Website Update: Straight Boy Sex Toy

Isaiah and Michael Galletta
This week we’re dipping into the BBA archives to bring you a unique and previously unreleased encounter between Isaiah and me that was filmed early last year. Unlike most of BBA’s scenes, this scene experiments with a mix of reality and fantasy role-playing.

The behind-the-scenes REALITY was that we’d been stood up by another model and had to come up with this alternate scene at the very last minute.

The FANTASY is that Isaiah is a reluctant straight escort willing to do ALMOST anything to earn the quick cash he needs to help pay for his mother’s surgery and avoid being evicted – even if that means letting a horny older white gay man enjoy every inch of his athletic young body! (This fantasy, by the way, very closely mirrored our real-life situation).

Michael Inspecting The Goods
Knowing that Isaiah is ALL MINE for the night, I decide to experiment with some kinky new things and find out just how far the broke straight black boy will go. (Keep in mind this scene was filmed early-on in Isaiah’s “gay for pay” journey, and long before he’d agreed to give up his ass).

Join me for this unusual late-night encounter full of freaky fetish fun that includes some light bondage, spanking, face-fucking, and ass-eating….

WARNING: This scene is NOT for viewers who are easily offended or only interested in watching mutual and passionate sex!

But if you find yourself turned on by the TABOO fantasy of watching a reluctant straight basketball player like Isaiah tensely submit to being pawed, groped, tied up, force-kissed, and face-fucked by a horny older white gay man for money – then this is a freaky fetish twist on my “dirty old man” scenes that you don’t want to miss!

See for yourself why I always say: There’s no better sex toy than a STRAIGHT BOY!

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54 comments on “Website Update: Straight Boy Sex Toy
  1. DC

    good morning Mike this was a waste of time you always did a scene with him and like always he bored as hell he don’t perform at all he so damn stiff I mean I don’t give a damn hi cute and fine he is just doesn’t perform with the s*** but he want the money

  2. DC

    and P’S two weeks in a row no f****** at all I pay to see the brothers f*** not to play around and one more thing like please have the brothers stop using the N word when they performance I mean you the producer they want a check they have to do what you tell them to do please work on that thank you and using God’s name in vain

    1. Michael

      I think this is officially the funniest comment anyone has ever left on this blog. I can understand not being comfortable with the guys using the “n-word,” but having a problem with the models taking God’s name in vain? On a GAY PORN site?!? Thought I’d heard it all, LOL!

      If one’s religious sensibilities are going to be offended, I’d think the bigger concern might be, oh, say, all the fornication and sodomy 😉 ?!?

      In all seriousness, I have no plans or desire to censor what comes out of the guys’ mouths in the heat of sex. That would be ridiculous.

  3. D-Money

    what a twist nothing like taboo and a little bondage to help a scene isaiah seemingly desperate doing what he had to do to get that rent pay and u mike being the dominating DOM seeing Isaiah tied up makes me think of seeing more bondage SM type stuff going be very interesting if this is a trend u keep mike it was quite a great fantasy and even better to see how willing Isaiah went to please his fans!! great update!!

    1. Michael

      Thanks for the encouraging feedback to this latest scene! I’m glad you enjoyed our little taboo experimentation with bondage and spanking.

      Because this scene was so unplanned and last-minute, it didn’t quite turn out like I’d hoped. I think the casting was also part of the problem. For the fetish scenes like this one to work, I think a more outgoing and verbal model is needed – someone who’s really going to struggle and squirm and cry out for mercy. For example, Saint in Punishing Saint. Isaiah is the complete opposite of that.

      But I’m glad you and others have liked it, and I definitely plan to return to this theme again in the future. Hopefully with some advance planning and proper supplies (maybe some actual rope and/or handcuffs, LOL?), the next time will be even hotter and more intense!

  4. FanofIsaiah

    I would love to see Isaiah with Apollo or Migo!!! Better yet all three of them. Please make it happen if you can.

