fit¬†neatly or consistently into the “thug” category. But my title isn’t meant as an insult to their complexity as human beings! Rather, it’s a fun and catchy way to understand and enjoy their video!

Similarly, domination and submission has always been a big part of both straight AND gay sexuality, and certainly it’s always been part of what makes a lot of straight and gay porn so hot. Seduction, conquest, sexual domination, rough sex….they’re present in just about every type of porn I’ve seen, including straight porn (interracial and non-interracial), lesbian porn, all-black gay porn, non-black gay porn, etc., etc.

Granted, there’s a wide spectrum ranging all the way¬†from cutesy-cuddly-boyfriend-porn, to ultra-violent S&M torture-porn. But there’s almost ALWAYS at least a common theme where one or more participants is¬†seduced, conquered, enjoyed, used, dominated,¬†etc., and the other participants get to seduce, conquer, enjoy, use, dominate, etc. the submissive partner.

This is why things like gangbangs, double-penetration, face-fucking, and “facials” are such popular and predictable elements¬†in porn. I don’t believe that gay¬†sexuality is ALWAYS like this,¬†or that it SHOULD¬†always be like this, but¬†in PORN it usually is. And I’m fine with that!

But as I see it, one either has to be fine with the dominant/submissive, top/bottom dynamic ACROSS THE BOARD, or oppose it altogether. You can’t pick and choose.

It can’t be “okay” for an aggressive black top like Thugzilla to verbally humiliate and fuck the shit out of submissive white bottoms and then NOT be “okay” for¬†an aggressive WHITE top to do the same with black guys.

It can’t be acceptable for studios to pay¬†straight young¬†WHITE boys to go “gay for pay” in the enormously popular “frat boy” and “military” genres, but “racist” and offensive for studios to do the same thing with¬†straight young¬†BLACK guys.One shouldn’t assume racist or otherwise suspicious motives every time a¬†white guy “tops” a black guy any more than one should assume that all black guys who top white guys are anti-white, or black¬†men¬†who fuck other black men want to demean and humiliate their own race, or straight¬†male porn-stars who fuck¬†(and even dominate)¬†women are misogynists.

I hope this better explains where I’m coming from! And don’t worry, I’ll be back with more PORN tomorrow!

Controversial Porn and My “Catch-22”

When I started Black Boy Addictionz¬†last fall, I knew that some of the videos I wanted to make would be controversial. I think a mischievous part of me actually¬†ENJOYS¬†pushing people’s buttons….just ask my family and friends, I’m sure they’d tell you that I’ve mastered the art¬†of provocation ūüėČ !

I anticipated that a lot of guys, both black and white, would be¬†turned off¬†and in some cases¬†PISSED off at my¬†decision¬†to film scenes where masculine black males (even¬†“thugs,” in some cases)¬†perform “submissive” sexual¬†acts with¬†white males.¬†The vast majority (probably 99.9999%) of gay interracial porn consists of¬†the stereotypical hung black stud fucking the hell out of a sissy white bottom, to the point that any departure from that stereotype strikes some as “unnatural” and distasteful. This is so deeply engrained in our conceptions of gay interracial sex that the amateur producer¬†Joe Schmoe¬†recently coined the term “reverse interracial” to describe scenes where the black male sucks dick or gets fucked by a white guy. I’ve even¬†heard from some black guys who go¬†so far as to say it’s “racist”¬†any time a white man¬†takes the “top”¬†role with a¬†black¬†guy. [To be fair, I’ve also heard from¬†MANY¬†guys, both white AND black (and neither), who WELCOME¬†the change of pace.]

What I *DIDN’T* anticipate, however, was the kind of negative, even HOSTILE, reaction by some to the¬†“straight seduction”/”gay for pay”¬†theme itself (regardless of its racial¬†make-up).¬†I’ve been accused of exploitation, rape, manipulation, cruelty, torture….Hell, reading through some of the comments on my X-Tube clips, you’d think I¬†should be reported to¬†Amnesty International for crimes against humanity!

I’m beginning to think that a lot of this hostility comes from a lack of familiarity with the history and diversity of gay erotica, and a very limited exposure to AMATEUR porn in particular.

