BBA’s New Season: What Do You Want To See?

As we recently announced, we’re hoping to be able to resume production this April and return to regular website updates in May. Obviously this depends on a lot of things beyond our control, but that’s our tentative goal for right now.

We figured it would be helpful and fun to start a new thread for loyal members and fans to let us know the specific models and scenes you’d most like to see when we return.

What BBA models would you most like to see make a return, paired with what other model(s), and doing what?

What are the BBA “dream scenes” you’d like to see us turn into reality?

Feel free to share as many suggestions/requests as you’d like!

101 comments on “BBA’s New Season: What Do You Want To See?
    1. Biggest FAN

      Dominic Bottoms for Bandit
      Kingston Bottoms for Saint
      Ross Bottoms for Manny (Let him do him like he did KING)
      Scotty Bottoms for Saint
      Scotty Bottoms for Bandit
      Scuba gets Revenge on Kingston
      Scuba Submits to Bandit
      The Return of JULIEN – Saint gets to fuck him, Ross gets to taste him and Stephon Flips

  1. Handyman

    Bandit getting his booty hole destroyed. Or a scene with him and Isaiah getting tag teamed lol.

    Also waiting for Scotty!

  2. blugod12

    Basing this off the people that were active before the break, I’d like to see:
    1) Bandit, Ross, Shameeks (anything goes)
    2) Justice bottom for Ross
    3) Lil Jake and Manny or Isaiah
    4) Scotty and Shaun top Trapp
    5) Trapp and Bandit full scene
    6) Scuba and Shameeks flip
    7) Justice and Manny flip
    8) Dominic and Blake tagging a bottom
    9) Trapp and Apollo

    1. 11luvme2u

      @blugod12 Scotty and Shaun topping Trapp would break the internet!! Can you imagine if they all came together with the mindset of making money and delivering a sexy scene? That would definitely be a BBA Day to Remember. Trapp and Apollo! Whew! That would be so hot. I would definitely love to see that as well. I can see them showing genuine attraction and chemistry in a scene. A verse scene, of course. lol

  3. oralking

    I would like to see an all star orgy… Old school vers new school… The one you did a few years back (Christmas theme) was fire!!!!

  4. chucke1

    More Natural Habitat guys fuck female and then each other Trapp, Ross, Dominic, Isaiah again, Stephon again, Bandit and Apollo need to pair up with a female!

    1. Cobra

      yes this was an idea i thought would really take off. Especially with the straight models but recently there hasn’t been many lol.

  5. 11luvme2u

    BBA Models I’d Like To See More OF
    Saint (miss the positive energy), Scotty (if he’s matured more and open to bisexual sex),
    Rico Pruitt/Jay C/Jahan/Debonair (BBA could benefit from a few more “mainstream”
    performers), Mar (strong bottom with a beautiful face and full lips)
    Regulars (Bandit, Trapp, Apollo…)

    BBA Dream Scenes
    Bandit and Trapp (versatile scene- they were amazing together in the Halloween
    Scotty and Trapp Part 2 ( Mike will need patience with that scene…lol)
    BBA All Star Orgy (Bandit, Apollo, Isaiah, Dominic, Saint)
    Saint and Dominic Part 2 (versatile scene- they only did oral previously)
    Ross and Shameeks (both sexy slim New Yorkers make for a steamy scene)
    Isaiah and Trapp (Isaiah as bottom; both chocolate and since Isaiah is more verbal now,
    has a fat booty, and is masculine I think Trapp will enjoy him)
    Justice Bukkake (Justice For All was cute but Justice needs Daddy dicks like Bandit,
    Jay C, Blake Bishop, Scotty, and Manny.)

    BBA Models Who I Wish Could Return For A Few Scenes
    Spice, Luh Redd, Travis (You need strong bottoms for the tops; especially new tops. For
    example, I remember when Luh Redd make Saint cum early.
    Breaking the masculine top into bottoming is sexy but having a
    strong bottom for a “straight” top is hot too.)
    Noah, Tarzan, Stephon (I thought they had so much potential.)

