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Q&A Series: Bandit


(NOTE: Deadline extended to tonight, midnight eastern time!)

Next up on the BBA Q&A Series will be the man who occupies the number one spot on the site, Bandit!

Send in your questions and dares for Bandit by the deadline, Sunday August 9th, 3 pm Eastern time. Can’t wait to see what you all come up with!




Q&A Series: Isaiah

The next guest on the BBA Q&A Series will be Isaiah.

The deadline is a little shorter than usual this time, so be sure to get your questions and dares in by this Wednesday, 3pm Eastern time!




Q&A Series: Dominic & Kingston

Hey, guys!

I will be filming the next installments of the BBA Q&A Series, soon. The next guests will be Dominic and Kingston, individually.

Please submit your questions and dares for both. You can submit them all in one post but please clarify which questions and dares are for who. Please send in your submissions before midnight eastern time on Sunday, July 12th. Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with.





Hey, everyone!

In an effort to bring you all some extra content and fun, we have decided to start the BBA Q&A!

The BBA Q&A will be a semi-regular video series, hosted by me, Montez. I will be sitting down with BBA Models (some via Zoom and some in-person) to ask them the questions that YOU want the answers to. So this is where we need you. The first guest on BBA Q&A will be Ross!

Reply to this post with your questions by Tuesday, June 30th, midnight eastern time. Please include the username you want us to use. No real names. We cannot promise that we will get to every single question. It really depends on the amount of questions we get, so please limit it to three questions per person.

You can also make them fun! Feel free to give Ross a Truth Or Dare option! Be creative! We want to make this a fun, interactive experience for the models and for you. So hit us with your questions in the comments below!




Website Update: Truth or Dare? (DIGITALLY REMASTERED)

A lot of you have been asking when production is going to resume. The short answer: We still don’t know.

We’re reviewing industry guidelines and keeping a close eye on the latest Covid-19 numbers across the country. We’re as eager and impatient to get back to filming as you are to see some fresh content. But with recent spikes in new cases across much of the country, we can’t in good conscience resume production until we have reliable testing and thorough safety protocols in place that will protect the health and safety of everyone involved.

Thanks again for your loyalty and patience during these difficult times. The promo code discounts announced near the start of quarantine are still active, and we remain committed to keeping you entertained with a variety of updates at least once a week. This is also the perfect time to explore our extensive archive of over 450 hot and lengthy BBA scenes!

We’ve also been busy behind the scenes working on a long overdue website redesign, upgrading the site to a new and more contemporary look. There’s still A LOT of work to be done, but we’re hopeful that the newly renovated website will be ready to launch within the next couple months.

Meanwhile, we’re bringing you this re-edited, DIGITALLY REMASTERED re-release of a true BBA classic, thanks to the talents of Shax Carter. Newer members can experience this action-packed threesome for the very first time, while older members can rediscover a sentimental fan favorite, newly restored with sharp new picture quality and bright, vivid colors….

When I invited Beno, Tori, and Beno’s roommate Kenny over for a Saturday afternoon game of “Truth or Dare,” I had no idea what to expect. Knowing it was going to be Tori’s first time with two other guys, and that he and Kenny would just be meeting for the very first time, I decided to help break the ice by offering a bonus cash prize as an extra incentive to complete the “dares.”

But as it turned out, this scene needed very little “directing” or editing from me. I simply explained the basic rules of the game, turned on the camera, and let these horny black boys take over from there!



Quarantine Chronicles: Official Viewer Poll

Our “Quarantine Chronicles” series has officially come to an end. We hope everyone enjoyed these fun and unique attempts by the models to take you behind the scenes of their lives and entertain you from home during these difficult times.

Now that you’ve had a chance to watch and evaluate all 15 submissions, it’s up to YOU to determine the winners of the following prizes:

2nd Place: $1,000
3rd Place: $500

Voting will remain open until next Saturday, May 23rd at 8 p.m. Eastern time, and the official results will be revealed on Twitter next Saturday night.

In an effort to keep things as fair and accurate as possible, please only vote if you’ve actually watched this series. We want to reward the models who actually did the best work and not turn this into just another popularity contest.

You’re only allowed to vote for up to THREE models, so choose wisely! Feel free to share your exact personal rankings in the blog comments.