A big part of it is generational, I think. Most of the negative feedback comes from young black guys who’ve only been watching gay porn for a couple years at the most. They’ve been raised on a porn diet of predictable, black-only porn scenes where the “tops are tops” and the “bottoms are bottoms.” Videos like mine are as foreign to them as everything else that happened¬†before 1990 ūüėČ . They seem to have no idea that my videos are part of a genre that’s been around for decades!

I’ve been obsessed with “straight boy” porn since I first started watching porn in college. For the longest time I was addicted to the young Adonises of¬†Bel Ami, beautiful straight boys from Eastern Europe who the legendary director George Duroy would recruit from poor villages into¬†lives of “gay for pay” porn. My influences since then are too many to describe here. They range from comically staged fantasies to gritty, documentary-style “reality porn”¬†depicting actual straight boys selling their young bodies for cash.

I suppose it’s fair to question the “morality” of such films (just as I suppose it’s fair to debate the “morality” of porn itself).

I have to confess, however, that what some find¬†morally reprehensible are the very same things that turn me on the most! While I certainly don’t condone rape or violence, there’s a huge gray area between passionate, eager lovemaking and the extreme of non-consensual sex, that has a lot of erotic potential.

Themes like economic coercion, prostitution, the¬†“deflowering” of virgins, reluctance, initiations/hazing,¬†sex in exchange for money or favors, etc. have¬†always held a powerful¬†erotic appeal for me in¬†literature, film, erotic fiction,¬†AND pornography. These themes have a long and vibrant history in both gay AND straight erotica, and I don’t see why their relatively mild manifestations in my own videos should be so shocking or offensive.

Over the next few weeks, I plan on presenting some of my porn inspirations on this blog as a way of better explaining where I’m coming from, and preparing readers for the release of my¬†potentially controversial next video (I’m calling it Corrupting Cortez, if that tells you anything).

And that brings me to a kind of predicament I’ve gotten myself into with my videos, the “Catch 22” mentioned in the title of this post.

Some of my videos, like The Schoolboy and the Thug, will feature only black models in relatively conventional action scenes (but hopefully with a unique¬†amateur vibe). The problem is that a lot of the fans for these types of videos do NOT enjoy interracial scenes, at least not the type that I’m making. In fact, a lot of them are the same folks who find my “gay for pay” films so disturbing and offensive.

Conversely, a lot of you¬†who enjoy my videos for their interracial and/or “gay for pay” themes¬†have complained that a video like Schoolboy¬†is boring and unappealing.

It’s going to take some time before I know how much cross-over there is between these two camps. My fear at the moment, however, is that I’ll risk alienating¬†both groups by offering videos they simply don’t like (or find offensive).

My feeling as I write this is that I should follow the advice given to me by one of the main guys at AMVC¬†when I started making videos: Stick to the stuff that turns ME on, and trust that those turned on by the same things will buy my videos and remain loyal fans, while those who aren’t will eventually move on to producers who better¬†satisfy their erotic tastes.


Website Update: Breakin’ In A Young Thug


Breakin’ In A Young Thug is now¬†available to enjoy¬†– along with the rest of my movie collection – as part of your¬†membership to BlackBoyAddictionz.com!

If you haven’t¬†yet¬†seen Shyne’s¬†sizzling-hot initiation¬†into the world of amateur¬†gay porn, now’s your¬†chance to witness¬†it¬†for yourself.

I’m not sure if it was Shyne’s¬†laid-back attitude, or the generous amount of cash I¬†was paying him, but I sure as hell didn’t hold back¬†while testing this sexy Blatino kid’s boundaries! I’m¬†STILL amazed at how much Shyne was willing to do in his first-ever porn shoot, and I think you’ll be amazed too!

I knew that I’d found something special¬†in¬†Shyne from the first moment that his¬†girlfriend dropped him off at my apartment. There was¬†something¬†so endearing and seductive¬†about¬†his¬†sexy macho swagger mixed with¬†this boyish, eager-to-please vulnerability. Not to mention his striking good looks, which¬†certainly have the potential to¬†make him a¬†VERY popular “porn star”! It actually¬†makes me a little sad (or maybe just JEALOUS)¬†to think about it, but I wouldn’t¬†be at¬†all surprised to see Shyne show up in some¬†“big studio” productions¬†within the next couple years!

