Michael In The Movies (2016 Version)


Thanks for the enthusiastic feedback from so many of you in response to my recent scene with Bandit! I’m thrilled and flattered to hear that so many of you are enjoying this scene.

To those of you complaining about me appearing in a very relatively small handful of BBA’s scenes, I fully understand that these types of scenes will ALWAYS be controversial and unappealing to some. It would be ridiculous for me to expect these types of scenes to turn on every BBA viewer, and I totally get and respect that seeing me in the scenes will inevitably disappoint and even repulse many viewers.

What I find to be hypocritical and annoying, however, is when people take this criticism to the next level by acting like their personal disgust is universally shared, complaining about me sadistically “subjecting” them to these scenes, and basically demanding that I cater to their more conventional tastes with every scene that I post.

Believe it or not, there’s a large and passionate audience for these types of scenes. All you have to do is skim the blog and website comments to see that there are MANY viewers who not only don’t share your aversion and disgust, but actually ENJOY this type of unique and taboo content! Like it or not, literally thousands of people all over the planet have been busting hot “nutts” to me popping Bandit’s cherry within the past 48 hours.

Those of you criticizing my body and looks are COMPLETELY MISSING THE POINT. I’m not suffering from some kind of delusion that makes me think I’m the next Brad Pitt or God’s gift to gay porn, LOL. I don’t take any of these insults personally because I’ve never claimed to be anything other than a pale, average-looking, out-of-shape, balding, corny/nerdy white guy with a relatively small/average dick who happens to have an incurable “black boy addiction” and decided several years ago to share that addiction with my fellow addicts 😉 . 

In other words, you’re not SUPPOSED to find me attractive, and the CONTRAST between my age and looks with those of the models is kind of the whole point, LOL!


I’ve proposed a theory several times on this blog in the past that those who most viscerally despise my “dirty old man” scenes tend to be “bottoms” or “versatile bottoms” while those who enjoy them the most tend to be “tops” or “versatile tops.” Because at the end of the day, porn is primarily about a process of IDENTIFICATION and living vicariously through the performers on the screen.

So if your main interest as a porn viewer is watching hung, attractive “tops” and picturing yourself in the place of the lucky “bottoms” being fucked by them, then nine times out of ten you’re going to dislike seeing me in the scenes. On the other hand, if you are primarily IDENTIFYING WITH and envying rather than lusting after the “top,” these types of scenes will be much more arousing and appealing for you.

For those open-minded viewers with a sincere interest in better understanding why I film these types of scenes, below is a re-post of my reflections on this topic from a few years ago, attempting to explain the reasoning behind these types of scenes and their place in a long history and popular genre going back decades in both gay and straight porn:

I just wanted to take a moment and respond to the recent complaints from several of you about my participation in some of the scenes.

BBA has always featured a wide variety of models and themes. In an older blog entry, I compared my diverse collection of movies to an all-you-can-eat buffet.

I realize that this variety can be frustrating for viewers who only enjoy one type of scene or another. Some people love the interracial and “gay for pay” scenes but think the black-only scenes are conventional and boring. Other people enjoy the black-only scenes but think my interracial scenes are unappealing and even offensive.

At the end of the day, everyone has different tastes and I am never going to be able to please every viewer all of the time!

Noah's Ass
Anyone who’s been following my work from the very beginning knows that one of BBA’s basic themes has always been the taboo fantasy of an older white man exploring his “addiction” to younger black males….and more uniquely, his addiction to young black male ass (“white men need ass too!”).

As I clearly advertise in the site’s preview area: “If you’re turned on by the idea of an older white cameraman enjoying the ripe young bodies of his black-boy models, I’m confident you’ll enjoy my movies!”

Wanna Fuck My Black Ass?
Now I can certainly understand and respect that these types of scenes are not going to be everybody’s cup of tea. My interracial scenes always have been and always will be controversial. The recent comments left by some of you on the blog are actually pretty mild and tame compared to some of the hostile things I’ve heard over the years.

