BBA Battle Bowl – Quarter-Final Winners & Questions, Round Two Answers

The results for the Quarter-Finals of BBA Battle Bowl are now in! Check out the UPDATED BRACKETS now.

For the first time in the tournament, there are no ties. CONGRATULATIONS to the Final Four: Blackwoods, Daddy Long Leg, BBArracuda & BlackBerryAddictionz! Remember, THREE of the four of you will win prizes. Your Semi-Final questions will be sent out in a short while.

Here are the Quarter-Final Questions:

1. What model’s mother was a school nurse?

2.  In what scene did Saint smother his scene partner’s face in their own cum?

3. Who jokingly referred to Beno as “old trade” shortly after meeting him in person for the first time?

4. What scene inspired the current logo for BBA?

5. What NFL football team is Mr. J cheering for in “Mr. J and the Boy Next Door”?

6. What model came not once but twice the first time they were penetrated on camera?

7. What model admitted on camera that he would be better as a bottom than a top in his scenes?

8. Which model’s best female friend’s MOTHER accidentally saw a pic of his dick and later gossiped about it with her friends and co-workers?

9. Who was the first and only model to ever eat Michael’s ass?

10. What model showed up for his solo “audition” less than an hour after attending church with his family?

Round Two Answers:

1. D-Rel

2. Isaiah

3. Lil Tyga

4. Several answers were accepted for this, including taking a shower together and D-Rel fucking Suspense.

5. Freaky J

6. Today You Is, Served Up, All Bets Are Off, Straight Boy Sex Toy, Tay’s Big City Adventure (Part Two), etc.

7. A bottle

8. An exclusive BBA model contract.

9. Zeus

10. Cory

Round Two Tie-Breaker Answers:

1. Swallow cum

2. Foster home

3. Suspense


BBA’s Winter Blues

In case you missed my announcement on the blog and website last week, I’ve been dealing with some difficult and time-consuming challenges in my personal life recently that have unfortunately disrupted BBA’s usual production schedule. And while I’d hoped it wouldn’t have to come to this, I’ve finally decided to take a brief break from the weekly schedule and hopefully return with something new and exciting the week before Christmas.

This was a difficult decision to make, but ultimately I’d rather devote my limited time and energy to closing out an otherwise exciting and memorable year with the hottest possible scenes than continue posting solo scenes or bonus footage that will probably only frustrate and disappoint most of you anyways.

Contrary to what some of you seem to think, the LAST thing I ever want to do is leave BBA’s viewers feeling disappointed or ripped off. And with that in mind, I’ve asked CCBill to credit all current/active BBA members with a *FREE MONTH* to make up for this unfortunate delay between updates as well as the admittedly lackluster couple weeks before that. The regular weekly schedule will hopefully resume later this month.

Rest assured there are some exciting developments taking place behind the scenes, and hopefully at least a couple hot surprises to close out the year and welcome in the new year to come!

Thanks to each and every one of you for your encouragement and support for however long you’ve included BBA as part of your life! I know that I can sometimes get impatient and defensive with a small handful of the more repetitively negative and vocal critics here on the blog, but I do try to remind myself and the models every single day that none of this would be possible without BBA’s loyal members and fans! Including those of you who’ve been threatening to leave and never come back for many years now 😛 .

Based on my conversations with other producers as well as what I’ve witnessed on other blogs and site forums, I really do believe that BBA has the BEST and MOST PASSIONATE fans in the business! And I’m extremely humbled and proud of that fact. Fingers crossed that I’ll be able to show my gratitude with a special Christmas gift before the year’s end!

If you have any questions about this brief hiatus and/or membership extension, please feel free to contact me directly at


BBA Battle Bowl – Second Round Winners & Questions, First Round Answers

Round Two of BBA Battle Bowl is over and you can find out who advanced to the Quarter-Finals in the UPDATED BRACKETS.

