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Website Update: The Straight Boy Who Took Down The Top (DIGITALLY REMASTERED)

We ran into some technical complications with the Ross Q&A, but don’t worry, it should be ready for release by next weekend.

Meanwhile, we’re bringing you another re-edited, DIGITALLY REMASTERED re-release of a BBA classic, thanks to the talents of Shax Carter.

Newer members can enjoy this “top to bottom” conquest (one of our earliest attempts at this theme) for the very first time, while older members can rediscover a sentimental fan favorite, newly restored with sharp new picture quality and bright, vivid colors.

When Suspense told me he wanted to see how it feels to fuck another guy in the ass, I decided to treat the horny straight boy to the best piece of ass I could find.

After exhausting all of my options but finding nobody else available, I called up Eureka as a desperate last resort. Despite having one of the thickest and juiciest asses I’ve ever seen, Eureka has always insisted on being strictly a “top” and remained stubborn in his refusal to get fucked since filming his first scene over a year ago. Even his “fuck-buddy” Dragon informed me in his “Schoolboy Confessions” that my efforts to talk Eureka into taking dick were hopeless!

So when I called Eureka up, I was fully resigned to filming him and Suspense in an “oral-only” scene, and only mentioned the possibility of him “bottoming” as a casual, lighthearted joke. When I heard a long pause on the other end of the line, I realized that BBA history was about to be made!

Turned out that Eureka was trying to get a new car, and after some back-and-forth negotiating he finally agreed to give up his ass in order to earn the money he needed to buy it!

“Economy’s bad,” he jokes in his pre-action interview.



Eureka’s Lucky Day: The “Story-Behind-The-Story” of “Desiring DJ”

DJ and Eureka

There’s an interesting little “story-behind-the-story” of Desiring DJ that I haven’t revealed to anyone until now. I couldn’t quite figure out how to work it into the video’s official summary for AMVC, but knowing this extra information makes the video even more exciting and entertaining, in my opinion, and I hope you’ll agree.

It turns out that Eureka and DJ had already met once before the day of their first video-shoot together. They both seemed rather embarrassed and reluctant to talk about it, but insisted that nothing sexual had ever taken place between them.

Piecing together all of the evidence and reading between the lines, I suspect what happened was that they’d chatted online awhile back and later met in person for a potential hook-up, but for whatever reason DJ wasn’t attracted to Eureka and either politely or not-so-politely turned down his sexual advances.

Skip ahead several months to both boys meeting once again when I pair them up in a scene together, and DJ reluctantly agrees….for the right price….to allow Eureka the kind of intimate access to his body that had formerly been denied.

DJ and Eureka In Shower
I decided to call the video Desiring DJ partly because it chronicles my own helpless infatuation with DJ, but also because it tells the story of Eureka finally getting the chance to satisfy his own long-unfulfilled lust for the boy. It’s almost like Eureka knows it’s his lucky day, like he knows that under any other circumstance he wouldn’t be allowed to enjoy this kind of sexual intimacy with DJ, and you can see throughout the video his determination to get the most out of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

From the moment DJ first walks through the door, it’s obvious that Eureka can’t wait to enjoy this second chance to get his hands on the pretty-boy who’d previously rejected him. I could have just as easily called the video DEVOURING DJ based on the way Eureka pounces on DJ like a ravenous wolf attacking its prey 😉 ! There’s this unmistakable look of lust and hunger in Eureka’s eyes as he begins to kiss and undress DJ, and as the video-shoot progresses you can see it morph into something more cocky and devilish as he gloats over his lucky “conquest.”

DJ and Eureka In Shower 2
It’s not really aggressive or mean-spirited or anything, but more like a look of satisfaction and mild bragging, as if he’s reminding himself (and the viewers) on a minute-by-minute basis of just how privileged he is to be able to lick DJ’s tight young ass and sink his dick into DJ’s warm, wet mouth….

