Website Update (with Video Teaser): Bandit Bends Over

Anyone who’s been following BBA for awhile knows that I usually try to be patient and take things slow with the newer straight models, not wanting to ask too much and risk scaring them away too soon.

But after already lending him a significant amount of money, I knew I had a special window of opportunity when Bandit recently got arrested and needed bailed out of jail.

Bandit and Michael Galletta
Unlike most gay porn producers who would no doubt be content focusing solely on that famous baseball bat swinging between Bandit‘s skinny legs, I’ve been much more interested in exploring a DIFFERENT side of Bandit – literally 😉 !

“BBA’s not a charity!” I bluntly informed Bandit when he begged for my help, explaining that in exchange for my generous financial assistance over the past several months, including bailing him out of jail, I expected him to return the favor by taking things to the NEXT LEVEL and doing some of the things he’d initially sworn that he would never in a million years ever do.

Don’t miss our most shocking scene of the summer so far as Big Dick Bandit finally BENDS OVER to pay off his debt with the only payment method I’ll accept!


To watch the full-length, uncensored action, click here to join BBA or buy credits today!

If you’re currently a BBA member and/or already have BBA credits, click here to see Big Dick Bandit “bend over” any time you’d like!



34 comments on “Website Update (with Video Teaser): Bandit Bends Over
  1. Sylvester

    So proud of Bandit! Will be SUPER proud if he returns with someone like Tyga, Apollo, or anyone of color. Good scene tho. The only thing that ruins Mike scenes is when he starts talking and asking those dumb questions. I know they be wanting to say “shut up and just fuck me, damn” but of course he’s the boss. Overall it was worth the money. Ross I MISS YOU DADDY!!! #FreeRoss

  2. xaxafoxx

    Definitely disappointed, could of been better if you had more face shots while fucking instead of focusing on that one angle from the back in majority of the shoot, at least a prolonged side view would have been nice. My advice will be to get to shaun as soon as possible, he would be the “cortez” you never fucked. Only hope for the site if you ask me, pay the little guy and fuck him smh should have kept my money

  3. Timothy

    I’m sorry, but Michael being in the scene totally ruins it. It’s just really uncomfortable to watch. It’s like borderline molestation and totally creepy. Also, I purchased a membership to see “models,” or those attractive enough to pass as such. Not a chubby white guy with a small penis (and I’m a white guy myself). Mike, please find some other way to get your rocks off or pay these young men separately on the side to sleep with you. But your paying members should NOT be subjected to this. It’s a complete waste.

    1. Marcus-Star

      I can agree (even tho his words were harsh) but its weird to see scene because there is no chemistry between you (Mike) and the models and they always have this ..” Im not enjoying it. Im doing it for the money” look on their face. Kind of like that scene with you and Legacy

    2. KayJay

      Keep your money & find another website. Only bullies and cowards hurl personal attacks towards others who can’t defend themselves.

    3. Kevin johnsom

      I totally fucking agree fuck them the next day are before its like a old creepy prevert with a child asking preverted questions

  4. KayJay

    This is the type of scene that makes BBA unique. Loved it from start to finish. Bandit is a “kool” ass “muhfucka!!”

    Mike I shot “nutt” on the wall with this one. I put this one in the same category as “How To Tame A Top” when Beno got smashed to pieces by two horse dick “bruhz! LOL!!

    Great job, Mike! Thanks!!

  5. KodyFan

    Seriously, you’ve taken filmmaking to another level with this. Where do I start? The scared look in Bandit’s eyes? The interplay btwn you 2? The buildup to the inevitable?? There’s so many things but let there be no doubt, that was one SATISFYING, totally entertaining fuck scene!!! And when I thought I’d seen the best, wait, there’s a PT 2!!! Mutha Fuck!! Lol. Uh… Cleanup on aisle 4!! Lmao. This is one for the archives. Will be getting off on this one many many times.

    I even liked the overhead shots of you fucking his ass & I usually hate those. But his little ass is so fucking hot, I almost lost it on that shot!! Especially when his little ass ring was pulling out when you withdrew. That shit makes me soooo hot!! I wouldn’t have made it!! Lol. Would’ve pumped him full!! Lol. I so hope he gets in debt again!

  6. Isaiah & Apollo fan

    All I have to say is “Scene of Summer 2016”

    That is all with a rating of 9.5/10 only because I felt like it took a lil too long to get to the fucking.