    Online Performers Who I Wish (though Unilkely) Would Do A Scene With BBA Of Any Kind
    Marshall Price, Flashman Wade, Anthony Allen, John Johnson, Glazetimbits, Milan
    Christopher, Caardo

    BBA Models Who I Hope Will Be Voted “Most Improved At Bottoming”
    Dominic, Bandit, Trapp, Ross (scenes that show each being verbal, varied positions,
    passionate, eye contact, and great on camera chemistry)

    1. blugod12

      I love that we had a few similarities with scene pairings haha. I second the need for stronger bottoms and it seems that the straight models notice that it’s easier too since the bottoms enjoy the act.

      A Justice bukakke would be great! I don’t know how I overlooked that and an all-star orgy.

      1. 11luvme2u

        @blugod12 I’ve been advocating for strong bottoms for years. You’re right! It definitely makes a difference to have them in the mix. I remember when Bandit fucked Spice. Spice could actually handle Bandit ‘s 12 inch monster and Bandit enjoyed topping him. He even had his arm around Spice by the end of the scene. Of all the BBA models I’m hoping Trapp perfects the art of bottoming the best because he definitely has the cakes for it.

    1. Takeem

      Lil jake -Isaiah
      Shameeks -bandit
      Jay c-shameeks
      Lil Jake- manny killa
      Jayc-bandit(he had manny gotta get bandit)
      Shameeks-lil jake

      Marshall price , butta nutt

  6. Juan Dela Cruz

    Want to see Bandit improve more on bottoming. He looks sexy riding a d**k. Maybe in the future he can do a double penetration scene. Want to see his hole get destroyed.

  7. chucke1

    MORE TEDDY, TEDDY TAKING DICK, TEDDY DOING ANYTHING!!!! He has the most potential to be a new porn star! Bandit and Isaiah eating cum, just because they hate it so much! LOL

  8. BlackSmoke

    TOP 20 MUST SEE SCENES!!!! (in no particular order)
    1. Bandit/Trapp … Fully verse scene
    2. Dominic bottoms for Saint
    3. Dominic gets revenge on Trapp
    4. Blake/Jay C round 2 … They did a brief onlyfans scene during pandemic
    5. Jahan and Dominic (flip)
    6. Apollo gets revenge on Ross
    7. Bandit tops Stylez
    8. Ross and Lil Jake
    9. Justice and Manny
    10. Bandit and Shameeks
    11. Saint and Blake (why has this never happened?)
    12. Scuba gets revenge on Stylez
    13. Manny tops kingston
    14. Shazeer and Dominic (Battle of the pretty boys)
    15. Isaiah and Trapp (Chocolate Fuckfest)
    16. Return of Beno with anyone
    17. Stylez tops Freaky J
    18. Apollo and Lil Jake
    19. Manny and Ross
    20. Trapp and Blake

  9. Scorpio

    Jah & Jake
    Jah & Bandit
    Jah & Trapp
    Jah & Ross

    I feel like Jah will bring out the freaks in them we’ve never seen, he’s like another version of Blake or Manny

      1. Scorpio

        Like how Dickdrainers do when the female models keeps sucking or jacking while & after he cums & he screams & moans in bliss

  10. Brian

    Michael I’d like to see you back.
    Ross has never received a facial. It’s time.
    Shaun and Trapp part two. Shaun fucks trapp. They both get facials.
    Michael and Scotty part two. Scotty fucked.
    Shaun, Scotty, and trapp together
    More people getting revenge on Saint
    Also I’d like to see Rico return

    1. Donte

      Scotty Scotty Scotty!!!

      Scotty top Trapp
      Scotty top Shaun
      Scotty top Rico Pruitt
      Scotty top Manny
      Manny top Trapp
      Manny top Rico

  11. cocopop

    1. How about Bandit, getting his prize, paired with Shameeks, as he lusted for. Both flipping each other.
    2. Pair Dominic with Justice, Dominic bottoming for Justice.
    3. Ross pair with Dominic, flip flop scene.

