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Fall 2019 Schedule

We’ve had to revise our September update schedule in order to accommodate some last-minute changes to our production plans. Similar to what we ended up doing last month, September’s third update will now be posted in early October instead – a few days later than originally announced.

If you’re a monthly subscriber who hasn’t received your three promised updates​ when that time comes, please contact ​Montez ​at montez@blackboyaddictionz.com and ​he’ll​ be happy to add extra time to your membership ​so you can enjoy the third scene.

Here’s our revised September 2019 schedule:

Update #2: September 27th or 28th
Update #3: October 4th or 5th

Here’s our TENTATIVE October 2019 schedule:

Update #1: October 10th or 11th
Update #2: October 24th or 25th
Update #3: October 31st

And last but not least, our TENTATIVE November 2019 schedule:

Update #1: November 7th or 8th
Update #2: November 14th or 15th
Update #3: November 21st or 22nd

Please rest assured we’re working hard behind the scenes to bring you exciting new scenes as we say goodbye to the summer and kick off our Fall season.

For the latest previews, updates, announcements, etc., please follow us on Twitter @bbaddictionz and @bba_michael. ​Thanks!


Coming Soon: Jah Joins BBA! (Video Teaser)

Scuba Signed As New Exclusive BBA Model!

We’re excited to announce that Scuba is the latest to join the BBA team as an EXCLUSIVE/VIP model!

With his sexy, seductive smile and innocent “boy next door” look, there’s no doubt that Scuba is a young star on the rise. We’re proud to have him be a part of the BBA Family and look forward to helping him turn his dreams of becoming a “porn star” into a reality.

Scuba promised “greatness to come” when he made his impressive action debut just a couple months ago, and boy, has he delivered! It’s rare for a new model to make the kind of striking impression that Scuba has made in only two scenes so far. He is definitely a FREAK and a superstar in the making!



August 2019 Schedule

Thanks for the rave reviews for our new scene so far! Glad most of you seem to be enjoying it as much as I’d hoped.

It definitely feels good to be back. From meeting and hanging out with the guys, to the roller-coaster ride of every new shoot, to the fun challenge of editing hours of raw footage into sexy new scenes, I really do love my job and I MISSED IT! I’m looking forward to filming and sharing more hot new scenes with you in the weeks and months to come.

Here’s our TENTATIVE August 2019 schedule:

Update #1: August 9th or 10th
Update #2: August 22nd or 23rd
Update #3: August 29th or 30th

For the latest previews, updates, announcements, etc., please follow us on Twitter @bbaddictionz and @bba_michael. ​Thanks!


Revision to July 2019 Schedule

Just wanted to let everyone know that due to a slight delay in our production schedule​, ​my first scene back behind the camera (and our third update for July) probably won’t be ready until next Friday or Saturday, not next Wednesday as originally announced. ​

For this weekend’s update, we’ll be sharing a sexy new solo scene from Shax Carter. Not what many of you were hoping to see this weekend, I know, but hopefully some of you will still enjoy it.

If you​ have a recently expired or soon to expire ​monthly subscription​ and for whatever reason don’t think you’ll get your three promised updates​, please contact ​Montez ​at montez@blackboyaddictionz.com and ​he’ll​ be happy to add extra time to your membership ​so you can enjoy next weekend’s scene​.

Thanks again for your patience during this re​cent time of transition​, and please rest assured​ we’re doing everything we possibly can to bring you exciting new scenes​ for ​the rest of the summer. ​We’ll even be taking BBA on the road for some major filming this weekend, ​so wish us luck! ​


July 2019 Schedule

Those of you who follow me on Twitter (@bba_michael) already know that I’m LOVING my new life in New York City so far! And I can’t stress enough just how thankful I am to both Shax and Montez for making it possible for BBA to continue bringing you fresh faces and hot new scenes while I’ve been preoccupied with this major move and getting settled into my new place.

That being said, I’m already feeling restless and impatient to get back behind the camera again and begin tackling some exciting projects for the rest of the summer. Not to mention some other fun and ambitious “big picture” goals looking ahead to the next couple YEARS as BBA hopefully continues to evolve and expand over time.

