Website Update: Isaiah’s Job Evaluation

Saint Fucks Isaiah
JOB EVALUATION: Prepared by company management on a periodic basis to determine if employees are working up to, or beyond, the minimum standards of their job description. Critical areas are graded by supervisors in either a written or checklist format, or a combination of both.

It’s been almost a year since I first paired Isaiah with Saint in the hopes that BBA’s most experienced and open-minded straight model could help him get more comfortable with the idea of doing guy-on-guy scenes. At the time, Isaiah was still very limited in what he was willing to do, but Saint still managed to have some fun testing the reluctant college jock’s boundaries in an entertaining and unforgettable “job orientation.”

Now that Isaiah has considerably more experience under his “gay for pay” belt, Saint wanted to find out firsthand just how much Isaiah has learned since they last worked together nearly one year ago. See for yourself what happens when these much-requested fan favorites are finally reunited for Isaiah’s first annual JOB EVALUATION….

jobevaluation_1 (more…)


Website Update: Whether He Wants It Or Not

Legacy and Michael Galletta
“Every man loves the thrill of the hunt.” — Saint

I’ve been wanting to get my horny hands on Legacy ever since he was just a cute black teen trying amateur porn for the very first time almost three years ago.

For nearly three years, Legacy has turned down my advances with nothing but contempt and disgust, swearing that a scene with me is something he would NEVER in a million years ever do! “Lhh that’s never gonna happen,” he replied in one of his texts. “I don’t care how much money you payin’ me!” One time he even called me a “cracker” and proudly declared that he was one BBA model I would NEVER get my old white hands on. Of course this only fueled my lust for Legacy even more ;-) !

Even after having to fire him for being one of the most difficult models I’ve ever worked with – including QUITTING at least two of his shoots – part of me has still always wanted to sample this cocky and seemingly unattainable black boy for myself.

So when Legacy recently swallowed his pride and contacted me out of the blue, telling me that he’d “reached hard times” and needed some work, my sadistic side couldn’t help but try to find out JUST HOW FAR he’d be willing to go in order to repair the bridges he’d burned….

Michael and Legacy - First Touch (more…)

Website Update: From the Archives of the DL Chill Spot – Murda Initiates Chippy (While Little Bro Watches)

It’s been almost exactly one year since the DL Chill Spot CEO’s tragic death. Not a week has gone by that I haven’t missed the daily conversations with my fellow producer and friend, or wondered what his movies might look like today if his goals and dreams hadn’t been cruelly cut short.

Whether you loved or hated his work, the DL Chill Spot CEO was able to find some of the hottest boys I’ve ever seen in gay porn, and also film the TYPES of guys that one rarely ever sees in gay porn. His movies were certainly frustrating and far from perfect at times, but they were also bold, fresh, edgy, and unlike anything black gay porn had ever seen before or will likely ever see again.

Many viewers have been asking me to share some of the unreleased footage and unfinished scenes from BBA’s former partnership with the DL Chill Spot. I haven’t been ready to do so for most of the past year, but now that some time has gone by, the timing feels right to revisit the DL Chill Spot’s unique body of work and share some of the content not yet seen by the public.

There’s nothing extraordinary in my collection, but hopefully what I do have left over to share will be interesting and entertaining for those of you who enjoyed and greatly miss the DL Chill Spot CEO’s work.

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Website Update: Tyga Takes The Cakes

Lil Tyga Fucks Isaiah
Despite insisting in his recent encounter with me that he was never going to get fucked again, it didn’t take long for Isaiah to accept another very large pay-check in exchange for GIVING UP HIS ASS to a bigger black dick.
I guess once you’ve given in and done something you once swore you would never do, it’s a little bit easier to swallow one’s pride and do the same thing again when the money’s right!

As luck would have it, I was able to talk Isaiah into coming back just in time for Lil Tyga’s birthday weekend. I figured what better BIRTHDAY SURPRISE for one of BBA’s most popular “tops” than to give him first dibs on “breaking in” Isaiah’s fresh, near-virgin ass?

See for yourself what happens when these two fan favorites are reunited for the first time since their first scene last summer, and Lil Tyga TURNS THE TABLES by burying his dick in that flawless bubble-butt!

