Website Update: Introducing Cordell

Cordell is a spontaneous and outgoing 23-year-old who enjoys bowling, going out to clubs, and working out at the gym at least four times a week.

A mix of Black and Indian, and originally from the Caribbean, Cordell has the kind of exotic good looks and sexy accent that will no doubt seduce many viewers. He also happens to be a refreshingly confident and masculine gay male who isn’t scared or ashamed to admit his attraction to men. Like most guys, he’s always fantasized about doing porn, and lucky for us, he’s decided to turn that fantasy into a reality here at BBA!

Enjoy a front-row seat for Cordell’s exclusive solo debut as he introduces himself to BBA’s viewers and later strips out of his clothes to reveal his sculpted young body to the world for the VERY FIRST TIME!

Cordell 2

Before his “audition” is over, this sexy Island stud shows off EVERY INCH of his athletic body, including his rippling six-pack, a big uncut dick, and smooth bubble-butt that you’ll no doubt want to reach through your screen to grab, taste, and FUCK.

This turns out to be no ordinary audition and things take an interesting and unexpected turn when Cordell gets a little camera-shy and ends up needing a “helping hand” to finish the shoot….

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18 comments on “Website Update: Introducing Cordell
  1. D-Money

    Cordell is a keeper!!! The first solo where a true gay man needed and WANTED your expert touch to relax him!!! Great sexy island appeal and for some reason I see Beno Apollo or even Taye being a sexy match to explore that phat bubble butt of his a whole lot further!! I swear Mike you said 2015 was going a big year on models and dammit if you aint hitting the nail on the head with the new crop this year!!!!

    Great Great update!!! I’ve watched four times already amazed at his tats bubble azz and sexy island appearance……….

  2. Man1234

    Of course these updates with no action bore me, but I know there is more to come so I am okay with it. Cordell is very attractive and it will be fun to see what he will do. Body is hot! Keep it coming Mike!

  3. PapaBear

    To me this guy is amazing…in that I know he is a freak and will make some hot action scenes. I am really looking forward to some hot match ups with Cordell!!

  4. DC

    I’m the biggest critic on this site all you are is wrong this guy didn’t do a damn thing it was a waste of time only five or ten minutes of b*********** around yo no tell me about starting your damn face he’s fine as f*** but that’s about it

  5. SIMON

    CORDELL is beyond phine ten plus body,ass,face he is Beautiful. Would love to see CORDELL get fuck in the ass by APOLLO, STAXX, MIGO and also you MICHAEL GALLETTA make it possible Mike.

  6. js

    Didn’t think I would like Cordell when I saw his pix on the update. However, what a surprise! He is charming, adorable, sexy – and that smile! Michael, you need to finish what you started with him!!

  7. Jamal

    Could you please do a scene with Isaiah and Apollo. they can both flip flop or whatever and then can we see a bonus scene with Isaiah and Apollo with a female.

  8. srulez

    This was a nice update, but still not the biggest fan of the solo scenes. Just rather see hot ass fucking.

    I am ready for Apollo to get fucked already. I also can not wait to see Cordell get fucked soon as he is almost as sexy as Apollo.

    What has happen to Randy? There has been no updates with him in a long time. I want to see him take more dick.

    It would be hot if Michael fucked Apollo and Isaiah in the same scene or Apollo and Cordell in the same scene.

  9. Tori Fan

    Just saw Cordell and he is HOT! Thanks for the toe shots….I know it was for me. Now, let’s get him FUCKED. Who though? I know you got some ideas in mind. Who can get up in that ass and make him nut like he did today?


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