Long story short, you should finally be seeing some new Michael-directed content near the end of this month.

Here’s our TENTATIVE July 2019 schedule:

Update #1: July 11th or 12th
Update #2: July 25th or 26th
Update #3: No later than July 31st

For the latest previews, updates, announcements, etc., please follow us on Twitter @bbaddictionz and @bba_michael. ​Thanks!


June 2019 Schedule

I’m excited to announce that I’m now officially a New York City resident!

Still lots of unpacking, cleaning, organizing, exploring, and furniture shopping to do before I’ll be fully settled into my new place and able to resume my regular BBA routine. But thankfully both Montez and Shax have been doing a fantastic job at keeping everything running smoothly while I’ve been preoccupied with this big move.

Sounds like most of you have been enjoying the fresh faces and hot new scenes we brought you last month, and I think you’ll enjoy what we have in store for you this month as well 😉 !

Here’s our TENTATIVE June 2019 schedule:

Update #1: June 13th or 14th
Update #2: June 20th or 21st
Update #3: June 27th or 28th

For the latest previews, updates, announcements, etc., please follow us on Twitter @bbaddictionz and @bba_michael. ​Thanks!


Start Spreadin’ The News….

It’s hard to believe that 2019 is already a third of the way over! Where has the time gone?!?

It’s certainly been an eventful and exciting year around here so far. From Kingston going viral and then taking things to the next level, to Dominic and Justice shocking everyone by surrendering their tight, virgin asses; Apollo and Bandit’s epic showdown, to Ross’s unexpected return; it’s been a year jam-packed with steamy showdowns and epic surprises.

And we’re just getting started 😉 ! Like I mentioned in the latest scene summary, we’re stepping up our search for fresh faces and hope to add a variety of hot new guys to the BBA roster in the weeks and months to come.

I also wanted to let everyone know about a stressful but exciting change coming up in my personal life. Within the next couple months, I will be leaving my life in Saint Louis and relocating to New York City. I’m eager and hopeful to discover what this next chapter will bring, but of course it would also be nice if I could just snap my fingers and already be settled into my new life in the Big Apple. Tons still to do before that can happen.

This partly explains why we’ve been featuring so many scenes directed by Shax Carter lately, and will continue doing so throughout the next couple months until I’m able to resume my normal production schedule. Montez and Shax have both been incredibly supportive and helpful in picking up the slack and keeping everything running smoothly while I deal with these unavoidable challenges and distractions in my personal life.

Fans of Shax’s beautiful cinematography and more polished, professional style will be in for a real treat this Spring. But those who miss my own scenes need not worry, I plan to get back behind (and maybe even in front of) the camera again just as soon as I can 😉 !

With this in mind, below is our TENTATIVE May 2019 schedule:

Update #1: May 16th or 17th
Update #2: May 23rd or 24th
Update #3: May 30th or 31st

We’ve got some hot things in the works for our viewers. For the latest previews, updates, announcements, etc., please follow us on Twitter @bbaddictionz and @bba_michael. ​Thanks! (more…)


April 2019 Schedule (Revised)

Just wanted to let everyone know that due to some slight changes to our production schedule, the third promised website update for April will likely not be posted until closer to the end of the month instead of this Thursday/Friday as originally announced.

Sorry for any disappointment or inconvenience this may cause.

For the latest previews, updates, announcements, etc., please follow us on Twitter @bbaddictionz and @bba_michael. ​Thanks!


April 2019 Schedule

Here’s our TENTATIVE April 2019 schedule:

Update #1: April 11th or 12th
Update #2: April 18th or 19th
Update #3: April 25th or 26th

Unfortunately, our Instagram recently got deleted and we haven’t decided yet if we’re going to start over from scratch with a new one.

But please be sure to follow us on Twitter for special sneak previews, fun polls, behind the scenes stories, bloopers and outtakes, ​etc.

Please follow me @bba_michael and the official BBA Twitter @bbaddictionz. ​Thanks!