The Luckiest White Boy On The Planet

DJ and Joey

Once again, I’m sorry for not blogging at all this past week! I know, I know….I’m starting to sound like some asshole boyfriend who spends weekends getting drunk with his buddies, but then every Monday shows up at his girlfriend’s with flowers and lame excuses.

Things really have been sort of crazy lately….I’ve barely spent any time at my own apartment for the past couple months (I’m actually composing this while away from home). Plus, as I mentioned before, I’ve really been stressing out about this wild roller-coaster-ride of an election season….not to mention the scary economy which will almost certainly have an effect on the amateur porn business.

I haven’t had much free time to devote to filming or blogging lately. I did have a video-shoot scheduled last Friday night with this sexy young thug whose looks rival those of my best-looking models so far, but the kid ended up being a no-call/no-show, and I haven’t heard from him since. I’m thinking he was either playing games all along, or maybe he just got cold feet at the last minute. I’ve been doing this long enough to know that being stood up is an inescapable part of this business, but it still pisses me off every time it happens. I think the fact that it ended up wasting my Friday night made it even worse.

On a more positive note, I’ve finished editing my next video, and it should go on sale within the next couple weeks. In some ways it’s a kind of sequel to Desiring DJ, and I strongly recommend watching the one before the other, but it can also be enjoyed on its own.

I’m calling it Joey’s First Black Boy, since it’s a kind of “reality porn” look at a cute, preppy white boy’s first interracial encounter….with none other than the bashful young DJ, who I was able to talk into going all the way in this, his second hardcore video-shoot (and his first time with a white guy as well).

I’ll be sure to post more screenshot previews and hopefully a video preview or two just as soon as I get back to my apartment, but until then here’s a restored version of something I posted on the blog a few months ago:

Last Sunday, I finally met Joey, a cute, 20-year-old white college-boy who I’d been talking to off and on since I started making videos last September, about the possibility of him performing in some interracial scenes. Most of the white guys who express an interest in working with me are older and not even remotely attractive, and/or greedy “bottoms” who want to be humiliated, gang-banged, pissed on, etc., by a bunch of aggressive ghetto thugs. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, as Seinfeld used to say, but that’s obviously not the type of video I’m interested in making. Joey was a surprising change of pace….young, slim, attractive, AND primarily interested in being a “top.”

When I met Joey for the first time on Sunday, the surprises kept coming. First, he admitted that he’d only actually had sex with two guys before, and always in the context of serious dating relationships. I thought that was really cute and sweet, but sort of unexpected for a guy wanting to star in porn, LOL!

Joey also confessed that he’d never had sex with a black guy before….he’d never even met a gay or bisexual black guy before, at least not that he was aware of. Again, that caught me totally off guard. I’d just assumed that a white boy contacting a studio called “Black Boy Addictionz” would already have some experience with interracial sex.

But I wasn’t complaining! In fact, it made me even more excited about working with Joey to think that I’d be able to capture his first time with a black guy on film. That’s why I love amateur, documentary-style “reality porn” so much….because real-life stories like Joey’s are ten times hotter than anything I could come up with in some scripted video with actors.

As you know, I’ve been dying to work with DJ again since first filming him a little over a week ago, and we’ve been in negotiations about  if and when he’d be willing to get fucked on camera. I hadn’t brought up the idea of him doing any interracial scenes just yet, however….of course secretly I’ve been dreaming of the day I’d get lucky enough to enjoy DJ myself, should he ever be willing to do a scene with me….but I didn’t want to bring that idea up too soon and risk scaring him away for good.

I decided that DJ could be a good partner for Joey’s first time, since he’s also a newbie and wouldn’t be as intimidating. When I sent DJ an email with a couple of Joey’s photos and a brief explanation of the scene I was hoping to film, I honestly had no idea how he’d respond. The next day I got a message from him saying something like, “I ain’t been with a white boy before but yeah I’ll do it.”

Again, I couldn’t have scripted it any better if I’d tried 😉 !

Joey came over this morning around 11 a.m., and I had the camera running when DJ showed up about a half hour later.

On paper, this was a dream video-shoot for me. I hardly slept last night, that’s how excited I was about today’s video-shoot (and how worried I was that one or both boys would back out at the last minute). There were so many “stories” I couldn’t wait to capture on camera: DJ and Joey meeting for the first time. Both boys’ first interracial kiss. DJ’s first time sucking a white boy’s dick, and Joey’s first time sucking a black boy’s. Joey’s first time fucking a black boy. DJ’s first time getting fucked on camera and his first time getting fucked by a white boy. This one had the potential to be my hottest interracial scene so far!

