Website Update: That’s A First

Standing at 6’4″ and weighing 153 pounds, Luh Redd is a skinny “country boy” from the South with a cute, round ass that pops up and out of his sagging gym shorts.

Just barely 18 (he’s actually one month YOUNGER than our other recent new twink model Kayden), Luh Redd considers himself bisexual with an equal interest in both guys and girls. He confesses that he’s “addicted” to sex and despite never liking to be the center of attention, admits that he’s always fantasized about becoming a “porn star.”

I figured what better way to put this cute new kid’s porn potential to the test than by pairing him with one of BBA’s oldest and most experienced “gay for pay” tops?

Saint might still live and identify as straight in his everyday life, but he’s always more than willing and ready to “break in” some tight “barely legal” boy ass 😉 !



Website Update: Graduation Day

Anyone who shares my weakness for cute black twinks with that “barely legal” look, and has ever attended a high school graduation and found themselves guiltily lusting after one of the young graduates, should enjoy our latest addition to the BBA roster.

Just barely 18 years old and looking like he could easily be Kody‘s cute baby brother, Kayden is only ONE WEEK AWAY from graduating high school.

Enjoy a wicked sneak peek at this cute and innocent “boy next door” while he tries on his cap and gown and gets ready for his Graduation Day….



Important Announcement Re: Summer Schedule Experiment

To accommodate an unusually complicated and chaotic travel and production schedule this month, I’ve decided to take a break from BBA’s usual weekly format and experiment with a more unconventional update schedule for at least the month of June.

Instead of updating the website this week, I’m going to try posting TWO updates NEXT week after returning from a busy weekend of filming, followed by another week off while I’m traveling out of the country, followed by another two updates when I return.

Nothing should really change for BBA’s credits purchasers or monthly subscribers other than the fact that new content will be distributed less evenly throughout the month. If you have a one-time, non-recurring subscription and don’t end up receiving at least three new updates during the period of your membership, please contact me at and I’ll be happy to make it up to you with an extra week.

Depending on how things go, I might adopt a similar schedule for at least the rest of the summer and possibly even on a permanent basis, or simply resume the regular weekly schedule starting next month. Let’s see how it goes.

Thanks for your patience and understanding as I strive to balance one of the craziest and most stressful summer schedules I’ve ever encountered with my continued commitment to bringing BBA’s loyal members and fans the kind of quantity AND quality that you expect and deserve.


Website Update: Behind Closed Doors #3

Sneak with us “behind closed doors” to spy on all of the freaky, NASTY things that horny black guys sometimes do with each other IN SECRET when their girlfriends and “baby mamas” think they’re busy at work or just hanging out with their “homeboys”….

This includes slobbering on each others’ big dicks, licking each others’ tight assholes, and sometimes even RAW-fucking one of their “bros” in his ass!



Memphis Pride to Kick Off BBA Tour June 16-18!

We are excited to finally announce the official roster for Memphis Pride, June 16-18! Come party with us as BBA’s Chief Marketing Director Montez brings Rico Pruitt, Isaiah, Blake Bishop, Stylez & Shazeer along for a weekend full of fun events.

Follow @LGBTPrideMem on Instagram & Twitter for updates and info on other hosts & special guests, host hotel bookings, VIP Passes (Only $60), and more.

If you live in the Memphis area or if you’re able to travel, we hope you’ll take advantage of this special opportunity to meet and mingle with some of your favorite BBA models up close and in person! Look forward to seeing you there!



Memorial Day Weekend & Upcoming BBA Tour

Just wanted to let everyone know that the website won’t be updated this upcoming weekend due to the holiday weekend, but we’ll be back with more fresh faces and exciting new scenes starting next Friday.

In the meantime, please enjoy the MANY hot and action-packed scenes from the past couple months, and/or any of the other 300-plus scenes currently available to BBA’s monthly subscribers.

It’s definitely been an exciting and eventful 2017 so far, and we’re just getting warmed up! Kind of crazy to think that the year’s still not even halfway over. If you’ve been enjoying most of the weekly updates this Spring, then you don’t want to miss the sizzling summer season to come!

We also plan to start making public appearances with some of the popular models later this year, starting with Memphis Pride in just a few weeks. That will provide an opportunity for fans to meet and mingle with their favorite BBA models, take pics with them, get autographs, etc.

We’ll be announcing the official lineup for Memphis Pride very soon. Stay tuned to our new Twitter and Tumblr for more details and to keep up to date on when your favorite BBA models will be coming to a city near you!

Hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day Weekend, and we’ll see ya next week!

Website Update: Show and Tell

Since Shaun is unfortunately still locked up, Scotty has been spending a lot of time with another good friend of his named Trapp, a sexy 23-year-old tattoo artist that he met in jail a few years ago, and who has become like a big brother to him ever since.

Scotty recently introduced me to Trapp and told me that they both desperately needed to make some quick cash. But was Scotty ready to teach his straight homeboy EVERYTHING he’s learned here at BBA so far?

Find out for yourself in this hilarious, unpredictable, and thoroughly entertaining “show and tell” session that pushes these two real-life straight “bros” from the ‘hood out of their comfort zones and brings them closer than ever before!



Website Update (with Video Teaser): Ready or Not

Why does it always seem like it’s the straight boys and TOPS who have the most flawless and fuckable asses? Or is it simply their stubborn refusal to be penetrated that makes their virgin backsides all the more forbidden and alluring to an ass addict like me? Maybe a little bit of both?

Shazeer is the perfect example of a sexy DL “top” who has one of the most beautiful asses (and pretty, pink assholes) I’ve ever seen in my life – yet tragically insists on keeping it strictly “off limits”!

Of course I’ve been drooling over that breathtaking ass ever since I first laid eyes on Shazeer, and dreaming of the day I might finally be lucky enough to see it split open and plundered by another man’s dick.

It took a lot of time and convincing, but I was finally able to tempt Shazeer into trying something new and out of his comfort zone, and turn the light-skinned bisexual “top” into a reluctant “bottom” – READY OR NOT!

Stylez will no doubt be the envy of many as he finally returns for his very first one-on-one scene and gets to be the lucky BBA model to take Shazeer’s anal virginity on camera.

Don’t miss another much-requested scene pairing featuring two of our hottest and sexiest new models in nearly a FULL HOUR of cherry-popping action that includes lots of dick-sucking, ass-eating, and RAW “take-down” fucking!



Website Update: The Apollo Experience (Part Two)

For those of you worrying that Rico Pruitt‘s recent gay porn debut was just a one-time thing, we’re proud and excited to announce that not only did Rico return for a second hot shoot, but he also agreed to sign on as an EXCLUSIVE new model for “Black Boy Addictionz”!

We figured what better way to welcome Rico to the BBA family and offer him a much-deserved “signing bonus” than by pairing him with his top choice from the BBA roster, and one of BBA’s most popular “gay for pay” stars of all time?



Website Update: Bandit’s Revenge

For nearly five years, Saint has been one of BBA’s most popular and dominant tops, “taking down” and “breaking in” some of the hottest and tightest asses in BBA history.

But payback’s a bitch, and we thought the time was long overdue for one of Saint’s most merciless “take downs” to finally TURN THE TABLES and get his revenge….