  5. srulez

    Isaiah sexy as hell, but I want to see some hardcore fucking….I want to see some tight straight ass get stretched. lol

  6. Man1234

    Well this is just not my thing. I guess Isaiah needed the more or you offered him so really good money for that. Kind of grosses me out . . . . . Yuck!

  7. Skentae

    Not enough fucking scenes. I keep checking back but with these updates i will not be renewing my membership anytime soon

  8. Michael

    I completely understand that some viewers ONLY want to see hardcore fucking, but anyone who’s been following my work for any length of time knows that BBA has NEVER been the kind of site that offers hardcore fucking in every update.

    Part of this is due to the fact that unlike most other black gay sites, many of the scenes focus on reluctant and inexperienced straight and bi-curious guys who aren’t always willing to fuck or get fucked, at least not right away. I personally think the recent scene between Saint and Apollo had the hotness equivalent of at least a dozen hardcore sex scenes, despite the fact that it lacked any anal penetration (unless you count Saint’s lucky tongue, LOL).

    If you want to see the same models fucking in the same predictable action scenes week after week, there are plenty of other black gay sites that offer that. BBA just isn’t that kind of site, and I’ve always preferred mixing things up by filming a variety of models and scenes that sometimes include solo auditions, oral-only scenes, straight-boy seduction scenes that only focus on dick-sucking and/or ass-eating, and even the occasional fetish scene like this encounter with Isaiah.

    Love it or hate it, you’ve got to admit I do a pretty good job at keeping you guessing from week to week 😉 ! And rarely is one weekend’s update going to be anything like the last!

  9. lovemesomesaint

    This website is among the best, if not the best adult website i have subscribed to. That’s because of the attractive, fit and sexy young black men you have on the site. Having said that…this is the worst scene ever. Nothing personal, but my least favorite scenes are the ones with you Mike in them. And to add bondage which i don’t find at all appealing, well that just made it that much worse for me. I know you have variety, but this boring scene did not do it for me in any way. I know not every scene is going to appeal to everyone, just wanted to add my 2 cents worth on this one. All in all though still a great site.

    1. Michael

      Thanks for sharing your honest opinion and I don’t take it personally. I knew that a fetish-themed scene like this would have a more limited appeal and probably disappoint and even turn off BBA’s more mainstream viewers. This kind of thing comes with the territory when offering a wide variety of content and themes to a rapidly growing but disparate fan base.

  10. Liam

    I have a hard time believing Isaiah is some down on his luck “straight” boy who needs money for miscellaneous and personal reasons. Let’s be real here. He’s a bisexual man who loves sex – and, yes, the money is nice too.

    1. Michael

      You’re certainly free to draw whatever conclusions about the models you’d like. But after knowing him now for over a year, I can honestly say that Isaiah is probably the STRAIGHTEST straight guy I’ve ever worked with, and I think his body of work (watched in chronological order) speaks for itself.

  11. Montez

    Scenes like this are part of the reason I love BBA. I loved the slight bondage aspect of it and the fantasy of having Isaiah’s sexy ass all tied up and at my mercy makes it even hotter. I always love your scenes Mike because I can live vicariously through you. If any of us had the opportunity to tie Isaiah up and have our way with him, we’d jump at the chance to!

  12. Scott O.

    I’m a member of BlackBoyAddictionz and I absolutely love the idea and theme of the entire website. There is an enormous void, in terms of black twinks and black guys in porn in general and you are doing a fine job at helping fill it up.

    I hope you will do more spanking videos like this. There are tons of active websites online created solely to celebrate young black guys’ asses (and even blogs about them being spanked). I get the sense that you have the open opportunity to supply these buying customers with rich and hot videos of black guys getting taken over the knee and spanked. Maybe this could possibly open up a brand avenue for the website. Just an idea.

    1. decaturbaby

      You have got to be kidding.. I would quickly leave this site if I saw 2 more of these spanking videos… Don’t listen to him Michael. You know I’m a fan of your site, and I know that these type of videos are few and far between… as are the ones that you appear in too…. so I’m not upset, because I know you’ll give me something that I love soon enough.