Isaiah and Lil Tyga Reading Viewer Feedback
Isaiah walks in from the other room and surprises Lil Tyga by revealing himself to be the “mystery model” I’d promised Lil Tyga for his birthday.

Since Isaiah never watches any of his scenes, Lil Tyga decides to show him some clips from their first scene together and share some of the viewer feedback from the BBA Blog.

It doesn’t take long before they’re reading requests from viewers begging to see Isaiah get fucked. And you can imagine Lil Tyga’s surprise and excitement when Isaiah offers him some fresh straight-boy ASS for a birthday present….

takesthecakes_2 (more…)

Cast Your Votes For The Best of BBA 2014!

You’ve seen my own personal picks for the best scenes from the past year. Now it’s YOUR TURN to let me know what you think by choosing YOUR favorite models and scenes from 2014!

As I figure out my plans and goals for 2015, it’s helpful hearing which models and scenes you enjoyed the most from the past year. After all, it’s only thanks to you that I’m able to continue bringing you these hot models and scenes!

To keep things as fair and accurate as possible, you’re only allowed to vote once, so please take your time and choose your answers carefully. You’ll be able to see the voting results in live time to compare your own personal favorites with the rest of BBA’s members and fans!

If you feel like explaining or defending any of your choices, please feel free to share your thoughts as comments on this blog entry! I’d love to hear what you think.

I’ll be kicking off the new year and updating the site with a new scene later this weekend. In the meantime, have fun picking out your favorites and reminiscing with me about the past year!



Michael Galletta Counts Down BBA’s Ten Best Scenes of the Year

Feels like just yesterday that I was being asked how I could possibly top the great year BBA had in 2013.

After a year that had seen the discovery of fan favorites such as Cory, Stephon, and AB, and highlights that included Stephon’s shocking “gay for pay” journey as well as porn star Day Day finally giving up his ass, the bar seemed to have been set pretty high and I’ll confess I had my doubts about my ability to maintain, let alone exceed, such a high standard heading into the new year.

Now as we look back at the models and scenes of 2014, and welcome in the new year to come, I’m relieved and proud to be able to say that 2014 has been one of the most surprising, unpredictable, and exciting years in BBA history.

We celebrated BBA’s 5th Anniversary with the return of some much-missed fan favorites such as Dragon, Lil Tyga, AB, and Suspense. We introduced some exciting new faces – guys like Isaiah, Mello, Randy, and Migo – who have quickly become a new generation of BBA fan favorites.

Other highlights included surprise visits by special guests Freaky J and Staxx, the long-anticipated “reunion” between D-Rel and Suspense that had literally been five years in the making, and of course such surprising and unforgettable “conquests” as “Mystery Model” returning after a long disappearance AND going all the way by getting fucked in his ass, and horse-hung skinny boys Day Day, Migo, and Tay finally giving up their tight “top-only” asses on camera for the very first time.

Of course the most shocking and satisfying highlight of the year was watching our newest straight star Isaiah’s slow but steady experimentation with guy-on-guy sex – recently climaxing with him finally giving in and doing the one thing he stubbornly swore he would never do! (Of course this college basketball player’s unlikely “gay for pay” journey is far from over, as you’ll see in the new scene coming out later this weekend).

After giving it a lot of thought, I’ve come up with my list of BBA’s Ten Best Scenes of 2014. For a variety of reasons that I’ve explained below, these are the scenes that have kept me coming back for repeat viewings again and again, standing out from the rest of the pack as my proudest achievements and favorite scenes of the year:

(In Ascending Order)

#10. Sparring Match

sparringmatch_main3_smallThis is one of those quiet scenes that flew under the radar and didn’t receive the same level of interest or hype that other scenes on this list might have when they came out. The BBA equivalent of “comfort food,” it’s quickly turned into one of those scenes that I turn to for a reliable release at the end of a long day. Saint once again shines in the role of “gay for pay” mentor, and finally brings a performance out of the light-skinned straight boxer to match the potential we saw glimpses of in Mello’s earlier scenes. Easily one of the most erotic and entertaining “gay for pay” scenes this year!

