Website Update: Bandit’s Beach House – Protégé

To celebrate our much-anticipated return after a long and difficult pandemic year, we’re bringing back BBA’s #1 model in his very own series starring more returning fan favorites and even a couple fresh faces.

We recently reunited with some of our favorite guys at a tropical getaway that we nicknamed “Bandit’s Beach House.” Our goal was to celebrate a return to “semi-normal” and enjoy some good, old-fashioned BBA fun.

“He looks just like a MINI-MANNY!” were the first words out of my mouth when our newest model Slim walked through the door after being picked up from the airport.

From their similar facial features to their skinny young bodies, this light-skinned 20-year-old could easily be mistaken for Manny Killa‘s cute baby brother. Which is only fitting, since Manny’s the one who first referred Slim to us.

Things kick off with these two recently reunited friends in the hot tub, reminiscing about the hilarious way they first met, and discussing Slim’s recent decision to join BBA.

They’re later joined in the hot tub by none other than returning fan favorite Stylez, hand-picked by Manny to be his young protégé’s first scene partner.

One look at Slim and Stylez was more than happy to do his BBA buddy this favor by taking the nervous newbie under his wing and welcoming him to the BBA Family like only he can!

Manny eventually leaves the two of them to get better acquainted, confident that Slim will be in capable hands for his official gay porn debut….

There’s an instant, unscripted chemistry between these two lanky, light-skinned strangers that made my first time back behind the camera in over a year a pure joy to experience. They don’t even make it out of the hot tub before they’re sliding out of their swim trunks and getting down to business!

Those of you who like big-dicked bottoms are also in for a treat, as Slim’s packing a pleasant surprise between his tall, skinny legs.

It’s especially fun to watch Slim slowly shake off his nerves and start to come out of his shell by the end of the scene.

Before you know it, he’s showing off the kinds of skills that will no doubt make his porn mentor proud and earn him a reputation as another promising young star worth keeping an eye on!

To watch the full-length, uncensored action, click here to join BBA or buy credits today!

If you’re currently a BBA member and/or already have BBA credits, click here to meet our newest model Slim and enjoy his exclusive debut any time you’d like!

P.S.: This was my first time using a brand-new camera, so please forgive the occasional mic static in this scene. I’m still in the process of figuring out the best sound equipment to use going forward. On the bright side, it picked up all of the other sex sounds and talk between the guys MUCH better than my old mic ever could!

21 comments on “Website Update: Bandit’s Beach House – Protégé
  1. Mcchaz

    This new guy isn’t really my type. Not so keen on skinny guys- skinny rather than lean with muscle. Personal preference of course so I’m sure others will love. It’s just great to see updates again.

  2. Mike

    Just saying I love skinny but more built like Manny (abs on point, long and angled right in the right places) and Bandit (curvy) but these guys not my flavor of preferred. Maybe Manny is cumming soon? Plus I love watching these tall lanky guys walk around so please don’t skip those scenes in between them and the bed.

  3. Darhnel24

    Great to see updates but not my kind of scene. I hope to see people like Scotty, Jahan or Shaun. Keep up the good work Michael!

  4. Naturalblkluv

    To be honest nobody is excited to see an older guy fuck a young skinny effeminate twink bottom there are a ton of videos with this same theme. Seen one seen them all. Most people are into muscular masculine bottoms.

    1. Dope88

      Older guy?? Nobody is over 30 in these current scenes

      Stylez is like 24 .. 25

      Yall being weird ..yall dont like it move along other ppl do

      Dont generalize ppl because its not your thing

    1. Michael

      We still have three more scenes from the Bandit’s Beach House series, and our Beach House was located off a tropical inlet near the ocean, but not on a traditional beach as you’re picturing it. You can get a better sense of the location in the intro for this scene.

  5. Jayden

    Protégé. So we’re speaking French in the BBA zone now? LOL. I’m not going to lie. Even though we’re in the third installment of this series, it feels so good to be writing these reviews again. As for my thoughts on this scene: Me likey! I’m not going to waste any more time with this introductory shit–let’s talk.

    Nowadays, it seems that the classic introductory scenes are gone–the new models just get “thrown to the wolves.” LOL No complaints though. Slim is very cute, with a seemingly laid back personality–very attractive. The attraction between the models was obvious. Right off the back, I can see that Stylez and Slim both have a forte for foreplay. I enjoyed watching each of them perform their oral skills.

