Michael Galletta Counts Down BBA’s Ten Best Scenes of 2019

2019 was a big year for me, both personally and professionally. I finally left Saint Louis and moved to New York City, starting a somewhat scary but exciting new chapter of life.

Going through such a major life transition meant less time devoted to filming than usual, but thankfully Montez and Shax Carter kept everything running smoothly while much of my time and energy was consumed by the move. I’m proud to say that 2019 still turned out to be an amazing and unforgettable year overall, leaving us with plenty of new BBA classics we’ll no doubt be abusing our dicks to for years to cum 😈.

This brings me to my list of BBA’s Ten Best Scenes of 2019, the scenes which for a variety of reasons explained below are the ones that stood out from a VERY crowded pack as my proudest achievements and personal favorites from the past year:

(In Ascending Order)

#10. Kingston: The Next Level

In a year that focused heavily on our gay and bisexual models, this was a good, old-fashioned return to BBA’s “gay for pay” roots. The sight of a straight boy as stubborn as Kingston dropping to his knees and then slobbering and choking on dick for the very first time, will fuel my jack-off sessions for years to cum.

In a twisted way, his homophobic rant that went viral only made this particular “conquest” all the more satisfying. After all, what better way to wash out a cocky straight boy’s dirty mouth than with two of the biggest dicks we could find 😈?


#9. Game Break

I’ll admit it, I’m a sucker for any scene in which Isaiah GETS FUCKED.

There’s just something about watching the sexy straight athlete moan and groan while his phat ass gets pounded that makes me lose it every damn time.

Shax Carter’s skillful direction and distinctive cinematic style transformed a simple concept into a sensual visual feast for all of my fellow dark-chocolate addicts out there.

The chemistry between these two may not have been the greatest, but the action itself – from Shameeks devouring Isaiah’s ass like a hungry lion devouring its prey, to burying his thick nine-inch dick deep inside that breathtaking bubble-butt, has earned countless repeat viewings since its debut.

#8. Atlantic City Adventures: Episode Two

Every so often a shoot comes along where I just KNOW I’m witnessing porn history in the making. This was definitely one of those scenes!

And not just because it featured social media celebrity “Jah” in his official gay porn debut, or because it proved Scuba to be a young star in the making, but because it was quite honestly one of the most intensely and authentically erotic encounters I’ve ever had the privilege of filming.

It was clear from the start that these two needed no direction from me, so I just shut up and did my best to keep up with the action, which only got nastier and WETTER by the second. That poor hotel couch was DRENCHED by the time we were through 😉 !


#7. Atlantic City Adventures: Episode Four

Technically my first time back behind the camera after moving to New York City, this was the scene that reassured me I hadn’t lost my porn mojo. Of course it’s hard to go wrong with instant chemistry and performers as hot and sexy as this!

Not sure what they put in that New Jersey water lol, but Jah proved himself to be a bona fide “porn star” right out of the gate, and Dominic delivered what is arguably his most passionate and verbal topping performance thus far. I have never seen his dick get – and STAY – as hard as it was during this shoot!

Like so many other BBA straight stars before him (Isaiah, Bandit, Saint, etc.), it has been a true pleasure watching him come out of his shell and evolve as a “gay for pay” performer this year.


#6. Revenge Is Sweet

What would a BBA Top 10 list be without at least one “revenge” scene making the cut lol?

At least that’s what I THOUGHT this scene was supposed to be. But as the scene title pretty much gives away,  this turned out to be a victimless vengeance 😉 .

Arguably BBA’s breakout “bromance” of the year, the chemistry between Ross and Trapp was both believable and intense, needing very little coaching or direction from me. And the fact we got to film part of their encounter OUTSIDE was another fun and exciting BBA “first”!


#5. Personal Trainer

Not since I “took down” Isaiah have I been this proud and excited about getting a reluctant straight boy to BEND OVER and take a dick up his ass! (The dramatic trailer should have been your first clue lol).

And even though we’ve seen Dominic get more practice in subsequent scenes, nothing will ever compare to that first thrill of seeing his beautiful butt finally split open and plundered by a raw dick.

From the flirtatious weight-lifting session that kicks off the scene, to the much-anticipated consummation of their explosive chemistry from the BBA Christmas Party, Apollo and Dominic showed us why their popularity is well-earned with this epic “take-down” for the gay porn history books.

#4. The Return of Ross (Part Two)

It’s hard to overstate just how helpless and depressing it felt when Ross completely disappeared at the height of his BBA fame.

For OVER THREE YEARS, answering literally hundreds of emails from disappointed fans about a wildly popular model I feared deep down we may never see or hear from again. But this epic “comeback” scene more than makes that long, dark wait worth it 😉 !

Reminding us of the outgoing personality and cocky charm that seduced us in the beginning, Ross also proved he was back not only to reclaim but SURPASS his earlier popularity by doing some of the very same things he’d always sworn he would never in a million years ever do. And DAMN, did he look AMAZING doing them for the first time!


#3. Smashing Shameeks

I’ve always had a wicked weakness for raunchy, prison-sex type porn scenes. So it should come as no surprise that this aggressive yet passionate “take-down” of one of BBA’s newest hung “tops” gave me just about everything I could ever want from a scene!

Hands down my ​personal ​favorite from Shax Carter this year, and easily Justice‘s best performance ​as a top. I loved how he totally dominated and manhandled the much younger Shameeks, clearly relishing his new role as “top tamer.”

That epic facial near the end is the stuff of which porn legends are made, and truly has to be seen to be believed! Please just go ahead and give Justice his porn Oscar now lol.


