Website Update: Introducing Zadian

Zadian (pronounced “Zuh-DIE-an”) is an exotically handsome dreadhead with a slim, toned body and an enticing muscle-butt that stretches seductively up and out the backside of his pants.

An unconventional mix of skater-boy, stoner, and nerd, Zadian enjoys skateboarding, snowboarding, and of course “partying” with his friends every chance he gets.

Enjoy a front-row seat for another hot straight-boy “audition” as Zadian introduces himself to BBA’s viewers and strips out of his clothes to show off EVERY INCH of his tempting young body for the VERY FIRST TIME….

Zadian 2
Zadian turned out to be a bit more socially awkward than most of our model applicants, which is why his edited interview is shorter than usual.

He tells the story about losing his virginity when he was only 14 years old, and estimates that he’s fucked between 40 and 50 women since then.

“Who keeps count?!?” he shrugs with a nervous laugh that I found to be kind of cute and endearing.

Even though he insists that he’s straight and only likes women (“you can do you….just don’t do me!”), Zadian seems both terrified and eager at the same time when it comes time for him to strip out of his clothes to reveal a slim, dark-skinned body covered in several tattoos….

He is even surprisingly cooperative and only hesitates briefly when I ask him to BEND OVER and spread open his muscular buttocks to show off the tight, tiny treasure hidden within. Of course he makes certain to let his horny gay viewers know they shouldn’t get any ideas – we’re allowed to LOOK but we can’t TOUCH!


Website Update: One Man’s Top…

Saint Fucks Apollo
It’s been several weeks since Apollo shocked his fans all over the world by finally GIVING UP HIS ASS for the VERY FIRST TIME.

And while it was definitely HOT seeing that sweet cherry get popped and stretched open by Ross‘ huge dick, there were understandable limitations to what an inexperienced straight “top” like Ross was able to do, and like many of BBA’s viewers, I found myself hoping that Apollo might try it again and maybe even take things FURTHER next time!

Hard as it is to believe, it’s been almost a FULL YEAR since Apollo and Saint first met up to make an unforgettable scene that earned a spot on my personal list of the Top Ten scenes from last year thanks to their natural chemistry and eagerness to please their gay fans. So I couldn’t wait to get these sexy straight ex-Army guys back together again and give a more confident “gay for pay” veteran like Saint first dibs on thoroughly “breaking in” Apollo’s tight, near-virgin ass!

Apollo and Saint
Saint admits that he was “hella jealous” when he first heard the news about Apollo giving up his cakes to a BBA model other than him, since getting his dick up inside that perfect bubble-ass is something he’s made no secret of wanting to do ever since their first scene together.

“Well, we’re here now,” Apollo reassures him with a seductive smile. “I can make it up to you!”

See for yourself what went down when these two sexy fan favorites were finally reunited for the first time in almost a year….

Saint Prepares To "Take Down" Apollo (more…)

The REAL “Dark Side” of Gay Porn

I just wanted to thank everyone who took the time to share a reply to my recent post defending the many “good” people working in the porn industry today. Many of you brought up some very interesting and thought-provoking points, and it’s such a refreshing change of pace to see an intelligent and civil conversation taking place about such a complex and controversial topic.

HarlemBrotha’s comment summed it up perfectly and really gets at the heart of the matter, in my opinion. The real issue here is that sexual desire and pornography, and to an even greater extent GAY sexuality and GAY pornography, are still repressed and severely stigmatized by mainstream society and it’s these anti-porn and anti-gay attitudes that create the REAL “dark side” of gay adult entertainment.

I have witnessed firsthand the ridicule, mockery, harassment, judgment, and even threats of violence suffered by porn performers, in many cases by their own so-called “fans” and GAY PEERS, and this ignorant behavior has caused more emotional damage and psychological harm than a dozen “sleazy” producers combined ever could.

When this anti-porn, anti-gay climate drives individuals to the desperate extreme of inflicting violent harm on themselves or others, it’s a hell of a lot easier to blame the “evil” producer than look in the mirror at the ignorance, harassment, and in some cases downright hostility and threats against these young men from their own families, friends, churches, and neighborhoods.

