Website Update: Thrown To The Wolves #2

Even though it’s only been a week since his impressive solo debut, I think it’s fair to say that Lil Scrap is already a HUGE hit with BBA’s viewers! It’s rare to see such an overwhelmingly enthusiastic response to a new model, and this week we’re fulfilling your many requests to see this big-dicked black teenager in guy-on-guy ACTION!

Joining Lil Scrap in his amateur ACTION debut is another new model named Stylez, a laid-back bisexual “top” from the West Coast who enjoys playing video-games and basketball in his free time. As it turns out, he and Lil Scrap are only FOUR days apart in age, and they really seemed to hit it off from the first moment they met!

With brand-new amateur models, it’s always hard to predict how they’re going to react to having sex with complete strangers on camera. But when I noticed the little “bromance” that seemed to develop between them and learned that Stylez had a bit more experience under his belt than Lil Scrap, I decided to take a gamble and “throw them to the wolves” by asking them to do a full-action THREESOME for their very first action shoot!

And who better to show our promising new recruits a good time and help us discover their true porn potential than the irresistibly cute and immensely talented gay “country boy” Spice with his tempting bubble-butt and impressive DEEP-THROATING skills?!?

Things start off understandably quiet and even a little awkward at first, but it isn’t long before the guys start coming out of their shells (and clothes), horny hands begin groping and exploring, and things quickly evolve into a spontaneous, freaky threesome that includes nearly a FULL HOUR of tongue-kissing, dick-sucking, ass-licking, and RAW fucking!

See for yourself why Lil Scrap tells us at the end of the shoot that this scene felt “meant to be”! Highlights include Spice and Stylez eagerly sharing Lil Scrap‘s gigantic dick, a hot and hungry ass-eating chain, Spice sucking his co-stars’ throbbing, RAW dicks right after they’ve been IN HIS ASS, and of course Spice himself being “thrown to the wolves” and stuffed with dick at both ends as his horny co-stars aggressively TAG-TEAM his juicy-tight bubble-butt….


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26 comments on “Website Update: Thrown To The Wolves #2
  1. D-Money

    Was a joy to watch big dicks raw action and just a good action packed 3some that I definitely had to stash away to watch at anytime!! Hope i see more from these 3 it was hott as hell!!!!

  2. Kev

    I, for one, can’t wait to see this once my coins are added to my acct and I can download this scene. Been waiting to see Scrap immediately fuck somebody and boom, you came thru at the clutch with this scene, Mike!

  3. D-Money

    Hit send before I was done lol lol Also shoutout to all the models lil scrap for enjoying that deep raw azz (eyes rolling in the back of your head told me both dudes did they thing; stylez for loving your hole being devour and spice for showing them sexy oral skills of urs) Mike I know u dont prefer to do dual scenes all the time but I wont lie for three fairly new models this was the BEST chemistry I ever seen in quite sometime and I’m in favor of a part 2 to this hottness!!!!

  4. Cobra

    Scrap is gonna be the man. This combo didn’t really set the stage for his future at BBA. The new dude Stylez is another soft body dude who like Spice is very comfortable with gay sex so it lacked that “Gay for Pay” edge completely. Gay sex is cool but I personally like more fit “hunky looks” like the Sean Cody series. I’m sure you loved the models and that’s why they were selected so i’ll just have to wait on it lol. Have to be honest….this is one I fast forwarded thru.

    1. Michael

      I think you’re simply stating your personal preference, but in case there was any confusion, this wasn’t a “gay for pay” scene and never intended as such. BBA frequently features scenes involving gay and bisexual models, and both Lil Scrap and Stylez are bisexual.

      Sorry to disappoint you, but with occasional exceptions like Stephon and Apollo, thick and “hunky” looking guys are usually not my type at all. Bandit, Shaun, Armando….much closer to my ideal body type.

      1. decaturbaby

        Mike, you think Apollo and Stephon are “thick and hunky”??? You’re gonna give most of us a complex about our own bodies.