      1. Man1234

        I agree, not my thing at all. Mike I know you like to try different things every once in a while and the solo scenes and the dick sucking without fucking scenes and the ones like this one are all things you like to do, but if this turns into a fetish site with bondage etc. I will be out as well, just not my thing.

        That being said, it is clear that many of us have our preferences, that we don’t always see every week and I guess variety is the spice of life. I will wait patiently until you get back to the stuff I really like (don’t take too long LOL). One request is to see AB take some dick again perhaps from Beno or Lil Tiga, someone who will really put it on him.


      2. Dale

        Get the f*ck outta here Decaturbaby!! It aint your thing and thats fine. Personally, I dont like all the ass-eating that I see in porn sites. Eating someones shit-hole is disgusting. But thats MY opinion. I dont harrass owners of sites about taking it out of their vids. This site does not and SHOULD NOT revolve around you and what you want, dude!! Get over it. I liked this update, and its the reason i have decided to RE-Join! So Mike, dont listen to him!!!! You are a business man and caters to everyone. Im not gonna like EVERY update, and thats fine. Really!!!! It’s ok.

  13. David Kutchara

    I honestly think this was a somewhat disappointing update for me. Not really my thing but that’s okay you can’t please everyone with every scene!

    Can you give us some hints on what kinds of things and models we can expect to see in the upcoming weeks?

  14. Dre

    I love the site and i’m not sensitive at all, but I hated seeing a white man having a black man tied up by his hands and ankles. It’s just creepy to me and I’m not hypersensitive to things at all. Besides that, this was boring. Michael, I enjoy you behind the camera directing the most. This scene was a snoozefest.

    1. 4shetl

      …Yeh Dre, I’m going to have to agree with you… I [too] was uncomfortable with this scene… I cannot determine my discomfort is because of the ‘white on black’ bondage: OR just because it wasn’t any good? Anyway… I look forward to Michael championing his efforts for a better shoot AND delivery in the near future…

    2. Michael

      I understand where you’re coming from, and I’m sorry to hear that you strongly disliked the scene. I know it’s probably stating the obvious, but you definitely weren’t the intended audience for this type of scene 😉 .

      Some people share the same negative reaction to any scene in which a black male gets fucked by a white male. Just keep in mind that what might be off-putting or even disturbing to you can be intensely erotic and arousing to others. If there wasn’t an audience for these types of videos, I wouldn’t keep making them.

      1. 4shetl

        …on the contrary MG… It’s was because of your interaction with ‘Shyne’ (and others) that I joined way back… So blacks getting fucked by whites is a turn on for me… AND as much as I appreciate seeing the average looking guy in a seen fucking, this one was not my favorite!

        1. Michael

          Sorry for the confusion. My comment was intended as a reply to “Dre,” but the blog formatting made it look like I was replying to you.

          But I hear what you’re saying, and I agree that this scene could have been better. See my earlier reply to “D-Money” for more of my personal take on this scene.

  15. Reggie

    Don’t listen to the haters Mike. Keep doing what your doing. these scenes are hot, and I for one want to see you tie up and spank more of the boys – Apollo or Stephon next maybe?

    Love your work Mike!

  16. srulez

    I think that you should do a preview of what is to coming for the next update each week via video, but if not video at least a picture of what is to come similar to what you did a few weeks ago with the Apollo and Saint update.

  17. DJ

    People are so foolish with their comments. They need to recognize the difference between “hate” and giving true and honest feedback. We all “like” BBA that’s the reason that most of us signed up as members. With that being said, we are definitely entitled to express our opinions.