#9. Initiating Isaiah

initiatingisaiah_main3_smallThis is the scene that started Isaiah’s “gay for pay” journey, and it’s worth revisiting if for no other reason than to gain a new appreciation for just how far Isaiah has come over the past year! Whether it’s letting another male touch his body for the very first time, nervously wrapping his hand around Cory’s huge dick, or insisting on wearing a blindfold before burying his own big dick in another guy’s ASS for the VERY FIRST TIME, this scene is “gay for pay” porn at its purest and most authentic best, perfectly capturing the reluctance, anxiety, and flashes of embarrassed pleasure from a straight guy’s first time.

#8. The Competition (Five Years Later)

thecompetition_fiveyearslater_parttwo_main2b_smallAfter trying to make this much-requested “reunion” between D-Rel and Suspense happen for over five years, how could this scene NOT make the list?!? Time might have taken its toll on the boys’ looks, and the action is far from perfect or smooth, but even just seeing these long-lost college friends finally doing the kinds of things we’ve always fantasized about seeing them do with each other was an exhilarating thrill like no other and proved why unscripted real-life stories like this can be so much more exciting to watch than the fake scripted stuff.

#7. Riding The Tyga

ridingtyga_main3_smallAt first glance, you’d never guess that one of the guys in this scene is actually STRAIGHT, or that the guy getting his juicy ass pounded is one of BBA’s most energetic and aggressive gay “tops.” That’s how convincingly both guys stepped outside of their comfort zones to deliver one of BBA’s best action scenes of the year. Lil Tyga succeeds where other models have failed by finally bringing Isaiah out of his shell and pushing him to a level of same-sex passion and intimacy unlike anything he’s shown us before. The foreplay alone would earn this scene a spot on this list, but seeing Lil Tyga surrender his round, tempting ass for only the second time in BBA history was easily one of the highlights of the summer!

#6. Lapdance With Benefits

lapdance_parttwo_main4_smallIn this day and age where any hot guy with a big dick and cell phone can become an overnight social media “celebrity,” most of BBA’s younger viewers probably don’t realize or fully appreciate what a significant accomplishment this scene truly was. Years before “selfies” and “Vines,” Freaky J was the first straight-boy Internet “crush” for an entire generation of gay and bisexual men, and finally getting him to take the huge step of trying “gay for pay” porn was the can’t-miss “porn event” of the summer. The scene itself might have been far from perfect, but just the fact that IT HAPPENED counts for a lot. Whether he was slobbering on his very first dick or letting another man enjoy a taste of his ass, getting his cherry popped RAW or having his face covered in cum, this was Freaky J finally living up to his name by doing the kinds of “freaky” gay things we never in a million years thought we’d ever see him do.

In one word, “EPIDEMIC” ;-) .


Website Update: Staxx In His Stocking

Cory "Unwrapping" Staxx
We’re celebrating the Christmas season this year with an action-packed holiday special featuring the return of a much-missed fan favorite as well as a surprise out-of-town guest.

Earlier this year, BBA model Cory visited Atlanta for the city’s Black Pride, where he had a chance to meet and mingle with others in the porn industry. As fate would have it, it was there that he met Staxx, a former college basketball player turned up-and-coming “porn star” who has quickly earned a reputation as one of the most exciting new faces on the scene today.

As most of you already know, I usually prefer filming fresh faces over more familiar “porn stars.” But from the moment I first saw this tall, sexy athlete’s pics on Cory’s Tumblr blog (he stands at 6’6″ and weighs a muscular 200 pounds), I was instantly smitten and knew that Staxx was going to have to be a special exception ;-) !

Before now, Cory and Staxx had only “made out” and stolen a quick blowjob in the back of a car. But they’ve been asking to do a scene together since meeting in August, so I figured what better Christmas present for one of BBA’s most popular models (and BBA’s viewers) than bringing Staxx to town for a special visit and making Cory’s dream scene come true….

Cory and Staxx Kissing (more…)

Website Update: Two Tops Don’t Make A Bottom

Migo and Saint In Shower
Over the past couple years, Saint has earned a well-deserved reputation as the BBA “trainer” by showing skeptical straight guys the ropes and helping them get more comfortable with the idea of doing guy-on-guy scenes.