In the past, I’ve used the analogy of a hate crime. If a gay person gets beaten up or even killed as part of a hate crime by people who see that person leaving a gay club late at night, we wouldn’t blame the VICTIM for being gay, or the owner of the gay bar for providing a safe space for community and self-expression. The blame lies solely with the homophobic assholes who chose to gay-bash an innocent person.

In the same way, pornography itself is not the enemy here, but rather the pervasive ignorance and homophobia that even in the year 2016 makes parents disown their own children, casually condones and even celebrates violence against GLBT people, and breeds so much fear, insecurity, and self-hatred in so many young black men in particular that some feel driven to the extreme of either killing themselves or others when they are exposed.

I hate to paraphrase the popular NRA slogan, but the truth is that porn doesn’t destroy lives, PEOPLE do. And if you truly care about the well-being of your favorite “porn stars,” stop ridiculing them on social media or when you see them out at the clubs, quit exposing them to their friends and family when you see somebody you know, and most importantly, start speaking up to challenge the hypocritical “slut-shaming” and homophobia in your own communities.

The more normalized and accepted that homosexuality and pornography becomes in society, the fewer suicides, overdoses, and tragic murders we’ll have to read about involving “porn stars” and producers.

Website Update: Introducing Julien

Julien 1
We’re officially kicking off the new year with this introduction to the first of several promising new straight guys I’ve been pursuing lately.

Julien is an All-American college student and athlete who played basketball and football in high school and recently started competing as an amateur MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighter. He also enjoys playing the guitar, lifting weights, and skateboarding when he isn’t chasing after pussy every chance he gets.

I’ve been communicating with Julien back and forth for several months, and it took a lot of persuading before he’d even agree to this solo “audition.” He was skeptical about having a man behind the camera, and said he’d feel more comfortable with a female in the room. But needing a fast and easy way to earn some quick cash and help pay his bills, this cocky, light-skinned “college boy” finally agreed to take off his clothes and share his beefy young body with the world for the VERY FIRST TIME!

So sit back, relax, and enjoy Julien’s amateur porn debut as he reluctantly shows off what only his girlfriends and locker-room teammates have been lucky enough to see until now….

Julien 2
Julien’s “audition” begins with an in-depth interview to get better acquainted with our newest straight model shortly after meeting him for the very first time.

In a deep, sexy voice, Julien tells a funny story about losing his virginity in an alley behind his school before football practice when he was just a freshman in high school, and estimates that he’s fucked AT LEAST *100* women of all races, shapes, and sizes since then! He also confesses to having a kinky, rough, and dominant side in the bedroom.

Julien turns out to be one of the most visibly tense and uncomfortable straight guys I’ve filmed in awhile, and getting naked with a man behind the camera was a MAJOR step for this sexy MMA fighter.

“I’ll get through it,” he nervously shrugs as the moment of truth quickly approaches. “I’ve made it through worse!”


In Defense of the “Good” Porn Producers

The following post is something I’ve been wanting to get off my chest for awhile and ended up taking the form of a reply in the “comments” section of a popular urban gay porn blog which recently featured an article about the murder of another porn producer by a former model in which the blogger and several commenters once again seemed to imply – without any evidence or apparent compassion – that the producer was somehow to blame for his own brutal murder. Some even seemed to be rooting for the same thing to happen to me!

This was just the latest and most extreme version of a disturbing trend I’ve been noticing on various porn blogs and social media lately where porn producers and models are casually and in some cases viciously mocked, attacked, slandered, and judged with self-righteous contempt by the very same audience watching and enjoying our movies.

So the following are a few thoughts that I’ve been wanting to share for the past couple months, and just kind of boiled to the surface when I saw the calloused way some people were reacting to the tragic story of yet another porn producer’s senseless murder. I’m sure the people who most need to read this probably won’t ever see it, but I still wanted to get it off my chest and speak up in defense of the “good” producers out there:

I agree that this is a conversation worth having, and shady business dealings like those you describe should be exposed and opposed by consumers, models, AND other producers.

