The Forbidden Fruit (A Tribute To Straight Boys’ Asses)

Straight Boy Ass

It should be obvious by now that I’m obsessed with asses, especially those belonging to young males of African descent. There is nothing in this world quite like the unique beauty of black male asses. Seriously, entire volumes of poetry should be devoted to praising their flawless beauty….their naturally high-arching curves, their ripe, round firmness that always seems to leap out at you, stretching enticingly against any fabric that attempts to contain them.

I’m truly addicted to them. I love looking at them, lusting after them, groping them, licking them, fingering them, and yes, sometimes even fucking  them. I’m one of those guys who watches gay porn and usually spends more time drooling over the top’s ass than the bottom’s. Many times I’ll find myself jacking off to fantasies of how good it would feel to fuck the “top” more than I’m stroking to the action on the screen. A big part of the appeal is the fact that the top’s ass is totally private and off-limits, at least for that moment.

That’s also one of the things I love most about straight porn. It’s hot to see a straight black guy fucking the hell out of some random girl, and watch the high muscular slopes of his sweaty ass, rising and falling, rising and falling, as he bucks into her like some wild stallion. Of course part of me is turned on by that virility and aggression. I can’t help but admire the young man’s skills and strength in the bedroom, and sometimes I even envy the lucky female beneath him.

My eyes are always drawn to his ass, however….the forbidden fruit. It’s the most private and protected part of his body, untouched and off-limits to everyone else. Tempting me even more is the fact that most straight males are either barely conscious that their assholes even exist, and if/when they do give their assholes any thought, it’s usually to defend their privacy and deny their potential ability to give others (or themselves) any sexual pleasure.

That’s the great thing about a straight guy’s ass, the fact that in their minds or mine, it’s always at risk, always vulnerable to violation. It can be ignored or forgotten or defended, but it will always carry with it that potential for penetration and everything that represents (“compromised” manhood, loss of control, weakness, vulnerability, femininity, etc.).

With these thoughts in mind, I’ve been watching a lot of straight porn lately.

While watching these straight boys so eager to share their sexual conquests with the world, I always hope for a glimpse of their asses so I can imagine how they might smell or taste, or fantasize about how great it would feel to penetrate those tightly-clenched ass-cheeks for the very first time. I find it incredibly arousing to think that while they are in the very process of proving their manhood by fucking the hell out of some passive female, they are themselves being transformed, in the minds of me and other gay men, into sexual objects….something to which they are either clueless or fiercely resistant.

5 comments on “The Forbidden Fruit (A Tribute To Straight Boys’ Asses)
  1. Ben

    Christ, man. This particular entry is as if it had come out of my own mind; except my obsession tends to be latin boys. Although I’m an equal opportunity ass fucker, licker, eater, fingerer, fister, well, you get the picture. I love a good ass. I love a good hole even more! The asshole. Wow. What a shame that we have used it to mean such a negative thing about a guy when, quite frankly, to me it is one of his most prized possessions. Hmmm. Yummmm. Or should I say, sssssssllllluurrrrrppp!

    You sure we weren’t disconnected at birth like me and David from HTG? Or is this a Libra thang?

  2. kennygg

    It seems that every time I think of subscribing to an “only fans” page you manage to come up with just what turns me on!!! The last three scenes were hot hot hot!!!! Keep them cumming LOL. Zanders switch to being a bottom was unexpected and just what BBA is famous for. Cant wait to see just how far Stallion will go. By the way, still looking for Dominic.


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