Website Update: Straight Boys Fuck Better

Cordell and Ross
When we last saw our newest straight recruit Ross, Blake Bishop was showing him just how good a talented mouth on his big dick can feel – even when it belongs to a guy!

But since Blake Bishop is strictly a “top,” there were obviously limitations to just how far that first session could go. So I decided to bring in our handsome new gay model Cordell to pick up where Blake Bishop left off and take Ross to the exciting NEXT LEVEL of actually FUCKING a guy….

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Dragon’s Special Request


Popular BBA veteran Dragon wanted to reach out to his loyal fans through this blog and ask for your help and support with a special new career opportunity. Please click here to read a more detailed message from Dragon and donate to help in any way that you can.

If you’re a fan of Dragon’s past work and have enjoyed watching him grow up and evolve over the years from the cute and innocent “schoolboy” into a mature and sexy young man, please show your appreciation and support by taking a couple minutes out of your busy day to consider his special request and chip in to help him pursue this exciting next chapter of his life and career. Thank you!

Website Update: You Bet Your Ass

The wait is finally over 😉 !

Special guest “porn stars” Knockout and Staxx face off on the basketball court in a game of “horse” where the loser has to give the winner some ASS.

These are no small stakes for two of black gay porn’s most attractive and talented “tops,” neither one of whom has ever bottomed on camera before.

Don’t miss the shocking, must-see porn event of the summer and find out for yourself which one of these sexy, hung “tops” lost the bet and had to SURRENDER HIS ASS on camera for the VERY FIRST TIME!


The Summer’s Not Over Yet!

Don’t let all these “Back to School” signs posted everywhere fool you. Here at BBA, the summer’s still far from over 😉 !

Over the course of the next few weeks, we’re going to be wrapping up what has already been one of BBA’s hottest summers ever with an unforgettable BANG – starting NEXT WEEKEND with the much-anticipated showdown between Knockout and Staxx in which you will finally find out which one of these popular “tops” lost the bet and had to SURRENDER HIS ASS on camera for the VERY FIRST TIME! (You can check out the video teaser here if you haven’t already).

You can also look forward to seeing sexy straight boy Ross return to take things one step further, a couple other hot surprises that I don’t want to spoil just yet, and last but not least, the launch of the new-and-improved website to kick off BBA’s Fall season!

Speaking of which, I won’t be updating the website this weekend so that I can finish working on a couple time-sensitive projects for the website redesign that was announced here on the blog earlier this summer.

I apologize for any disappointment this may cause, and appreciate your patience while I try to finish this massive undertaking with as little disruption to the regular schedule as possible. By the end of the month, BBA’s regular monthly subscribers will still have been treated to FOUR brand-new scenes for the month of August overall.

There’s still A LOT to do before the new website is ready, but it’s starting to come together very nicely and I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel! I’m getting excited and can’t wait until I’m able to show it to you. In both big and small ways, this long overdue site renovation should hopefully make your BBA experience significantly better for many years to cum 😉 !

Website Update: Introducing Loc’dness Monster

Introducing: Loc'dness Monster
This rare early-morning “audition” introduces the “Loc’dness Monster,” a confident and outgoing straight applicant who chose his unique name based on his dreadlocks as well as the legendary “monster” hanging between his legs.

This slim, dark-skinned 22-year-old is currently undefeated as an MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighter, but if he’s to be believed, it’s his talents in the BEDROOM that deserve the awards! Having fucked well over 100 women since losing his virginity when he was still only in middle school, Loc’dness Monster brags that his sizable endowment and skills have earned him countless female stalkers over the years.

“It’s like insulin for a diabetic patient,” he explains during his energetic and entertaining interview. “If they don’t have the insulin, they’re going to go CRAZY without it!”

It took several months before Loc’dness Monster would even agree to this solo “audition.” He was extremely skeptical about having a man behind the camera, and reluctant to get naked without a female in the room. You might even want to try turning this nervous athlete’s “audition” into a fun DRINKING GAME by downing a shot every time he reminds us that he’s a “straight heterosexual male” 😉 .


Knockout vs. Staxx (Video Teaser)

Website Update: Noah – The Next Level

Noah (Two Years Later)
It’s been over TWO YEARS since we last saw Noah in action. Even though he never officially “retired,” responsibilities such as working two full-time jobs and raising his young son have kept this exotically handsome young man very busy and unavailable every time I’ve asked him to return.

Noah also claims that he was “a little bit traumatized” by his past experiences here at BBA. He still identifies as “straight” and tells me that he hasn’t done anything with a guy since his memorable scene with Mookiie over two years ago. “I kind of closed that chapter,” he explains at the start of this scene.

Even this last-minute shoot came VERY CLOSE to never happening at all when Noah started texting me around the time he was supposed to show up, saying that he was literally SHAKING with anxiety about doing something like this again, and very close to changing his mind.

Luckily, I was able to calm the cute boy’s sensitive nerves and convince him to come over for this hot shoot with Saint, a much more experienced and open-minded straight model that I knew could not only welcome Noah back to the BBA family but also take him to the NEXT LEVEL….

Noah Meets Saint (more…)

Coming This Summer: Knockout vs. Staxx

Website Update: The Curiosity Test

Collin and Suspense
Collin’s recent visit took an interesting and unexpected turn when he showed up for his second shoot the very next morning and bluntly informed me that he was suddenly no longer curious about guy-on-guy sex.

“I didn’t expect anything, but it wasn’t what I expected!” Collin candidly explains at the start of this scene, throwing a bit of a curve-ball at me at the last minute. Of course I strongly suspected that he was just worried about what people might think and trying to back away from his more eager and open-minded attitude less than 24 hours before.

But there was only one way to find out for sure 😉 !

Enjoy an intimate front-row seat as our experienced veteran Suspense – a model whose own long and sometimes tortuous journey toward acknowledgement and acceptance of his bisexuality we’ve had the pleasure of watching over the course of the past several years – gives the former high school football player a much-needed “pep talk” and proceeds to put his “curiosity” to the test….

curiositytest_3 (more…)

Website Update: Rendezvous In The Raw #2 – A Bromance Begins

Apollo Raw-Fucks Cordell
One of the things I’ve learned after producing amateur porn for over five years is that “chemistry” between models is almost impossible to predict. I never really know for sure how two complete strangers are going to react to being thrown together into such an abruptly intimate context until the camera’s turned on.

In some cases, the models just never click and the scene turns out to be a total disaster. Other models might dislike each other OFF-camera, but have enough of a physical attraction to produce a good scene. And every so often, the stars seem to line up just right and an unmistakable chemistry between the models develops that I’m lucky enough to capture on camera and share with BBA’s viewers….

Cordell and Apollo Reunited
Apollo and Cordell are a recent example of this. Despite the challenging circumstances of their first scene together, it was clear from the start that these two shared a special connection that went beyond a mutual love of working out at the gym 😉 .

As unique and unforgettable as that first scene was, the cramped space was obviously limiting and both guys were requesting a “rematch” by the end of the shoot. Many of BBA’s viewers also asked to see them paired together again, only this time in a more traditional bedroom rather than the crowded backseat of a car!