    1. cocopop

      4. Dominic and Isaiah, Isaiah gets his revenge on Dominic
      5. Trapp and Bandit in complete scene, finish what they started in halloween scene.
      6. Apollo getting his revenge on Ross
      7. Trapp giving Dominic that ass(revenge)scene.
      8. Bandit and Ross
      9. Isaiah and Ross
      10. Trapp and Isaiah

  12. Greg Adkinson

    Scuba and Shameeks Vers Scene
    Scuba Solo scene
    Blake and Jah Vers scene
    Bring Day Day back in a Vers Scene
    Scotty and Shaun and Trapp in a threesome
    Lil Jake in a Bottoming scene

  13. Blake rivers

    I would love to see,
    • Kingston bottom for Bandit
    •Dominic bottom for Bandit or Blake
    •Finally, I would absolutely LOVE to see Stephon come back and bottom period lol oh and of course I’m waiting for Shaun AND Scotty’s bottoming debuts hopefully Saint has the pleasure 😋

  14. chucke1

    I would like to see the guys outside more just walking, I think it is hot to see a cute guy at the mall or walking down the street and wonder what he looks like naked. I also thought it was hot when the guys walked in and got naked in one of the scenes as soon as they walked in the door. Love the scenes with story lines as well!!!! Last haunted house scene was GREAT!

  15. Keano

    To be honest bring back some of the older models especially the ones that got away like tarzan, trae, Armando.

    Bandit jah Ross Trapp scenes are fine but really of these models enough of them already especially dominic

  16. BKC

    I love Rico Pruitt – he’s jumped to another site, but maybe get him back.

    I miss Cory a lot. Love to see him return.

    Lots of shout-outs to some of the recent regulars – Isaiah, Blake, Apollo, Justice, Dominic.

    Would love to see: outdoor scenes; group scenes (3-some or more) and think even a scene with a girl (for our straight models) but at same time, another guy or 2 also, would be very hot.

    I loved jay c and jahan ace. Travis was also cute. And Luh Redd. And zadian and stephon, too.

    I’ve been with BBA since it started, I think – so I even miss the early models, though I am sure most have moved on – folks like Eureka, Beno, DJ, Shyne, Dragon, Cordell, Kenny, Tiger, etc. A reunion with some of them from the past could be very cool.

    Apologies if I missed anybody. All of you are fantastic. This has been my favorite site overall – and not just for content, but also because Michael and team seem to really care about their models and treat them right (at least, that’s what it seems like to me). Maybe it’s a Midwest St Louis friendliness thing.

    Hang in there and know of our support!!!

  17. JerzFreak

    1. Shameeks and Blake Bishop
    2. Shameeks and Bandit
    3. Shameeks, Blake Bishop and Manny Killa
    4. Shameeks, Blake Bishop and Bandit (part 2 of the Christmas video)

  18. Stevie Davis

    I need to see Bandit up in Lil Jake’s cheeks. I also need to see a one on one between Bandit and Shameeks. I also need to see Ross and Trapp bottom again, preferably with a dick that doesn’t overwhelm them so they can enjoy it. It would also be nice to see Jahan and Jay C back again.

  19. blackbound

    Put two of them in a dick cage each. Make them compete to see who gets his taken off after a week/month/… and gets to top the other. Then introduce a new candidate for the now-free cage. 😈

  20. Robert

    More foot fetish scenes. I love how includes a foot fetish scene in every video. And I would love to see BBA do that as well. It seems like the ppl who enjoy foot fetish scenes get left out of the equation of “sex” and I know many ppl may not like it but that’s why we have a skip button lol. I’m not a big fan of the ass eating scenes but you don’t see me complaining I just skip and enjoy the scene. Hopefully this inspires you guys to incorporate it into the BBA community. Looking forward to new humble beginnings.

