Eureka’s Lucky Day: The “Story-Behind-The-Story” of “Desiring DJ”

DJ and Eureka

There’s an interesting little “story-behind-the-story” of Desiring DJ that I haven’t revealed to anyone until now. I couldn’t quite figure out how to work it into the video’s official summary for AMVC, but knowing this extra information makes the video even more exciting and entertaining, in my opinion, and I hope you’ll agree.

It turns out that Eureka and DJ had already met once before the day of their first video-shoot together. They both seemed rather embarrassed and reluctant to talk about it, but insisted that nothing sexual had ever taken place between them.

Piecing together all of the evidence and reading between the lines, I suspect what happened was that they’d chatted online awhile back and later met in person for a potential hook-up, but for whatever reason DJ wasn’t attracted to Eureka and either politely or not-so-politely turned down his sexual advances.

Skip ahead several months to both boys meeting once again when I pair them up in a scene together, and DJ reluctantly agrees….for the right price….to allow Eureka the kind of intimate access to his body that had formerly been denied.

DJ and Eureka In Shower
I decided to call the video Desiring DJ partly because it chronicles my own helpless infatuation with DJ, but also because it tells the story of Eureka finally getting the chance to satisfy his own long-unfulfilled lust for the boy. It’s almost like Eureka knows it’s his lucky day, like he knows that under any other circumstance he wouldn’t be allowed to enjoy this kind of sexual intimacy with DJ, and you can see throughout the video his determination to get the most out of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

From the moment DJ first walks through the door, it’s obvious that Eureka can’t wait to enjoy this second chance to get his hands on the pretty-boy who’d previously rejected him. I could have just as easily called the video DEVOURING DJ based on the way Eureka pounces on DJ like a ravenous wolf attacking its prey 😉 ! There’s this unmistakable look of lust and hunger in Eureka’s eyes as he begins to kiss and undress DJ, and as the video-shoot progresses you can see it morph into something more cocky and devilish as he gloats over his lucky “conquest.”

DJ and Eureka In Shower 2
It’s not really aggressive or mean-spirited or anything, but more like a look of satisfaction and mild bragging, as if he’s reminding himself (and the viewers) on a minute-by-minute basis of just how privileged he is to be able to lick DJ’s tight young ass and sink his dick into DJ’s warm, wet mouth….

I still can’t get over just how fucking hot it looks to see Eureka’s massive black dick stretching open DJ’s cute little pretty-boy mouth, as you can see in the screenshot teasers above….

Now that you know a little more of the back-story, if you want to watch things develop from beginning to end, you can check out the full-length movie by clicking here.

8 comments on “Eureka’s Lucky Day: The “Story-Behind-The-Story” of “Desiring DJ”
  1. Uhm

    What guys have you made it with, that has not made it to a video yet? Have you had your way with Dragon, The African or Eureka? I’m looking forward to more of the Oreo Cookie action in the future. Like most of your fans; I love hot black butts opened and enjoyed.

  2. Michael

    Thanks for your encouraging words! I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog, and I’ll make sure Dragon knows how much he’s appreciated :)!

  3. Michael

    Don’t worry, I plan to continue filming interracial scenes starring young black males in action with me or other white guys! I’ve already filmed a few that haven’t been released, and I hope to film many more in the near future. More specifically, you asked about:

    Samuel (“The African”) – I’m sorry to disappoint you but no, I never got my hands on him and it’s unlikely to happen for a variety of reasons. For one thing, he was a little too much of an eager “bottom” for my personal taste. He was also a difficult guy to work with, and there hasn’t been a whole lot of fan support since the release of his video. I’m just being honest.

    Eureka – I would LOVE to do a scene with Eureka, but it hasn’t happened yet :(. He hasn’t even shown off his asshole yet or let anyone near it in a video, so it’s going to take some cash and persuasion if that’s going to happen. I think he would be more likely to give it up to another black guy, but I promise not to give up any time soon on the interracial thing. Hey, my persistence paid off with Cortez, so there’s always hope ;)!

    Dragon – Yes, I’ve been lucky enough to have some one-on-one fun with everybody’s favorite “schoolboy,” and I’ll try to release that footage before the end of the year.

    I realize you have your “favorites,” but stay tuned because I hope to introduce many more “hot black butts opened and enjoyed” in the months ahead :)!

  4. Uhm

    “Masculine looking” eager bottoms with nice chocolate cakes = good action.

    Don’t ruin this fantasy I have working in my head of him. We know fantasy a reality are mutually exclusive….LOL.

    Would love to see him, Eureka or Dragon bottom and eat a hot load from you like Shyne stepped up and caught.

  5. Michael

    Welcome to BBA! I hope you like what you’ve seen so far. Please feel free to share your feedback and suggestions any time!


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