But I don’t think all of this vague talk about anonymous “evil” producers does anyone any good or takes any concrete or positive steps toward accomplishing these goals. All it ends up doing is painting the entire adult entertainment industry with an unfairly broad brush and perpetuating a wildly inaccurate stereotype of the adult industry as some kind of seedy and semi-criminal underworld of greedy, predatory producers and drug-addicted, suicidal models. Which I’m sure is perfectly fine for many of your readers, since this only makes it easier to justify their regular consumption of stolen/pirated content and total lack of financial support for the porn studios they regularly watch. But I digress.

There are dishonest and shady people in every business, and the adult industry is no exception. But in the nearly eight years I’ve been working in this industry (starting out as a lover of good porn much like yourself and most of your readers), I have yet to meet anyone even close to resembling the almost comically villainous caricatures regularly described on this blog. The vast  majority of people I’ve met in this industry are honest, hard-working, and shockingly “normal” people who have a passion for porn and are just trying to make a living like anyone else.

One of my very first friends and mentors in the industry (the Marketing Director for Badpuppy) was actually a straight and married “Soccer Mom” with two teenage kids, and the sweetest, kindest person you could ever meet. Another friend and mentor was a gay college professor who started his site as a side hobby and over time turned it into a successful business after a lot of sleepless nights and hard work. Most of us are not the ruthless “pimps” you’d think based on this blog, and we try our best to treat our models and business associates with the same honesty and respect we’d expect in return.

Which is why I think you should start putting your money where your mouth is and calling out these shady porn studios by name. Instead of offering the disclaimer that you’re only talking about SOME but not ALL porn producers, why not be specific and tell us who you’re talking about? Who EXACTLY are these “evil” producers and who are the “good” ones? And are you willing to boycott these studios both on this blog and as a porn viewer?

And just to be clear, I’m talking about responsibly researched and fact-based reporting, not simply repeating unsubstantiated gossip or hearsay from delusional Internet trolls or disgruntled and dishonest ex-models with chips on their shoulders. If your allegations are accurate, they more than likely won’t sue, and even if they do, what better opportunity to actually PROVE and EXPOSE the unethical behavior described in this post?

This clarity and specificity will ultimately be better for EVERYONE – viewers, models, AND the “good” producers who treat their models with  honesty, fairness, and respect, and don’t like seeing their entire industry constantly being maligned and attacked on porn blogs like this.


The Calm Before The Porn

I just wanted to let everyone know that the website will NOT be updated this Thursday (January 14th) while I pursue some exciting plans for the new year and focus on a busy several days of filming ahead.

I have no doubt this will come as a disappointment to many, but please keep in mind that most years I would have taken one to two weeks off over the holidays, but this year I worked hard during the holiday season to bring you hot updates on both Christmas and New Year’s Eve. So consider this a belated holiday break that is no doubt disappointing but necessary while I regroup and resume production for the new year ahead.

I’ll be returning next week to officially kick off the new year and resume our new update schedule of weekly updates every Thursday. This new schedule has been working better than ever for me so far, and seems to be a welcome improvement for most of BBA’s viewers as well. My goal is to commit to this new schedule as closely and consistently as possible this year.

During this brief break between updates, please be sure to check out my list of BBA’s Ten Best Scenes from 2015 if you haven’t already, as well as Part 1 of Montez’ own Top 10 list here on the BBA Tumblr. You can also vote for your own favorite models and scenes from 2015 here.

We’d love to hear your reactions to our picks AND see your own Top 10 lists as well, so please take a few minutes to share and discuss them here on the blog!

Wish me luck with the filming, and trust me when I tell you that I already have some exciting things in the works for the new year  ahead 😉 ! Stay tuned!

Cast Your Votes For The Best of BBA 2015!

You’ve seen my own personal picks for the best scenes from last year. Now it’s YOUR TURN to let me know what you think by choosing YOUR favorite models and scenes from 2015! You’ll be able to see the voting results in live time to compare your own personal favorites with the rest of BBA’s members and fans.

To keep things as fair and accurate as possible, you’re only allowed to vote once, so please take your time and choose your answers carefully. I’ve made a special exception for the “Favorite Black-Only Scene” category since there are so many scenes to choose from in that category. You can choose your top THREE scenes in that particular category.

While I’ve included the scenes starring Knockout and Staxx, I decided not to include them in the model categories since they’re special guest “porn stars” and I didn’t think it would be fair to put them up against BBA’s regular amateur models.