I watched a little bit of the video last night to check for any problems with the online version. It was the first time I’d seen the film since editing it well over a month ago. After watching my¬†“trailer”¬†with its musical soundtrack so many times, I’d almost forgotten how incredibly hot¬†the footage is when it’s just the raw,¬†natural sounds¬†of ass-licking, dick-sucking, ball-slurping, and dildo-fucking !

Some of the scenes¬†I film end up as big disappointments. Others turn out to be hot in the moment, but fairly forgettable in the long-run.¬†On the day¬†I filmed this first scene with Shyne, however, the stars must have been aligned just right, because our chemistry together was surprisingly intense and just about EVERYTHING we filmed ended up looking hot as hell (ESPECIALLY the messy, unforgettable “facial” at the end).


“Why Didn’t Dragon Fuck Shyne?!?” And Other Questions

Dragon and Shyne In Shower

Since I was away from the blog last weekend, I got a little behind on some of the comments and questions posted by blog readers. I decided it might be easier to post my responses all in one place, rather than buried in earlier posts.

An anonymous reader wrote:

lol shynes facial expression is the same in every frame i can tell he was really uncomfortable. btw how much do u pay these guys to do gay scenes? just wonderin if u dont mind me asking.

Shyne was definitely a little tense and nervous at first. This was only his second video, so he’s still getting used to being on camera. Keep in mind that he also just met Dragon for the first time a few minutes earlier, and suddenly he’s naked and showering with a total stranger! I find that totally hot, but it’s also understandable why he might look a little¬†reluctant and uncomfortable at first. Luckily for us horny spectators,¬†he relaxed enough to make his first sex scene with Dragon VERY hot and memorable.

I also¬†think the screenshots can be misleading sometimes. Those of you who’ve already seen Shyne in¬†Breakin’ In A Young Thug¬†will know what I’m talking about when I say that he is a lot more easy-going and friendly and funny in the¬†actual video¬†than his¬†photos sometimes suggest.

As far as pay is concerned, I’m still in the process of figuring out a pay rate that is fair to the models but also affordable enough that I can earn enough of a¬†profit to continue making videos. I’d rather not reveal anything specific, other than to say that the pay varies. The “gay for pay” videos like Every Straight Thug Has A Price¬†and my upcoming video with Cortez¬†were outrageously (and recklessly) expensive, the solo scenes MUCH cheaper, and the oral/dildo scenes like those in Black Boys Who Crave White Cock¬†and Breakin’ In A Young Thug¬†were somewhere in the middle.

Another anonymous reader wrote:

You know even though you consider yourself an amateur, from these stills at least, it looks like you’ve got some kind of skills. How about sharing a little of what you know, especially about where you find these guys and how you convince them to come back to your place, disrobe and do porn.
Thanks for the compliment! One of the ideas behind keeping this blog is to do exactly what you ask and offer my customers, potential customers, and those who are just plain curious, an exclusive glimpse behind the scenes of my amateur videos. If anyone has specific questions they’d like to have answered on the blog, please post them as comments or email me directly at BlackBoyAddictionz@gmail.com.

In response to the screenshot previews for The Schoolboy and the Thug, another anonymous reader stated:

sorry not my thing….but good luck with it anyways i like the ones where you service a hot black dude one on one oh well laterz.

Don’t worry, I still plan on offering plenty of videos featuring interracial scenes between me (or other white guys) and young black males. But some of my videos will also¬†feature black guys with other black guys, albeit with a less-edited amateur vibe that isn’t always present in other all-black gay porn.

I realize that some of the fans of my interracial scenes won’t be interested in the black-on-black scenes, and a lot of the guys who enjoy the all-black content won’t like the interracial videos. In the short time I’ve been doing this, I’ve already learned that I’ll never be able to please everyone¬†ALL of the time. All I can do is make the kinds of videos that turn ME on, and gamble that enough of you will be turned on by the same things.