I’ve been called just about every name in the book, usually by jealous, bitter queens upset that I pull hotter black boys than them, LOL. I’ve even received death threats from people who hate the very idea of any black male bending over for a hard white dick!


Stephon Surrenders His Ass
So negative reactions to me being in the scenes is nothing new.

But let me make something very clear: I never have and never will let complaints, insults, and objections stop me from making the kind of unique and taboo porn that turns me (and many others) on!

If you dislike the scenes in which I perform with the models, DON’T WATCH THEM!!! It’s really that simple.

Michael Fucks Mookiie
I understand that some of you don’t mind the interracial themes overall, but are unable to enjoy my encounters with the boys because you’re turned off by my body and looks. I’m not offended by any of these comments, as I’ve never pretended to be a “porn star” or have a model’s good looks. I’ve never claimed to be anything other than an older, average-looking white guy exploring his attraction to younger black males.

Those of you posting comments criticizing my looks are entitled to your opinion, but you’re also *completely missing the point!* 

These scenes were never intended to be about my body or looks, except to the extent that my pasty-white skin, out-of-shape body, nerdy average looks, etc. are part of the taboo fantasy. I strongly disagree with the assumption that every participant in every gay porn scene needs to be in-shape and attractive for it to be hot.

Blacks On Daddies
I personally don’t care how old or unattractive or even hung the “top” in a scene happens to be as long as one of the guys (preferably the one in the submissive role) is young, masculine, and attractive. That’s because I’m identifying with (and envying) the guy doing the fucking, not lusting after him. In fact, as I’ve discussed many times on this blog in the past, sometimes the contrast itself between old/young, white/black, gay/straight, ugly/attractive, etc. is the very thing that turns me on the most!

My “dirty old man” scenes have never been about my body or looks. They are ultimately about the viewer *identifying with* and envying me, similar to straight guys watching straight porn and identifying with the oftentimes average-looking, older guys getting to fuck the hot young females.

My New White Stepdaddy
I’ve never been able to understand why gay guys aren’t more like straight guys when it comes to watching porn. I assume that most heterosexual men watching straight porn aren’t attracted to the men in straight porn, many of whom are old, out of shape, unattractive, etc. (Just look at Ron Jeremy, for example, LOL).

But straight guys don’t complain about unattractive guys being in the scenes because their focus is on the hot young females and they are imagining themselves in the place of the men lucky enough to enjoy their tempting young bodies.

Craving Kenny
Last but not least, it’s funny to me how people only see what they want to see when it comes to my interracial scenes. Those of you complaining about my scenes looking like rape, exploitation, molestation, etc., conveniently ignore the fact that in many of my interracial scenes, the hot young black guy is just as turned on by me as I am by him!

Just look at my encounters with guys like Tori, Eddie, Kenny, and Mookiie for examples of scenes where the black models’ dicks are rock-hard throughout most of the scene, and the sexual chemistry is unmistakable and intense.

I’m certainly not claiming that all of my interracial scenes are like this, but some of you would be surprised to know just how many times I’ve actually had to turn down a model’s off-camera advances and tell him to save it for the camera 😉 !

As much as some of you don’t want to believe it, the whole “white daddy with black boy” fetish can and frequently does work both ways!

Michael Fucks Eddie
If you’re one of BBA’s viewers who would prefer that I stay out of the scenes, I understand and respect your opinion. But I also have no plans to abandon one of the basic themes of the site.

If you’re *only* interested in predictable porn scenes starring eager hot black guys having sex with each other, to the point that you can’t just ignore the scenes that you don’t like, then BBA probably isn’t the website for you.

And if my participation in some of the scenes bothers you that much, there are plenty of other porn sites out there better suited to your more conventional tastes!