Congratulations to the remaining field of 8! Quarter-Final questions will be sent out momentarily. For those of you who aren’t participating in Battle Bowl but would still like to join in on the fun and test your knowledge, here’s a complete list of Round Two questions and tie-breaker questions:

Round Two Questions:

1. Which straight model was offered a bonus cash prize simply to stroke his dick while watching gay porn?

2. Who famously stated about getting fucked in the ass: “That’s just something I will NEVER do. I don’t care if you was offering a BILLION dollars!”

3. Who was the first model other than Michael lucky enough to feast on Isaiah’s ass?

4. In “The Competition” what did Michael jokingly say the models had to do next that caused the models’ facial expressions to turn to that of shock?

5. What BBA model did Blake Bishop admit to fantasizing about meeting and fucking?

6. Name four scenes in which a model’s arms/hands are restrained/tied up.

7.  What did other models attempt to shove up Saint’s ass during a BBA Christmas Party?

8. What special reward does Saint offer Isaiah during Isaiah’s first training session with him?

9. What model was given his nickname by an awestruck ex-girlfriend who told him he’s “a god in the bed”?

10. In BBA’s first and currently only scene shot in a moving vehicle, who was driving the vehicle?

Round Two Tie-Breaker Questions:

1. What does Stephon shock his viewers by doing for the very first time near the end of his scene with Apollo?

2. How did Beno know King before being reunited with him through BBA?

3. Who accidentally gave HIMSELF a facial?

Round One Answers:

1. Dragon
2. Whipped Cream
3. “That Ass Is Mine” (Apollo & Blake Bishop)
4. Saint got too drunk and was not able to finish the “BBA Christmas Party” scene
5. City Bwoy
6. Candy Cane
7. Apollo
8. Saint
9. Lil Tyga
10. Starbucks

Round One Tie-Breaker Answers:

1. Craving Kenny (Two Years Later)
2. Apollo & Mello in “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell…” and Mello & Saint in “Sparring Match” were accepted.
3. D-Rel


BBA Battle Bowl – First Round Winners & Questions

Round One of BBA Battle Bowl is officially over and here are the UPDATED BRACKETS.

Congratulations to all those who advanced! The questions for Round Two have already been sent out, so be sure to check your Tumblr or email if you’re still in the running. We started out fairly easy but the questions will get harder as the tournament progresses 😉 !

For those of you who aren’t participating in Battle Bowl but would still like to join in on the fun and test your knowledge,  here’s the complete list of Round One questions and tie-breaker questions:

First Round Questions:

1. What model was also known as “the Schoolboy”?

2. In his first and only time eating ass on camera, what did Ross put on his scene partner’s ass?

3. What scene’s intro includes one model pushing another model into a fountain?

4. Why did Michael punish Saint in “Punishing Saint”?

5. Who does Lil Tyga credit as his “porn mentor”?

6. What type of candy did Staxx stick in Cory’s ass?

7. Who won the wrestling match in “No Holes Barred”?

8. Who is the only (male) model to suck dick in a “Natural Habitat” scene?

9. Who recruited Young Montanna to be a BBA model?

10. Where does Armando say is the best place to pick up white women?

Tie Breaker Questions:

1. Which of Kenny’s scenes begins with him sleeping on a bed?

2. What scene featured a playful rivalry between an ex-Army and an ex-Navy guy?

3. Who did push-ups while Michael was eating his ass?


Website Update: Behind the Scenes With Cory and Staxx

BTS With Cory and Staxx 1
We’re getting in the holiday spirit this weekend by taking you behind the scenes of this BBA Christmas classic.

See for yourself why I said at the time that Staxx In His Stocking was one of those special scenes where my biggest editing challenge was choosing what NOT to include!

BTS With Cory and Staxx 2
BTS With Cory and Staxx 3
There’s nearly a FULL HOUR of NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN bloopers, outtakes, and action-packed bonus footage from one of BBA’s hottest scenes ever – including more tongue-kissing, dick-sucking, ass-eating, and FUCKING!


BBA Battle Bowl Kicks Off!