Another anonymous reader asked:

It definately looks like Shyne relaxed and got into it. LOL. Did he tell his girl he was moving more furniture?

The ongoing joke with Shyne is that he could be talking on the phone with his GRANDMA and his dick would be pointing up in the air! I hear all these horror stories about models who can’t get hard for the camera (I’ve even¬†experienced this myself¬†on a couple recent occasions), and it makes me feel incredibly lucky to have discovered such a natural and cooperative performer like Shyne.

Dragon and Shyne
Joe Schmoe posted the following:

Think Shyne may be Bi-Curious? looks hot..I love how dragon is all boned up before the action starts…True arousal…cant be faked…and its obvious that he’s turned on…Dont get that in a “studio” flick.. The contrast between “eager” Dragon…and somewhat reluctant… at first.. Shyne..Is hot as fuck……

I couldn’t agree more! That’s exactly what makes it so hot for me as well. I had no idea how Shyne and Dragon would respond to each other, but it was fun to watch as it became¬†obvious within the first five minutes that Dragon couldn’t wait to “get better acquainted” with Shyne (can you blame him?!?).

About Shyne’s sexuality….my sense is that he’s a lot closer to “bisexual” than “straight.” If Jay¬†is on the “straight” end of the Kinsey scale ¬†and Michael¬†is on the other, I’d put Shyne somewhere in between (but closer to Jay than Michael).
These two readers made the same request/suggestion:

In #2, I think Dragon should run up in Shyne nice ass.


How come dragon didnt fuck shyne?..That would have been a best seller? Anytime in the future?

Trust me, I’ve been dying to see Shyne take some dick since I got my first look at¬†his smooth, tight little muscle-butt in Breakin’ In A Young Thug!

Shyne's Ass
I guess there were a couple reasons I didn’t ask Shyne to get fucked in The Schoolboy and the Thug:

First, I felt like I’d already pushed his “submissive” boundaries to their limits in Breakin’ In A Young Thug¬†(taking three dildos, sucking my dick, letting me cum on his face, etc.), and I thought he deserved a change of pace by fucking the hell out of Dragon’s¬†awesome¬†ass ūüėČ .

Second, a selfish part of me wanted to save Shyne’s first time getting fucked on¬†video¬†for an¬†INTERRACIAL scene….preferably with ME gettin’ up in that cute little butt¬†first, LOL!

Not to worry, though….there’s only so much I can do with my little white dick, LOL!!! I’d¬†still love to see him take a real¬†ass-pounding from a¬†thick¬†black dick like Dragon’s!

And last but not least, another anonymous reader posted:

Keep doing what you’re doing because it is working!!! This video looks so damn hot and I hope it will be added to the list of your streaming films on AEBN. When that day comes, I’m probably gonna have to take a sick day off work.

Thanks for the encouraging feedback! Comments like this always bring a smile to my face ūüôā . I’m glad to know that so many guys are looking forward to this video.

Of course my preference is that everyone buy the DVD when it comes out tomorrow (I get a larger cut from the sales than I do from AEBN), but I understand that a lot of guys (myself included) prefer the convenience of AEBN. As a general rule, videos show up in my Online Theater about a month or so after the DVD version goes on sale.

[Update: You can now enjoy The Schoolboy and the Thug along with my entire collection of movies by joining BlackBoyAddictionz.com!]

But please, don’t blame me if you get fired for taking too many “sick days” ūüėČ !

Thanks for the questions and comments, guys!



Scary Street Thugs, Dirty “Older” White Guys, and Other Reflections

I wanted to take a few moments to respond to a couple things brought up in the “blog comments” lately. One¬†customer/reader recently posted the following:

Your video Every Straight Thug Has A Price is my favorite format for interracial action. Great job! My only “criticism” would be a more or less personal one based on my own preferences–like the fact that you seem to feature thugs who are a little too “wholesome” and non-threatening (as opposed to some of the great-looking street thugs who are more inked up, muscled up, and gangsta-looking)–and I think your videos would benefit from leaning more toward the less wholesome looking black dudes. Again, that’s a personal point of view. I just don’t find twinks very appealing–black, brown, or white. There’s something incredibly hot to me about “taming the wild beast”, so I would love to see you in some vids where you explore, fondle, and service some black thugs who look more convincingly “street.” Cortez is a good starting place. He’s more masculine in appearance than the pretty boiz. Just a thought. Hope you don’t mind the feedback.