50 comments on “Michael In The Movies (2016 Version)
  1. JoWilfried

    Michael, you’re the website owner.. You can do whatever you want.. Some members are still questioning your participation in some scenes.. But it’s not on a regular basis.. I learned already why BBA exists..
    Guys, be cool.. More surprises coming soon..
    “Stay tuned!”

    1. Eagerbeaver

      Yea me too Mike.. I think these people CLEARLY havent been with u since the beginning when all u had was Beno tori kenny and dude with the dreds.. Cant remember his name.. But i dont feel like you should go this far in explaining.. These lil trollops are just jumping on the bandwagon without fully checking it out first.. Me and Jo already know wassup and we have come to terms with that a long time ago… People just need to come correct or Spend they money elsewhere..

      1. JoWilfried

        The concept of BBA is very clearly explained on this site.. It’s self explanatory how the scenes were done. In fairness, Michael recruited hot models and one of them is APOLLO.

  2. KayJay

    Mike I honestly think there is no need to defend your decision to participate in the scenes. It’s part of the BBA brand. I get that even though i prefer “black-on-black” scenes .

    The personal attacks however, are mean-spirited and cowardly. I hope you will consider not posting comments from bullies and COWARDS that attack and insult you shielded by the anonymity of this blog.

    This is a great porn website and I’m hoping that you are not considering changing it.

  3. Joseph Kelly

    You recently showed an excerpt from a video described as first black guy video you ever saw. That was a black star at the time who was strictly a top. One time only he appeared in a video where he lost arm wrestling and was supposed to get fucked but never did! What is the star’s name and where can we see the video where he finally bottoms and apparently to a white daddy!!!!

    1. Michael

      Those gifs that we recently reblogged on the BBA Tumblr are from a 1987 video called “Black Lust, White Passion” starring the black porn star TJ Swann. I’m pretty sure that was the very first interracial gay porn video I ever saw, and was no doubt one of the many major influences on my personal porn tastes which years later would turn into “Black Boy Addictionz.”

      I’m afraid those gifs are a little misleading because TJ Swann doesn’t end up bottoming for the older white guy in that scene. As far as I know, he never bottomed on camera, period. The closest I’ve been able to find is a video called “Black Workout” in which TJ Swann and another black guy play a game of pool as they introduce several other scenes, and near the end TJ drops to his knees and sucks dick, but unfortunately never gets topped. That video ends with the other guy cumming on TJ’s face. Hope this helps!

  4. Rick

    Michael, good explanation for one that wasn’t even needed. Every time you push the envelope (as you did with Bandit), PLENTY of us LOVE it. This is fucking HOT beyond belief.

    As you said, guys who don’t like this stuff can skip it and move on. But the FACT is that a lot of us love it, and we see you getting these beautiful black boys and live vicariously through you. Watching you handle and kiss those beautiful black boy asses is hot as hell…so great to see a whiteboi appreciate a black ass as much as I do.

    And face it, no matter how much these black boys are “coerced,” they’re doing it WILLINGLY. It’s not as if you’re sexually assaulting them. I love the point in these vids where the black boy is CLEARLY turned on by you and wants more. He doesn’t have to say it and won’t say it, but he LOVES your tongue up his ass or his lips on yours. The moment has caught up to him.

    One day you should put together a compilation vid of kissing scenes — all with you and the black boys whose lips you’ve been lucky enough to taste and whose mouths you’ve explored. So fucking hot.

  5. Peter King

    Mike, thanks for this post and an opportunity to respond to it. I generally think you are the best at what you do but a few things concerning this particular topic. Number one, you stated that you only appear in “a very relatively small handful of BBA’s scenes” but that has simply not been the recent trend. If you take a look at the last 12 scenes that you produced, you appear in 4 of them. In fact, if you count the Apollo and Blake Bishop scene as one scene, you have been the model in the most scenes over the course of the last 3 months. Interestingly, prior to this stretch, you only appeared in one scene out of the previous 54 BBA scenes. So clearly, the recent trajectory is of you becoming more involved as a model. Finally, not sure of the accuracy of that statement overall when, as I’m sure you know, you are credited in 67 total scenes– by far the most of any one model.

