Website Update: BBA Classics Revisited – Behind the Scenes of “When You Wish Upon A Porn Star”


I’m currently in California for my best friend’s wedding over the holiday weekend. This was the very first “straight” boy I ever fell in lust/love with, and my unique and complicated relationship with him has probably inspired most of BBA’s recurring and most popular themes. But that’s a story for another day 😉 ….

I’ll be back with more fresh faces and full-length new scenes next week, but in the meantime here’s some entertaining bonus footage for those of you who enjoy getting to know the models and going behind the scenes of some of the early BBA classics:

This series revisits some of the scenes from the early years of my old apartment and well-used blue futon and shares with you some of the unreleased footage from the BBA archives.

Enjoy these NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN outtakes from one of the early BBA “classics” that brought together two of BBA’s iconic stars.

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Happy Memorial Day Weekend!


Website Update: There’s A New Top In Town (Young Directors Series)

Blake Bishop Fucking Suspense 2
This week we’re introducing something exciting and new that I’ve been wanting to try for awhile: a special series of scenes filmed and directed by the BBA models!

For this particular shoot, I trained Lil Tyga on how to use the camera and then turned him loose to film and direct the scene as he wished.

It’s somewhat fitting that for his directorial debut, Lil Tyga was able to work with Blake Bishop, a brand-new model who reminds me a lot of him when he first started out. A sexy, bisexual “top” with a slim, athletic body and insatiable appetite for tight ass, Blake Bishop comes to us from Baltimore through the BBA Tumblr and tells us that he’s always fantasized about performing in porn.

Blake Bishop and Suspense
For his amateur action debut, we’ve paired Blake Bishop with the popular BBA veteran Suspense, who proved in his encounter with Migo last year that there’s no dick out there TOO BIG or TOO ROUGH for his thick, juicy ass!

“I hope you can bring it!” Suspense playfully taunts his newbie co-star shortly after meeting him for the very first time.

“I hope you can TAKE IT!” Blake Bishop replies with a confident smile.

Suspense Unwrapping The Goods
Like an excited child unwrapping a present, Suspense wastes no time helping Blake Bishop out of his clothes and getting his first look at the new model’s slim, sexy body. He slowly and seductively pulls down Blake Bishop’s boxers to reveal a very PLEASANT SURPRISE!

Don’t let Blake Bishop’s quiet and laid-back personality fool you! This sexy new “top” is a force to be reckoned with when the clothes come off and the action begins….

Sucking Blake Bishop (more…)

Website Update: From the Archives of the DL Chill Spot – Behind Closed Doors #2

Philly, Outbreak, & Smokey
Will finally be heading home tomorrow morning from a very long and STRESSFUL but ultimately productive weekend of filming that involved some hot new shoots and fresh faces that I can’t wait to share with BBA’s viewers. While I’m working hard behind the scenes to get them ready for you, I hope you enjoy this action-packed, NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN footage from the DL Chill Spot:

This series of previously unreleased footage from BBA’s former partnership with the DL Chill Spot continues with the dark-skinned street thug Outbreak’s “initiation” and training by veteran “sidekick” Smokey and his cute friend Philly.

Sneak with us “behind closed doors” to spy on all of the freaky, NASTY things that horny black guys do with each other IN SECRET when their girlfriends and “baby mamas” think they’re busy at work or hanging out with their “homeboys”!

Website Update: Rendezvous On The Road

Apollo and Cordell
We decided to experiment with something a little bit different in this latest scene by filming BBA’s very first action scene in the back of a car!

After picking Apollo up at the airport and introducing him to our newest model Cordell, it was clear from the start that Cordell had a crush on Apollo (can you blame him?), and even Apollo seemed more flirtatious than usual. So I figured why make them wait to get back to the hotel when they could start getting better acquainted right there in the backseat?

Join us for this spontaneous and unforgettable “rendezvous on the road” as two of BBA’s hottest new models get naked and nasty in the backseat….

There’s plenty of passionate tongue-kissing, nipple-licking, dick-sucking, and ass-eating leading up to the somewhat cramped but hot and sweaty RAW fucking – all filmed while driving around our city on a beautiful Sunday afternoon!

Website Update: Straight Boy Sex Toy

Isaiah and Michael Galletta
This week we’re dipping into the BBA archives to bring you a unique and previously unreleased encounter between Isaiah and me that was filmed early last year. Unlike most of BBA’s scenes, this scene experiments with a mix of reality and fantasy role-playing.

The behind-the-scenes REALITY was that we’d been stood up by another model and had to come up with this alternate scene at the very last minute.

The FANTASY is that Isaiah is a reluctant straight escort willing to do ALMOST anything to earn the quick cash he needs to help pay for his mother’s surgery and avoid being evicted – even if that means letting a horny older white gay man enjoy every inch of his athletic young body! (This fantasy, by the way, very closely mirrored our real-life situation).