I don’t mind the feedback at all! I *ALWAYS* welcome feedback from readers and customers when expressed in a respectful and constructive way (as you did above).

I appreciate the fact that you made it clear that your comments come out of your own personal erotic preferences. I haven’t been doing this for long, but I’ve already realized that I’ll never be able to please everybody all of the time. The best that I can do is make the kind of porn I’ve always enjoyed watching, or wanted to see, with the kind of guys that turn me on.

That said, I have some¬†good news¬†AND bad news for you. The bad news is that unlike you, I *do* like the slim, smooth, youthful “twink” and “pretty-boy-thug” look, as long as the guy is masculine (and even there I’ll make exceptions from time to time). Shyne, for example, has the kind of tight, toned body that drives me absolutely wild with lust, even though he isn’t very muscular or tattooed or “threatening.”

But the good news is that¬†I *also* share your attraction to the “great-looking street thugs who are more inked up, muscled up, and gangsta-looking,” and I promise you that I’ll do my best to feature some of them in future videos.

Keep in mind that it’s more challenging to convince such types to appear in gay porn, and there also comes a point when a thug can look¬†a little TOO “street” and “threatening” for me to feel smart and safe about inviting him into my home to shoot porn. But I promise that I’ll make an effort (I already have a couple prospects), because I’d ultimately like to feature a diverse collection of black and latino guys in my videos.

The same guy continued:

By the way, I bought your first¬†Every Straight Thug Has A Price but I would never personally purchase a black on black action video because I can’t “project myself” into the fantasy. (I like fantasizing that I’m doing what YOU’RE doing when you spend lots of time exploring those beautiful black bodies without getting your own ass kicked!) lol Keep up the great work. I love how you take your time instead of rushing the action. You’re one of the few who understands that sensuality and sexuality are equally important.

Thanks for the compliment….I’m glad that you appreciate the laid-back, leisurely pace of my videos. I’m sorry to hear that you don’t have an interest in my black-on-black videos, but I totally understand where you’re coming from. I suspected that some of the folks who enjoy my interracial scenes wouldn’t be interested in the black-on-black scenes, and vice versa.

I doubt it will change your mind, but I’m still very much present in the black-on-black scenes, as a voice behind the camera who interviews the boys beforehand, coaches them through the experience of their first porn-shoot, poses occasional questions throughout the scene, etc. As a viewer, it’s still possible to identify with me as a horny white guy lucky enough to have two sexy young black guys in his apartment, watching with breathless suspense and excitement as they touch for the first time and let me guide them through their first porn shoot. I know it’s a stretch, but I had to give it a shot ūüėČ !

Last but not least, I got a kick out of JoeSchmoe¬†and VersatileBoy’s comments about the way I sometimes refer to myself as an “older white guy.”

I guess that’s just my own insecurities coming out. It’s sort of my way of making clear that¬†my videos are not about MY looks, body, dick size, etc.

Plus the whole “older white guy” thing can be a hot visual fantasy, in my opinion. ESPECIALLY with the straight guys, but even with a cute gay boy like Dragon, it’s exciting to think that with a little cash and persuasion, a gay guy who’s *13* years older than him, and not at all his type, can still get his hands on a young stud like him.

But don’t worry….In real life, I don’t really think of myself as “old.” In fact, I usually feel like I’m still 21 or 22, and it sometimes comes as¬†a rude awakening when I realize there’s now a widening generation gap between me and the guys I like to date and hook up with!

Maybe that’s part of the reason I’m enjoying this porn project so much. It allows me to enjoy the young black guys I drool over without feeling like too much of an¬†old creep¬†(it’s “just business,” as opposed to asking a guy out or hitting on him in a club or on the street).

Or maybe it’s just the opposite? Maybe this is my way of¬†preemptively EMBRACING the status of “dirty old man” before somebody ELSE has the chance to label me as such???