    Next, you stated, “there’s a large and passionate audience for these types of scenes.” Obviously, no one has access to your email accounts or all the messages you receive via your various social media platforms. The problem I have with this statement though is if they are so large why don’t they take the time to like your profile and the many scenes that you are in? Outside of this scene with Bandit (and like I said previously, a scene with Bandit sitting on a bench and eating an apple would get 100 likes), your highest scene has 117 likes and involves 2 of the highest rated BBA models. Your profile appears on page 6 (and therefore the 61st highest rated model) if you sort by most popular and again, you have appeared in the most scenes ever including many recent scenes.

    And at least anecdotally I am not sure how passionate this audience is either. I do my best to read most of the comments on your blog and in the comments section of the scenes. There is often a groundswell of support and interest in getting various models to do scenes with Bandit, Apollo, Ross, Isaiah, Blake Bishop, and Saint. When a new model arrives for their solo or first scene, I see comments about wanting them to do scenes with those referenced models fairly frequently. I even remember Beno fans getting fairly passionate about him doing a scene even now. I don’t remember there being this same groundswell for you– at least from my experience. But, I could be wrong.

    In addition, the group of “literally thousands of people all over the planet” would in all likelihood still have appreciated this scene with someone else “popping Bandit’s cherry.” The way in which you are judging the success of your scene is questionable. If 3,000 people appreciated you topping Bandit, but 1,800 people find it unappealing you have netted far fewer than simply having a high rated model top Bandit and getting 4,800 people to appreciate the same scene. Let’s be clear: the vast majority of the same 3,000 people would appreciate the same scene type with another model– without the absolute dissension of the 1,800—and also many of the 3,000 would possibly enjoy the scene even more with another model with Bandit. Of course, this is all conjecture on my part, but something tells me there is a good chance that if Bandit does bottom again with another model many more people would be more receptive.

    As the saying goes, “Don’t pee my leg and tell me it’s raining!” I have a theory that you make almost nothing for producing these weekly scenes. That all subscription money goes back into equipment, travel, hotel accommodations, food, and of course paying the models themselves. So what is in it for you if not financial? Producing scenes like this, of course. Sure you want to produce great content, but payment for you are the scenes in which you are intimately apart. I, for one, really don’t see anything wrong with this. It’s your website, you built it, put up the financial and human capital, and therefore should find ways to enjoy it. But let us not pretend it is raining outside when all you’re doing is peeing.

    1. Michael

      You’re welcome to believe whatever ridiculous “theory” you’d like, and nothing I say in response will probably convince you otherwise.

      But I have no reason to lie about any of this. I was fucking hot black boys long before I ever started BBA, and I’ll probably be doing the same thing long after BBA closes up shop. If my scenes with the models were my primary “payment” for running BBA, I could just as easily fuck them OFF camera, and with a lot less hassle and drama and stress.

      Besides, if your theory were true, that would be a pretty pathetic payment package considering the fact that in OVER TWO YEARS of nearly weekly updates, I’ve only appeared in ten scenes total, and only five if you’re talking about any actual oral and/or anal action. That is what was meant by a “relatively small handful” of BBA’s scenes.

      As I’ve already recently pointed out on this blog, the scene and model “likes” aren’t a fair or accurate way to judge the overall popularity of the models and scenes, especially the older models and scenes, since that feature was only introduced last October with the launch of the newly redesigned site and disproportionately favors the newer models and scenes released within the past year over the older models and scenes hidden away in the archives and only viewed (and rated) by a smaller number of BBA’s members.

      Of course my older/younger interracial scenes are never going to have the same kind of mass/mainstream appeal as the more conventional black-only scenes. That’s not at all what I was claiming to be the case!

