Of Mike and Men

It’s been a rough start to the year for me personally. Not so much in terms of BBA’s models or scenes, as I’ve still managed to find some exciting new faces and produce some hot scenes that I’ve been proud to share with BBA’s viewers. But behind the scenes, it just seems like it’s been one setback after another!

In less than three months, I’ve already had to deal with being sick twice (once with the flu), traveling out of town for a family funeral, a painful root canal and major dental surgery, AND my computer crashing last week – a complete hard drive failure that wiped everything out. Luckily I had all the important stuff backed up, but it’s still been a time-consuming pain in the ass trying to get everything set up and running smoothly on a new computer.

Despite all of this going on behind the scenes, I’ve still been trying my best to update the site as early each weekend as possible, usually on Friday or Saturday.

Unfortunately, that’s just not going to be possible this weekend, as I’ll be busy filming new content and working hard to make up for lost time. I still plan to update the site, but it won’t be until later in the weekend or possibly even early next week. If all goes well, the update will actually be a hot shoot that I have planned for tomorrow night (I will try to share some hot-off-the-press screenshots if I have time).

Just wanted to give everyone a heads-up so you don’t waste your Friday night on your phone or computer, refreshing your browser every five minutes looking for the next BBA update ;-) ! (I tease with love as a fellow porn fanatic who’s been there myself plenty of times, LOL).

Wish me luck with the filming, and trust me when I tell you that I have some exciting things in store for the weeks ahead!


Website Update: From the Archives of the DL Chill Spot – Lost Auditions #1

This series of unreleased footage and unfinished scenes from BBA’s former partnership with the DL Chill Spot continues with these two forgotten “auditions” that I recently found while going through some old files on an external hard drive.

The first takes us behind the scenes of one of Murda’s very first scenes as the DL Chill Spot CEO’s “sidekick” as he and the CEO try to “turn out” a cute Jamaican soccer player with a thick, sexy accent and tempting bubble-butt.

It’s a rare and entertaining look at what happens when a skeptical straight recruit actually resists our attempts to seduce him with money and pussy….

lostauditions1_1 (more…)

Website Update: All In That Ass #2 – Even Exchange

Freaky J Fucks Isaiah
Freaky J is finally back for another hot scene with Isaiah, only this time he’s not bending over for the basketball star unless he’s willing to share some of that big and juicy bubble-butt in return!

“If you let me get some of THAT, I’ll let you get some of THIS!” Isaiah playfully negotiates, referring to the now infamous ass it seems everyone these days wants to lick, squeeze, and FUCK.

It’s an action-packed “reunion” that you don’t want to miss as BOTH of these “gay for pay” fan favorites give up their tight, tempting asses in an EVEN EXCHANGE….

allinthatass_two_2 (more…)

Website Update: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell…

Mello and Apollo
This scene will be a special treat for those viewers who enjoy watching straight ex-military men in guy-on-guy action.

I had already asked Mello to participate in Apollo’s much-anticipated second scene with a guy when I remembered that he’d spent a year in the Navy before pursuing his boxing career. This provided a welcome “ice-breaker” for the nervous co-stars, and shortly after meeting for the very first time, Apollo and Mello sit around swapping stories about their time in the service, including an entertaining discussion about the stereotypes and rivalry between the Army and Navy.

Things take an interesting turn when Apollo challenges Mello to a friendly competition to see how the ex-Navy man measures up to the Army’s physical standards.

Rippling muscles are on full display as these sexy ex-soldiers compete to see who can do the most pushups and situps. The air thick with sweat and sexual tension, Apollo and Mello compliment and admire each others’ athletic bodies, eventually leading to some tentative touching….

Apollo invites Mello to join him in the shower, where they continue exploring and admiring each others’ sculpted young bodies.

“Keep playin’ with it, you gonna start something!” Apollo seductively warns (or promises?) Mello as the horny straight boxer tugs on his dick….


Website Update: Staxx – Stretched To The Limit

Staxx is one of my favorite “porn stars” working in the industry today. Standing at 6’6″ and weighing a muscular 200 pounds, every inch of this handsome young athlete’s slim, sculpted body is worth drooling over.

Staxx On Couch
It’s been fun watching Staxx develop as a performer over time. Until recently, he was just another strict “top” who rarely showed any kind of intimacy with his co-stars, refusing to suck dick or let them anywhere near his own ass. Over the past few months, however, he’s kept his fans guessing by constantly showing us new sides of Staxx. But despite expanding his boundaries to include things like kissing and getting his ass licked, “bottoming” on camera is still a line he refuses to cross.

“The truth is I’m a top IN porn, and I’m a top OUTSIDE of porn,” Staxx bluntly tells us at the start of this scene.

Well, it’s a damn shame since this sexy, skilled “top” also happens to have one of the most tempting bubble-butts I’ve ever seen in gay porn! I’ve been trying to talk Staxx into changing his mind and giving it up on camera ever since we first met, but he simply won’t budge regardless of how much money he’s offered.

After some persistent negotiating, however, I finally talked Staxx into sharing the NEXT BEST THING with us here at BBA by at least trying ANAL PENETRATION with fingers and toys….

“Y’all about to finally see something go in this ass!” Staxx promises his fans as he turns around to show off his cute bubble-butt and prepares to take the first and smallest of my three dildos. “Might not be what y’all want, but I’m pretty sure y’all still finna like it!”    (more…)

Website Update: Licking A Top’s Virgin Ass & Other Highlights from BBA’s 2013 Christmas Party

Let me start by saying this is NOT the update I was hoping to share with you this weekend. Unfortunately, I’ve been suffering from a nasty chest cold (possibly bronchitis) for the past several days that has left me feeling miserable and lacking the strength or energy to prepare a full update. This comes on top of already having had the flu for the first half of January, so needless to say it’s been a rough start to the year!