    Personally I was Impressed by the Apollo-Saint scene! However it was not worth a dozen scenes, as stated before in a previous post. Let’s not get beside ourselves. The more recent scenes, especially the Bondage scene, I could have done without. This is porn, give the people what they want. (Yes! That means you too Michael!) it’s been long overdue for you to give up the ass!!! I mean you have been the only one that has been on this site for this long without taking dick. You have skated by for long enough. No more “dirty old man” scenes. We aren’t interested in that any longer! Seriously! Push yourself! Step it up! Take it to the next level sheesh! #alllovebro

    1. Michael

      While I’ve always welcomed constructive criticism and tried to make BBA the kind of site that viewers with a variety of types and tastes can enjoy, I also try not to get too caught up in that whole “give the viewers what they want” mentality. All one has to do is read through the blog comments on any random scene to see just how wildly and almost comically contradictory the feedback can be.

      It’s been that way from the very beginning. Some viewers love my black-only scenes but wish I’d always stay behind the camera. Then there are fans of my interracial scenes who complain that the black-only scenes are too conventional and boring. A model that is unappealing to one viewer might be another viewer’s new favorite. Some viewers love the gay twinks, while others only want to see the more athletic straight guys. Some viewers want to see toes and bare feet, while others want to see the guys fuck with their socks on. You get the idea, LOL….

      If I’ve had any one guiding business philosophy/principle over the years, it’s been to film the types of models and scenes that turn ME on the most, and trust that there are plenty of others who are turned on by the same types of models and themes. I think this approach has been an important factor behind BBA’s success, and continues to be my approach to this day.

      It’s obviously tough trying to update the site EVERY WEEK, and with that kind of pace of production, it’s inevitable that there will be hits and misses, and not every scene is going to turn out like I might hope or be an overnight classic. I’ll take it as a compliment that you only had to go back a couple weeks to recall a scene you really enjoyed, as opposed to several months or even YEARS as is the case with some sites. And I will continue striving to introduce hot new faces and exciting new scenes in the weeks and months to come, and hopefully some of them will be more to your liking.

      (Just don’t lose any sleep waiting for me to bottom 😉 ….)

      1. Pascal

        Since you like to keep things ‘unexpected’ and you’ve already done two of these, how about the next time you‘re the one that gets to ‘suffer’ at the hands of a model fit for the job?

        Also since you think opinions can be diametrically opposed, why don’t you hold a poll on here or the tumblr to see how subscribers would welcome an update with you bottoming? You could gauge interest and shut the mouths of those pesky people interested in witnessing that (personally I’m voting for Migo to do the deed 😉 )

  18. Skentae

    Michael they way you talk you act like you do not appreciate your customers. Just remember if it was not for them your website would not be a success. Just my opinion and i know u can’t please everyone

    1. Michael

      Please don’t mistake a difference of opinion for a lack of respect or appreciation for BBA’s members and fans. I doubt you’ll find another site owner out there who works harder or cares more about delivering the hottest possible models and content week after week, and hopefully my body of work taken as a whole reflects that.

      If you’re reacting to my previous comment, I was just trying to make the point that from the very beginning, BBA has been inspired and driven by MY fantasies and turn-ons and tastes….MY “black boy addictions” if you will….and if I let myself get bogged down in worrying too much about every contradictory request or complaint from a rapidly growing and diverse customer base, BBA would turn into something very different over time.

      That’s not to say I don’t still listen to and value viewer feedback, because I definitely do, and my model and scene priorities are certainly influenced by that. But I also take it all with a grain of salt and try to keep in mind that no model or scene is ever going to please every viewer. Hope that makes sense 😉 ?

      1. DonCastillo

        I’ve been waiting for you to say that. I’ve been following you and your videos on and off since 07 back when you promoted them on Xtube. The main reason I was attracted was the fact that it was a perverse, older guy on a sexy young late teens black dude…fuck yeah. I didn’t watch for you, I envisioned myself in your place. All these whiners and naggin bitches are just envious.. They know what they signed up for. …Any how, the bdsm was cool but shoulda been more and I understand why it wasn’t. Make yourself happy Mike…You lucky bastard 😉

  19. bmam

    I have criticized your content in the past HOWEVER I give credit where it is due and this post and the past few have been good and what I am use to seeing when on your site.