  21. XRM

    At least one bisexual scene this year. Perhaps, Scotty, Shaun & Trapp running a train on a freaky chick. Would love to see the fellas’ dick game on a female followed by male-on-male action afterwards. 😉

  22. XRM

    A cameo appearance from Saint passing the baton to the next dick connoisseur. I see great dick-sucking potential in Trapp and even Kingston some day under the tutelage of Saint who might be in porn retirement. 😉

  23. Sil

    I’d like to see Rico (the original) paired with someone like Bandit. Rico needs someone with a big dick to reach his hole since he has a lot of ass lol.

    Also, bandit and ross, apollo and ross, or dominic and ross in a flip-scene would be hot.

    And, it’s probably another long shot, but I’d love to see Freaky J in a gangbang similar to what we saw happen to Isaiah in the Christmas scene with Bandit, Apollo, and Dominic.


    But my favorites are Bandit and Isaiah so I hope we get lots more of them.

  24. Jamal

    We need to bring back stephon.

    Then we need a tranny or chick with strap on fucking Bandit, Apollo, Dominic and of course Isaiah.

    Then we need to see Dominic bottom for Isaiah and for Bandit.

    Next We never got to see bandit and trapp one on one fully and jay c and bandit.

    And bring back thick Rico

  25. Drew

    Ross in anything

    Bandit topping and bottoming

    Apollo coming back

    Jah flip-flopping

    and new guys who can fuck and get fucked…also better bottoming and camera.

  26. M

    Bandit topping Dominic.

    Bandit cumming inside someone (can’t believe we don’t have a single internal)

    Dominic cumming inside someone (again can’t believe we didn’t have a single internal)

    Bandit and Dominic cumming while getting fucked.

  27. Hilton

    April? It’s been so long and I have been re-watching all of your old scenes so often I think you need a totally new stable of different models.

    You were going to release some more behind the scenes stuff but never did, so kind of lost interest in the current crop.

  28. TJ

    Can we PLEASE get Jay C back!!!!!! Other than Apollo he is the BEST verse model & its obvious that he enjoys it! Plus he is the dark chocolate that gets me there lol. Jay C and Trapp flip fucking would be GREAT!!! Also, if Jahan X would return in a flip fuck scene with Apollo that would be AMAZING!!!

  29. Ben

    Dominic and Justice – FLIP
    Dominic and Isaiah – FLIP
    Isaiah, Apollo and Dominic – Multi Flip.

    Anything with Dominic would be great

  30. Mister-Ty

    I would like to see Trapp introduce one of his boys to BBA like Scotty did with him, but with Trapp being a bottom. Scotty and Shaun doing a vers scene if they’re out and Trapp possibly directing it and maybe joining in. Lil Jake and Manny. Also I would like to see Bandit introduce one of his homeboys to BBA with a female and he not only fuck the female but they mess around as well. Apollo and Dominic with a female that would be sexy because of their chemistry or Apollo and Bandit

  31. Isaiah & Apollo fan

    Okay my requests are as follows:

    1. Isaiah & Trapp
    2. Stylez & Kingston
    3. Jahan & Bandit
    4. Jahan & Trapp/Isaiah
    5. Apollo and Trapp
    6. Scotty & Red/Shameeks
    7. Manny & Ross
    8. Shazeer & Shameeks
    9. Justice & Shaun
    10. Stylez/Justice & Scotty
    11. Scuba & Shameeks
    12. Lil Jake & Jah
    13. Teddy & Stylez
    14. Teddy & Jah
    15. Dominic & Mar
    16. Dominic & Isaiah
    17. Bandit & Jah
    18. Blake & Jah
    19. Blake & Dominic
    20. NEW MODELS !!

  32. KingKev

    You can bring back all that respond.
    However it’s important…and very necessary that you bring back Shazeer💯💯💯💯💯, TRAPP, and Blake.

  33. Jerom

    1. Trapp and Justice Flip flop
    2. As much Scotty and Shaun content as possible
    3. Bring Freaky J back in a flip flop scene
    4. Saint and/or Dominic breaking in the new models.

