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Website Update: Quarantine Chronicles #4 – Blast From The Past

While production is paused due to COVID-19, we asked several BBA models, past and present, to take us behind the scenes of their lives during these difficult times.

As an added incentive and for a little extra fun, we decided to turn it into a solo competition and let you the viewer determine the winners:

2nd Place: $1,000
3rd Place: $500

This weekend’s special edition features three iconic BBA stars we haven’t seen or heard from in a very long time.

Join Cory, Dragon, and Beno as they practice safe “social distancing” and entertain you from home in these “quarantine chronicles.”



Dragon’s Special Request


Popular BBA veteran Dragon wanted to reach out to his loyal fans through this blog and ask for your help and support with a special new career opportunity. Please click here to read a more detailed message from Dragon and donate to help in any way that you can.

If you’re a fan of Dragon’s past work and have enjoyed watching him grow up and evolve over the years from the cute and innocent “schoolboy” into a mature and sexy young man, please show your appreciation and support by taking a couple minutes out of your busy day to consider his special request and chip in to help him pursue this exciting next chapter of his life and career. Thank you!


Website Update: BBA Classics Revisited – Behind the Scenes of “When You Wish Upon A Porn Star”


I’m currently in California for my best friend’s wedding over the holiday weekend. This was the very first “straight” boy I ever fell in lust/love with, and my unique and complicated relationship with him has probably inspired most of BBA’s recurring and most popular themes. But that’s a story for another day 😉 ….

I’ll be back with more fresh faces and full-length new scenes next week, but in the meantime here’s some entertaining bonus footage for those of you who enjoy getting to know the models and going behind the scenes of some of the early BBA classics:

This series revisits some of the scenes from the early years of my old apartment and well-used blue futon and shares with you some of the unreleased footage from the BBA archives.

Enjoy these NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN outtakes from one of the early BBA “classics” that brought together two of BBA’s iconic stars.

To enjoy this never-before-seen bonus footage, click here to join BBA today!

If you’re already a BBA member, click here to enjoy these entertaining outtakes any time you’d like!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!


Website Update: Freaky J – The Next Level

Freaky J: The Next Level

In September 2009, Freaky J became an overnight sensation on YouTube with his erotic striptease and sexy dance videos. Like most straight black guys making the same type of videos, he initially limited his target audience to “strictly for the ladies.” But unlike most straight black guys making the same type of videos, he quickly (and smartly) realized and eventually embraced the fact that many if not most of his loyal followers were gay and bisexual men.

With his slim, toned physique and strikingly handsome face (he’s a mix of African-American and Puerto Rican) – not to mention the infamous “monster” swinging between his smooth, skinny legs – Freaky J has seduced and entertained countless females and gay men all over the world with his dance, jack-off, and straight sex videos, as well as private engagements all across the country as a male stripper and exotic dancer.

Freaky J has never appeared in anything but his own homemade videos – until now!

After patiently pursuing him for OVER FOUR YEARS, I was finally able to talk this sexy straight Blatino stripper into making his long-anticipated “gay for pay” debut here at Black Boy Addictionz. It’s Freaky J like you’ve NEVER seen him before, taking things to THE NEXT LEVEL in order to please his freakiest fans!

Freaky J and Dragon
The Official Freaky J Story
provided loyal fans and new viewers alike with an intimate and illuminating look at the real person behind the amateur videos as Freaky J shared his story with the world for the very first time. It also featured a hot private show that included such NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN surprises as our first up-close and intimate look at Freaky J’s tight, virgin ASSHOLE and some wickedly arousing fun with a dildo.

This second installment from Freaky J’s BBA visit brings you the YouTube celebrity and exotic dancer in his very first hardcore sex scene with another guy!



Website Update: Every Gay Boy’s Fantasy Fuck

Every Gay Boy's Fantasy Fuck

Every gay or bisexual male has probably lusted after an unattainable straight athlete at some point in their lives, wondering what might be swinging between his muscular legs and envying the females lucky enough to have felt it inside them. Even those of us who usually prefer a more dominant role have no doubt imagined, if only for a brief moment, what it might be like to trade places with a straight athlete’s girlfriend and feel his sweaty, muscular body between our spread-open legs.

