Bandit’s Beach House: A Look Back Before Moving Forward

Now that our “Bandit’s Beach House” series has come to an end, I wanted to offer a few reflections and responses to some of the feedback we’ve received for this series.

Like I’ve mentioned in some of my previous replies on earlier scenes, we faced an avalanche of abysmal bad luck with our recruiting and plans for this trip.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that we went through AT LEAST a dozen different drafts of our planned models and shoots before ending up with what we actually filmed. If I tried telling you everything that happened, I promise you’d think I was making it up lol.

At a certain point, we just had to laugh and shrug our shoulders and make the best damn lemonade that we could! I say all of this not to offer excuses, but to assure you that we gave it our all and came up with the best possible scenes that we could considering the ridiculously bad luck we encountered.

It also just happened to work out that both of our new guys were cute gay bottom twinks, which I realize is not every viewer’s cup of tea. But these things tend to go in phases, and we’ll be bringing you plenty of new straight, bi-curious, and bisexual models in the weeks and months to come as well. It just didn’t work out for them to be a part of this particular series.

As a viewer and fan, I honestly haven’t liked all of these scenes either. Just ask Shax and Montez, they can confirm that my feedback behind the scenes has probably been more brutal than anything you guys have said in the comments! 😅

Another thing to keep in mind is that Shax Carter directed 5 out of the 7 scenes in this series, and his scenes tend to be more “scripted” and polished than my own. He comes from a professional background of Hollywood and TV commercial productions, and that understandably shapes his own style.

We’re still working together to figure out ways he can bring more of BBA’s spontaneous amateur vibe to his scenes. We’re also still figuring out the right balance between better equipment/production values and remaining true to our amateur roots. There will inevitably be some missteps and growing pains in that process.

(Shax, Montez, Bandit, & I toasting to the end of our first BBA trip after more than a year!)

To those who have been enjoying these recent models and scenes, THANK YOU for your enthusiastic and encouraging comments! We’re proud to have brought you some truly beautiful moments and stroke-worthy new scenes.

To those who have been disappointed after the long wait, thanks for the candid feedback and rest assured that we’re JUST GETTING WARMED UP! We already have a new batch of hot scenes, filmed by me, and more exciting fresh faces COMING SOON – including sexy new straight boys and a surprise special guest! So stay tuned!

Just for fun, here’s how I’d rank the scenes in this series, from my personal favorite to least favorite:

  1. Last Call
  2. Protégé
  3. Royal Treatment
  4. Contact High
  5. Challenge Accepted
  6. Fresh Meet
  7. Pool Boy

Feel free to share your own personal rankings in the comments!

18 comments on “Bandit’s Beach House: A Look Back Before Moving Forward
    1. Michael

      Manny is okay. He was dealing with some family and personal issues, and the timing just wasn’t right for him to perform in any of the scenes. He was only there for friendship, the occasional cameo appearance, and helping out behind the scenes. Hopefully he’ll be back in a starring role soon!

  1. Brian

    This was a pleasant surprise. Glad to know you’ll be back behind the camera. No disrespect to the work of Shax but these storylines are unnecessary. I liked the interview segments before and after better. I appreciated that it didn’t look so produced. Good luck BBA!

    1. Michael

      Thanks, Brian! I still love a good storyline every now and then, but will admit we’ve been overdoing them lately. We’ll find the right balance here soon. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

  2. JVerde

    Thank you for your editorial take on the come back. I haven’t watched all of the scenes but I’ve enjoyed the ones I watched. I don’t get the criticism of Shax and the exceptional work he brings to the table. I think this was a brilliant move to expand BBA’s portfolio. His polished and scripted style was a welcome break from the traditional style that MG has honed and cultivated over the years. Both equally enjoyable. To me it’s about the story and evolution of the people. The Sex is just extra gravy on a good holiday meal. Be it polished or spontaneous it’s still about the people. The most exciting example for me would be the evolution of Kingston. But long story short version welcome 🙏🏽 back bumps in the road and all.
    Papa Verde.

    1. Michael

      Thanks for the supportive feedback, JVerde! I’m sure Shax in particular will appreciate your encouraging words.

      I think ultimately it’s just a question of finding the right balance between Shax’s scenes and my own, and between improved production values and staying true to our amateur roots. We’re still figuring it out as we go.

      1. Kevin

        For me the worst part was the music playing for like the whole intro to all the videos. Like we barely got any dialogue at all

  3. 11luvme2u

    These are such strange and uncertain times in the world. I appreciate BBA coming back with weekly content. You all definitely got your feet back wet and got into the swing of things. Each scene from Bandit’s Beach House had their own high points and overall I enjoyed the series. I know the next few months will be better than ever! I’m very optimistic.

  4. Jay

    Why was Ross only in one scene?
    Why didn’t Scuba get fucked?
    Will Shameeks be returning soon?
    Will Trapp be returning soon?
    Will Dominic be returning soon?
    Will Lil Jake be returning soon?
    Will Justice return?

    1. Michael

      Unfortunately, Ross’s busy schedule and parental responsibilities only allowed him to join us long enough for one shoot.

      Scuba refused to bottom, regardless of the reduction in pay. Sore subject right now as he’s since turned into Mr. Power Bottom for his OnlyFans. 🤦‍♂️🙄

      The other guys you mentioned were unable to participate in this series for a variety of reasons beyond our control, but will hopefully make an appearance in the near future.

  5. Big homie

    Maybe I’m the only one but I like the twink bottoms and the story lines. Please more of that. I’m not tryna see “str8” models struggle to enjoy gay sex. Not into that. Tryna see some cute bottoms who like getting slutted out! And dudes who like slutting them out!

    P.s. no offense but sometimes I really don’t like the rest of the fan base for this site.

    1. Michael

      LOL! Well, glad you’ve been enjoying these recent models and scenes.

      We have viewers like you who prefer the gay twinks, viewers like those complaining lately who prefer the inexperienced and reluctant straight guys, and a segment of viewers who actually enjoy both.

      We’re never going to be able to keep everyone happy, all of the time. 🤷‍♂️😅


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