  34. PD

    1) More of Shameeks with him as top
    2) More Dominic
    3) Blake Bishop needs to come back
    4) New Models!!
    5) Lil Jake
    6) Mar
    7) Justice
    8) Apollo
    9) Manny as a top
    10) Luh Redd
    11) Going old school, but more Ross, Kody, and maybe even Noah??

  35. David

    So much like to see Dominic and Apollo appear soon. They are both very fine and classy. I’d like see them bottoming more as they so Hot when they bottom.

  36. Throwin9

    A re-do of Bandit and Isaiah. Your first scene with them lacked BBA’s signature camera angles. Like when Bandit was facing the camera and riding Saint. Or Blake Bishop when he (hands free) rides ANYBODY in that position!!! Or when Jay-C topped Jahan at the edge of the bed. Those are the types of signature camera angles BBA is known for!! Let’s get Bandit and Isaiah back together again, and do a new scene that lives up to BBA’s reputation!!!
    P.S. – And speaking of Jay-C and Jahan… I’ll watch ANY SCENES with them bottoming!!!

  37. Throwin9

    BANDIT AND JAY-C!!! They can flip/flop (I’ll watch ANY SCENE with Bandit bottoming!!), but I’ll settle for Bandit topping Jay-C.

    I’ll watch ANY SCENE with Justice bottoming!!! BTW – Would love to see more brothas who are hairy from the waist down.

    P.S. – Tell Bandit to relax!! His #1 spot is not in jeopardy from Dominic!! Dominic is COOL!!! BUT BANDIT IS DA MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. KLARCK

    A series where Stylez and the BBA twinks- Shameeks, Scuba, Rocky- take down and gang bang/bukakke the top five. And then end it with an all out orgy scene where the top 5 reestablish dominance

  39. Mitch Monroe

    DOMINIC bottoms for KINGSTON
    Dominic bottoms for SAINT
    ISAIAH and Dominic Flip
    SCUBA flips with both JAY C and Jahan
    SCUBA bottoms for Bandit
    Scuba and Blake FLIP
    STYLEZ and Jahan flip
    Kingston bottoms for Bandit
    Apollo and Trap flip Stylez and Kingston flip
    Ross and Scuba Flip
    Ross and Bandit flip
    Ross and Manning flip
    Ross and APOLLO of course
    Kingston and Trapp FLIP

  40. sexrules100

    Michael fucks Isaiah again
    Michael fucks Apollo
    Isaiah gets fucks by girl with strapon
    Shameeks and Stephon flip
    Shameeks and Dominic flip
    Dominic Gangbang Bukkake
    Michael fucks Dominic
    Blake Bishop Gangbang Bukkake
    Blake Bishop fucks Lil Jake and Mar in 3sum
    Bandit and Lil Jake
    Bandit and Mar

  41. sexrules100

    Isaiah gets fucked hard on sex swing by Blake Bishop and Bandit.

    Shameeks gets fucks hard by Blake Bishop and Bandit while wearing a jockstrap.

    More RAW scenes when the top nuts in the bottom ass then keeps fucking them hard to push that nut inside them guts lol then the top takes the dick out and makes the bottom suck it to taste their own cum filled ass.

  42. ChicagoM

    I would love to see more of Bandit, Dominic and more Apollo in ANYTHING!!!
    But here is my list…

    Bandit and Jah
    Scuba and Ross (Flip)
    Trapp and Jah (Flip)
    Scuba and Saint
    Scuba and Apollo (Flip)

  43. Gimmedat13

    I am a fan of the verse scenes here are the dream verse duos!!

    Apollo & Trap
    Apollo & Kingston
    Apollo & Ross

    Dominic & Isaiah
    Dominic & Blake Bishop
    Dominic & Lil Jake

    Isaiah & Trap
    Isaiah & Ross
    Isaiah & Lil Jake

    Blake Bishop & Kingston
    Blake Bishop & Lil Jake
    Blake Bishop & Dominic

    Bandit & Trap
    Bandit & Ross
    Bandit & Jahan

    Put Jay C or Jahan with any of the above and the scene will be FIRE! Also bring back Stephon & Shazeer please!!


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