Website Update: Apollo – The Next Level

Apollo: The Next Level
If you’d asked me just a few months ago if I ever thought I’d end up working with another straight model as open-minded and eager to please his viewers as Saint, I would have replied with an emphatic HELL NO. But believe it or not, I think Saint might have finally met his match in BBA’s new fan favorite Apollo!

In addition to both being ex-Army guys and fathers of young sons, Apollo and Saint share a similar positive attitude when it comes to their unconventional means of earning an income.

Knowing just how much these two hot guys have in common, I couldn’t wait to pair them together and when Apollo recently surprised me by agreeing to try some major new things, I knew Saint would be the perfect “tour guide” for this type of “gay for pay” exploration!

Don’t miss this unforgettable encounter between two of BBA’s most attractive and popular models as Saint eagerly tests the sculpted straight ex-Army guy’s boundaries and takes him to the NEXT LEVEL!

Saint Shows Apollo the MIssouri River

The scene starts out with both guys walking and talking next to the Missouri River one recent chilly Spring morning.

Saint tries to get a better understanding of what Apollo’s agreed to do in the scene, and he gives the new model an entertaining “pep talk” about how much he’s learned and grown over his past couple years here at BBA.

Apollo and Saint
The guys head back to the hotel where Apollo admits he has “butterflies” but says he’s finally ready to take things to the NEXT LEVEL.

“I’m a straight guy ACTING gay!” Apollo explains, summing up his approach to making his scenes with other guys hot. “I’ll be the gayest person you ever want me to be!”

Saint is more than ready to put Apollo’s “acting” skills to the test, and before he knows it, Apollo is kissing another man for the VERY FIRST TIME….

Apollo's First Kiss
Saint's Sloppy-Wet Head
Saint seductively kisses his way down Apollo’s muscular body and treats him to one of his SLOPPIEST and WETTEST blowjobs so far, showing his ambitious new protege how it’s done.

But the moment we’ve all been waiting for finally comes when it’s time for Apollo to drop to his knees and return the favor!

I don’t want to spoil too many of this scene’s hot surprises, other than to say that if you’re able to make it to the end of this scene without busting at least two or three “nutts,” then you’re a far stronger person than I was while editing the footage 😉 !

Apollo: The Next Level

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Saints Gets A Taste of Apollo

24 comments on “Website Update: Apollo – The Next Level
  1. DC

    Mike I like the scene very much but the reason I pay for this site is to see the models get f***** and give up that boy pussy I would give it a 9 but that’s the reason I pay for this site and if Apollo gives up that ass the person 2 do it is Staxx he is fine and he have a big dick and he know how to use it and his s*** stay hard

  2. decaturbaby

    You have been on a roll lately Michael, that was easily a 10 out of 10… I enjoyed everything about this scene, starting with the conversations at the beginning, to the kissing, the sucking, the ass eating, the cum shots facials, and how they both ate the cum… Oh yeah, did I also mention the “ass eating”.. omg that was great.. and Apollo sucked dick like he enjoyed it.. he was tasting that dick, and it felt good in his mouth.. and I loved when he said in the end while in the bathroom wiping the cum off of his mouth and face.. “it wasn’t bad.. it wasn’t bad”… This was the best scene I’ve seen on here, and I’ve seen a lot of good ones….. I look forward to the next one…. Thanks

  3. Pascal

    You’ve been so good with not directing your camera in the direction of any underfed twink since the start of the year that I thought I’d say thank you and re-up. Don’t fail me now! 😉

    Anyway I liked this update where everybody looked comfortable with what they were asked to do. And I’m always there for some wet-wet-wet rimming. More rimming always!

  4. lonleyman

    This scene was hot. Apollo is a true star. I give this 20 out of 10. To say this scene had no sex it was hot. Saint best scene to date. Waiting on part 2 saint takes down apollo. Great job mg

  5. Stoned Mountain

    Saint may be your pain in the ass, but he is also your prime asset. The Saint is brilliant at what he does. When he got Apollo, APOLLO, to suggest “it’s acting,” it was on. And even prettyboy was unbuttoning. Damn. Even I was ready to grab the wallet and pay! LOL

    Great show. BRAVO!

