Mama Said There’d Be Days Like This (Well, Not EXACTLY!)

I always roll my eyes in disgust when I hear celebrities on TV complaining about the paparazzi, or their exhausting schedules as they shoot scenes for the next Hollywood blockbuster. They must be so miserable, I think sarcastically, going home to their multi-million-dollar mansions and servants and private yachts.

So I always feel a little guilty when I find myself complaining about my “job” as an amateur porn producer 😉 . I have to remind myself that I’m actually living out my life-long fantasy. I’m lucky enough to have hot young black boys coming over to my apartment on a regular basis, stripping naked and then fucking each other just a few feet away from me. It’s the same voyeuristic thrill of watching porn, only infinitely hotter because I’m able to feel the heat of their bodies, and enjoy the smell of their dicks and balls and asses and sweat. When I’m REALLY lucky, I even get to enjoy their beautiful young bodies myself. I’m actually LIVING the fantasy of thousands of gay men, and I never want to take that for granted.

Still, there are days like yesterday when I’m reminded that producing amateur porn isn’t all fun and games. I spent most of yesterday doing the two things I enjoy LEAST about this business:

The first involves anything related to website programming and other technical issues. I’m pretty confident when it comes to the relatively simple stuff like emailing, blogging, video editing, posting images and video clips, etc. But I’m embarrassingly clueless when it comes to more technical things like designing a website. Simple tasks that would probably take the average computer-savvy 13-year-old about ten minutes to complete end up taking me several excruciatingly stressful hours 😉 !

For example, I spent a huge portion of my day yesterday working on creating a warning page for my blog….designing the page, setting up a hosting service, switching my blog’s URL to a sub-domain, etc. If it weren’t for the help of Jason over at Spunkworthy Video, I’d probably STILL be stressing out about it. He talked me through it, and provided a lot of great tips and pointers in the process. Plus, it was fun talking to another AMVC producer on the phone for the first time, swapping stories and gossip and advice about the business. Even though a few of my close friends know about my porn business, I still don’t have anyone other than my models with whom I feel comfortable talking so candidly about things.

I had to juggle the stress of creating the warning page with my second-least favorite part of my job: planning and scheduling video-shoots! I spent a ridiculous amount of time yesterday, calling and emailing potential models in an effort to find a hot partner for a second video-shoot with Eureka tomorrow afternoon.

First, there’s the challenge of pairing up guys who will be attracted to one another as well as sexually compatible. Especially when I get the feeling from talking to Eureka on the phone that he’s horny and eager to explore his “bisexual” side through porn (there’s a lot more to that story that I’ll be sure to share later).

Second, there’s the stress of actually trying to get in touch with potential models. Because my time and budget are limited, I can’t film as frequently as I’d like, which means that a lot of the guys who were open to working with me a couple months ago have since graduated college and moved away, or their phones have been disconnected, or they’re now in jail, or they’ve gotten cold feet, etc. The flaky, game-playing guys are the worst….the ones who send me emails saying how eager they are to work with me but then never take or return my calls, or stop calling me back as the time for a scheduled video-shoot grows near.

When I FINALLY get in touch with a guy, there’s still the whole nightmare of going back and forth with emails or phone-calls, trying to juggle the complicated schedules of unpredictable and often-times immature young guys. It’s now late Friday afternoon, and I STILL don’t have a partner for Eureka!

Well, at the end of a long day, I finally got my warning page to work, and I think it looks pretty damn good considering the fact that it’s my first web-page ever!

I apologize for the delay in blogging and releasing new videos caused by my out-of-town travels and development of the new blog, but now that I have the new blog up and running, I’m hoping to get back into a more consistent routine of recruiting, filming, editing, and blogging! Thanks for your patience!

7 comments on “Mama Said There’d Be Days Like This (Well, Not EXACTLY!)
  1. Jason

    Glad to be any help I can to get ya going. It was great catching up with you on the phone, as well. And the new blog is lookin’ pretty nice!
    Oh, and you touched on SO many things that I’ve experienced too. The final product, a 20-30 minute video that people end up seeing… most folks don’t realize how much back-end work goes into making it. The scouting, phone calls, emails, and then if the guy(s) shows up, all the editing and business that goes into actually getting the video OUT there! I know… WAHHHH! We whine, but if we didn’t love it we wouldn’t be doin’ it. 🙂
    Keep up the good work!

  2. AMVC

    My speeches and material for new models stresses that their images will be on the internet and they need to assume that everyone from their priest to their mother is going to see them naked and having sex. If they have worries over family, friends, or employers seeing it then they need to just turn around and walk out the door right now.

    I’d rather lose 100 perfect models than have even one of them fussing at me because Aunt Martha heard from cousin Jimmy that he was seen sucking cock on the internet.

    Just my 2 cents worth.

  3. Michael

    Those are wise words indeed, but sooooooo much easier said than done! Especially when filming within the “straight bait” genre. When I meet a model that I desperately want to work with, it’s hard to resist the temptation to downplay the risk of exposure that comes with doing porn, even amateur porn. But the reality is that the only person in my videos who HASN’T been “exposed” in one way or another is ME, and I’m sure that won’t last for long.

    The situation with Jay has taught me a lot, and I’m doing better at rejecting model applicants who express worries about being “caught.” It’s tough, though, when the guy’s drop-dead gorgeous :(!

  4. AMVC

    Well, it might be tough in that you’ll lose some of those cuties, but you’ll have their respect and it’s not unusual for a cautious guy’s horniness to override his brain. When that happens then you have their respect, their body, AND you can tell them “I told you so” if someone spots them. The choice, though, MUST be theirs. You’ll sleep better at night knowing those “thugs” won’t be looking for a drive-by target.

  5. Ben

    Hey bud: Except for the jail thing, I know EXACTLY what you mean! It took me nearly 2 months to do what little I did with my website for Horndawgz, as simple as it is! And it STILL needs work. The website, the warnings, the adminstrative crap that we take for granted is the least preferred aspect of what we have chosen to do. However, it is essential groundwork. Every building must have a good, solid foundation or it will fall. So must we, as individuals, especially in this business, establish a solid foundation or we will fail.

    My time will come soon to have to do the same that you are doing as our first DVD is about halfway edited. Slow going as I still do not trust my own judgement. Like a writer who painstakingly edits because he feels every word is a sacrament, so every pornographer, especially when first getting started, probably feels that every frame is essential!

    Keep up the good work.

    Fort Lauderdale

    P.S. check out the website I did for Horndawgz and you’ll see what I mean. Very simple. But it took me forever to do. It is:


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