    To hear Bandit moan and groan and watch how you had him ride it and seeing how his asshole looked like a mouth taking the dick I was like omg. I nutted to you laying on top of him using your weight against his skinny self and hearing him moan and groan I shot all the way up to my mouth

    Bandit is saying that he’ll rather be a top I hope he knows now he’s going to be getting fucked again pretty soon and soon after that!! LOL

  7. DC

    I keep it 100 this was 100 the best you ever did Mike you know me only thing I don’t like about you is that the guys take advantage of you saying that they not a bottom but they’re a total top which is a total lie is play you for more money that’s what I don’t like because you do what I do I go out looking for tops and I get them and I fuck them just like to get more money so I can fuck them cuz I have seen on email and on Twitter for the pretty boys to contact you and say total top and told to play you for more money by the time they do not get fuck so for You to give them more money and then they would go ahead and do it so that’s trying to look out for u Mike but be safe again good job my brother keep it 100

  8. Dexter

    It’s wasn’t bad…. But it wasn’t that good either I think the idea of him getting fucked was more of a turn on than him actually getting fucked.. I liked the moaning and I didn’t have a problem with Michael fucking him just the constant asking “you like this Dick” or “this dick is in your ass” it was awkward!! Lmao I’m just anticipating someone who is a little more well endowed to fuck his brains out!! The best two turnouts that I liked with Michael involved well three were Isaiah, Stephon and AB… Just bring on someone else to fuck him good!!

    1. Michael

      Glad you enjoyed it, Cobra!

      But I seem to recall a certain someone promising a lifetime membership if I was ever able to get Bandit to bottom 😛 .

  9. John

    Did I hear Lil Tyga’s voice in the background? If so, I’m predicting a Bandit and Lil Tyga flip flop next week.

  10. lovemesomesaint

    I guess you like what you like, but this was a total disappointment for me. The scenes i dislike the most are those with Michael. I am attracted to good looking, fit, young black men with big dicks. And while Bandit is hot, he was wasted in this scene being with Michael. I know it won’t make a difference because Michael has always done scenes, but i wish he would stop. Bandit with another hot good looking, fit, young black man could have been awesome. There were so many disappointing scenes this summer coupled with Mike’s time off and now this.

  11. D-Money

    Gotta say another heater, definitely can see Bandit sticking around, DOM always strikes at the perfect time Mike and watching Bandit big dick flop around as he was riding u was super hott!!!!

  12. Kadeem

    Omg I knew it was going to be him. You must tell us how was it. I busted multiple times. Once in the kissing alone. And his big ass dick was hard as hell through most of it.

    He is your breakout! The difference between he and Apollo is that it’s more natural with Bandit (I think he has sucked dick before in jail), just comes across more convincing.

    Apollo is sexy as hell, and although I’m starting to believe he likes dick, it’s still very artificial. Bandit comes across like he doesn’t want to enjoy it, but does.

    One hell of a scene!

    1. cocopop

      Is that what came across in his moaning while getting fucked, don’t want to enjoy it, but I do? To me listening to him moan, wasn’t sure they were the moans of pain, or those of pleasure. In observing him he does come across as more natural than Apollo or others. The acting part makes Apollo’s performance look more artificial, more staged. Love Apollo, but after a 1 1/2 would love seeing him more natural. First noticed, while watching Zadian and him, his dick sucking looked natural, the bro. did seem to have sucked before, he got skills in that dept. Now, is the bro. excited over the thought he’s about to get fucked or what? dick rock hard before the pants come off, even while getting fucked, dick hard. Never seen that before w your st8 models first time, other than Rico and it took him 5 yr to get to that state in his last scene, bro laying there suck n Saint, his dick hard j/o f…, dick even hard while Saint fucking him.

  13. Allen Wells

    BDB is absolutely awesome. He already gets my vote for 2016 BBA Model of the year. He makes me forget about Isaiah, Ross, Apollo, and past great models. However, this scene left me feeling a little uncomfortable. He clearly didn’t like what you were doing to him and the way you put his personal business out there made me feel uneasy. It really did seem like molestation and unwanted sex. When he gagged I thought he was gonna really throwup. I felt sorry for him. You are a very good asseater. That’s what you do best. However, you can do that with your clothes on. When your clothes come off, that’s when hard dicks go limp. There is nothing sexy about you nutting on the faces of these fine black men or you fucking them. I felt the same about the CEO of DL Chill Spot. It’s a big turn off. I give BDB and your asseating a 10 out of 10 rating. Everthing else, -10. No disrespect to you but you do not turn me on.

