BBA 4.0 Is Finally Here!

We’re excited to announce that the new website is finally LIVE!

We’re celebrating our long-awaited return with an upgraded look and more user-friendly design, plus cool added features like the following (we highly recommend checking out the new site on a desktop or laptop browser if at all possible):

  • Brand-new BBA logo that better reflects our evolving brand (see above) 
  • 1080p HD downloads for all upcoming New Releases (for purchase with credits) 
  • Ability to view and leave comments when using the Mobile version of the site 
  • Improved media player/streaming functionality that now includes the ability to speed up and slow down the action! 
  • Alternate payment processor (Epoch) that now accepts payment by PAYPAL 
  • New search feature that allows you to search the entire site by any scene title or model name 
  • Short, sexy “hover-over” teasers for our most recent releases (in addition to the usual video teasers for select scenes)

We’ve created this new site for you, our valued members. We’ve been excited and impatient to share it with you, and now that it’s finally here, WE’D LOVE TO HEAR WHAT YOU THINK!

Our first post-pandemic scene will be released this Thursday, 7/15/21!

35 comments on “BBA 4.0 Is Finally Here!
  1. 11luvme2u

    The new site design looks amazing. Very professional and beautiful quality. I’m looking forward to this weekend.

    1. Jussy Z

      Yass ! Its about time & so ready to see our guys. Hoping to see Scotty topping, Shaun topping again, Ross & Kingston as well in the near future.

  2. TexasBugg

    i love bandit new look i love the hair on his face u all did a great job i just went to get my weed/mix drinks i’m ready for the 15th damm who in the scene this will be a long 2 days i’m ready let the fucking begin i really hope mike speak before the scene that would really say bba is back.

      1. Steve Carmicle

        Mike..I really enjoyed the first scene very much. However, I hope Trapp and Dominic are two who would flip flop with Bandit. Also,the return of Saint, whom we haven’t seen in awhile.

  3. Montez

    So happy you guys are enjoying the new site, so far. Been waiting for this week to come for what feels like FOREVER now. Thanks to you all for hanging in there with us.

  4. getdickhoe

    Can you fix the Enter button so we can still view our other video until you do your update? Right now the Enter button does nothing.

      1. concerned and horny

        When you get to the initial screen of ‘Enter’ or ‘Exit’ you can click on ‘Exit’ and it takes you to Wikipedia. If you click on ‘Enter’ it does nothing. This means you can’t see the website.

      2. MrWhitley

        When you click on the Website you’re welcomed with and Enter or Exit option.
        Even when you click on the Enter option the website does not open.
        It’s stuck there.

      3. Michael

        The problem has been identified and fixed, and you should now be able to access the site without any issues. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  5. TexasBugg

    mike the guy with the yellow do rag with the fatt sexy ass who ass is that that ass is fatt as fuck(LOL).

    1. Michael

      Our new BBA logo cartoon isn’t based on any one particular model. I think the artist used Bandit as an inspiration for the face, but the ass is definitely bigger than Bandit’s lol.

      I do love that the logo is still making my dick jump every time I see it. That’s what we want from a porn logo, right? 😉 💦

  6. David

    Wow the new site format is fantastic! So pleased that BBA is back to releasing new videos and with awesome 1080p HD downloads!!!

  7. Jay

    The new site looks amazing. Very well done.

    Now will this new scene be released early today or real late at night

  8. Shawndaley25

    I am happy I was patient. The site is beautiful, good colour scheme, excellent layout, great interaction with the user and when you hover over the videos, they MOVE! I am a pleased customer. Great job guys!

  9. Good Job Guys

    Im loving the new layout. Great job. There have been a couple instances of me hovering my mouse over a scene and seeing clips from another video from a straight sex scene. Not sure if any other users have mention similar instances but when i click on them it still takes me to the correct video. Hopefully you guys can figure that lil bug out. But great job, cant wait for the new videos. Never waited this long for porn in my life lmao but that a testament to the quality of your work, this site and the models.

    1. Michael

      Thanks for the encouraging feedback! Glad you’re enjoying the new site so far. And thanks for alerting me to this issue.

      What happened is that for one of the first drafts of the new site, those straight porn clips were used as place-fillers until we created our own hover-over teasers. Looks like we forgot to delete a couple of them lol. I’ve fixed the two that I found, but please let me know if you encounter any others. Thanks again!

  10. Michael

    Thanks for all of the encouraging feedback, guys! 🙏❤️

    It’s taken many months of stress & hard work, but I’m proud & excited about the final result & glad it’s getting positive reviews from our fans & customers so far. You guys are the ultimate judge of whether it’s a success or not.

    Hopefully it will make your BBA experience even more smooth & enjoyable. A new scene will be going up later today!

  11. Waiting

    SO what time can we expect the video to drop so we’re not just waiting around all day. What time should I come back or should I just chalk it and come back tomorrow cuz the day is more than half over.

  12. TexasBugg

    mike the only people that r upset with bba is onlyfans cause bba is going to take over this thursday today will be a pins/needles day cause i’m waiting got my mix drink ready/weed rolled up sex pills ready it’s good to go for the new scene. who is in the new scene bandit and who lil jake/trapp? who can it be now

  13. Andrew

    So excited for the new update… just need some help.

    It won’t let me select the video quality? Am I being silly and missing something simple so I can select what video quality I would like?

    1. Michael

      You can now choose/change your preferred video quality settings mid-stream. Simply click the wheel-shaped icon near the bottom right of the media player, and it will pop up the option to change video quality between 360p, 480p, and 720p. Downloaded video files (using credits) will now be available in 1080p for all new releases.

      Hope this helps!

  14. Letschill

    Welcome back mike montez BBA
    Im hoping we can see more str8 guys giving it up for the camera man…miss dat.
    Wat about reunion with saint & shaun ….he finally gives it up


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