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Website Update: Isaiah's Job Orientation

JOB ORIENTATION: The induction process that the new employee is taken through to help him or her familiarize himself or herself with the work environment and processes. This process usually involves the new employee learning the set standards and mode of operation expected in the new environment.

Isaiah seemed a little overwhelmed after his first time with a guy, so I decided to pair him with Saint in the hopes that a more experienced and open-minded straight model could help him get more comfortable with the idea of doing guy-on-guy scenes. After all, who better to guide this sexy straight basketball player through his "gay for pay" training than someone who's already been through the same thing himself?

Enjoy a front-row seat for this special "job orientation" in which Saint tests the reluctant college jock's boundaries and takes him to the NEXT LEVEL!

If you're looking for passionate and mutual "lovemaking" between eager gay "porn stars," then this ISN'T the scene for you!

But if you're like me and find yourself turned on by the idea of watching two hot and athletic straight guys awkwardly expand their sexuality with each other for money, then this is a scene you don't want to miss!

This "hands-on" training session begins with Saint undressing Isaiah and helping him get used to having another man's hands roaming all over his body. Then Saint instructs Isaiah to return the favor, getting him accustomed to the idea of intimately touching another man's naked body....

Saint decides to raise the stakes and see how Isaiah will respond to the idea of kissing another man for the VERY FIRST TIME - something he's been extremely reluctant to try before now!

"The viewers would really enjoy seeing two straight guys, you know, kiss and stuff like that!" Saint tries to persuade the skeptical straight boy in training.

Isaiah doesn't agree to kiss so much as simply allow/endure Saint to kiss him. But that's more than he was willing to try in his previous scene, and every new straight guy has to start somewhere, right? Baby steps!

One of my favorite parts of this scene is watching these two attractive straight guys tensely kiss and grind their naked bodies together....

Saint seductively kisses his way down Isaiah's tight, sculpted body, treating him to a slobbery blowjob and showing him that even a married ex-Army guy can learn how to suck dick.

Without a doubt, however, the most shocking and unforgettable part of this special training session comes when Isaiah drops to his knees and returns the favor by putting a dick in his mouth for the VERY FIRST TIME....

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Website Update: Other Ways To Turn A Man On

This scene is a kind of sequel or epilogue to last weekend's update, pairing Rabbit and Mello together again and picking up where their first scene left off.

While that action-packed threesome with Cory had its share of hot moments, it didn't quite turn out like we'd hoped due in part to Mello's lack of attraction to guys.

Feeling badly about his understandable limitations as a "gay for pay" actor, Mello sent me an apologetic text later that same afternoon with a surprising proposition that I couldn't turn down: In order to save the scene and continue working for me, the masculine straight boxer actually VOLUNTEERED to suck dick and get fucked!

As Mello tried to explain it to me that afternoon, he might struggle to stay hard due to his lack of same-sex attraction, but there were still "other" ways he could turn a man on - in other words, with his MOUTH and his ASS instead of his dick!

See for yourself what happens when this sexy light-skinned boxer returns in a VERY different role than his debut scene earlier that same day.

This includes the unexpected and thrilling sight of Mello slobbering and gagging on Rabbit's hard teenage dick....

After getting Mello's tight, hairy asshole nice and wet with his probing tongue, Rabbit patiently pries it open with a dildo before plunging in even deeper with his eager young DICK....

Just like his chosen nickname suggests, Mello surrenders his cute muscle-butt with mostly silent and stoic endurance, seemingly determined to survive his second "gay for pay" encounter with his pride and his manhood unscathed....

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Website Update: Two Are Better Than One

This video-shoot was a little unusual and challenging in that it involved TWO new guys visiting from out of town the same weekend, and one of them had never been with a guy!

Mello is a sexy straight amateur boxer with an undefeated record who hopes to "go pro" by the end of the year. He admits to having messed around with transsexuals, but says this will be his very first sexual encounter with a "full-on guy."

Rabbit is only 18 years old and fresh out of high school. He likes to play baseball and is currently pursuing a career as a fireman. He is also bisexual and a little more sexually adventurous than the more reserved (and aptly named) Mello.

With a handful of hot and unforgettable scenes now under his belt, Cory is the lucky BBA model who gets to welcome these nervous new boys to town and guide them through their very first amateur porn shoot.

"We'll make sure that your first time is a time to remember!" Cory confidently reassures Mello, who seems a little tense and apprehensive about trying full-on gay sex for the very first time....

It's not long before the clothes are coming off, hard dicks are being pulled out, and less than twenty minutes after meeting for the very first time, these three complete strangers are participating in an action-packed THREESOME that includes kissing, dick-sucking, ass-eating, and fucking!

