Website Update: Fountain of Youth

Spice and Zadian
For the past couple weeks, we’ve been focusing on the “second times” of our newest straight models introduced so far this year. This week completes the “trilogy” on this theme with the much-requested return of Zadian in his second scene with a guy.

For Zadian’s sophomore “gay for pay” shoot, we’ve paired the exotically handsome dreadhead with talented newcomer Spice, the innocent country boy with an adorable smile and cute bubble-butt who recently made one hell of a gay porn debut by treating horse-hung Bandit to a second time that neither he nor the viewers will ever forget.

Now in hindsight, pairing someone as….how should I put this….”trigger-happy” as Zadian with someone of Spice’s caliber and skills might have been a tad bit unfair and even sadistic on my part. But it certainly makes for another unique and entertaining encounter as this self-described “straight” boy with some obviously pent-up and not-so-straight desires once again repeatedly (and hilariously) struggles to keep from cumming too soon….

Fountain of Youth
Zadian’s almost comically conflicted facial expressions switch back and forth between stoic resistance and helpless surrender to the intense pleasures of Spice’s warm mouth and tight ass. He might still be hesitant to admit that he’s actually ENJOYING sex with a guy, but his rock-hard dick, ready to erupt any second, betrays the obvious truth he seems so scared to acknowledge.


Website Update: Always Up For A Challenge #2

Bandit and Spice
The biggest problem I faced while planning Bandit‘s second shoot with a guy was finding somebody capable of taking the sexy straight boy’s huge dick – or at least somebody who was brave enough to try!

So when a recent gay model applicant with a cute baby face and tempting bubble-butt confidently assured me that he was up for the challenge of taking on the “Big Dick Bandit” in his VERY FIRST SCENE, I decided to take a chance on the ambitious newbie and see if he could take one of the BIGGEST DICKS I’ve filmed in awhile….

Spice and Bandit
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Website Update: Served Up

Anyone who’s watched Julien‘s first two scenes knows by now that the beefy straight athlete and amateur MMA fighter is a bit of a “freak” with a fetish for aggressive sex.

During his audition interview, Julien confessed that he’s turned on by bondage and domination with females, and admitted at the end of his first guy-on-guy scene that the whole time he’d been imagining his cute gay co-star Kody as his “bitch” in prison.

Julien and Young Montanna
For Julien’s much-anticipated second time with a guy, I decided to help him feel right at home and explore this surprising side of his sexuality further by cuffing the cute and skinny Young Montanna by his hands and feet, stripped down to nothing but his skimpy boxer-briefs, and then presenting the vulnerable and helpless gay twink to Julien as a special surprise.

Viewer Polls: “Spring Break Showdown” Edition

Website Update: Spring Break Showdown

Isaiah and Apollo in Houston
After trying to make this happen for OVER A YEAR, I finally succeeded at bringing together BBA’s two most popular models of all time for one of the most requested scene pairings in BBA history!

See for yourself what happened when Isaiah recently met up with Apollo in Houston, Texas for Isaiah’s Spring Break….


Photos From Phoenix

Just got back from this year’s Phoenix Forum, an annual adult industry trade show. Had an AMAZING time and came away from the experience feeling more educated, rejuvenated, and motivated than ever before to make BBA the best black gay website it can possibly be!

Hosted at a beautiful resort in sunny Tempe, Arizona (right outside of Phoenix), it was pretty much your usual business convention during the day, with lots of meetings, networking, and seminars led by panels of experts from some of the most successful brands in the business on topics ranging from Virtual Reality as the potential future of porn, to tips on adapting and succeeding in a rapidly changing market, to the various legal and political challenges facing the porn industry today.

As you might expect, things got a little wilder at night with music, dancing, strippers, poker, and various parties catering to both the gay and straight crowds. On Friday night, they even had a live concert featuring the Wu-Tang Clan’s Method Man and Mix Master Mike of Beastie Boys fame.


This year’s show overlapped with Isaiah‘s Spring Break, and since I was already planning to do some filming with him earlier in the week, I invited him to join me and represent the BBA models.

It wasn’t exactly the most racially diverse crowd, so a 6’3″ tall black college basketball player with Isaiah’s physique and striking good looks turned plenty of heads – and hopefully had many pulling up the site on their phones to check out his scenes 😉 !

This was no doubt the largest crowd of gay men he’s ever been around at one time, and I think he was a bit overwhelmed by everything at first, but ended up coming out of his shell and having a fun time with everyone. I’m sure the free lap-dances from the female strippers didn’t hurt either, LOL! (Check out the BBA Tumblr for some gifs from one of his many lap-dances). He has told me several times that it was his best Spring Break ever, and an unforgettable adventure for him for sure!


One unexpected highlight is that I finally got to meet and hang out with the creator and owner of FlavaWorks in person for the very first time, as well as his new exclusive model Trey Donovan who I personally think is one of the hottest and most exciting new faces in black gay porn today. And believe it or not, he’s even sexier in person! (Reminded me A LOT of Blake Bishop).

It was definitely more than a little surreal to be hanging out and discussing business as an industry PEER with someone whose groundbreaking company and websites I was watching as an obsessed fan long before BBA ever began!


Important Announcement Re: BBA’s Spring “Break”

It’s hard to believe that we’re already nearing the end of March! Where has the time gone?!?

I’m sorry that I haven’t been able to interact on the blog lately as much as I’d like, but even though I might get quiet sometimes, you can rest assured that I’m still always reading and taking into consideration all of your feedback and requests.

I’m thrilled to see that most of you seem to be enjoying the exciting new faces we’ve been introducing lately (Julien, Zadian, Bandit, etc.), as well as such instant BBA classics as Saint thoroughly “breaking in” Apollo’s near-virgin ass and fan favorite Ross taking things to the next level and torturing his fans (in a good way) by letting us witness the NEXT BEST THING to his tight muscle-butt getting fucked.