      But BBA never has been and never will be a mainstream site that tries to cater to the masses. Hell, if appealing to the largest possible audience and making as much money as possible were my top priorities, I’d be filming straight porn or running a “white” site like Sean Cody or Corbin Fisher, not some amateur black gay website called “Black Boy Addictionz” 😛 .

      Like I’ve said from Day #1, my main interest has always been to create the kind of unique and high-quality amateur porn that I always wanted to see but few other producers seemed willing or able to make. And whether you like it or not, or even whether you choose to BELIEVE it or not, this type of content has an audience whose interest and support has played a major role in BBA’s current success.

      1. Dre

        Crap! We deal with you in the scenes. I can do without it. I deal with it an say “another wasted Thursday.” It’s your site. X get your freak on. Oh, you are making money. It’s a good site. U r a smart white man… U r making money and getting some good black ass. Wh y don’t you bottom with two models. I like that. Lol

    2. KayJay

      @ Peter King
      This is “classic hate.” It sounds like you’re jealous! And you obviously don’t have enough to do.

      I think the bottom line response to your rants and raves is that you don’t like Mike appearing in the scenes. Well you should know by now that’s not going to change.

      Please do us all a favor and do like the rest of us. Enjoy the scenes that you like and don’t watch the scenes you don’t like. Or, go find a site more to your liking.

      Whatever you decide, do it SOON!

    3. Jamitis28

      Very well said Peter. And I love the way you did your analysis without any harsh language or condescending remarks. Funny in parts too. Lol

      Good job!

  6. cocopop

    Bandit must have been one of those turned on by that white daddy with black boy experience, cause his dick was rock hard from start to actually taking dick in the ass. There was some reason his dick was that hard even before the pants came off, he was never that hard with Zadian where he had to work to get it up. Mike I know the viewers (Zadian haters) are going to hate me, but why not allow Zadian to be the first black dick Bandit takes, or maybe Julien. Enjoyed it, make it happen soon.

  7. Willin

    Yeah, i saw some of the other scenes you were in, Bandit just looked like he didnt have a choice. So i was uncomfortable. Not that you was in it, but that he didnt have any choice in the matter. Then he said he wanted to be the top after. But he needed the money, so as long as he need it then pound them cakes. Ole boy is nasty too….that got me going a little bit. See if Zadian can flip flop.

        1. Erickson25

          But Julien doesn’t need bail money, and doing pretty good on his own. He also doesn’t “look poor” LMBO, Bandit looks hood, and when you exposed him as ” one of the most money motivated” I knew then it was a matter of time… Then you said he was locked up…. I did respond to that, and i know you read it because you posted it…

            1. cocopop

              They all state in their interview that they are into women, only into women. Rico for example, was constantly speaking of his girlfriend. Didn’t stop him from giving in, even in his reluctant, disgust to what he was doing. He sucked the dick, took the dick and still loved women. Got married, came back after 3 years, got beat down for real this time, dick hard before it came out his pants, dick hard J/o while suck n off Saint. Layed up w legs spread eagle, dick still hard. J/O. So whether Julien chose to give in and bottom I cant say, didn’t think Bandit would eventually bottom. Julien like all the other str8 gays venture to respond to BBA , fuck another guy, are motivated by money, yes he has his own thing going. I too have been following him, he has been reaching out to TS sites, other gay as well as female sites. He’s also stated he has an upcoming shoot here on BBA.

            2. Erickson25

              I really don’t believe we will see anymore of Julien anymore here. He is aware of what will happen if he comes back. He’s very intelligent.

              1. cocopop

                He is very intelligent, and I admire these young guys with enough ambition to do what he’s did if this is the industry you chose.. I’m just stating what was said by Julien himself on his twitter page, responding to someone bringing up the question to him.

  8. decaturbaby

    Sorry Mike, I renewed my membership, but I can’t bring myself to watch this one… but it’s cool.. I’ve enjoyed most of your updates of late… I just didn’t wanna see you do Bandit… Give me something good next week.

    1. Kev

      I agree 100%.