No dick gets ignored and no ass goes uneaten before the day's over!
Highlights include Cory and Rabbit hungrily sharing the light-skinned boxer's hard dick, a wet and raunchy ass-eating chain, and my personal favorite - Cory cramming TWO dicks in his pretty mouth at the same time!

"Two better than one, ain't it?" Rabbit teases the young, fresh-faced teen as he eagerly stuffs both dicks in his mouth at the same time....and later lets those same dicks take turns pounding his juicy-tight bubble-butt!

Don't miss the hot surprise and sneak peek of more to come at the end....

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Website Update: Jamal's Audition (and Best "Nutt" in BBA History)

From time to time, a guy will come over for a solo audition but for a variety of reasons not go on to become a regular BBA model. Here's a rare look at one of these archived auditions featuring a sexy straight athlete named Jamal.

There's plenty to enjoy in this hot bonus footage, including an entertaining interview and erotically awkward striptease as Jamal slowly sheds his clothes to reveal a slim, athletic body with a big dick and a tight muscle-butt.

But it's this scene's ENDING that makes it truly worth watching. Even though Jamal hasn't yet returned for any more scenes, his audition will earn a place in BBA history for what is easily one of the longest and most explosive "nutts" I've ever filmed!

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Website Update: Unfinished Business

We're breaking with tradition this week by keeping the actual content of this scene a mystery for all but BBA's members.

All I can say is that it features the SHOCKING RETURN of a popular model I honestly never thought I'd ever film again, doing things I never in a million years thought I'd ever see him do!

Join me for an intimate and unscripted encounter with this returning fan favorite as he finally takes things to the NEXT LEVEL - including several surprising "firsts" that you'll truly have to see to believe! Some of these were negotiated in advance, while others just spontaneously happened in the heat of the moment.

See for yourself what ended up taking place when this mystery model returned for some "unfinished business".... 

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Website Update: Feeding The Tyga (5th Anniversary Series)

Hard as it is to believe, 2014 marks BBA's 5th Anniversary as a website. To celebrate five unforgettable years of making amateur porn, we're bringing back some of BBA's original models and other fan favorites to star in this special series of anniversary scenes.

This week we welcome back Lil Tyga for his very first scene in well over a year!
Last time we laid eyes on this sexy young top, he was being "taken down" and tamed into submission by "porn star" City Bwoy's huge and merciless dick.

But even a tiger who's been tamed is still wild by nature and potentially dangerous. And after being in "retirement" for over a year, Lil Tyga is HUNGRY and on the prowl for FRESH MEAT!

What's a better feast to welcome back our feral young "top" than Suspense's famously thick, juicy ass?!?

This scene brings you the much-requested return of classic Lil Tyga, UNCAGED and released back into his "natural habitat"!

Watch as Lil Tyga pins a helpless Suspense to the bed and aggressively pounds that tight ass without mercy in a variety of exciting positions - including over the edge of the bed and in front of a mirror. I suspect our former "straight boy" has been getting some off-camera practice, as he takes dick better than ever this third time around!

Don't miss this action-packed "reunion" between two of BBA's older fan favorites, including lots of kissing, dick-sucking, ass-eating, and fucking as Lil Tyga finally gets to enjoy Suspense all to himself!

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Website Update: Private Sessions - Cameron

Cameron is a bi-curious college boy from the East Coast who loves to party and go to the gym at least five times a week.

We've already seen what happened when Cameron finally got the chance to explore his new interest in guys and make his forbidden fantasies come true.

Now enjoy this more intimate "private session" with the muscular frat-boy as he strips out of his clothes and shows off his sculpted young body for the viewers at home....

This scene is a special treat for all of my fellow ASS-ADDICTS out there, as Cameron decides to show off and even shove several fingers up his tight bubble-butt - something we hadn't discussed or planned in advance!

There's a generous amount of hot dick-stroking and FINGER-FUCKING action before Cameron finally unleashes a warm, creamy "nutt" all over his stomach....

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I apologize for the brief break from the more lengthy and action-packed updates.

As most of you have probably noticed by now, I've been working hard to maintain a more frequent and consistent schedule for updating the site - something many of you have been requesting for a very long time! I'm proud to say that with the exception of the week after Christmas, I have been bringing BBA's members *weekly updates* since the end of October.

Now in order to maintain this more consistent schedule while still devoting the time and effort necessary to plan exciting projects and keep the hot new scenes coming, I will have to include more solo scenes and bonus footage from time to time, at least for the time being. But rest assured that I'm working hard behind the scenes to continue bringing you the kinds of exciting and unforgettable scenes you've come to expect and look forward to here at BBA!

