Website Update: Taming Trapp

Popular veteran models Lil Tyga and Saint (“the last of the Mohicans from the old era,” as Lil Tyga describes them) are reunited for the very first time in over a year to break in Trapp‘s infamous “phat ass” and thoroughly “tame” the cocky straight thug into submission.

“They been bringing ’em NICE in lately!” Saint brags to Lil Tyga like an excited little kid eager to share his new toy with a friend, telling him all about the fun he had with Trapp during their recent Christmas shoot.

Saint calls in Trapp from the other room but he and Lil Tyga can barely get through the intro interview before they’re hungrily devouring the sexy dreadhead like a couple of lions ripping into their freshly caught prey….

Things quickly evolve into a spontaneous, freaky threesome that includes more than a FULL HOUR of tongue-kissing, dick-sucking, ass-eating, and RAW spit-roast fucking!

If anyone had told me when Scotty first introduced me to his straight “homeboy” Trapp that I’d one day be filming the cocky straight thug down on his knees, slobbering on TWO dicks at the same time, or grunting and groaning as he’s stuffed with raw dick at both ends, I’d have sworn they had lost their mind!

In other words, this is a rare and epic “taming session” that you do NOT want to miss – including a couple freaky “firsts” from Trapp that are just too hot and surprising to spoil here 😉 !

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30 comments on “Website Update: Taming Trapp
  1. Rob

    Aahhhhhh, refreshing and much needed. Hats off to the Vets and I continue to bow down to Trapp. Now time for some Deep Throat training!!

  2. Jayson

    Omg this is what I needed mike. Thank you thank you thank you.. they tamed trapp well.. but mike I am going asked you for another trapp three sum or four sum where he gets tamed even harder by lil scrap, mar, Justice or Apollo bandit… please., you can tell trapp really likes being dominated.. I knew from his first scene that he would make it to this point

    1. Michael

      We literally JUST introduced a new model in the scene before this. Most of the scenes prior to that featured fresh faces as well (Manny Killa, Mar, Teddy, Luh Redd, etc.). And Lil Tyga hasn’t been featured on the site in OVER A YEAR.

      If you want your complaints to be taken seriously, at least try to keep them reality-based. Thanks.

  3. Donald

    This is truly the best one yet! Hot from beginning to end! Trapp has come a long way! He is a pro!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  4. Bkboi

    The chemistry between all 3 was Hot AF!!! I just wish my ni99a Tyga or Saint gave up some azz too..scene lack penetration..I give it an 8 out of 10..keep up the Good work my niggs

  5. Tori Fan

    Wow this was HOT. I’m hoping that Trapp don’t flip out one day. Some of his facial expressions fluctuate between “this feels good” to “wtf am I doing”.

      1. Damien

        Apollo, Mar, and Trapp together would be hot……just a thought!……Miss Scotty, hope he is back soon. He will definitely go further, it’s in him.

  6. DJ2016

    glad to see you bk behind the cam…at 1st I didn’t think the scene was going to be all that, based on the pairing…I was wrong…this scene was fire…10/10…saint is really into trapp..I’ve never seen him get so excited for any other model…so quick…lol.

  7. TJ

    Great scene!! No complaints but I AM glad to see Trapp advancing as a model on the site. He deserves it. The fact that hes letting them cum in his mouth shows that he’s down for whatever. I would love to see him, Apollo, & Freaky J in a Full-Verse raw 3some scene

  8. Brian

    I was skeptical when TRAPP was introduced, and if he really would get into the man on man performance aspect of gay for pay. I am happy to say, he is a star in his scenes. He is a true star. Now, if you asked me who I would love to see in my dream scene, as a couple TRAPP & APOLLO…and for a threesome, TRAPP, APOLLO and RICO PRUITT!! See if you can make that happen MICHAEL. Oh…and MICHAEL, try and get a CEO scene with each of them separately…now that would be a winner…and I bet you would love it just as much as we will.

  9. Tazz

    Nice scene glad to see you back behind the camera I don’t like the other videos when ur not behind it but I need to see a lil more if maybe u could get Scotty and Shaun and Trapp all in a 3 sum on a flip flop I know it prob won’t happen but it was nice thinking

  10. Lucas

    It’s about time Trapp’s fat ass got really fucked. I tip my hat to you Michael. I really want to see you add some thug/hood rough trade white boys and latinos to your line up I know it’s called blackboyaddictionz but you can stray every once in a while.

  11. Eric Jenkins

    Can we please see Scotty get fuck? I mean Mike damn near was fucking him in his video, I so want to see that so bad!!!

  12. Joe

    Great job Michael! I would love to see Trapp and Tyga do a scene together! I think the union would be hot! Trapp is a thug dude; whereas, Tyga keeps it straight gutta!


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