Even though I had serious doubts about his ability to take Migo’s massive TEN INCHES, or even whether he’d be willing to try, I knew that Saint was just the kind of outgoing and open-minded scene partner who could help break down some of Migo’s inhibitions and bring him out of his comfort zone.

Saint and Migo Meet
“I’m going to see if I can get you to go ALL THE WAY for me today!” Saint playfully informs Migo at the start of this scene.

See for yourself what happens when Saint meets Migo’s monster and also becomes the first BBA model to explore and enjoy the horse-hung straight boy’s OTHER “assets”….

Saint Meeting Migo's Monster
Migo About To Suck Dick

The BBA Gif Contest (Deadline Extended!)

Due to a disappointingly low number of submissions, we’ve decided to extend the deadline for the BBA Gif Contest to Monday, December 15, 11:59 Eastern time, just a little less than a week from today.

Your chances of winning are great, and participating is pretty simple: Just create your own original BBA gifs and send them in as submissions to the BBA Tumblr.

Gifs can be created from any of your favorite BBA models and scenes, past or present. All we ask is that you don’t submit gifs that you haven’t created. You can submit up to three gifs to be considered, and sets that include several gifs of the same model or scene will be counted as one submission (check out the BBA Tumblr for examples of this).

If you’re new to creating gifs, I’d recommend trying the Easy GIF Animator, which you can download here. The free trial version offers a helpful tutorial and allows you to create something like twenty free gifs.

The judges for this contest will be Montez (the guy who runs the BBA Tumblr), BBA model Tay, and myself.

The top three submissions will win the following prizes:

  • 3rd Place: A free 1-month subscription to the website.

  • 2nd Place: A free 3-month subscription to the website and a personalized video message from a select BBA model.

  • 1st Place: $100 (must have PayPal)

Please let us know if you have any questions, and good luck to everyone who participates!

Website Update: Isaiah – The Next Chapter (Part Two)

Isaiah and Michael Galletta
It’s hard to believe just how far Isaiah has come in his experimentation with guy-on-guy sex! When he first showed up for his solo “audition” almost exactly one year ago, this sexy straight basketball player only wanted to do scenes with women, and even insisted on wearing a blindfold before he’d agree to try fucking a guy.

Since that understandably stiff and reluctant beginning, Isaiah has been given plenty of practice and over time grown more confident and comfortable with the idea of fucking other guys. He’s also let other guys suck his dick and taste his ass for the very first time. We’ve even watched his awkward first attempts at putting a dick in his mouth and most recently, licking another guy’s ass!

Sadly, Isaiah’s open-mindedness has still had its limits. Even though he has one of the most breathtaking asses in BBA history, and is well aware that many of BBA’s viewers have been wanting to see him get fucked, taking ANYTHING up his tight virgin ass is a line that Isaiah has stubbornly refused to cross for over a year.

“No money in the world could ever make me do that!” Isaiah swore with defiant assurance when I first brought up the idea of him trying anal penetration, even if only with his own fingers. “That’s just something I will NEVER do. I don’t care if you was offering a BILLION dollars!”

Well, I never back down from a challenge, especially when the prize I’m pursuing is a stubborn straight black basketball player’s tight bubble-ass – and I’ve continued bringing up the idea with Isaiah every couple months.

Lucky for us, my perseverance finally paid off when Isaiah recently found himself needing to earn a very large sum of money to help pay for his next semester’s tuition. Realizing the ONE thing he swore he’d NEVER do was the only thing he could do to earn that much cash at one time, he finally gave in and agreed – for a very steep price – to GIVE UP HIS ASS!

Isaiah By River
Part One
captured on camera Isaiah’s spontaneous and unscripted reactions to attempting anal penetration with fingers and a dildo. Now comes the much-anticipated and shocking conclusion in which Isaiah finally GETS FUCKED!

“You’re going to let me be the first and possibly ONLY man to fuck you?” I ask the reluctant straight jock at the start of this scene.

“Definitely the first, and definitely the ONLY!” Isaiah is quick to clarify. “I’m in retirement after this!”

Watch with envy as I push my RAW white dick against Isaiah’s highly-prized and long-protected asshole, looking down in disbelief and amazement as it slowly splits open the straight athlete’s sweet cherry and eventually plunders its forbidden depths….

Busting Open Isaiah's Cherry (more…)