Pizza and Porn With Dragon


[Update: You can now watch the full-length, uncensored version of this scene, along with all of my other movies, when you join BlackBoyAddictionz.com!]

I¬†realize that Shyne has sort of stolen the spotlight in the lead-up to last Friday’s release of Breakin’ In A Young Thug, but he’s not the only hot black boy I’ve enjoyed filming lately! Many of you have been asking about my new model Dragon since I first introduced him on the blog a few weeks ago. Don’t worry….he’s still around, and will be showing up in¬†SEVERAL of my future videos.

I¬†finally¬†finished editing the video featuring Dragon’s porn debut, and I’m very happy with the results. It will include Dragon’s solo scene (the first scene I shot with him), as well as the long afternoon video-shoot he filmed with Shyne about two weeks later. It was incredibly stressful trying to cut the raw footage down to two hours, but I guess¬†it’s better to¬†have TOO MUCH hot content than not enough, right??? In addition to bringing you Dragon’s first porn¬†appearance (and only Shyne’s second), it’s also my first video to feature hardcore anal action!

I’m calling it The Schoolboy and the Thug, because one of the most entertaining (and arousing) things about the video is watching these two boys from¬†very different backgrounds, who have such hilariously contrasting personalities, meeting and fucking for the first time. Dragon is a cute “college boy” with a wholesome, boy-next-door look and an energetic, talkative, and outgoing personality. Shyne is a young thug from the “hood” who is much more “chill” and laid-back.

Throwing these “opposites” together was a bit of a gamble on my part, but that was also a big part of the amateur-porn¬†thrill for me (and hopefully for you as well)….seeing what kind of sexual chemistry, if any, these two guys¬†might have with one another. I’ll reveal more details (and previews) soon, but for now I’ll just say that it turned into a very memorable afternoon….in a¬†GOOD way!

The reason I felt like blogging about Dragon tonight, however, is that he was hanging out at my place for most of the afternoon and evening. He came over to film a scene, but neither of us was in a rush, so we ended up watching TV, ordering pizza, and getting better acquainted.

MUCH better acquainted, in fact ūüėČ ! I’d been¬†eager to get my hands on Dragon ever since his first solo, but I’d always behaved myself, not even copping a quick feel during his action scene with Shyne. In fact, Dragon had initially said he didn’t want to do¬†any “interracial” scenes, and even though I hadn’t pressed him on it, I assumed that meant LEAST of all¬†a scene with¬†an¬†average-looking white guy who’s 13 years older than him.

But¬†I have a way of always wanting what¬†I can’t have, and I couldn’t stop thinking about the tempting possibility of enjoying this college-boy cutie for myself. During Dragon’s recent video-shoots, I think I earned his trust and friendship, and as a result¬†he’s grown a lot more comfortable with the idea of doing a scene with me. Of course my offer of a generous financial compensation certainly didn’t hurt either, and he finally agreed to come over and perform in his first interracial porn scene.



A “Thug” By Any Other Name….

¬†[Note to Readers: The images in this post are NOT “Black Boy Addictionz” models! ]

Sagging Thug
Since I use¬†the term “thug” in the titles of three out of my four DVD’s¬†so far, I thought I’d post a few reflections¬†on what I mean when I use that word to describe one of my models.

I know some guys (usually white) think that if a black guy’s wearing a du-rag and sagging his pants, that automatically makes him a “thug”.

I know other guys who seem to think that a guy¬†has¬†to be built like a body-builder, covered from head to toe with tattoos, and participate in at least one drive-by shooting a day before he can earn his “thug” credentials!

I think my own definition of a “thug” falls somewhere in the middle of those two extremes.

Some of my models have already been to prison at least half a dozen times. That fact, plus¬†their cocky attitude and laid-back “swagger” make¬†them definite “thugs” in my book.