  14. Chris

    I’m a big fan of Bandit but I honestly feel like he’s attracted to guys& wants to stay a top. he did goood as a bottom but i just only like mike in scenes where he doesn’t fuck the guy

  15. Michael

    Thanks for the enthusiastic feedback from so many of you in response to my recent scene with Bandit! I’m thrilled and flattered to hear that so many of you are enjoying this scene.

    To those of you complaining about me appearing in a very relatively small handful of BBA’s scenes, I fully understand that these types of scenes will ALWAYS be controversial and unappealing to some. It would be ridiculous for me to expect these types of scenes to turn on every BBA viewer, and I totally get and respect that seeing me in the scenes will inevitably disappoint and even repulse many viewers.

    What I find to be hypocritical and annoying, however, is when people take this criticism to the next level by acting like their personal disgust is universally shared, complaining about me sadistically “subjecting” them to these scenes, and basically demanding that I cater to their more conventional tastes with every scene that I post.

    Believe it or not, there’s a large and passionate audience for these types of scenes. All you have to do is skim the blog and website comments to see that there are MANY viewers who not only don’t share your aversion and disgust, but actually ENJOY this type of unique and taboo content! Like it or not, literally thousands of people all over the planet have been busting hot “nutts” to me popping Bandit’s cherry within the past 48 hours.

    Those of you criticizing my body and looks are COMPLETELY MISSING THE POINT. I’m not suffering from some kind of delusion that makes me think I’m the next Brad Pitt or God’s gift to gay porn, LOL. I don’t take any of these insults personally because I’ve never claimed to be anything other than a pale, average-looking, out-of-shape, balding, corny/nerdy white guy with a relatively small/average dick who happens to have an incurable “black boy addiction” and decided several years ago to share that addiction with my fellow addicts 😉 .

    In other words, you’re not SUPPOSED to find me attractive, and the CONTRAST between my age and looks with those of the models is kind of the whole point, LOL!

    I’ve proposed a theory several times on this blog in the past that those who most viscerally despise my “dirty old man” scenes tend to be “bottoms” or “versatile bottoms” while those who enjoy them the most tend to be “tops” or “versatile tops.” Because at the end of the day, porn is primarily about a process of IDENTIFICATION and living vicariously through the performers on the screen.

    So if your main interest as a porn viewer is watching hung, attractive “tops” and picturing yourself in the place of the lucky “bottoms” being fucked by them, then nine times out of ten you’re going to dislike seeing me in the scenes. On the other hand, if you are primarily IDENTIFYING WITH and envying rather than lusting after the “top,” these types of scenes will be much more arousing and appealing to you.

    For those open-minded viewers with a sincere interest in better understanding why I film these types of scenes, I just re-posted my reflections on this topic from a few years ago, attempting to explain the reasoning behind these types of scenes and their place in a long history and popular genre going back decades in both gay and straight porn.

    1. Kevin johnsom

      Do u have to act like a fucking creepy old man with a black kid TALKING about your dick like you well endowed , your not stop asking these dudes these creepy Ass questions . And omg the kissing these dudes don’t want to be kissing you, it’s str8 up embarrassment, and you insiting they do it cause you paying them don’t embarrass them it’s creepy to watch you kiss them and they don’t want to putting your hands in their mouth and shit, seriously Dont become another CEO

  16. Chris

    Had to comment again
    Bandit is fine as hell.
    He needs to work with some one like Spice again. I think he works well with bottoms. Maybe pair him with Cordell.

    1. cocopop

      Cordell must not be coming back, haven’t done a scene in a year, would love to see him again he had an exotic look about him. Also he didn’t have that twink look about himself. I would have loved to see him do another bromance scene with Apollo, where they both fuck each other. Whatever happen to him Mike?

  17. classic bba

    I totally enjoyed the scene Mike and at points Bandit actually seemed to be turned on by you. This kind of scene is the hallmark of what BBA is all about. No one breaks in a new model like you Mike. Let all the haters step off! You do your thing. Great scene!

    1. cocopop

      He did seem a bit eager, not a gripe with me I enjoyed seeing a straight boy seeming to enjoy a dick in his ass. Maybe the thought of getting fucked was why his dick stay hard through out the scene. It was hard to determine whether his moans/groans were due to pain or pleasure, anyway I loved it, Bandit is a hot little guy, more of him receiving.


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