If you feel like explaining or defending any of your choices, please feel free to share your thoughts as comments on this blog entry. I’d love to hear what you think! If you have any ideas or requests for additional polls, just let me know and I’ll consider adding them.

If you have an active BBA membership and/or BBA credits, please also take a few minutes to “like” your favorite BBA models and scenes (one of the added features on the newly redesigned site). Especially your older favorites, since the newer models and scenes tend to get more visibility and attention and I’d like the listings of most popular scenes to eventually become a more accurate reflection of all the scenes over time.

I hope you have fun picking out your favorites and reminiscing with me about the past year!


Michael Galletta Counts Down BBA’s Ten Best Scenes of 2015

Every year I’m asked by fans how I can possibly meet or exceed the high standard set by the previous year, and every year it feels like an impossible task.

After a year that had introduced Isaiah and his shocking “gay for pay” journey leading all the way up to him finally giving up his ass, the long-awaited “reunion” between D-Rel and Suspense, and Freaky J‘s “epidemic” gay porn debut, I thought for sure there was nowhere to go but DOWN heading into the new year.

Now that I’m looking back at the new models and scenes from this past year, and planning for the new year to come, I’m relieved and proud to be able to say that 2015 was almost certainly BBA’s best year so far!

For starters, I can’t recall any prior year that has introduced *so many* stand-out performers who so quickly won us over and earned their spots among BBA’s most popular performers. Of course the epitome of this was our new star Apollo, whose striking good looks, flawless muscular body, and eagerness to please propelled him to BBA stardom practically overnight. The kind of performer who only comes along once every decade, not a day goes by that I don’t thank the porn gods for sending him BBA’s way 😉 !

If you’d told me earlier last year that 2015 would also introduce models to RIVAL Apollo’s popularity and charm, I would have said you were crazy! Yet somehow the year also miraculously included the discoveries of Blake Bishop and Ross, both of whom will no doubt give Apollo a run for his money in the vote for “favorite new model” of the year!

Whether it was Noah returning after over two years, or Rico finally getting fucked again and like never before, 2015 also saw the surprising returns of several much-missed fan favorites that many of us (myself included) had all but given up hope of ever seeing again!

Of course the MUST-SEE highlights of the year, and the scenes that had everyone talking, were the “taking down” of not just one but TWO of black gay porn’s most attractive and popular “tops”!

Which brings me to my list of BBA’s Ten Best Scenes of 2015, the scenes which for a variety of reasons explained below are the ones that kept me “cumming” back for repeat viewings again and again, and stood out from the crowded pack as my proudest achievements and personal favorites:

(In Descending Order)

 #1. All Bets Are Off

All Bets Are OffI’ve been pursuing “strict tops” for over six years, and I have honestly never encountered anyone as stubbornly resistant to the idea of “bottoming” on camera as Staxx. I have *over 100 emails* saved between me and Staxx to remind me of the stressful, exhausting, and seemingly hopeless pursuit of one of black gay porn’s most breathtaking but tragically “off-limits” asses, the vast majority consisting of Staxx bluntly informing me in no uncertain terms that him getting fucked on camera was NEVER going to happen!

All of that makes this one of the sweetest porn “conquests” I’ve ever achieved. The sexy basketball player’s highly-prized bubble-butt didn’t come easy or cheap, but damn, was it worth every penny! Just seeing ANY dick finally enter that ass would have been epic enough, but the fact that the scene also included the cocky “top” strapped to the bed, yelling and cursing and growling as those glorious twin globes finally got split open and plundered by Knockout’s TREE TRUNK of a dick makes this a historic “take-down” porn classic that I will watch over and over again for the rest of my life.

Easily my proudest achievement of the year, and my personal favorite out of the Atlanta trilogy!