    The attraction really grew during this part as the two models never lost eye contact. The footage of the two models from inside the beach house was a nice touch too! LOL! Slim’s body is almost flawless–nice dick too. The close up of Slim’s ass while he was drying off with the soundtrack was a nice touch as well. His cakes were so close to the screen, and shots of ass just screamed temptation. Good look on that, Mike! Loved it!

    Stylez and Slim slip into their towels for a “rendezvous in the raw” in the bedroom. I loved the way Stylez grabbed and ate Slim’s ass. Watching this part, there is no denying that Stylez is a top for sure! LOL! My favorite part here is watching Slim ride Stylez. I love
    how he switched it up at different speeds. I do have to say that I liked watching him ride slow, and it was sexy to see him look back at it. The look on Stylez’ face was priceless–he definitely enjoyed it. I did too. It’s nice to see a BBA model ride with ease–it’s sexy AF.

    The steamy rendezvous led to a big finish to cap off a night to remember. The cum shots were great. While Slim delivered his awesome cum shot to Stylez, I couldn’t help but wonder how Slim would perform as a top. Who knows-we may just find out. It was nice seeing Manny pop back in at the end of the scene to see if Slim was treated to a good
    time. Truth is, Slim wasn’t the only one treated to a good time–we all were. As for Manny, I do hope we get to him in action soon. (Maybe a Manny in the Middle #2?

    All in all, this was a great update. Slim’s debut was very satisfying, and I think that He and Stylez complement each other very well. Good Shit fellas! I can’t wait to see more.

    To Mike, Stylez, Montez, and new BBA cutie, Slim, thank you for a damn good time!

    1. Michael

      Thanks as always for another enthusiastic and encouraging review! Hope you enjoy writing them as much as we enjoy reading them.

      Like I said in the scene summary, this was a fun one to film, and perfect for my first time back behind the camera, and working with a new camera at that! They had a natural chemistry that gave the scene a nice, organic flow that not every shoot has. Other than the mic issues (which I didn’t realize until later) and my camera light burning out right as Stylez’ cum-shot was happening, it was a pretty smooth and fun shoot.

      Glad you find Slim as cute as I did, and enjoyed watching him in action. Also glad you appreciated that ass tribute set to the music while Slim was drying off. I had fun editing that part together, and it’s probably my favorite part of the entire shoot! In the raw footage, things were kind of dry because they weren’t speaking and then I was talking over the ass parts, so the music montage idea was my way of saving and spicing up that footage. I was practically salivating when I got my first glimpse of Slim’s tight, pretty hole! 🤤

      As far as Slim topping, that’s doubtful (sorry for the mild spoiler lol). He says he started out as versatile when he first began messing around with guys, but quickly realized that he prefers bottoming, and now considers himself strictly a bottom. Unfortunately turning bottoms into tops doesn’t have quite the same appeal for me as turning tops into bottoms. 🤷‍♂️😅

      It’s still hot seeing that big hard dick throbbing while he’s getting fucked though, right? 😈

  6. Markell wade

    What your obsession with manny? Or who is he fucking?

    Why is it we got 3 scenes and already 2 out of 3 y’all showed him???

    Damn whoever in production love them some manny

  7. JVerde

    I marked this one as liked before I ever saw it. It just looked right. I understand BBA’s concept gay4pay etc. etc. and this was for me a real departure from the foundation. A welcomed one. No distressed bottom or nervous top. @montez_bba is this the one you said they was fucking fucking LOL cuz that is what they did. Slim is a perfect blend a real a mini Manny. Who gonna order Ancestry DNA tests for those two LOL. I have a ton of pairing combo’s in my head for Slim. Lots of verse actions. He is too well put together to be pigeon holed as a bottom. Great way to return to normal not so normally. Ha ha ha

    1. Michael

      Thanks for your hilarious and encouraging comment, JVerde! LOL @ Ancestry DNA tests for Manny and Slim. Believe it or not, this was NOT the scene Montez was referring to in that tweet. We’ll be bringing you that one next week! 😉

        1. Michael

          From the FAQ section of the site: “New content is added at least THREE times a month, and most of BBA’s scenes are between 30 and 90 minutes long – MUCH longer than you’ll find on most other sites! Depending on our travel and production schedule (among other factors), these will sometimes be posted back to back weekly (usually on Thursdays), and other times more staggered with longer waits in between.”

          We just posted 4 weekly updates in a row, and will be back with three more beginning next Thursday.

  8. Mike

    You think you will be able to make any spanking scenes soon? A real spanking (not super erotic) between two of the guys, over the knee would be hot af


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