      I just skipped those scenes he is in. I don’t mind interracial at all but seeing Mike fuck is not my cup of tea and I’m not trying to be mean. This is his site and he can do what he damn please. Some of us will not enjoy it but for some to be extremely mean is uncalled for.

      I’ll just anticipate every week hoping for something I like.

      1. Victor

        Mike I am now thinking about coming back to the site….I love what you do but it is a turn off seeing you in scenes…this is a big reason I refuse to subscribe to jorges gang…directors in my opinion should stick with their jobs and let the porn stars do theirs

  9. Erickson25

    I could not watch this, due to the storyline…. Even for me, this was just above the bar… Hopefully its not 100% true… SMMFHID

  10. Steven Davis


    No offense but maybe people wouldn’t be so repulsed by the videos you’re in if your body was in better shape and you had a tan. If your body was more “porn worthy,” so to speak, more people would find these types of videos palatable. Right now the images, along with the story line, seem like you’re watching Bandit hit rock bottom.

    1. Michael

      No offense, but did you actually take the time to read my post before leaving this comment?

      Because I really don’t see how I could have possibly addressed this point any more directly or clearly than I did.

  11. Steven Davis

    Michael I have a question. Since you’ve released the scene with Bandit bottoming, is there going to be another sex scene this week or is there going to be a solo or one of your occasional “breaks?”

  12. Rob

    Mike, I couldn’t be bothered reading your explanation….again. I sure hope you cut and pasted from all the other times you had to defend yourself and the site. The haters already paid so fuck em! Spend the time wasted on these jerks and screw another str8 for us long time fans! We may not speak up much but that’s cuz we are busy stroking! Big fan of the archives!

  13. Joe

    Hey mike, the main reason I joined this site is because of the hot black guys you bring to the site. THAT’s it. I don’t care if you’re in the scenes or not lol I know why I’m here and it’s because you introduce hot black guys exploring their sexuality. Keep up the good work and fuck what the haters gotta say.

  14. chucke1

    Doesn’t make any difference to me if Michael is in the scene or not. Some of my favorite scenes happen to have Michael in them. If I don’t want to watch, I don’t! I am a member for a reason, Michael must be doing something right because I am no longer a member of Corbin Fisher!

  15. Platinum 313

    Bottomline those of us who have issues with Michael in the scenes is STRICTLY the fact he’s white. If he was bottoming, the uproar wouldn’t be as vocal. Many black men just can’t stomach the idea of a white dude fucking a black dude. The idea that BANDIT had DEBTS TO PAY OFF, left a bad taste in the mouths of the black members of this site.

    If you don’t like it, bypass all scenes he’s in. Simple as that. I’m a great supporter of his and will continue to be. He has the best urban gay porn site online today. The company in Chicago is on its last legs. One of the ATL companies fail to pay their models what was agreed upon. BBA is the best and I hope it stays around forever.

  16. Allen Wells

    Rob and Kay Jay, everyone that spends their hard earned $ has a right to their opinion. That does not make them haters. I think Mike does a great job with the models but this one just didn’t feel right in some parts. If that makes me a hater fuck you too MF’s. ….Platinum 313, I’ve read all the blogs about this scene and no where did I find any racial remarks about Mike being in the scene. Therefore, you must be talking about how you really feel about it. Don’t speak for me. I can do that myself. Thank you!

    1. KayJay

      @Allen Wells

      Personal attacks on the way someone’s body looks, their penis size or even their age (especially when it is totally unnecessary) ARE INDEED comments from HATERS.

      I have expressed my own preference for black-only scenes and managed to do it without INSULTING the white guys that were in the scenes.

      I’m certain that Mike values opinions (positive and negative) about BBA content, however mean-spirited attacks directed at him is just “HATE.”

  17. a.davis

    It’s your site and you can do what you want but my preference is to see the Models paired with each other and not you. Obviously most of the Guys who like seeing that are probably Older white guys who share in that same fantasy and fetish.