There has been A LOT going on behind the scenes lately – mostly good, but some bad – and as the result of various circumstances beyond my control, such as not being able to film new content for most of last month due to illness, and this past weekend’s production plans getting canceled at the last minute due to one of the models getting locked up, I don’t have much choice other than to take a brief but necessary break from the usual update schedule for the next couple weeks.

The title of this post is somewhat misleading since it’s not really going to be much of a “break” for me or the models (I wish!). Most of my time and energy will be devoted to a special trip out of state for some filming, as well as attending an adult industry conference with one of the models later next week. All of this as part of an ongoing effort to learn, grow, and evolve into the best website/studio that BBA can possibly be, while continuing to bring you fresh faces and high-quality, unforgettable amateur porn starring the hottest black guys around for many more years to come!

I apologize for any inconvenience and (short-lived) disappointment that I’m sure this will cause many of you. But on the bright side, if all goes well, I’ll be back to kick off the month of April in just two short weeks with a new sizzling-hot scene and some exciting surprises in store for BBA’s upcoming Spring Season!

Website Update: Blessed By Bandit

Bandit told me during a conversation after his recent solo “audition” that he somehow always ends up getting involved with psychotic females.

“They’re normal until I bless them with the dick,” he explains with a confident and seductive smile. “Then they start actin’ CRAZY!”

Anyone who has already seen the BASEBALL BAT between Bandit’s legs can confirm that this theory might not be as far-fetched as it sounds. And lucky for us, we’ve been able to talk this horse-hung, financially struggling straight boy into letting another MALE be the next in line to be “blessed” by Bandit!

Watch with envy as experienced gay “bottom” Rory gets to be the first guy lucky enough to introduce our latest and hottest straight recruit to the unique pleasures of guy-on-guy sex….

Bandit intently watches straight porn on his phone, glancing down with curiosity and amazement every so often as Rory tentatively touches his muscled young body and wraps his talented lips around that beautiful dick, treating the tense and nervous straight boy to a blowjob that seems to defy the very laws of physics. Rory might not be the most attractive gay boy on our roster, but he certainly knows how to show a straight boy a good time with his shockingly DEEP THROAT and “chick ass”!

After enjoying Rory’s impressive deep-throating skills and even allowing the lucky gay boy a forbidden taste of his tight, virgin ass, Bandit sticks his massive, RAW dick between Rory’s thick, juicy cakes until it slowly sinks into another guy’s tight, warm ASS for the very first time….

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Website Update: Introducing Bandit

Bandit 1
This latest addition to our growing Spring roster of new talent is a strikingly handsome and irresistibly sexy straight guy named Bandit who enjoys smoking weed, going out to clubs, and fucking thick girls whenever he can. He’s extremely quiet and laid-back most of the time, but confesses that he sometimes has a wild “Hulk” side (especially when alcohol is involved).

With his high cheekbones, piercing eyes, and pretty lips, Bandit has the kind of hypnotic good looks that make him EXTREMELY popular with the ladies. Well, that and the BASEBALL BAT swinging between this stud’s skinny legs 😉 !

Bandit tells us that his model alias is short for “Big Dick Bandit,” a nickname given to him by a lucky ex-girlfriend who, like most of the women he’s been with, was shocked and impressed by the size of his manhood.

“I steal everybody’s girl!” he brags with a seductive smile and cute, nervous laugh.

Bandit 3
Coming to us straight out of the ‘hood of one of the Midwest’s roughest cities, Bandit is hardly the type of guy you’d expect to see doing something like this under normal circumstances. He tells us that he’s straight with a young daughter back at home that he’s trying his best to support, but lately he’s been out of work and in urgent need of quick cash.

This is how he ended up getting referred to us by a friend (and long-time BBA fan) who told him that we were looking for new models and might be able to help. I have a feeling that his friend had an ulterior motive, but if you had a straight buddy who looked like Bandit, wouldn’t you?!? Let’s just say that once I saw Bandit’s pics, I was MORE than happy to help out another “down on his luck” straight black boy 😛 !

Enjoy a front-row seat for Bandit’s exclusive solo debut as he introduces himself to BBA’s viewers and reveals the prized package that inspired his nickname to the rest of the world for the VERY FIRST TIME!

Bandit 2 (more…)

Website Update: Majesty Turns The Tables & Other Outtakes

Migo and Majesty
Many viewers have recently been asking about Migo and Majesty, and letting me know just how much they are missed. Until I’m able to work with them again, which I hope will be soon, here’s a NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN, unfinished “sequel” to their first scene together.

Filmed the following day, this was originally supposed to be an action-packed threesome with another new model who unfortunately had to back out due to personal reasons. As a last-minute back-up, I decided to have Majesty “turn the tables” and sample some of the horse-hung straight boy’s OTHER “assets” 😉 !

Migo's OTHER "Asset"
Even though his massive “monster” of a huge, uncut dick tends to steal the spotlight most of the time (and for good reason), Migo also happens to have a cute muscle-butt that would no doubt be overlooked and neglected by just about any other site besides BBA! And like many of BBA’s viewers, I’ve been wanting to see that tight little ass stuffed with RAW dick again ever since Saint popped Migo’s cherry a few months before.

Unfortunately, this is one of those shoots that sounded good in theory, but ultimately proved to be a little TOO far out of the comfort zones for BOTH guys. Even though things didn’t turn out quite like we’d hoped, it’s still hot as hell seeing this big-dicked straight “top” reluctantly taking on the more submissive role by sucking dick for only the second time in his life, and BENDING OVER to get BUTT-FUCKED without a condom….

Majesty Turns The Tables (more…)