 #2. His First Straight Boy

His First Straight BoyFilmed as a kind of “bonus” scene from my Atlanta visit and greatly underestimated by me at the time it was filmed, this scene turned out to be many viewers’ favorite, and one of my personal favorites as well! Hot as they were, none of Isaiah’s previous “bottoming” efforts gave us any indication that he had this performance within him, simmering just under the surface. Isaiah will probably always be somewhat stoic and stiff, but this was definitely the closest to “unleashed” we’ve seen him so far – and boy, was it a sight to behold! I’ve already watched this scene more times than I’d like to admit, and the sexy sounds of Isaiah finally grunting “FUCK THAT ASS!” over and over while Knockout’s huge, RAW dick aggressively pounds his juicy bubble-butt makes me bust every time. Of course seeing Isaiah return the favor by plunging his own massive, curved dick in and out of Knockout’s tight, “top-only” ass makes this an instant “flip-flop” classic that you truly have to see to believe!

#3. Straight Boys Taste Better

Straight Boys Taste BetterIt’s not often that a relatively brief oral-only scene earns almost unanimously enthusiastic reviews from BBA’s viewers and lands a spot on this list. But this scene’s simplicity and spontaneity captures “gay for pay” porn at its purest and most authentic best. Without ever once using the big dick for which he’s well-known, Blake Bishop still managed to seize our attention and prove he’s a confident and capable performer with a very bright future in this business. But it was Ross’s comically expressive reactions to his first blowjob and rimjob from another guy, unfolding in close to real time toward an unplanned and unforgettable climax, that made this one of those rare and special scenes that had us stroking our dicks and laughing out loud at the same time.

#4. Apollo: The Next Level

Apollo: The Next LevelAnother oral-only scene where the chemistry between the models and hotness of the action surpassed many of the year’s hardcore scenes and proved you don’t always need a hard dick thrusting in and out of an ass for a scene to be worth MULTIPLE “nutts.” Even though Apollo had already shown flashes of potential in his earlier scenes, it wasn’t until this scene that he proved himself to be a true STAR. The chemistry between Apollo and Saint – both ex-Army guys and fathers of young sons – was off the charts and the scene treated us to some of the SLOPPIEST, WETTEST, and HOTTEST dick-sucking and ass-eating of the year!

Website Update: Behind the Scenes With Knockout and Staxx

Knockout Fucking Staxx
This week we’re taking you behind the scenes of two of last year’s most unforgettable and popular scenes with this collection of NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN bloopers, outtakes, and action-packed bonus footage from You Bet Your Ass and All Bets Are Off – including more tongue-kissing, dick-sucking, ass-eating, and FUCKING!

It’s an intimate and entertaining look back at some of the conversations, humor, and action that didn’t make it into the edited versions of these shockingly hot and historic scenes that viewers have called “legendary,” “outstanding,” and “the porn scenes of the decade.”

Knockout and Staxx


Website Update: Santa’s Special Surprise (Part Two)

Santa's Special Surprise


As we wrap up a year that introduced some of BBA’s hottest models and featured some of our very best scenes, it only seemed fitting to celebrate the holiday season and welcome in the new year with a “special surprise” for BBA’s viewers.

Those of you who’ve already watched Part One of this action-packed holiday special know by now that it concluded with Apollo finally offering up his ass after stubbornly keeping it off-limits for almost a year.

“I need one of y’all to FUCK me!” Apollo told his co-stars with a seductive smile – words he swore would never come out of his mouth as recently as LESS THAN A WEEK before this was filmed!

If you’re one of the many viewers who have been patiently (and in some cases, NOT so patiently) waiting to see this sexy straight ex-Army guy’s perfect ass stuffed with DICK, then you won’t want to miss this shocking conclusion as one of BBA’s most popular “gay for pay” models surprises his fans with a special Christmas present they’ll never forget!

No, you’re not imagining things after drinking too much eggnog and rum 😉 . Almost a full year after his experimentation with gay sex began, Apollo finally BENDS OVER and surrenders his beautiful butt to another man’s RAW dick for the VERY FIRST TIME! (Yes, in another wickedly thrilling twist to this scene, Apollo agrees to get fucked WITHOUT A CONDOM!).

Watch in disbelief and amazement as Apollo raises his muscular legs in the air and finally gives another man ULTIMATE access to that most prized and protected part of his flawless young body.

His eyes clenched tightly shut in determined endurance, Apollo gasps and curses and groans with a mix of pleasure and pain as Ross slowly sinks his fingers and later his long dick deep inside that tight, VIRGIN ass….