Remembering City Bwoy

City BwoyMany of you have no doubt already heard the tragic news that popular “porn star” City Bwoy died earlier this week.

City Bwoy was a true icon in the black gay porn industry – a real “porn star” in every sense of the word. I was a fan of his work long before I began making my own movies and eventually had the unforgettable opportunity of working with him.

Jovonnie might have had those hypnotic pretty-boy looks that made him a star overnight, but I always preferred City Bwoy for some reason. He had a quiet confidence and down-to-earth sex appeal that is hard to describe, and like millions of other viewers all over the world, I have enjoyed his scenes many times over the years.

As most of you know, I had the privilege of meeting and working with City Bwoy in person several years ago. As a special favor to his good friend Lil Tyga, City Bwoy agreed to come out of retirement for a shoot with BBA that turned out to be a unique experience I will never forget.

Here’s what I had to say on the BBA blog around that time about the experience of working with one of my favorite “porn stars”:

I had a lot of anxiety going into that scene. Not only was I feeling the pressure of my first scene back after several months, but it was also my first scene with the new HD camera AND my first time working with an official “porn star” – and not just any “porn star,” one of the biggest names in the business!

I was worried that he might turn out to be some kind of porn “diva” who’d be intimidating and/or difficult to work with, but nothing could be further from the truth! He was friendly, laid-back, and extremely easy to work with. He spoiled me with that beautiful, “made for porn” dick which seemed to get (and STAY) hard on cue, plus the way he helped me get the best positions and angles without needing any directing from me.

I didn’t have much contact with City Bwoy after that, but I will never forget his surprising humility and positive energy from that night. He was quite honestly one of the nicest guys I’ve ever had the privilege of working with. His performance (and off-camera mentoring) brought the best out of Lil Tyga and helped propel his young protegee to the next level of popularity as a performer. And if it hadn’t been for City Bwoy’s easygoing and encouraging spirit that night, I probably never would have had the courage and confidence to pursue other special guest “porn stars” over the years.

Even though he’d moved on to other endeavors over the past several years, City Bwoy’s death is a great loss to the industry and anyone who has ever been entertained by his impressive body of work.

I want to wish City Bwoy’s family and friends great comfort and peace as they grieve his loss. If you’d like to show your appreciation and help his family with the funeral expenses, please click here to make a donation!

17 comments on “Remembering City Bwoy
  1. D-Money

    Great person on social media to chat with great smile and my condolences to all who know him personally including Mike, Lil Tyga and Jovonnie !!

  2. LobTaylor

    Sorry to hear of his passing. One of my best porn stars. I loved what I saw of him on the web. May his soul rest in peace and the good Lord give his family and friends the fortitude to bear this loss. R>I>P bro.
    And thank you Michael for the link to make a donation for his last rites.

  3. Bkboi

    Definitely one of the greats in the porn industry will be sorely missed I was kinda hoping Mike had a up coming scene with all the seasoned porn stars doing an orgy. I wanna kick some coins towards the funeral is it too late?

  4. lawrence

    I’m sorry to hear of City Bwoy passing. it move me to say this .and I have hope toward God. which hope these men also look forward to, that there is going to be a resurrection of the righteous and the unrighteous .I’m very sorry once again .

  5. Jaysean

    She was my best friend I love him we had a special night together right before he got serious about jovanni I remember the way he touched me and I remember the way he made love to me I give anything just to feel him on top of me again and I give anything just to suck his dick again I know I shouldn’t be saying stuff like this but I really do miss him rest in peace baby all these years I never gave you a pussy away and I never will because nobody can do me like you did I miss you Papi I will always remain yours


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