Dragon Brings Over A Buddy

Dragon and Eureka

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Those of you who read my blog regularly know that Dragon moved out of state awhile back. It was a pleasant surprise, then, when I got a call from him last Sunday night, telling me he was back in town for a dentist’s appointment and that he was hoping he could do a scene for me. I knew he was wanting to make some extra spending money, but I also think he was just really, REALLY horny 😉 .


Because the whole thing was so last-minute (Dragon was heading home via Greyhound early Wednesday morning), I didn’t have any success putting a scene together, and I finally had to tell an obviously disappointed Dragon that we’d just have to wait and make something happen next time he was back in town.


But Dragon refused to give up. He proceeded to go through his cell and call a bunch of friends, ex-boyfriends, etc., trying to persuade them to give the whole amateur porn thing a try. Even then it didn’t seem like he was going to have any luck. He finally called me late Monday night, however, and told me he’d talked a friend of his into doing a scene with him.


I’ll be honest, I was pretty skeptical of the idea. I usually like to see photos of a guy and put him through a kind of “orientation” process before filming him….explaining the kinds of videos I make, talking about what he’s comfortable or not comfortable doing in a scene, etc., etc. But Dragon was setting me up on the porn producer equivalent of a “blind date,” asking me to gamble that I’d share his physical attraction to this guy I’d never seen or heard of before. Dragon sounded so eager and hopeful, however, that I just didn’t have the heart to say “no,” so we went ahead and made plans for a video-shoot the next morning.


To make a long story short, Dragon now teases me that I should NEVER doubt him again 😉 !


I breathed a huge sigh of relief when the two boys showed up yesterday morning, and it turned out that Dragon’s friend was a VERY attractive young man with a great personality, gorgeous body, and a natural confidence and talent in front of the camera.


He wants to be known as “Eureka”….an odd choice for a porn name, I thought, but I usually try to let the guys I work with create their own names without any input or interference from me.


Eureka is a masculine bisexual “top” who just turned 19 and hopes to join the Air Force in the near future. Dragon described him to me on the phone as a mix of “preppy” and “street,” and I’d say that’s pretty accurate. He’s also an athlete….he played football and ran track in high school….and he’s got a nice muscular young body, a bit more “beefy” than most of my models, and five or six tattoos (always a turn-on for me).


He was a little shy at first, but in a cute, sexy way that really turned me on. He said he hadn’t really thought about doing porn before Dragon approached him with the idea, but that he figured he should give it a try at least once so he could say he’d done it.


The scene we filmed yesterday is hands-down the most mutual and SENSUAL action scene I’ve filmed so far.


As a lot of you already know, I’m really turned on by themes of reluctance, inexperience, persuasion, etc. in porn….straight boys being bribed into gay sex, masculine guys taking dildos for the first time, strangers hooking up and fucking just minutes after meeting for the first time, “tops” agreeing to get fucked for the right price, etc., etc.


The scene with Dragon and Eureka was very much the OPPOSITE of those themes, but still turned out to be unbelievably hot to watch! The two boys have been close friends for a couple years. They’ve messed around with each other a few times, but never dated or anything like that. They are basically “friends with benefits” who agreed to let me film them having some horny fun together. They had a special, intense chemistry together that was obvious from the start….there were even a few times that I had to tell them to keep their hands off each other until the camera was ready to start filming!


In other words, it’s a far cry from Corrupting Cortez, LOL! Say what you will about my films, you can’t accuse me of a lack of variety!


As an exclusive holiday-weekend treat for my blog readers, here are some hot-off-the-press screenshots from the first part of yesterday morning’s video-shoot with Dragon and Eureka.




Yes, I nearly dropped my camera when Dragon first pulled down Eureka’s underwear! I defy anyone to check out the photo below and tell me that isn’t one DAMN beautiful dick!



I swear to God the above image wasn’t staged! It sure as hell looks like some arranged artistic photo, though, doesn’t it??? It was honestly just one of those spontaneously perfect moments that make amateur porn so much fun to make. Feel free to set this one as your desktop background, folks!


Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you….Dragon really did deep-throat Eureka’s enormous dick! Dozens of times, in fact!


It’s a well-known fact that I’m in constant awe of Dragon’s amazing ass. But based on the next two photos, I have to admit that Eureka’s ass rivals even one as perfect as Dragon’s! It’s a damn shame the boy’s a “top,” which means that beautiful butt is off limits….what a waste 😉 !


At least this “top” was willing to suck dick and eat ass….and it was damn hot watching him do it! I never thought I’d film a scene where DRAGON’S dick was the lesser mouthful!


….and those are just screenshots from the first of THREE tapes! I hope you’ve enjoyed this early look at one of the hottest scenes I’ve filmed so far!

5 comments on “Dragon Brings Over A Buddy
  1. Michael

    Yeah, the only thing more amazing than Eureka’s dick was Dragon’s seemingly effortless ability to DEEP-THROAT it! Seriously, Dragon should win some kind of All-Star Porn Award for such an accomplishment :)! And don’t worry, I plan on posting many more previews from this video-shoot closer to the time that I release it on DVD.

  2. vincent

    I just viewed the vid between these two and I must say that there is even more chemistry between them than there was with Dragon and Shyne. This vid was truly hot, what can I say. At times it even seemed as if they were a couple, in love no doubt. This is the vid that propelled Eureka to #2 in my eyes behind Dragon and he is quickly catching up. Simply because he seems to be a passionate top that knows what to do in the art of, dare I say, making love. This vid is my favorite so far. Yes, it is a classic. Damn, to have been Dragon that day…..

  3. Michael

    I think your comment nicely describes the chemistry between Dragon and Eureka. Although I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily “better” or “worse” than the chemistry between Dragon and Shyne. That’s how I came up with the idea to pair them up in one DVD called “The Fuck-Buddy Vs. The Thug,” because both dynamics are intense and exciting to watch, just in dramatically different ways.

  4. DLRich

    All I can say is that Dragon and Eureka are by far my most favorites. Not just because of their looks or what they got in their shorts, but because of their shy and innocent nice personalities which I find really attractive! Must see much more of both of these guys!


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