Website Update: Rendezvous On The Road

Apollo and Cordell
We decided to experiment with something a little bit different in this latest scene by filming BBA’s very first action scene in the back of a car!

After picking Apollo up at the airport and introducing him to our newest model Cordell, it was clear from the start that Cordell had a crush on Apollo (can you blame him?), and even Apollo seemed more flirtatious than usual. So I figured why make them wait to get back to the hotel when they could start getting better acquainted right there in the backseat?

Join us for this spontaneous and unforgettable “rendezvous on the road” as two of BBA’s hottest new models get naked and nasty in the backseat….

There’s plenty of passionate tongue-kissing, nipple-licking, dick-sucking, and ass-eating leading up to the somewhat cramped but hot and sweaty RAW fucking – all filmed while driving around our city on a beautiful Sunday afternoon!

While certainly not without its unique challenges, this was also one of the most FUN shoots we’ve had in awhile, and one of those days that reminded me just how much I love making amateur porn! 

It doesn’t get much better than watching two hot and naked black guys have spontaneous, sweaty sex in the backseat of a car, and I hope you have as much fun watching this as we did making it!

Apollo Fucks Cordell In The Backseat
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Apollo Fucking Cordell In The Backseat 2

31 comments on “Website Update: Rendezvous On The Road
  1. 4shetl

    G’Damn you Michael!! You make me late for work on Monday mornings when you post scene’s like this… This was an awesome (albeit impromptu) scene… And you have Cory driving the car? I can only guess/hope what you have coming our way… Kudos for trying something new!!!

  2. Yoseph

    Mike you out did your self again Apollo fuck the shit out of cordell Ten Plus Movie. Now it time to see Apollo get fuck in the ass big time make it possible. I would like to see Staxx, Migo, or Saint fuck Apollo big time in the ass cant wait to see this.

  3. decaturbaby

    I paid $19.95 to watch this one clip.. I was given my membership a rest, since I’ve seen and/or downloaded everything on here already… but seeing Apollo fucking raw in the back of a car was enough to make me renew it… I didn’t hesitate, knowing full well, I was paying it for the one clip.. (I know Michael will make it worth my while during the next 30 days too) .. This clip was well worth the money spent.. They had some really good chemistry.. I love the kisses in the end after sex, and Apollo saying he wants to get with this dude again.. They probably exchanged phone numbers too… Apollo is a freak.. He seems to really enjoy his work.. he loses himself in it, and he forgets that he is NOT gay.. omg, the way he ate that ass was fucking HOT and he seems to like sucking dick too… I just love him… Hook me up Mike… I’ll pay him….. 🙂 … Great update, a 10 out of 10. I actually enjoyed Cordell too, who I thought I didn’t like…

  4. Isaiah & Apollo fan

    Let me just say this…..I give this scene a 10/10. I love the chemistry of them both in this scene and seems like Apollo couldn’t get his hands off Cordell. Can we please pair Apollo with Freaky J and Isaiah in a 3 some please ??

      1. Isaiah & Apollo fan

        Absolutely NOT…AB sets people up too much…..And suspense looks kinda washed out like D-rel

  5. lovemesomesaint

    If you had asked me before I saw this scene if I thought filming a scene in a moving car would be hott, I would have said no way no how. Oh how wrong I would have been! One of my favorite scenes ever! You nailed it!

  6. D-Money

    Well u love to make me smile Mike!! — finally out of the apartments and hotels and on to some outdoor fucking its spring why the hell not spring and summer brings the freaks out Mike — and it helps you had two of the sexiest ass dudes on the roster right now who couldn’t keep their hands off of each other the second they got in the car staring at each other lol— i dont care mike if apollo was “role playing” or not lol they was definitely sweaty hott kissing oral fun (thanks for the close ups ass eating shots mike too) and that raw fuckin sweaty hot fun on a nice sunny day is a great change of pace for BBA and if you can Mike I definitely hope you consider more outdoor scenes (my personal favorite a late night campground or NIGHT scene period) — the contrast of sexy black skin under a moon light is sexy as shit to me Mike!!!!!!!!

