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Coming Soon: SaxGotEm Joins BBA! (Video Teaser)

Future of the BBA Blog

Since the newly redesigned website now allows monthly subscribers and those with credits to leave comments, regardless of how they’re accessing the site, we’ve decided to stop announcing the website updates here on the blog. As things have evolved, it’s started to become redundant and unnecessary, and only a small handful of you still leave feedback here anyways.

Please continue to share your questions and feedback in the comments sections under individual scenes on the website, and we will reply and interact with you there just like we’ve always tried to do here.

You can also follow me (Michael) on Twitter here, and the main BBA account here, where we regularly share announcements, funny “Behind the Scenes” clips, teasers for upcoming scenes, clips from BBA scenes past and present, fun viewer polls, etc., as well as interact with our fans on a daily basis.

We won’t be discontinuing this blog or anything drastic like that. We will continue to post important announcements here. We also plan to begin posting more exclusive, original blog content….things like Behind the Scenes stories, profiles and “where are they now” updates for your favorite BBA models, sneak previews of coming attractions, and of course the famous annual “Best of BBA” polls at the end of each year.

If you’re not already signed up to receive email alerts for all of our blog updates, be sure to sign up on the left side of this page so you don’t miss a thing!

Just so you know, we did just post a new Thursday update, so be sure to head on over to the site to check it out and share your feedback there!



BBA 4.0 Is Finally Here!

We’re excited to announce that the new website is finally LIVE!

We’re celebrating our long-awaited return with an upgraded look and more user-friendly design, plus cool added features like the following (we highly recommend checking out the new site on a desktop or laptop browser if at all possible):

  • Brand-new BBA logo that better reflects our evolving brand (see above) 
  • 1080p HD downloads for all upcoming New Releases (for purchase with credits) 
  • Ability to view and leave comments when using the Mobile version of the site 
  • Improved media player/streaming functionality that now includes the ability to speed up and slow down the action! 
  • Alternate payment processor (Epoch) that now accepts payment by PAYPAL 
  • New search feature that allows you to search the entire site by any scene title or model name 
  • Short, sexy “hover-over” teasers for our most recent releases (in addition to the usual video teasers for select scenes)

We’ve created this new site for you, our valued members. We’ve been excited and impatient to share it with you, and now that it’s finally here, WE’D LOVE TO HEAR WHAT YOU THINK!

Our first post-pandemic scene will be released this Thursday, 7/15/21!



Coming Soon: Bandit’s Beach House

BBA’s #1 model is finally back for his very own series starring more returning fan favorites and a couple fresh faces.

We just returned from our very first post-pandemic production trip, and even though nothing ever goes completely according to plan, overall I’d say it was a success and we can’t wait to start sharing hot new scenes with you soon!

With the way the timing of these production plans ended up working out, we’re not going to be able to resume updates before the big holiday weekend like we’d hoped, but it won’t be too much longer….

Stay tuned for the official Grand Opening of the newly redesigned BlackBoyAddictionz.com and the return of regular website updates starting the weekend of July 15th!



Coming Soon: BBA 4.0 & Post-Pandemic Summer Season Kick-Off!

Just wanted to update everyone with the latest on our long-anticipated return:

Finally received my second vaccination shot last week, which means I should be fully protected by the end of this month. Shax Carter and Montez are fully vaccinated as well. We’re planning to resume production in the coming weeks and then re-launch the website with a brand-new look and fresh content by the end of June, hopefully just in time to celebrate the official start of the summer and July 4th holiday weekend.

Thanks for your continued patience and encouraging messages while we’ve been working tirelessly behind the scenes to get everything fully back up and running as quickly as possible.

The new website is looking FANTASTIC, and I can’t wait to show it to everyone! Hopefully we’ll also have some fresh faces and exciting new content to share with you soon as well. It’s been one hell of a year, but here’s to a new chapter starting soon!



Important Announcement Re: BBA’s Planned Return

Just wanted to let everyone know that based on the latest vaccine eligibility timelines for New York and the country overall, it’s looking like we’re going to have to adjust our goal for resuming production by about a month or so.

Our current goal is to launch our newly redesigned website with fresh content and regular website updates starting this SUMMER 2021 (hopefully no later than June).

Of course this will still depend on things like vaccine availability, access to rapid testing, and the status of any new, potentially vaccine-resistant COVID strains. But I’m encouraged by the pace of progress and phenomenal job the new Biden/Harris administration is doing so far, and optimistic that BBA and life in general will finally be able to return to semi-normal by this summer.

We’ve LOVED the excitement, passion, and creativity shared by so many of you here on the blog in recent weeks. If you haven’t spoken up yet, or even if you’ve commented but still find yourself thinking of fun new ideas, please click here to share your suggestions!


BBA Plans Potential Return Later This Spring

Based on everything we currently know, we’re aiming for a goal of resuming production in April 2021, then re-launching a newly redesigned website with regular website updates in early May.

Now obviously this still depends on many things beyond our control, such as access to the vaccine and rapid testing for us and the models, as well as the status of these new COVID strains currently breaking out in parts of the country.