Website Update: Justice’s Journey – The First Year

In case you missed the announcement, our “Quarantine Chronicles” series has officially come to an end. Now that you’ve had a chance to watch and evaluate all 15 submissions, it’s up to YOU to choose the winners! Click below to cast your votes:

Quarantine Chronicles: Official Viewer Poll

Winners will be revealed on Twitter this Saturday, May 23, 2020.

Now that our fun and sexy solo competition is over, we’re bringing you another special commentary from one of your favorite BBA stars. Join Justice as he looks back on his remarkable journey from nervous and inexperienced bi-curious newbie to the confident and talented versatile “porn star” he is today.

In this first installment of NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN bloopers, outtakes, and action-packed bonus footage, Justice shares some funny memories and illuminating reflections from his first year of BBA scenes.

Enjoy an intimate and entertaining peek behind the scenes of Justice’s journey – including nearly a *FULL HOUR* of tongue-kissing, dick-sucking, ass-eating, and FUCKING we simply couldn’t cram into the edited versions!



BBA Under Quarantine: Spring Schedule & Sale

Like many of you across the country (and world!) right now, we’re still under a strict “stay at home” order due to the spread of COVID-19, and it’s looking like it may be several weeks (at the earliest) before we’re able to resume production of new content.

As much as I’d love to report that we have an emergency stockpile of hot new scenes waiting for you in the wings, that unfortunately isn’t the case. The recent Kingston/Dominic/Scuba scenes were actually filmed just in the nick of time, about a week before everything began shutting down.

Unless you want our future updates to look like the scenario below lol, we’re going to have to take a break from filming the kind of content you’re used to seeing here at BBA….

But don’t worry, we’re still committed to keeping everyone entertained during these stressful times. Over the next several weeks, we will continue updating the website every Saturday, and occasionally twice a week on Wednesdays as well.

Updates will include a combination of “behind the scenes” and bonus footage from your favorite models and scenes, homemade solo content filmed by the models, exclusive Q&A’s with your favorite models, and any other fun and creative ideas we can come up with during the downtime. If you have any special requests or ideas of your own, please email me at michael@blackboyaddictionz.com and/or share in the comments below!

During the break from production, we’re also going to be upgrading the website to a new and improved look. This is something we’ve had on our “To Do” list for awhile, and we figured why not take advantage of the extra time to tackle a long overdue site renovation? We hope to have the new website ready to launch no later than this summer.

We hope our loyal monthly subscribers will stick around and enjoy the alternative content in the weeks ahead, as well as continued access to our entire collection of over 430 scenes.

Since we know times are tough, we’re offering a special discounted price of $14.95 for a monthly subscription, re-billed every 30 days at the same rate. This is a total savings of 25% off every month!

Current members will need to cancel and resubscribe to take advantage of this discount, but to thank you for sticking with us, you can continue enjoying this discounted rate for as many months as you’d like until you cancel. Just use Promo Code QUARANTINEMEMBER on our “Join” page to take advantage of this special deal.

We’re also still offering the special sale of just $9.95 for our basic 15 credits package, a total savings of MORE THAN 30%! Just use Promo Code QUARANTINE on our “Join” page to take advantage of that special promotion.

Our hope is that BBA can continue providing entertainment and escape during these difficult days, and help make it easier for everyone to shelter at home and stay healthy and safe in the weeks and months ahead!


Coming Soon! (Video Teaser)

Satisfy Your Quarantine Cravings with Our New Promo Code!

We know many of you will have A LOT of extra time on your hands in the weeks ahead, with so many staying home from school and work in an effort to stop the spread of the new coronavirus.

Add to that a drastic decrease in social interactions, and it’s only a matter of time before good, old-fashioned HORNINESS reaches pandemic levels. This means adult entertainment like we provide here at BBA is needed NOW more than ever before! 😉

To help you satisfy your quarantine cravings without crushing your pocketbook, we’re offering – for a limited time only – a special discounted price of just $9.95 for our basic 15 credits package. This is a total savings of MORE THAN 30%!

Just use Promo Code QUARANTINE on our “Join” page to take advantage of this special promotion. Who needs to hoard toilet paper when you can stockpile BBA credits instead? 😛

Hopefully this will help everyone stay home, healthy, and sane while we all do our best to get through this together.