A Special Greeting From Everybody’s Favorite “Schoolboy”

Dragon With His Backpack
Dragon continues attending school out of state, and unfortunately he hasn’t been back to visit or film anything in awhile. He still stays in touch on a regular basis, however, and he’s always curious to hear how the business is going, how his videos are selling, what new models I’ve worked with, what scenes I’ve filmed recently, etc. He also checks in on the blog from time to time, and I know he loves reading the feedback as well as receiving emails from his fans.

He recently sent me the following update and asked me to post it for everyone to read on the blog:

what have i been up to. really i have just been going to school and meeting all sorts of people. i’ve made new friends and let go alot of people that i really dont and never did belong in my life. i have been getting older mentally and have reached a level of maturity that most my age wont hit until their later years. no i have not looked at any of the bigger porn companies i just chose to let time take its course. i would however love to and enjoy the honor of thanking everyone who has bought any of the bba entertainment vids. i would also like to thank those who have followed me since the start and i am truly grateful for all of your compliments and questions. you all can email me at Rickeykingofheartsb@gmail.com. i will answer ALL emails received. thank you again for all of your support best wishes to all.

Dragon also gave me permission to share with everyone some of these casual, personal photos of himself. He’s not naked or having sex in any of them, but I figured some of the dedicated Dragon fans out there (and there seem to be many) might enjoy seeing them anyway.

After all, part of my purpose in keeping this blog is to let my customers and readers get to know the people behind the porn-shoots in a way you’re usually not able to with the bigger professional companies. Even though I’ve spent a fair amount of time with Dragon in recent months, these photos still made my heart skip a beat, reminding me of just how irresistibly cute he really is, and how lucky we all are that he’s agreed to share himself so intimately with the porn-viewing public!


I don’t know about you, but looking at these photos makes me want to go beat off to Dragon in less, ummmm, “G-rated” poses ;-)! (If you’re reading this, Dragon, I apologize….but you should be used to me drooling over you by now, LOL!).

If any of you feel the same urge, you can see Dragon fully exposed, and witness him doing all sorts of naughty, XXX-rated things by joining BlackBoyAddictionz.com.

And don’t forget that you can always send fan mail to Dragon or any of my other models directly at BlackBoyAddictionz@gmail.com. Just put something like “Fan Mail For Dragon/Shyne/Eureka/etc.” in the subject of your email.

4 comments on “A Special Greeting From Everybody’s Favorite “Schoolboy”
  1. Eric

    As always it looks like a great video! He’s a cutie alright…but you might have to bare that behind and spank it for giving us the finger….lol!

  2. Ben

    I find there is something very sexy and coy about a hot little schoolboy. Well, not that little; I’m not into that young.

    But the saavy senior who has that cocky, teasing smile on his face as if to say, “I know what you want and I’ve got it. Don’t you wanna get in here?”

    Wouldn’t mind this chocolate schoolboy sitting down on MY face. And if he ever needs help with his, uh, homework . . .


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