Michael Inspecting The Goods
Knowing that Isaiah is ALL MINE for the night, I decide to experiment with some kinky new things and find out just how far the broke straight black boy will go. (Keep in mind this scene was filmed early-on in Isaiah’s “gay for pay” journey, and long before he’d agreed to give up his ass).

Join me for this unusual late-night encounter full of freaky fetish fun that includes some light bondage, spanking, face-fucking, and ass-eating….


Updated Site FAQ: Log-In and Video Issues

I recently updated the site’s FAQ section and wanted to bring a couple important issues to the attention of BBA’s members:

Log-In Issues

Lately I’ve seen a spike in the number of IP addresses being temporarily blocked by my site’s security software. PLEASE REMEMBER that usernames and passwords are CASE-SENSITIVE, meaning you must enter them EXACTLY as you did when signing up for the site. For example, if you signed up with the username “ApolloFan,” that capitalization must be included and entering things such as “apollofan,” “aPollofAn,” and/or “APOLLOFAN” will result in failed log-in attempts and a potential IP block by the site’s security software.

99.99% of all log-in issues and IP blocks are the result of members entering an incorrect username or password. You can always visit to confirm the username and password that you entered when joining the site.

Video Streaming Issues

If you’ve been having trouble playing the videos lately, please be aware that there seems to be a glitch with the latest versions of Firefox that won’t allow the videos to play smoothly on that browser. It’s recommended that you try viewing the videos on a different browser such as Google Chrome or Internet Explorer, or downgrade to Firefox 35 or earlier versions.

All of the scenes from the past couple years should play smoothly on Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, iPads, and other mobile devices without any problems as long as you have a normal/high-speed Internet connection. And of course all of the scenes can still be downloaded by right-clicking the appropriate link and selecting “Save Link As,” “Save File As,” “Save Target As,” or “Download File As” (depending on your web browser).

Hopefully this info will be helpful to those of you who’ve experienced one or both of these issues over the past several weeks!


Website Update: Introducing Cordell

Cordell is a spontaneous and outgoing 23-year-old who enjoys bowling, going out to clubs, and working out at the gym at least four times a week.

A mix of Black and Indian, and originally from the Caribbean, Cordell has the kind of exotic good looks and sexy accent that will no doubt seduce many viewers. He also happens to be a refreshingly confident and masculine gay male who isn’t scared or ashamed to admit his attraction to men. Like most guys, he’s always fantasized about doing porn, and lucky for us, he’s decided to turn that fantasy into a reality here at BBA!

Enjoy a front-row seat for Cordell’s exclusive solo debut as he introduces himself to BBA’s viewers and later strips out of his clothes to reveal his sculpted young body to the world for the VERY FIRST TIME!

Cordell 2 (more…)

Website Update: Apollo – The Next Level

Apollo: The Next Level
If you’d asked me just a few months ago if I ever thought I’d end up working with another straight model as open-minded and eager to please his viewers as Saint, I would have replied with an emphatic HELL NO. But believe it or not, I think Saint might have finally met his match in BBA’s new fan favorite Apollo!

In addition to both being ex-Army guys and fathers of young sons, Apollo and Saint share a similar positive attitude when it comes to their unconventional means of earning an income.

Knowing just how much these two hot guys have in common, I couldn’t wait to pair them together and when Apollo recently surprised me by agreeing to try some major new things, I knew Saint would be the perfect “tour guide” for this type of “gay for pay” exploration!

Don’t miss this unforgettable encounter between two of BBA’s most attractive and popular models as Saint eagerly tests the sculpted straight ex-Army guy’s boundaries and takes him to the NEXT LEVEL!

Saint Shows Apollo the MIssouri River


Coming Soon: Saint Takes Apollo To The Next Level

Apollo and Saint

Here’s a sneak peek at what I’m busy working on for the next website update.

It’s another marathon weekend of filming, but I’ll try to have this ready as soon as possible and figured I’d “wet” your appetite with these pics in the meantime 😉 .

Apollo and Saint 2

Website Update: Majesty Meets The Monster

Majesty Intro
It’s been several months since we’ve seen Migo in action, mainly due to the fact that it’s almost impossible finding anyone brave enough to try taking the cute black nerd’s gigantic dick!

So when Majesty recently stumbled across the BBA Tumblr and contacted me about becoming a model, I decided to see if this masculine new bisexual model was ready to prove his potential by taking the BIGGEST DICK in BBA history!

At first glance, this sexy, laid-back 19-year-old coming to us from a tiny town in the rural South seemed like an unlikely candidate for this type of scene. But lucky for us, Majesty defied the stereotypes and confidently welcomed the challenge of meeting Migo’s “monster”!

Majesty Meets The Monster (more…)