  5. Isaiah & Apollo fan

    I’ll say this about this update

    I like it and I’ll give it a fair 8/10 I just wished I saw Scrap sucked some dick and eat some ass

    So far I’m liking this Scrap guy and liking Stylez, I kept saying to myself “wow Scrap is really enjoying that head game and love getting his ass ate”

    I’m one of the fans advocating for a verse scene btwn Bandit and Scrap

    PS the reason why I gave it an 8/10 is because it be so hard to nutt to a 3 some because I be trying to find a perfect part to nutt, same shit happened to your last 3 some with Isaiah and Stephon

  6. Stoned Mountain

    Michael, love your little big man (Lil Scrap). GREAT FIND! He is a gem. Cute, skilled, powerful, stylish, charming, personable and of course hung for days. What a stroke. Best of all he has what I like, inclined to be a lover man. Can’t wait to see him in a duo. With Spice???

  7. Michael

    Sorry, guys! We moved the blog over to a new server over the weekend and it appears that some of your comments on this scene were lost during the transition. I apologize for the inconvenience, but please feel free to post again if your comment disappeared! Thanks!

  8. Cobra

    I’m not the best communicator but you were dead on. Yes I do prefer the “gay for pay” scenes but disappointed was too strong of a word. I appreciate the fact you like to showcase other types of scenes with various models. Without question, I’m sure many BBA subscribers will absolutely love this scene as already evident by the comments. Of course I like some scenes more than others but I would never classify any of your work as disappointing.

  9. Stoned Mountain

    Second big feature of the new show is sweet Spice servicing big dick, and smoothly giving up that beautiful wet pussy. I’d dearly love to watch an hour of Lil Scrap seducing, romancing and deep fucking my boy. Highlight: Your underneath shot of Scrap’s wet dick in Spice’s hole. WOW!

  10. Chris

    Not really a big fan of threesomes honestly. This scene i give it a 7 maybe 8 because of Scrap & Spice. My favorite part is the missionary position while Scrap was getting his ass ate & kissing & holding Spice closely. I live for sex scenes like that . you should have more scenes like that. I also loves Scraps eyes rolling to the back of his head knowing things felt good. Scrap is a keeper.

  11. cocopop

    Scrap reminds me of Ross when it comes to showing his emotions to sex. Very few show that ability, they’re either trying to hide their emotions from the camera or just earning a pay check. Ross and Scrap’s facial expressions are priceless, the eye-rolling, the moaning, both seem unable to control these emotions and its real, and I love it. Can’t wait to see him become versatile unleashing, displaying all these emotions for his fans.

  12. Stoned Mountain

    The customers really want to see Lil Scrap on his back taking dick. I hope instead he has a good time in the sun as a conquering top, like Blake Bishop, before we push him to be another Apollo. What do you think? I LOVE Lil Scrap’s swagger, with the big dick and those magnificent balls swinging. LOL I just want him also to suck on some tung and do some caressing.

  13. Jamal

    I agree, this scene did not do it for me. I couldn’t see any masculinity anywhere. 3 bottoms trying to top each other, but it’s not my cup of tea but I’m sure someone loved it!!! Keep up the good work mike

    1. Michael

      Having spent a lot of time with both of them, I can assure you that Lil Scrap and Stylez are every bit as masculine as Bandit, Isaiah, Apollo, Saint, Stephon, etc. You seem to be equating bisexuality and an unapologetic enjoyment of guy-on guy sex with femininity/non-masculinity, which is pretty ignorant and offensive, to be bluntly honest.

      I understand that you and some other viewers ONLY want to see reluctant and inexperienced straight models having gay sex for money, and there’s nothing wrong with having that preference. But there’s also no need to insult anyone not fitting into that “straight” category as being “bottoms” and/or less than real men.

      1. Jamal

        No I had it right. I’m not getting bisexuality and 3 bottoms confused, I said exactly what I meant. I can understand that as the director of the scene you get offended when people tell you how the scene turned out but try not to take things so personal mike. The scene sucked, deal with it and make the next one better. Like I said, the scene Didn’t do it for me, but I’m sure others loved it

  14. Eric

    Well let me get this out the way 10/10…I must say the chemistry was hott….all guys were real team players…wished scrap would have put sum dic in his mouth…and that stylez looked like he wanted the dic…bruh went hard…this may be 1 of the best scenes in bba’s history

  15. Allen Wells

    Not into 3somes but the scene was awesome for those who are. I just hope in the future Lil Scrap doesn’t have to wear that umbrella on his head. Who fucks like that? I hope that most viewers can identify the models by their face or name and not by a big hat. I do give the scene a 10 out of 10 for those who like 3 or more participants. But they don’t work for me. I’m waiting on Scotty. Wouldn’t mind having Stylez back in a solo or duo with someone not named Lil Tyga or Saint.


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