#2. Coming For His Crown

An epic “showdown” this long in the making was always destined to land near the top of this list.

Didn’t take a “pornologist” to predict that bringing together BBA’s two most popular models of all time MIGHT just set off some explosive porn fireworks lol.

Yet NOTHING could have prepared me for the shock of seeing Bandit arching his back and throwing it back, or Apollo taking the entire length of Bandit’s baseball bat like a champ.

Seeing these two BBA legends at work – and capturing on camera just how far they’ve both come in their “gay for pay” journeys – was one of my proudest (and hottest) achievements all year.


#1. A BBA Christmas Carol: The Ghost of Christmas Past

One of the most requested “reunions” in BBA history, somehow this scene managed to EXCEED already wildly high expectations and pack in just about EVERYTHING one could want from amateur porn: hot guys, huge dicks, raw FLIP-FLOP fucking, and an epic conclusion to a real-life story over three years in the making!

Even up until the day of the shoot, I had no idea how Ross and Blake would interact with each other all these years later, or if Ross would be able to handle a dick as “intimidating” as Blake’s.

So what a relief it was when everything fell into place and turned out to be one of the sexiest shoots I’ve filmed in a very long time, including what are probably the two best performances of their careers.

Of course re-telling Dickens’ classic Christmas story with a BBA twist also turned out to be a charming and hilarious holiday treat. Who could have guessed that one of our corniest scenes of the year would also end up being our BEST 😉 ?



I’d love to hear your reactions to my top choices. Are there scenes you would have left out and/or included instead, and how would your rankings differ from mine? Let me know what you think, and please feel free to share your own lists! Oh, yeah, please follow me on Twitter @bba_michael if you haven’t already.

Montez will be posting his own list soon on Twitter as well. And like previous years, I’ll be posting some viewer polls in which you can vote for your own favorite models and scenes from 2019.

On behalf of myself, Montez, Shax Carter, and all the BBA models, I want to thank everyone for their passionate feedback and loyal support over the past year, and wish everyone a safe and very HAPPY NEW YEAR. Can’t wait to see what this new year and decade has in store!

11 comments on “Michael Galletta Counts Down BBA’s Ten Best Scenes of 2019
  1. DHarwell

    We had a lot in common but my top ten for 2019 are (10) Game Break & Atlantic City Adventures: Episode Two, (9) Manny’s Movie Night, (8) Manny Meets His Match, (7) Personal Trainer, (6) Smashing Shameeks, (5) Justice for All, (4) The Return of Ross Chapter 2, (3) Revenge is Sweet, (2) Coming for His Crown, (1) A BBA Christmas Carol: The Ghost of Christmas Past.

    If the last scene debuted in 2019, it would’ve been number 3 and my number 9 would’ve been off the list. It’s currently number 1 for 2020 haha!!

    1. Michael

      Great list! Couldn’t agree with you more about “Ghost of Christmas Future.” Hopefully a sign of great things to “cum” when our first scene of the new year is already a surefire bet to make my Top 10 list for 2020 😉 !

  2. llob taylor

    I only bought 1,2,3,6 and 9 from the list. 9 should be 2 or 1. 3 should be higher. BUT am sorry 10 shouldnt even be on the list! I didn’t bother with the rest. 2018 had much better scenes for me. Here’s hoping the updates history is better this year.

    1. Michael

      How are you going to compare years when you haven’t even watched HALF the scenes on my list smh lol?

      Your loss, I guess. You missed out on some truly great scenes.

      1. llob taylor

        My point is I watched every one of your Top 10 2018 scenes because I wanted to. Sure I watched some other ones not on the 2019 list, am just saying for me I felt 2018 was a much better year in terms of the crop of guys. I don’t even care like some folks seem to, who did the directing, camerawork etc.

        Of course my view may not be others, as you can see I only use credits cause I only want to pay for scenes I like. Its just my view.

  3. Boss

    Top 5

    Coming For His Crown
    Smashing Shameeks
    Justice For All
    Jah and Scuba
    Revenge Is Sweet
    A Tested Development

    Shameeks and Justice were my 2 favourites this yr, with Bandit being #3. I just need more passion from him when he’s bottoming.

  4. Al

    Surprising year.
    Big ups to Shameeks/Justice, Trapp/Ross, Dominic/Apollo who gave up amazing scenes… Nothing will top these 3

  5. mark

    Mike i like your list with the exception of number 10.

    My list is as follow; #10. Double or Nothing, #9. Atlantic City pt 2, #8. Atlantic City pt 4, #7. Atlantic City pt 1, #6. Game Break. #5. Chasing the Crown, #4. Return of Ross pt 2, #3. Revenge is Sweet, #2. Christmas Carol Past, #1. Coming For His Crown.

  6. Luke

    10. Gamebreak
    9. Double or Nothing
    8. AC Adventures episode 4
    7. AC Adventures episode 1
    6. Ghost of Christmas Present
    5. Ghost of Christmas Past
    4. Chasing the Crown
    3. Starstruck
    2. Coming For His Crown
    1. Personal Trainer

    Personal Trainer narrowly beats Coming For His Crown for sentimental reasons as it’s the scene that led me to discover the site xD
    All in all it’s been a great year and I’m very much looking forward to 2020!

    1. Michael

      Thanks, Luke! Nothing wrong with a sentimental pick 😉 . I’m guilty of that myself lol. “Personal Trainer” was an unforgettable scene, and I’m glad it led you to discover BBA. I may also need to revisit “Chasing the Crown,” as I’ve seen it popping up on many viewer lists lately.


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