But we feel like the above schedule is a reasonable and achievable goal, and we promise to do everything in OUR power to make this schedule possible. Trust me when I say we miss making hot new porn just as much as you guys miss watching it! 😉

​We’ve been so humbled and encouraged by the loyalty and love shown by our fans during this difficult year, and your support is literally the ONLY thing making it possible for us to avoid the sad fate suffered by so many other small businesses across the country. ​

If you’re still able, please continue showing your support by staying around to enjoy uninterrupted, unlimited access to our entire collection of over 430 scenes. We’re still offering a special discounted price of $14.95 for our monthly subscription. Just cancel and resubscribe to take advantage of this discount any time using Promo Code QUARANTINEMEMBER on our “Join” page.

We’re also still offering the reduced rate of just $9.95 for our basic 15 credits package, a total savings of MORE THAN 30%! Just use Promo Code QUARANTINE on our “Join” page to take advantage of that special promotion.

Thanks a​gain​ for your patience, encouragement, and continued support during these ​crazy times. Please ​continue to ​stay ​healthy and ​safe, and we ​can’t wait to get back to making hot new scenes for everyone soon! ​


BBA Postpones Production Until 2021

It’s with great disappointment and sadness that we announce BBA will NOT be producing any new content for the rest of the year.

This is not a decision we make easily or lightly. In fact, it’s probably the toughest decision we’ve ever had to make since starting BBA over a decade ago.

We had truly hoped we were out of the woods and ready to return to some kind of semi-normal this Fall, and we apologize for getting everyone’s hopes up with our recent announcements. We were sincere in our hopes and plans for a “comeback” this October.

But the closer we actually came to turning that into a reality, exploring every possible scenario and protocol for safely resuming production, the more we realized this simply wasn’t going to be possible without taking on a level of risk – and even more importantly, asking our MODELS to take on a level of risk – that we’re just not comfortable with, legally or ethically.

We’re already seeing a Second Wave of COVID infections sweeping the country as we head into the Fall and Winter seasons. And recent outbreaks at the White House and NFL have made it clear that even with the kind of thorough, instant-result testing that we here at BBA don’t have access to yet, disruptive outbreaks are still occurring with alarming regularity.

We know this will be a controversial and unpopular decision. But at the end of the day, we have to put the health and safety of our models and their families above everything else, including the perfectly understandable wishes of our loyal customers and fans.

We’re aware that some producers are already moving ahead with production and assuming the kinds of risks we’re not willing to take. That’s up to them. Every situation is different, and we respect that it’s one of the most difficult decisions any studio owner will ever have to make. But the buck stops here, as the saying goes, and we can’t currently move forward on production with a clear conscience.

Don’t worry, we’re not planning on going anywhere! We’ll remain active both on Twitter as well as here on the blog, continuing to interact with our viewers and possibly even posting a couple BTS surprises between now and the end of the year.

This is an unfortunate and necessary but also only TEMPORARY hiatus. We hope to survive the rest of this nightmarish year, re-evaluate things in mid-January, and return with a bang in 2021!

We ask those who can to continue showing support by sticking around to enjoy uninterrupted, unlimited access to our entire collection of over 430 scenes. We’re still offering a special discounted price of $14.95 for our monthly subscription. Just cancel and resubscribe to take advantage of this discount any time using Promo Code QUARANTINEMEMBER on our “Join” page.

We’re also still offering the reduced rate of just $9.95 for our basic 15 credits package, a total savings of MORE THAN 30%! Just use Promo Code QUARANTINE on our “Join” page to take advantage of that special promotion.

Thanks as always for your patience, encouragement, and continued support during these dark and difficult days. This is definitely NOT the year anyone anticipated in January. Please stay safe, and we will look forward to returning in 2021, hopefully bigger and better than ever before!


BBA’s “New Normal” & October Comeback (UPDATED)

UPDATE 9/25/20: Resuming production in a safe and responsible way has turned out to be even more challenging than we’d anticipated. Unfortunately, we’ve run into several obstacles and setbacks that have delayed our progress.

We’re still committed to bringing our loyal fans hot NEW content as soon as we possibly can, but it’s not going to be QUITE as soon as we’d hoped. Hopefully not too much longer though!

Thanks for your continued patience, encouragement, and support during this difficult year, and we will continue to keep everyone updated with announcements (and hopefully previews) as we get a better idea about when we’ll be back with new content (and the newly redesigned website).

We’re happy to hear that so many of you have been enjoying our BTS collections, Quarantine Chronicles, Q&A Series, and digitally re-mastered classics over the past several months. We’ve tried our best to keep things fun and entertaining during these long, weird, and totally fucked up quarantine months.

It’s become painfully clear that COVID isn’t going anywhere any time soon, and this is a “New Normal” to which we’re going to have to adapt. With that in mind, we’ve decided to take a temporary break from updating the site.

During this brief hiatus, we’ll be devoting our time and resources to resuming production of exciting NEW content in a safe, controlled environment that minimizes the risk of infection for everyone involved – similar to the hub/bubble approach that the NBA and NHL have been trying in recent weeks. We will also focus on wrapping up our months of hard work on a new and improved website.

Our TENTATIVE goal is to launch the newly upgraded website and resume our regular update schedule featuring NEW action scenes during the first weekend in October.



Q&A Series: Isaiah

The next guest on the BBA Q&A Series will be Isaiah.

The deadline is a little shorter than usual this time, so be sure to get your questions and dares in by this Wednesday, 3pm Eastern time!