Michael Galletta Counts Down BBA’s Ten Best Scenes of 2020 & 2021

We decided to combine years since between both 2020 and 2021, we have about a full year’s worth of content.

It wasn’t easy, but here are the scenes which for reasons explained below are the ones that stood out as my proudest achievements and personal favorites from the past couple years:

(In Ascending Order)

#10. Bandit’s Beach House: Last Call

This one’s a sentimental and symbolic favorite for sure. After the stress and trauma of shutting down production for over a year due to COVID, this was a historic moment of excitement and hope and rebirth.

From the celebratory, collaborative FUN of creating the Intro at the BBA Bar, to the exuberant music, to Shax Carter‘s confident, stylish direction, to pairing two of BBA’s biggest “gay for pay” legends, this was the scene that proudly announced BBA’s triumph over the pandemic.

Of course the thrilling sight of Ross‘s tight asshole gripping and clinging and stretching outward with Bandit‘s every deep stroke, is also one I won’t soon forget!

#9. Surviving The Stallion

I’ll never forget the hilariously shocked look on Montez‘s face when we finished this shoot several hours early. All I could do was shrug and laugh because these newbies delivered more in two hours than most give me in SIX!

Of course Elijah deserves some credit for his impressive debut, bravely taking all 9 1/2 inches of Stallion‘s monster down his throat and deep inside his tight little baseball player butt.

But Stallion was the true star of this show, coming out of his shell to deliver one of the most sensual, dominant, and verbal performances I’ve ever witnessed in all the years I’ve been doing this – and in only his second scene!

#8. The Deep End

Chemistry between models can be a difficult thing to plan or predict, but when it happens, it’s pure porn magic. I usually just turn on my camera, try to shut the fuck up, and let the magic happen….

This was a perfect example of that kind of scene, sizzling passion and steamy fun from beginning to end. I know a shoot’s going well when I’m so entranced by the action that I accidentally “drown” my phone in the pool! 🤦‍♂️😅

#7. Practice Makes Perfect

Sometimes when a model like Scuba starts getting more experienced at taking dick, it’s easy to forget just how unlikely and exciting it was seeing his sweet young cherry popped and stretched open in those early days.

I have no idea how well this scene will hold up over time. All I know is that the sight of Scuba’s tight, hairy, near-virgin hole being split open and “broken in” by Dominic‘s raw dick would’ve landed a spot on my list for the year even if COVID hadn’t shut things down the very next week.

Of course seeing Dominic bend over & take Scuba’s intimidatingly thick dick in return was just icing on the cake(s)! 😈

#6. Bring Your Brother To Work Day

A pick that will no doubt be as controversial as the scene itself. Technically it’s nothing more than a glorified solo, and solos almost never land on my list.

But it also captures the raw, unscripted, intimate essence of old-school BBA. Even without the taboo twist, Rush proved himself to be one of the most exciting new young faces I’ve filmed in awhile, inspiring countless fan comparisons to the breathtakingly beautiful Kenny.

But the forbidden thrill of watching Ross coach (and later join) his real-life barely-legal baby brother through his first time ever getting naked on camera makes this one of the most unique, hilarious, and perversely ENTERTAINING things I’ve ever filmed!

#5. House of Whores #2

The rare sequel that is actually BETTER than the original! We always love to surprise, and I think it’s fair to say NOBODY saw Saxgotem‘s bottoming debut being in a GANG-BANG with two of the biggest dicks on the BBA roster.

In addition to being our most epic “conquest” of the year, it was also the most fun and creatively challenging project I worked on all year, a true artistic collaboration with some of my favorite people.

#4. House of Whores #2 – The Afterparty

Most will probably be shocked that I’m actually ranking this HIGHER than the main Halloween scene. But this one gets the edge purely for its re-watch value.

This broke my streak of not prematurely busting during my editing process, and I’ve been stroking to it at least once a week ever since! Check out the part when Bandit is sprawled out on his back with both of his holes stuffed with raw dicks. Guaranteed 💦 in a minute or less!

But it’s Stallion who’s the real MVP here, bringing a verbal intensity and aggressive sensuality that more than made up for the fact that Bandit wasn’t ready for that rodeo ride quite yet.

#3. The Bucket List

This was a return to BBA’s roots, the latest in a long line of classic “first time” encounters with a new model whose curiosity, charisma, chiseled body, and explosive sex appeal rivaled that of the Sex God Apollo himself.

One of my favorite things about this scene was witnessing Stallion‘s unscripted, authentic reactions to his very first time with a guy, slowly transforming from a stiff and stoic deer caught in the headlights, into the wild, uncaged stallion I knew deep down he could be.
Only time will tell what the future has in store for Stallion here at BBA, but this will always go down in history as the special scene where it all began.

#2. A BBA All-Star Christmas

We use the expression “Never Say Never!” a lot around here, but this scene taught me it also applies to guys I think will never return. This time, TWO sorely-missed BBA legends I could’ve sworn we’d never see again!

It’s the first and probably only time these Top 4 models will ever appear together in the same scene, and WHEW, was it one for the history books! Not every day we serve up an epic, action-packed FOUR mini-gangbangs combined into one special and historic event.
From Apollo fiending for his new man-crush Bandit, to the explosive reunion between he and Isaiah, or the once unthinkable sight of Bandit taking THREE dicks, this scene demands repeat viewings because every time there’s something new to discover!

#1. Conquering Kingston

What can I say, I have a sadistic weak spot for watching cocky straight boys scream and squirm under a dick after stubbornly refusing for years. And who am I kidding, that viral rant of his only made this “conquest” even sweeter! 🤷‍♂️😈

We assigned Dominic with the enviable task of popping Kingston‘s sweet cherry, and he turned out to be the PERFECT guy for the job, taking his time and patiently coaching the light-skinned Jamaican boy through his first time ever getting fucked in the ass.

And what an EPIC sight that was to behold, finally seeing a big, hard dick plunging in and out of the once homophobic straight boy’s tight and hairy little muscle-butt.

Fun Fact: This was also one of my favorite trailers to create.

I’d love to hear your reactions to my top choices. Are there scenes you would have left out and/or included instead, and how would your rankings differ from mine? Let me know what you think, and please feel free to share your own lists here in the comments or tag me on Twitter @bba_michael!

Montez will be posting his own list on Twitter soon as well. And like previous years, I’ll be posting some viewer polls in which you can vote for your own favorite models and scenes from 2020 and 2021.

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  1. RAW

    Can you go way back and find those; In the beginning models? And we havent had a str8 dude giving up the cakes in a while… anything in your bag of tricks for the future?

  2. Spooner

    Would love to see Lil Dav, Jah, Skinny Kid, Lil Jake, dude in scene with Jahan Ace, Mar, Dominic and always Apollo.


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