I still can’t get over just how fucking hot it looks to see Eureka’s massive black dick stretching open DJ’s cute little pretty-boy mouth, as you can see in the screenshot teasers above….

Now that you know a little more of the back-story, if you want to watch things develop from beginning to end, you can check out the full-length movie by clicking here.


Mama Said There’d Be Days Like This (Well, Not EXACTLY!)

I always roll my eyes in disgust when I hear celebrities on TV complaining about the paparazzi, or their exhausting schedules as they shoot scenes for the next Hollywood blockbuster. They must be so miserable, I think sarcastically, going home to their multi-million-dollar mansions and servants and private yachts.

So I always feel a little guilty when I find myself complaining about my “job” as an amateur porn producer 😉 . I have to remind myself that I’m actually living out my life-long fantasy. I’m lucky enough to have hot young black boys coming over to my apartment on a regular basis, stripping naked and then fucking each other just a few feet away from me. It’s the same voyeuristic thrill of watching porn, only infinitely hotter because I’m able to feel the heat of their bodies, and enjoy the smell of their dicks and balls and asses and sweat. When I’m REALLY lucky, I even get to enjoy their beautiful young bodies myself. I’m actually LIVING the fantasy of thousands of gay men, and I never want to take that for granted.

Still, there are days like yesterday when I’m reminded that producing amateur porn isn’t all fun and games. I spent most of yesterday doing the two things I enjoy LEAST about this business:

The first involves anything related to website programming and other technical issues. I’m pretty confident when it comes to the relatively simple stuff like emailing, blogging, video editing, posting images and video clips, etc. But I’m embarrassingly clueless when it comes to more technical things like designing a website. Simple tasks that would probably take the average computer-savvy 13-year-old about ten minutes to complete end up taking me several excruciatingly stressful hours 😉 !

For example, I spent a huge portion of my day yesterday working on creating a warning page for my blog….designing the page, setting up a hosting service, switching my blog’s URL to a sub-domain, etc. If it weren’t for the help of Jason over at Spunkworthy Video, I’d probably STILL be stressing out about it. He talked me through it, and provided a lot of great tips and pointers in the process. Plus, it was fun talking to another AMVC producer on the phone for the first time, swapping stories and gossip and advice about the business. Even though a few of my close friends know about my porn business, I still don’t have anyone other than my models with whom I feel comfortable talking so candidly about things.

I had to juggle the stress of creating the warning page with my second-least favorite part of my job: planning and scheduling video-shoots! I spent a ridiculous amount of time yesterday, calling and emailing potential models in an effort to find a hot partner for a second video-shoot with Eureka tomorrow afternoon.

First, there’s the challenge of pairing up guys who will be attracted to one another as well as sexually compatible. Especially when I get the feeling from talking to Eureka on the phone that he’s horny and eager to explore his “bisexual” side through porn (there’s a lot more to that story that I’ll be sure to share later).

Second, there’s the stress of actually trying to get in touch with potential models. Because my time and budget are limited, I can’t film as frequently as I’d like, which means that a lot of the guys who were open to working with me a couple months ago have since graduated college and moved away, or their phones have been disconnected, or they’re now in jail, or they’ve gotten cold feet, etc. The flaky, game-playing guys are the worst….the ones who send me emails saying how eager they are to work with me but then never take or return my calls, or stop calling me back as the time for a scheduled video-shoot grows near.

When I FINALLY get in touch with a guy, there’s still the whole nightmare of going back and forth with emails or phone-calls, trying to juggle the complicated schedules of unpredictable and often-times immature young guys. It’s now late Friday afternoon, and I STILL don’t have a partner for Eureka!

Well, at the end of a long day, I finally got my warning page to work, and I think it looks pretty damn good considering the fact that it’s my first web-page ever!

I apologize for the delay in blogging and releasing new videos caused by my out-of-town travels and development of the new blog, but now that I have the new blog up and running, I’m hoping to get back into a more consistent routine of recruiting, filming, editing, and blogging! Thanks for your patience!