  7. Kevin

    Something different than the usual hotel…it was nice to see sex outdoor in the car…although the sex didn’t last long due to probably the discomfort of it all, it was a nice scene.

    I’d would really love to see Apollo and Isaiah do a scene together…they are the two hottest on the site…Apollo and Cordell Part 2 would be nice with more movement and prob do it in a backyard or something! That’d be hot.

    Can’t wait to see more update of Apollo…my favorite model next to Isaiah on the site.

    1. DatBRed

      Not Isaiah or Saint they are getting to useable in my opinion. Every other scene on the site seem to have them two some where lurking. Both are cute and whatever but over worked. Apollo needs a dude that can keep it up (yeah that right) and handle it right. No offence to either model staying power looks weak though.

  8. SIMON

    Michael the best looking Black Male on this site is Staxx, Apollo, Cordell, Migo, Freaky J. and Saint, Day Day. Nothing sexy about Isaiah he is not all that he is weak

  9. DatBRed

    Both actors were great and did an awesome job but it’s ( to me my opinion) like watching two bottoms trying to figure out who will top. Thought by now the one that did top ( Apollo ) would have had bottom by now. Guess it’s coming in a few weeks (?). Either way good scene.

  10. Stoned Mountain


    Standing ovation — to Apollo and Cordell and you. And of course to my baby Cory.

    Better ending in bed.

    Even more evidence Apollo is ready for everything

  11. Greg

    This was to hot.
    I am surprised Cory didn’t pull his dick out and Jack on off watching this.
    I agree its time for Apollo to take some dick.

  12. Ty

    This scene is most def sexy AF I just knew Cordell would have a good scene with the right person than you found him. Loved how Cordell made the first move I’m all for the kissing and I like the change of scenery too. Keep it up made Apollo would give up that ass to Cordell. Is it possible for you to get Isiah and Apollo together for a scene would love to see how that turns out maybe a vers scene lol

  13. Stoned Mountain

    Your feat was a wonder, just getting the loose and active in a confined public space, and APOLLO TO EAT ASS, KISS AND HARD….Casting genius!

    There is a saying in the jewelry world, you have not truly seen the diamond until you see it in the setting. Same for Cordell. NOW I see how hot he is! 😉

    And Apollo so super glamorous.

    Michael, he is your best.

  14. paul513

    i love me some Apollo he just the whole package in more. I don’t want to see him bottom just stay a top period. If he bottom then I want to see DRE bottom too. if they can’t make that happen, then Apollo stay a top.

  15. DC

    give you a 10 and a 10 and for keeping it 100 Mike another scene you should do is have them fucK in the kitchen or in the office on a copy machine good job my brother the thing I like about you is you do not edit anyone comment not like other sites where they will edit stuff out thank you for keeping it 100

  16. Tori Fan

    OMG! Just watched the Apollo and Cordell clip. THAT WAS SUPER HOT! Thanks for the toe closeups I know you did those for me.

    there was a natural chemistry there. I don’t care what Apollo says about gay for pay. He put on a show….and it looked real. When he tasted Cordell nut and then they tongued….that was hot too.

    So….is there a second part with a 3some……Cory too. I wudda been mad to only be driving. I wudda begged for some action.

  17. Michael

    I know I’m a little late, but I just wanted to thank everyone who took the time to share their enthusiastic feedback to this scene! I’m thrilled that most of you liked it as much as you did, and my hope is that it will become one of those BBA classics you’ll find yourself returning to again and again.

    Doing something like this was definitely out of my comfort zone, but I really enjoyed the creative challenge and it ended up being one of the most fun shoots we’ve had in awhile. Including taking all three guys out to eat at “Red Lobster” afterwards. Nothing to make you feel young like going out to eat with three hot black boys and getting carded by the waitress, LOL!


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