Of course there are a lot of young black guys who like to¬†CALL themselves “thugs,” but for them it’s more about a kind of attitude and lifestyle-choice than it is about any actual violent or criminal activity. For them it’s¬†more about¬†the hip-hop fashions (sagging jeans, “grills” in their mouths, “Timbs” on their feet, chains hanging low¬†around their necks, etc.) and a “hood” mentality that celebrates¬†greed and ego, along with values such as¬†“staying fresh,” “money over bitches,” “no snitching,” etc., etc.

I’d place Shyne (Breakin’ In A Young Thug) closer to this category. He proudly and repeatedly insists that he’s a “thug,” a “G,” but for him¬†I think it’s more about a sensibility, a lifestyle, than anything truly dangerous or criminal. Although he¬†does come from the¬†“hood,” and I know he spent close to a year in prison a couple years ago for charges that were later dropped, so it’s at least a little bit more than just talk.

Here are a few “thug” pics I like, collected from various places on the web:

Lil Romeo In Boxers

Thug Showing Dick
Thug With Huge Dick
People will always disagree on what truly makes a guy a “thug.”

Some¬†readers/customers have already expressed wishes for me to film scenes with models a little more rough-looking and “hard” and threatening than the models I’ve featured so far, and¬†I’ll do¬†my best to satisfy those requests.

What¬†I hate more than anything, however, is when¬†gay porn companies present one of their models as a “thug,”¬†except that¬†when¬†the guy strips out of his sagging jeans and backward baseball-cap, he turns out to be one¬†of those¬†“girly” gay black¬†boys you might see prancing and twirling in tight pants and¬†muscle-shirts at your local gay club on a Friday night ūüėČ !

I promise that I’ll never do anything¬†fake or insulting like that, EVER! When I¬†describe¬†one of my models as a thug, I’ll always have an honest¬†justification for it. For example,¬†neither Michael (Black Boys Who Crave White Cock) nor¬†Dragon¬†are “thugs,” and I’d never think of describing them as such.


Short and Quick, or Long and Slow :)?

Now that I’ve got some hot video footage piling up, I’ve been thinking a lot¬†about¬†how I want to release all of it.

Most porn companies, and even a lot of amateur producers, seem to stick to the traditional formula of three-to-five scenes per film. Every scene cuts almost immediately to the hardcore action, which is then heavily edited so that it all fits neatly into a predictable, fast-paced, 15-to-20-minute scene.

I know that a lot of¬†guys….probably MOST, in fact….prefer¬†their porn that way. They want¬†it quick and simple, and couldn’t care less about who the performers are, or what went on behind the scenes.¬†Such scenes allow them¬†to enjoy¬†a variety of models in different combinations, and if¬†they don’t like one scene, they can always skip to¬†the next with¬†a simple click of¬†a button.

While I can certainly enjoy those videos, I’ve always found them somewhat frustrating. Back when I first discovered gay porn in my late teens, one of my favorite studios was Bel Ami. While I loved the stunning, youthful beauty of their mostly-straight¬†Eastern European models, I remember getting annoyed time and time again when I’d be jerking off to a hot scene of two gorgeous boys kissing, making out, etc., and then BAM!!! with no warning or transition whatsoever, there’d be a closeup shot of a dick pumping in and out of an asshole. I¬†always HATED that (and still do)! I wanted to SEE the transition from cock-sucking to fucking, even if it was clumsy or awkward or “boring.”

For me, having a sense of¬†a scene’s CONTEXT is at least half the¬†thrill of watching¬†porn! I¬†want to know about the¬†performers’¬†backgrounds and personalities. Is it a model’s first time appearing in a porno? Is one of the models an actual straight boy, doing his first gay scene because he’s broke and desperately needs the money? Is one of the models a “top” who’s been offered a little extra cash to “bottom” for the first time? Are the models in a scene actually boyfriends in real life, or are they¬†total strangers, meeting one another for the first time just moments before the cameras start rolling?

I also want to feel like I’m¬†really THERE watching an actual¬†porn-shoot, not some glossy, tightly-edited “fantasy.” Again, it’s the¬†REALITY and PSYCHOLOGY of porn that excites me, the voyeuristic thrill¬†in the¬†fact that real people are consciously¬†having sex in front of a camera, taking directions from the producer, pausing for breaks between “takes,” etc., etc.