But that’s the down-side to the unscripted, “reality porn” genre. Reality is unpredictable, and reality is sometimes disappointing.

Unfortunately, DJ and Joey didn’t have the greatest sexual chemistry together. Believe it or not, I think DJ enjoyed Joey more than Joey enjoyed DJ (the opposite of DJ’s scene with Eureka, where Eureka was definitely the more enthusiastic participant). I don’t know if Joey just wasn’t attracted to DJ, or if the reality of the whole porn-shoot thing didn’t live up to his fantasies, or if maybe his lack of familiarity with the dynamics of casual sex freaked him out more than he/we thought it would.

Talk about UNGRATEFUL WHITE BOYS! There were a few times I wanted to tear off my clothes, hand Joey the camera, and show my young protege how to really appreciate a beautiful black boy, LOL!!! I don’t think he realized just how lucky and privileged he was to enjoy DJ’s mouth, dick, and sweet 18-year-old ass for the afternoon!

Oh, well….I’m not really upset with him, just disappointed that it didn’t turn out the way I’d hoped. After DJ left, Joey told me that he didn’t enjoy himself as much as he thought he would, and I doubt I’ll be seeing him again. Guess I’ll have to call this one, “Once They Go Black, They Never Come Back,” LOL!

Of course I’m just venting, because that’s partly what this blog is for….it’s sort of a pornographer’s daily journal made public.

I shouldn’t be too negative, though. Every video-shoot has its share of disappointments and pleasant surprises. I could have whined about any number of things that went wrong when filming The Schoolboy and the Thug, but that still turned out to be a video I’m very proud of.

Today’s video-shoot still had its hot and memorable moments, and I’m confident that with a little editing it can still be fun and arousing to watch. 

Watching shy little DJ get fucked, for example, was every bit as dick-drippingly good as I thought it would be! Especially when I consider how far the boy’s come in just a little bit over a week!

Here are some hot-off-the-press screenshots from today’s video-shoot, taken from the first tape (out of four):

Joey and DJ
The screenshot below shows both boys looking at each other after I instruct them to start things off with some kissing. “You ready?” they’re asking each other nervously.

DJ and Joey About To Kiss
Leaning in for their first kiss after meeting just minutes earlier….the first interracial kiss for both of them….

I planned the screenshots below out in my head last night while lying in bed. I’m crazy about DJ’s cute ass, and I love the way he sags to show it off, so I knew this position would look hot as hell. It ended up looking just as good as I’d imagined it 😉 !

DJ stands in front of Joey and slowly strips for him, showing off the prize that Joey will have the privilege of enjoying later (ungrateful bastard!)….

DJ and Joey kiss while DJ slowly undresses Joey….

This is just a tease, but I promise to share much more when I edit and release the video.

Are you guys as envious of Joey as I was 😉 ???

[Update: You can now watch the full-length, uncensored version of this scene, along with all of my other movies, when you join!]

3 comments on “The Luckiest White Boy On The Planet
  1. Ben

    Damn. Too bad about the no-show. Even though my first no-show was back in June or July, I still remember like it was yesterday. And yeah, I understand about the loss of time, the frustration and even the anger. At the no-show? Ourselves?

    Either way, it sucks.

    Too bad about that cute preppy white boy and DJ not going how you expected. They look good together though!

    Say! What do you think of getting a few preppy white boys pledging a hot little black boy like Eureka? Think of all the wonderfully nasty things you can make them all do to him. Paddles, rope, cuffs, blindfold, butt plugs, making him suck their cocks, eat their holes.

    And think of aaaaaaallllllllll that steamy cum and how beautiful it would look on milk chocolate skin.

    FUCK! Now I’ve got a goddamn boner.

  2. Juicy

    I’m a black boy and I love white cock…I ‘ve never had any before but would love to try some! Your putting us black boys were we belong on the bottom… I think your vids are great keep up the good work

  3. Aaron Robinson

    Hey Juicy, I was wondering where aboutz do you live. I’m a white-boy that is pretty much only into black-boyz, and I’m pretty much all-topp, so I was wondering where you lived and stuff. I don’t know how this blogg-thing workz, but if you need my e-mail address, just post a reply-comment to this comment and I will be able to see it and I’ll give you my e-mail address, thankz man.



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