The Hole Less Traveled

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I think it’s probably fair to say that BBA is quite possibly the ONLY black and interracial gay porn site that tends to focus more on ASS than on dick.

It’s funny, because I never set out with the conscious intention of making BBA such a uniquely ass-centric site, but it’s definitely turned out that way – much to the confusion and consternation of many unsuspecting “bottoms” who sign up expecting and hoping for the stereotypical norm. (Not that we don’t appreciate “big black dicks” around here, LOL….but they’re certainly not revered and fetishized like they are on most “ethnic” themed sites!).

I didn’t think it was even possible, but lately I swear I’ve been growing even more obsessed with the mysterious beauty of the young male ASSHOLE.

When I really step back to think about it, I know it’s a strange and unlikely part of the human body to inspire such intense lust and desire, but against all rational explanation, that tiny puckered prize still holds so much aesthetic beauty and erotic potential for me.

Just the other night, I found myself jacking off and busting an explosive “nutt” to nothing more than a close-up of one of the model’s tight, winking assholes!

Stephon Asshole Gif
Unlike a lot of black gay sites that frequently feature models with almost repulsively battered, gaping, swollen, disfigured, BUSTED OPEN assholes that look like they’ve been routinely gang-banged by an entire NFL locker-room at least twice a week for months if not years, LOL….Here at BBA, we’ve been pretty lucky because with only the rarest of exceptions, our models usually have some of the freshest, tightest, and prettiest young assholes you’ll ever see in gay porn!

From Shaun to Shazeer, Apollo to Armando, Blake Bishop to Bandit, we’ve discovered some true beauties just in this past year alone! And I know it might sound silly and cliche, but assholes really are just like snowflakes, no two ever seem to look exactly alike 😉 !

It would be almost impossible for me to pick my favorite, but if YOU had to choose, who would you say has the nicest asshole on BBA?

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25 comments on “The Hole Less Traveled
  1. decaturbaby

    This revelation about this being an “asshole” site is new to me… while I do appreciate the view of a nice asshole, it HAS to be attached to someone that I find very sexy.. ass alone does not do it for me.. I don’t enjoy ANY body parts on a non masculine dude… He needs to be masculine and sexy with a nice body including a nice dick.. If i don’t appreciate the model, then I wont appreciate his ass.. It just so happen that I don’t have to worry about that too much on BBA, the guys that I like on here all have several of the qualities that I just mentioned. (The same rules apply to a big dick too). My favorite ass on here is probably Shuan’s, Apollo, Armando, Blake Bishop and Stephon. I can’t pick a favorite.

  2. Paul

    I’ve always considered dicks overrated. An asshole fetish can be tricky. The object absolutely has to be someone masculine, and someone who considers the asshole off limits. Part of the attraction is that it is something he sees as taboo. Good looks matter. Ass hair grooming is not for me and suggests he is more familiar with his ass than he lets on. I would say Armando meets all of my criteria. Bandit is a close second.

  3. Isaiah & Apollo fan

    In the light skin category

    1. Shazeer
    2. Kenny
    3. Julien
    4. AB
    5. Armando

    In the dark skin category

    1. Stephon
    2. Saint
    3. Apollo
    4. Isaiah
    5. Ross

  4. cocopop

    With more of a ole school taste, I prefer hairy ass holes, with that in mind Apollo would be my choice. Now my choice for shaved ass hole would be Ross, with his almost virgin hole.

  5. Allen Wells

    Wow! I like this question. 1=Bandit, 2=Eddie, 3=Ross, 4=Day Day(who shows a lot more of his asshole today than before), 5=Noah, 6=K Snakes, 7=Lil Dav, and 8=Isaiah. Not really in any given order, but all without Spitty Saint (b/c you don’t get to see the asshole). I would include Apollo, but guess who he was with? Saint, Lil Tyga, and whipped cream covered it up last Christmas. I’ve never seen his asshole. Can you make it happen?

  6. Stepp

    1- Ross, 2- Armando, 3- Shazeer, 4- Trae
    Favorite camera shot is the before and after hole shot. I like the close up of the hole before when its tight and being eaten and immediately after the dick is pulled out and its wide open. This was best done when Knockout pulled out of Isaiah and when Saint pulled out of Apollo. Honorable mention to Knockout opening up Staxx and Saint also did a good job opening up Bandit.

  7. A.J.

    Ass is just more interesting Mike. I get so tired of lookin at raggedy dicks. Never even been all into it like that. Now ass I have been obsessed with since I was a little boy. I used to have all the boys exposing they asses. I was too manish. So even though it wasn’t on purpose I’m glad ur site is what it is. I am glad ur not like the rest. It’s not enough masculine bottoms out there. Nice GIFS btw.

  8. shorty

    i had to go back and look again

    new guy scrap yea
    AB i know dats good
    apollo and staxx pretty holes
    stephon and shaun my top 2

  9. Kev

    I honestly think Isaiah got the best chocolate ass and Julien got the best caramel ass LOL…they are my TOP 2 guys with the best ASS in BBA history!

  10. Damon

    The answers to this post remind me of that scene in Caddyshack …

    Spalding Smails:
    I want a hamburger… no, a cheeseburger. I want a hot dog. I want a milkshake…

    Judge Smails:
    You’ll get nothing, and like it.

  11. todd hall

    I just wanna know where is Ross??? The last scene was a teaser… I was ready to see him bottom or at least flip flop with someone… I am a fan of Saint (sexy AF and has paid his dues) but some other models have great dick performance (and earned the right) to break newbies in too…. It would be nice to have an update on this long model list… So many we don’t see anymore Legacy, Beno, Migo, Cory, Tay, Dee Weezy {who never got to top 🙁 since saint didnt come through }, Caesar (lord almighty), Dre, and JOSHUA (we need him back)!!!! Can you do a where are they now? Old school against new school? Update if they just not doing porn anymore.. For example: Migo and Tay could take on Spice and Kody… Love to see a scene with all your biggest dick models in it… Battle of the Bottoms…idk…I love your site… just throwing out ideas…sorry so long…

  12. JaydenLamarr

    Nobody has a better ass or asshole than JAYE JOHNSON. Mannn he is STILL Bae & he’s still my favorite model. Michael needs to do an update on him ASAP! I miss him. He was truly ICONIC to me. His looks, his body & his ASS was PHAT AS HELL ! Lol but besides him, I think DayDay, Ross, Staxx, Knockout, Young Montanna, Kenny & Lil Scrap have some of the prettiest asses & assholes. I swear. 😍😍


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