I always feel a little cheated when a video has too¬†many “cuts.” I¬†*WANT* to see¬†every¬†raw, spontaneous, occasionally awkward, sometimes clumsy, frequently hilarious behind-the-scenes moment of a video-shoot. That’s why I was so addicted to Cocodorm‘s¬†24/7 cameras, live nightly shows, and “Real World”-style porn,¬†and why¬†I¬†love so much of the amateur stuff sold by¬†AMVC, and why I’m trying my best¬†to make this a blog that will¬†enhance people’s enjoyment of my videos¬†with its exclusive behind-the-scenes content.

That’s also why I think most of my own videos will only feature one or two scenes. I know this format will probably bore a lot of guys to tears, but I honestly don’t think I could do it any other way.

If you’ve seen any of my first three videos, you already know that I like to take my time ūüėČ . I try to let my viewers get to know my models by interviewing¬†them before the “action” parts of¬†their scenes begin. I feel like getting a sense of a guy’s personality, interests, erotic exploits, sexual likes and dislikes, etc., helps build anticipation and makes it ten times more exciting when we see him strip out of his clothes and perform for his first time ever on camera! I also like to savor every moment, trying¬†my best to capture it from the hottest angles possible. As a result, I usually end up with a good three or more hours of footage for every scene I film.

Take the scene I filmed with Shyne¬†and Dragon last Wednesday, for example. They were at my place filming off-and-on for over three hours, and for most of that time the camera was running. Now I could cut out the part where they meet each other for the very first time (I literally had my camera shoved in Dragon’s face as he walked through my front door!)….or their awkward, nervous interaction while I interviewed them both side by side….or the dozens of hilarious and entertaining comments made by both boys¬†as¬†their way of dealing with¬†the range of emotions throughout¬†their first porn-shoot (and first sexual encounter with each other). I could cut all that out and¬†trim the footage down¬†to a simple, straightforward 20-minute scene, but in my opinion¬†such a scene wouldn’t come anywhere CLOSE to being as hot and memorable as the longer, leisurely, minimally-edited version.

At first glance it might seem unfair to charge $20 for a DVD containing just one or two scenes, but I’m hoping there are enough guys out there who will appreciate the relaxed pacing and intimate, documentary-style feel of my movies. I’m trying as hard as possible to make viewers feel like they’re right there in that little apartment with me and the models, enjoying a front-row seat¬†to a live¬†amateur porn-shoot. When one looks at it like that, I hope the $20 seems worth it.

I’m curious to hear what others think about one-or-two-scene videos. Feel free to post your comments, or email me any time at BlackBoyAddictionz@gmail.com.


Dragon’s Friday Night “Audition”

Dragon 1

Here are a few photos from my Friday night video-shoot with Dragon, the sexy 19-year-old “college boy”-type that I told you about in my previous post. I think Dragon is cute as hell. He’s got a GREAT body, but like I mentioned before, it’s his face that drives me absolutely crazy. His large, almost sad-looking puppy-dog eyes are incredibly seductive. He’s also got this wide-eyed boyish innocence and energy that made working with him a lot of fun….but don’t be fooled, the kid’s also got a naughty side!

Dragon’s video-shoot was very last-minute….he basically saw me online and asked if I was still interested in filming him (he’d submitted an application a few weeks earlier), we talked briefly on the phone, and a couple hours later he was taking off his clothes for my camera. It wasn’t easy for him to get here…his car is totaled, so he had to ride the “Metro” to my side of town AND walk a bunch of blocks to get to my place. A lot of guys would have said “fuck it,” and never shown up, but Dragon really impressed me with how hard he worked to get here.

And he didn’t disappoint me one bit. Like the rest of my models so far, he was really nervous at first, but by the end of the evening he was joking around and seemed to be feeling much more comfortable and confident in front of the camera. While Dragon might have an adorably cute “baby face,” his DICK is very much that of a young MAN ! And that ASS….DAMN, what an ass! Like I said in my previous post, he’s got one of those plump round asses¬†that literally pops right out of his pants, just BEGGING to be touched and licked and fucked! Just check out these photos if you don’t believe me…. (more…)