  6. D-Money

    well damn mike i knew eventually these two was going to get together but what a damn surprise at how oral these two was!!! that was the wettest bj Ive ever seen saint put down on cam and by the way big props to apollo for his first bj it wasnt bad at all and by the way A+++++ on the big azz eating section my fav part of the vid for me was definitely that along with that passionate but masc fucking to me you could had filmed that azz eating all day and i would been satisfied mike!!!! damn why do i see majesty and apollo and saint in a hottt azz 3 way with special surprise guest beno!!! I know just know hes gotta wanna get at one of those 2 newbies and break them in proper BENO STYLE!!!!!

  7. DMV Fan


    Apollo the Next Level was absolutely FABULOUS!!!

    My heart was beating so fast, I thought I was getting ready to pass out!

    I loved every second of it!!!!

  8. Mitch

    Absolutely love this movie… Bravo!! Apollo is super hot…I envy Saint… for real !!

    Well done Michael, that was a brilliant idea. Thanks for the multiple nuts !..-:).. This has become my second favorite movie, behind Majesty and the monster….

  9. LB

    Mike that was absolutely great. I noticed that Apollo did not say, “No” to getting fucked. He kind of played around with that. I would love to see that happen next. But this scene was too passionate that I just watch it every day. I feel like those two was really digging each other. hint hint.

  10. Slim

    Apollo is probably the greatest BBA model ever. He is exceptionally good looking, exceptionally well built, and best of all, exceptionally open with his sexuality in a way that is awe inspiring. He expresses zero discomfort with the intimacy he shows in the scene, from kissing to dick sucking to getting his ass devoured. No model in BBA history has ever been such a natural in front of a camera with zero hangups about labels like “gay” or “straight” — clearly, this brotha is all about enjoying himself without any of that.

  11. Kina1

    Wow this scene was so fucking hot & passionate I loved every minute & every second of the kissing, sucking dick, eating ass & the cumshots Apollo took the cum to the face like a g lol & Saint wow man.

    Now for Apollo’s first time at sucking dick he did an amazing job & Saint gave the wettest sloppiest head I ever seen & I can tell he was really into it & he know’s how to eat ass good cause Apollo was enjoying it.

    I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next but I’m hoping for it to be Apollo & Saint flip-flop or a 3 sum though lol.Thank you MG and keep it coming with these hot scene’s cause I’m loving it.

  12. MCCANE

    Excellent! I would give it a 15 out of 10. If you continue to produce videos like this you will take this website to another level. I loved this video and look forward to the next. Both actors were excellent and deserve a bonus.

  13. Dave

    Hot scene but Saint should have fucked Apollo as agree with all the others that Apollo should bottom soonest and the sooner the better!

  14. Kevin

    Apollo is one of the sexiest model I’ve seen to date…he remind me so much of Pornstar Jermany…the only reason I subscribed to the site was to see him and do the freaky NEW thing each time I see him…he gives me life! LOL…I hope to see more of him soon and hopefully him taking dick for the first time, even though I enjoyed seeing him TOP!

  15. DanE

    Michael, while I enjoyed Apollo’s recent video I am now ready to view him take the dick. Would have enjoyed it more had it been in a bedroom, the audio with the models is bad enough in your apartment more of the movies the models are speaking so low I cant hear or understand them. Michael when will we see more of Rico, thats my love or even AB?

  16. DanE

    Mike, my re-write, I thought I was responding to Apollo in the car, forgive me that Apollo and Saint video was awsome, the only thing missing was the fucking. When will these two flip on each other? Saint was at his best, mybe Apollo made him step up his game he was on point for sure. Can you get the models to speak up, in some videos the audio is terrible Keep up the good work.

  17. AlexB86

    Apollo is fukkn’ Cute! I mean dude is sexy as hell, I’m a lost for words. I came like 3 times. 1ce from the kissin( yes the kissin), and then from Apollo given head( low-key that can’t be his 1st time, really), and last the ass eatin( Saint was eatin like that was his last meal or sumthin)…. My only negative critique is why’s saint ALWAYS ashy? That makes him seems kinda dirty!


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