If you are a contestant in the BBA Battle Bowl, please check your e-mail or Tumblr messages (whichever you sent your application through) as the first round questions and deadline have been sent out.

For those of you competing via e-mail, if you have not received your questions, check your spam folders first to make sure the e-mail hasn’t gone there and if it hasn’t, contact us ASAP.

Good luck to everyone and here are the OFFICIAL BRACKETS again.


Website Update: Introducing Leon

Leon 1
Here at BBA, we’re thankful for many things this holiday weekend. And right near the very top of our list would be sexy straight black boys like Leon who are willing – when the money’s right! – to shed their clothes and show off EVERY NAKED INCH of their tempting teen bodies for the VERY FIRST TIME!

Leon is a quiet, laid-back 19-year-old with a slim, athletic body who looks and sounds like he could be the rapper Mos Def’s cute baby brother. An aspiring young rapper himself, Leon enjoys playing basketball at the gym but mostly keeps to himself and tries to stay out of trouble.

With his high cheekbones, piercing eyes, and sensual lips, Leon has the kind of hypnotic good looks that make you immediately want to see what’s under his clothes. He’s the type of strikingly handsome straight black boy you might see riding the subway or playing basketball at the gym with his friends, but never in a million years expect to see doing something like this….

Leon 2 (more…)

BBA Battle Bowl Brackets Announced!


Battle Bowl will officially kick off on Monday, November 28th! Contestants will receive their questions the same way they entered the contest (via e-mail or through Tumblr) and have 24-hours to send in their answers. In each round, you will square off against only one other competitor. The winners of their respective matches will advance to the next round. In the case of a tie, there will be a tie-breaker question. This will go on until there is only one competitor left.

Good luck to all the chosen contestants!


Website Update: What Friends Are For

Saint and Scotty
We first met straight best friends Scotty and Shaun earlier this year when we put their friendship to the test in one of the most thoroughly entertaining and wickedly hot scenes since the classic “competition” between D-Rel and Suspense.

It seemed pretty clear at the time that if either guy was ever going to make the unlikely leap into doing “gay for pay” porn, it was probably going to be Shaun since he seemed more cooperative and eager to please than his more reserved and resistant best friend.

Not that it’s been easy or cheap achieving any success with Shaun – FAR FROM IT! But we eventually persuaded Shaun to come back for more shoots that included his first tentative “baby steps” into the world of guy-on-guy sex. Scotty, on the other hand, has repeatedly refused to return REGARDLESS of how much money I offered, and I’d honestly started to give up hope of ever seeing him again….

When I recently learned the sad news that Shaun had been locked up, I was initially discouraged by the unexpected disruption to my slow but steady progress with the sexy straight boy. But it ended up being a kind of blessing in disguise by bringing the elusive Scotty back into our lives. And luckily this time he was far less defiant and even wearily resigned to doing a scene with a guy if that’s what it took to earn the money he needed to help out his friend!

“I’m here to do what I gotta do for him!” Scotty reluctantly explains at the start of this scene. “I can’t look at what’s best for me, or what’s best for my situation. I’m lookin’ out for bro!”

BBA’s Fall Break (American Apocalypse Edition)

I just wanted to let everyone know that I will not be updating the website this week.

Like many of you this past week, I have been reeling with shock, anger, disgust, and despair in response to one of the most historic and truly terrifying political events of my lifetime. With the help of family and friends, and even a few long-time BBA fans, I have been struggling to comprehend what the FUCK  just happened, and what exactly it means for my friends, my family, my models, my future, BBA’s future, and most importantly, this country’s future.

Needless to say, the shocking events of this past week have been consuming all of the time, attention, and energy that would normally be devoted to bringing you a hot and lengthy new scene like I usually do every Thursday.

I’m truly sorry that I’m unable to provide the kind of comfort and escape that so many of us are desperately needing right now.

The regular schedule will be resuming next week. In the meantime, please enjoy the many hot and action-packed scenes from the past couple months, and/or any of the other *over 300* unique and lengthy scenes currently available to BBA’s monthly subscribers. Thanks for understanding!