Dragon Brings Over A Buddy

Dragon and Eureka

[Update: You can now enjoy the full-length, uncensored version of this hot scene, along with ALL of my other movies, by joining BlackBoyAddictionz.com!]

Those of you who read my blog regularly know that Dragon moved out of state awhile back. It was a pleasant surprise, then, when I got a call from him last Sunday night, telling me he was back in town for a dentist’s appointment and that he was hoping he could do a scene for me. I knew he was wanting to make some extra spending money, but I also think he was just really, REALLY horny 😉 .


Because the whole thing was so last-minute (Dragon was heading home via Greyhound early Wednesday morning), I didn’t have any success putting a scene together, and I finally had to tell an obviously disappointed Dragon that we’d just have to wait and make something happen next time he was back in town.


But Dragon refused to give up. He proceeded to go through his cell and call a bunch of friends, ex-boyfriends, etc., trying to persuade them to give the whole amateur porn thing a try. Even then it didn’t seem like he was going to have any luck. He finally called me late Monday night, however, and told me he’d talked a friend of his into doing a scene with him.


I’ll be honest, I was pretty skeptical of the idea. I usually like to see photos of a guy and put him through a kind of “orientation” process before filming him….explaining the kinds of videos I make, talking about what he’s comfortable or not comfortable doing in a scene, etc., etc. But Dragon was setting me up on the porn producer equivalent of a “blind date,” asking me to gamble that I’d share his physical attraction to this guy I’d never seen or heard of before. Dragon sounded so eager and hopeful, however, that I just didn’t have the heart to say “no,” so we went ahead and made plans for a video-shoot the next morning.


To make a long story short, Dragon now teases me that I should NEVER doubt him again 😉 !


I breathed a huge sigh of relief when the two boys showed up yesterday morning, and it turned out that Dragon’s friend was a VERY attractive young man with a great personality, gorgeous body, and a natural confidence and talent in front of the camera.


He wants to be known as “Eureka”….an odd choice for a porn name, I thought, but I usually try to let the guys I work with create their own names without any input or interference from me.


Eureka is a masculine bisexual “top” who just turned 19 and hopes to join the Air Force in the near future. Dragon described him to me on the phone as a mix of “preppy” and “street,” and I’d say that’s pretty accurate. He’s also an athlete….he played football and ran track in high school….and he’s got a nice muscular young body, a bit more “beefy” than most of my models, and five or six tattoos (always a turn-on for me).


He was a little shy at first, but in a cute, sexy way that really turned me on. He said he hadn’t really thought about doing porn before Dragon approached him with the idea, but that he figured he should give it a try at least once so he could say he’d done it.


The scene we filmed yesterday is hands-down the most mutual and SENSUAL action scene I’ve filmed so far.


As a lot of you already know, I’m really turned on by themes of reluctance, inexperience, persuasion, etc. in porn….straight boys being bribed into gay sex, masculine guys taking dildos for the first time, strangers hooking up and fucking just minutes after meeting for the first time, “tops” agreeing to get fucked for the right price, etc., etc.


The scene with Dragon and Eureka was very much the OPPOSITE of those themes, but still turned out to be unbelievably hot to watch! The two boys have been close friends for a couple years. They’ve messed around with each other a few times, but never dated or anything like that. They are basically “friends with benefits” who agreed to let me film them having some horny fun together. They had a special, intense chemistry together that was obvious from the start….there were even a few times that I had to tell them to keep their hands off each other until the camera was ready to start filming!


In other words, it’s a far cry from Corrupting Cortez, LOL! Say what you will about my films, you can’t accuse me of a lack of variety!


As an exclusive holiday-weekend treat for my blog readers, here are some hot-off-the-press screenshots from the first part of yesterday morning’s video-shoot with Dragon and Eureka.




Yes, I nearly dropped my camera when Dragon first pulled down Eureka’s underwear! I defy anyone to check out the photo below and tell me that isn’t one DAMN beautiful dick!