  18. Timothy

    Interesting response. Many ignorant and incorrect assumptions in it, but interesting nonetheless. I haven’t been a long time BBA subscriber and when I became aware of this site, the scenes I saw were with attractive black guys. I’m not against interracial scenes, but I would like to find both people I watch to be attractive (I’m a total top btw). Unfortunately that’s not the case with the interracial scenes here. If I had known this site was geared towards old white men living out some weird pedophilia-based race fetish, I definitely wouldn’t have signed up. Thanks for clearing this up. I won’t be renewing.

  19. Erickson25

    Well, I can say it really doesn’t matter who really won the little competition between Zadian and Bandit, after this scene. LoL Zadian wins by default, and bail money. LMAO.

  20. Joseph kelly

    In your introduction to Dragon he mentions his favorite black guy as well as his favorite white guy, The sound was so poor they were hard to understand. What were they?
    The same applied to his e-mail …what is that?

  21. will anderson

    i love black boy addictionz, i am also black but i have just one main comment, why do you not keep a new movie every week or every other week. you look good fucking these straight black guys. you can also sometime add new white guys doing the same. you have the same site going on with the white sites. You just don’t keep these guys working constantly. Look at corbin fisher site, you see a new movie everytime you turn on that site of all the beautiful straight white guys fucking each other. I use to order that site alot. But when you came along, you broke the mold. But i have seen all of your movies it’s time to start hiring new management so that they can go out and find new models every other week to keep your site interesting. I like to see your black straight guys get fucked. That something thats not suppose to happen. But that when you come in, and you can come up with new movies every week, i would be able to download this site all the time. Also i would not have to go out to the club and look for sex. Your site would be the best site on the internet. But you have to start finding or getting your guys to work every week, that normal for a good site. This is the only black boy addictionz site on the internet. But you need to start updating new movies every week for me to download your site. Let me see your guys fucking and getting fucked every week. Then this site would be better than corbin fisher movies. Please do this soon and it would be nice if you michael would also participate in the fucking and also a 3-way and 4, even a orgy with your black guys and your self michael in them.

  22. will anderson

    when is julien the new cute light skin brother going to start sucking dick getting fucked eating ass and sitting on a big black dick. the straight black boy should come around soon instead of keeping us in suspense all the time. He and like all the other straight guy on this site old and new never participating in getting fucked and sucking cock. You see them and all they do is rub there body or jacking off there dick. Not interested. These guys when they come to black boy addictionz, needs to wake up and entertain us. If i was over this site, All your new guys would do you first audition once, then come your first blow job second movie, then i would first have michael fuck his first virgin black boy, last but not least, you would have to be in an orgy with the other guys. I would add spanking in your movies, tied up, rape, get one of your guys to be involved in a gym scene then all seven of your guys start to mess around with each other, and at the end l guy lay on the table while all 7-guy fucked him at once. At the end each guy cum inside his hole while he lying on the table, and the other men massage his chest and kissing his lips. That’s what you call going out of your norms. If you don’t believe me watch corbin fisher. The corbin fisher site is similar to your site, only thing that’s different is they have all white straight and some gay college men fucking each other. If you look at there site, you would get a better understanding of what you can also use, to help your site grow. And if you don’t want to get some information, then i would hope another white guy with money will come up with a good site where he find some beautiful black straight guy don’t mind giving up there asses for cash. And also the bed scenes and couch scenes is getting tired need to spice it up a little. This site would be ok, if we had another site on the internet with all black and some white guys having gay sex. I am so tired of searching for a site where real back guy finally getting fucked by a white guy. Every time you go on the internet, it’s always the black guy doing the fucking of the white guy. I love to see a white guy fucking a big straight black boy. The only time i have seen something like that, was in corbin fisher, at almost at the end, of corbin fisher movies, you would see charles, a real black straight college guy give his ass up to a small white guy. I stayed pretty hard for a long time.

  23. will anderson

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