    This scene does not look like your best work but it is in line with the core of the site and what makes this site so unique and kinky. I have not seen the scene yet but the blog post alone makes me want to sign up again.

    I don’t expect Isaiah to be an eager beaver to being used and played with as a human sex toy but that is what makes it kinda hot. Keep up the good work. Over the past few scenes since I cancelled I’ve seen

    A. An intriguing inter-racial scene
    B. A hot solo model
    C. A great black on black scene


  20. enigma

    Mike, PLEASE stay behind the camera. Your endowment leaves alot to be desired, and you have little to no sex appeal. It’s just very very creepy to watch. However, you have great taste in models and always pair them TOGETHER well. I think if you stuck to that formula, the site would be much better. If you must have interracial content, at least get a younger, attractive white guy to pair with the black models. The creep factor is just too much. I won’t even touch on how inappropriate the bondage was.

    1. chucke1

      Does the word insult, hit home! It is his site and I actually enjoy some of the updates with him in them, especially with Saint and Isaiah. Michael don’t go anywhere!!!!

      1. robert

        I will add that Mike isn’t the biggest downstairs but fucks the shit out of the str8 guys when given the opportunity. Even better than some of the biggest dicks. Whenever Mike is in a scene I know I am gonna get a great fuck, ass mouth or both. Trust, he ain’t going nowhere!

  21. Who-Dat

    Not hating just giving my opinion…the last 2 updates get a 2 out of 10…when I say that you do indeed have 1 of the best sites out there, then that’s what I expect when it comes to the updates… (your best)…but nevertheless I still look forward each week for a new update…you can’t be surprised if I’m saying that you have 1 of the best sites, then you don’t deliver, of course I’m going to be disappointed….

  22. Chris C

    I like most of your movies! But the one’s with you in them I by pass them. I no offense but seeing you fucking an rimming black men is gross! Maybe YOU should bottom in some of these scenes? An the guy”s you have fucked an return the favor on you? Think about it? Now that would be HOTTTTTTT!!!!!!!

  23. Dale

    Wow! I just read these comments. And im gonna make it real plain…Y’all niggahs are wack!! (Yes i said that word. THAT was even criticized). I cant believe how rude and opinionated people are. Sounds like a bunch of fake-a** CEOs trying to make decisions for someone else’s company. Mike has been patient, cause I would have shut this blog down a long time ago. If you are offended by my comment, then you are the one that Im referring to! IF YOU DONT LIKE THE CONTENT, GO START YOUR OWN SITE, AND SHOW WHATEVER YOU WANT!! Of course, you would have to stop jackin off first! Mike you do a great job!! you have gone thru hell, (some scary sh*t too) to bring us good looking black dudes on camera, which is missing in porn. And to have these dudes criticizing every move you make, is f*ckin annoying and bitchy. I know you cant say it, cause you are a business man….so let me say it. “Get a life!!!”

  24. Simon

    Isaiah is not good looking he is a Queen weak brother. The best looking Black Mens on this Blog is Apollo, Staxx, Migo, Saint, Cordell, Day Day, Freaky J, real Black Mens.

  25. Flo

    Hey Michael,

    I really like the bondage videos and I think you should think about doing more like that. Guys I like to see in bondage: Apollo, Cameron, Collin, Dee Weezy, Eureka, King, Lil Tyga and Samuel.

    Some of them have perfect bodies for that.

  26. Drake

    Really like the scene!! Isaiah is very sexy even if he is a little ridged. Nothing wrong with a little lite bondage. Wouldn’t mind to see more scenes like this one.

  27. ricoo20

    I love this video is so hot ! i miss more interracial scenes with you on them Micheal galleta …. love how you make those big guys so submissive is perfect ! make a new video with him 5 years older mmm I bet he is way better bottom now

  28. Hugoboy1

    Very sexy video michael! You and Isaiah have great chemistry and it shows on screen! The racial differences between you two make the video so erotic and enticing. I get off to this video 📹 frequently because of the passion and kinkyness in it! Please make more with Isaiah in the future.


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