To maintain the weekly schedule and at least provide some entertainment while I get some rest and hopefully recover soon, I put this bonus footage together for you to enjoy. Rest assured that more hot scenes are on the way soon!

BBA's 2013 Christmas Party
For every scene that becomes a BBA classic, where the chemistry is perfect and everything goes even better than planned, there are at least two or three scenes like this one that for a variety of reasons just don’t turn out like I’d hoped.

My original goal for this scene was an epic Christmas orgy unlike anything I’d ever filmed before. When I couldn’t find enough guys to participate, the plans changed to it being a slightly smaller group scene with FIVE guys. Then two of the guys backed out at the last minute, leaving HollyWood, Dre, and Saint to make the best of things with a threesome.


Website Update: From the Archives of the DL Chill Spot – Bitch For The Day

Shawn Returns
It’s been almost exactly one year since the DL Chill Spot CEO’s tragic death. Whether you loved or hated his work, the CEO was able to find some of the hottest boys I’ve ever seen in gay porn, and also film the TYPES of guys that one rarely ever sees in gay porn. His movies were certainly frustrating and far from perfect at times, but they were also bold, fresh, edgy, and unlike anything black gay porn had ever seen before or will likely ever see again.

Many viewers have been asking me to share some of the unreleased footage and unfinished scenes from BBA’s former partnership with the DL Chill Spot. I haven’t been ready to do so for most of the past year, but now that some time has gone by, the timing feels right to revisit the DL Chill Spot’s unique body of work and share some of the content not yet seen by the public.

Shawn and Bigga Rief
This series of NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN bonus footage continues with the return of Shawn and Bigga Rief in a FULL-ACTION scene that I chose not to release at the time it was filmed.

One of my reasons for doing this was because it departs from the DL Chill Spot’s usual brand of unscripted “reality porn” to experiment with a semi-staged fantasy.

The basic idea is wickedly taboo and simple: Shawn is a down-on-his-luck homeless boy who approaches Bigga Rief on the street, begging for some spare change so he can buy a cheeseburger.

Bigga Rief invites him back to the DL Chill Spot CEO’s crib, offering him a meal and a place to stay, but ONLY if he’s willing to join the team by giving up his mouth and ass in return….

Shawn's Nap Gets Interrupted (more…)

Website Update: Apollo’s First Time

Apollo's First Time

When I told our latest straight recruit Apollo that he could earn significantly more money by doing scenes with guys, he seemed a little anxious but also surprisingly open to the idea.

“It’s all acting and role-play,” Apollo explains at the start of this scene, adding that he’s always been good at both. “I’ll give you the FANTASY of me being gay – but not the reality!”

I wanted to try something a little bit different for Apollo’s first time with a guy, and instead of pairing him with a more experienced “bottom” like I usually do, I decided to see if a more masculine versatile top like Lil Tyga could rise to the challenge of initiating our newest straight model into the world of guy-on-guy sex.

It’s a surprising and impressive “gay for pay” debut from Apollo that includes the straight ex-Army guy and up-and-coming fitness model’s first time getting his dick sucked AND ass licked by another male, undressing and touching another guy’s body, and FUCKING another guy in the ass….

Apollo Meets Lil Tyga
The scene starts off with me interviewing Apollo while we wait for Lil Tyga to come out of the shower.

While Apollo admits that he’s “very anxious” about what he’s agreed to do a few minutes later, he also expresses an eagerness to please his potential new fans that comes as a nice change of pace from the more closed-minded and difficult-to-work-with straight models.

When Lil Tyga gets out of the shower, I capture on camera both guys meeting for the very first time.

“You know what you’re getting yourself into?” Lil Tyga asks the nervous and uncertain but also surprisingly self-assured straight Army boy…. (more…)

Official Fan Favorites from 2014

Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote for your favorite models and scenes from last year. As I continue my search for fresh faces (check out our newest model Apollo if you haven’t already) and plan exciting new scenes, it’s helpful seeing which models and scenes you enjoyed the most from last year.

The polls have closed, the results are now in, and below are the official fan favorites from 2014:

Favorite Solo Scene: Introducing Isaiah
(Runner-Up: The Official Freaky J Story)

Favorite Interracial Scene: Isaiah – The Next Chapter
(Runner-Up: Unfinished Business #2 – Virginity Lost)

Favorite Black-Only Scene: Don’t Knock It ‘Til You Try It (Part Two)
(Runner-Up: Staxx In His Stocking)


Website Update: Introducing Apollo

Apollo's Audition 1
Apollo is a strikingly handsome and outgoing new model who enjoys lifting weights, playing football, and bowling. He signed up for the Army right out of high school and served tours of duty in Kuwait and Afghanistan before an IED explosion put him in a two-month coma and prematurely ended his military career.

Since miraculously recovering from his combat injuries, Apollo has pursued a very different kind of career, capitalizing on his sculpted physique and stunning good looks as a professional model in everything from fitness catalogs to runway shows.

Despite his “pretty boy” looks and open-minded attitude, Apollo insists that he’s 100% straight and even has a girlfriend and young son waiting for him at home. Lucky for us, he’s done some modeling work as “eye candy” in a couple gay clubs and doesn’t mind teasing other men by letting us look as long as we don’t touch!

Enjoy a front-row seat for Apollo’s “audition” as this straight ex-Army guy and up-and-coming fitness model expands his modeling career into the realm of adult entertainment by showing off every inch of his flawless young body to a public audience for the VERY FIRST TIME….

Apollo's Interview (more…)