For those of you (understandably) craving more action, the bright side is that if all goes well, I will be sharing with you some hot and lengthy new action scenes in the weeks ahead - including the introduction of some exciting new faces, the shocking return of a popular straight model I honestly never thought I'd ever film again, and sexy basketball star Isaiah possibly returning to take things to the next level (keep your fingers crossed)!

Stay tuned for all this and MUCH MORE in the weeks to come!

Website Update: Behind the Scenes With Day Day (Bonus Footage & Outtakes)

Go behind the scenes of Day Day's BBA visit with this collection of outtakes and NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN action footage from Day Day Bends Over and Take That Ass! - including more kissing, ass-eating, dick-sucking, and fucking!

It's an intimate and entertaining peek at the conversations, humor, personalities, and action that didn't make it into the edited versions of these two historic and unforgettable scenes. 

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Website Update: Initiating Isaiah

I just got back from a long weekend of filming, which is why I'm a little late announcing this latest scene on the blog.

For those of you who haven't yet seen it, the website was updated this past weekend with a hot and lengthy new scene starring sexy new straight model Isaiah trying sex with a guy for the very first time. Below is the scene's official description

Ever had a secret crush on your high school's star athlete and wondered what he might be talked into trying if the price was right?

Isaiah is an All-American college student and athlete who was also the star player on his high school basketball team. This popular straight jock has never done anything with a guy, and when I brought up the possibility at the end of his solo audition, he flatly refused, saying that was something he would NEVER be ready to try!

"I'm not there yet," he declared without hesitation. "I don't think I'm EVER gonna be there!"

Lucky for us, Isaiah is a broke college student struggling to pay his college tuition. After weighing his options, he finally swallowed his pride and reluctantly agreed to return for his very first scene with a guy!

"I gotta do what I gotta do so I can go to college," Isaiah explains, but he's also quick to clarify that this is "one time, and one time only."

The only way Isaiah would even agree to this scene in the first place was if he could wear a blindfold as a way of easing himself into the experience. (Don't worry, we made it our goal to get the blindfold OFF before the encounter was over!

Enjoy an intimate front-row seat as cute fan favorite Cory initiates our latest straight recruit into the exciting new world of guy-on-guy sex.

It's a day of hot and memorable "firsts" for the basketball star, including getting his dick sucked by another male, touching another guy's body AND dick, and FUCKING Cory's tight bubble-butt....

It's not every day you get to see a sexy straight athlete like Isaiah doing the types of things he ends up doing in this scene.

If you're looking for passionate and mutual "lovemaking" between two eager gay "porn stars," then this ISN'T the scene for you! Unlike most other sites that CLAIM to feature straight guys, Isaiah isn't gay or bisexual and simply pretending to be new to guy-on-guy sex.

This scene captures on camera every tense, reluctant, and occasionally awkward but AUTHENTIC moment of a real-life straight guy's first sexual experience with another male....

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Website Update: Take That Ass!

I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day! As promised, the website was updated just in time for the special occasion with the much-anticipated release of popular "porn star" Day Day officially bottoming for another black guy! Below is the scene's official description:

As one of black gay porn's most attractive and popular "tops," Day Day has performed in dozens if not hundreds of scenes for such well-known websites as Cocodorm, Thugboy, and RawRods.

While he can always be counted on to be a beast in the bedroom, his scenes tend to follow the same limited and predictable script: Get his dick sucked, eat ass, and fuck. Day Day rarely kisses his co-stars or lets them anywhere near his own ass. He never sucks dick in his scenes, and of course he is ALWAYS on top.

We've enjoyed tempting glimpses of Day Day's beautiful ass as it rises and falls while he pounds the "bottom" beneath him, and his stubborn insistence on keeping it strictly off-limits has only made it all the more ripe and enticing!

It wasn't easy (or cheap), but after patiently pursuing him for over two years, I finally talked one of my favorite "porn stars" into visiting BBA and GIVING UP HIS ASS....

Part One showed Day Day venturing out of his comfort zone by doing the kinds of things he has rarely and in some cases NEVER done on camera before: Kissing, showing off his ass, exposing his tight asshole, getting his ass eaten, sucking dick, and even taking his very first "facial."

Part Two treated us to the taboo and thrilling sight of Day Day losing his on-camera cherry to Michael Galletta.

Don't miss this third and final encounter from Day Day's BBA visit, in which the notoriously limited "top" finally bends over and takes a BLACK dick!

After keeping it off-limits for over one hundred scenes, Day Day officially surrenders that tempting young ass to another black model for the first time on camera.

As one of BBA's most handsome and popular models, Saint is the lucky guy who gets to turn the tables on Day Day and bury his thick black dick in that tight "top-only" ass.

It's Day Day like you've NEVER seen him before, bent over with his cute butt in the air, wincing and grunting and cursing as another black guy finally TAKES THAT ASS!

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