This scene brings this fantasy to life for cute gay boy Dragon when he gets paired with Isaiah, an All-American college jock and formerly the star player on his high school basketball team. Tall, dark-skinned, and masculine with a deep, sexy voice, Isaiah is the scene partner of Dragon’s dreams. And the fact that he has a heavy, curved dick hanging between his athletic legs doesn’t hurt anything either 😉 !

Lucky for us, the cost of tuition has skyrocketed in recent years, bringing the big-dicked basketball player back for another “gay for pay” scene to help pay his bills. (I tell Isaiah to think of his work here at BBA as a kind of unconventional scholarship program, sponsoring his higher education in exchange for him expanding his sexual boundaries). And who better to guide our skeptical new “student” through his second attempt at fucking a guy than an experienced and skilled performer like Dragon?

Dragon tries to help a very tense and nervous Isaiah relax by sensually licking his nipples and later DEEP-THROATING that massive, curved dick. You’ll have to judge for yourself, but I think the challenge of “turning out” a straight jock like Isaiah really brings out Dragon’s best oral skills!

Dragon later gives up his thick, juicy ass to that fresh straight-boy dick, showing the reluctant Isaiah just how good a guy’s tight ass can feel. Envy the popular BBA veteran as he enjoys every gay boy’s fantasy fuck, cursing and moaning and begging for more as Isaiah grabs him by the hips and pounds that round, juicy ass like it’s his girlfriend’s wet pussy….



Dragon & Shyne: From Co-Stars to Rivals

Shyne Sucking Dragon

I haven’t heard anybody comparing the second scene between Dragon and Shyne to their first encounter in The Schoolboy and the Thug. Personally, I think the actual fucking in both videos is pretty damn hot, but I suspect that it had to be obvious to anyone paying attention that the chemistry between Dragon and Shyne in their “reunion” scene was very different than it was during the scene filmed just minutes after they met for the first time.

Shyne Fucking Dragon
I’m still curious to hear people’s thoughts about this, but I might as well make it official: Dragon and Shyne no longer like each other very much. You can see hints of it in that second scene, and it never improved after that. They aren’t bitter enemies or anything that dramatic, but they certainly aren’t friends and neither boy wants to perform with the other again.

It actually makes me sort of sad, to tell you the truth, but I tend to be a little melodramatic that way (leave it to a Libra to get all sentimental over porn, LOL). They seemed to get along so well during their first video-shoot together, and as I’ve mentioned before, that whole experience overall was very special and memorable for me, for a variety of reasons.

My sense (and I might be totally wrong about this) is that Dragon developed a crush on Shyne that first day, but for Shyne it was only about tappin’ that ass and makin’ that cash. When Dragon realized his attraction to Shyne wasn’t being reciprocated, his way of dealing with it was to focus on Shyne’s imperfections and exaggerate them in his mind until he felt like a fool for ever being attracted to the guy in the first place. Not to mention the fact that both boys had very different personalities to begin with. In my thirty-plus years of living, it’s been my experience that these types of “opposites attract” scenarios almost always end up in disappointment and sometimes even hostility toward the initially appealing partner.

Now maybe I’ve read this all wrong, but I like to think I have a fairly good intuition about these things. Regardless, Dragon and Shyne are now more like porn rivals than co-stars, and it’s highly doubtful they’ll be performing in any more scenes together. I know this will come as disappointing news for some of you, but at least I was able to capture on film two hot and memorable scenes for all of Dragon’s and Shyne’s fans to beat off to for years to come 😉 !


A Special Greeting From Everybody’s Favorite “Schoolboy”

Dragon With His Backpack
Dragon continues attending school out of state, and unfortunately he hasn’t been back to visit or film anything in awhile. He still stays in touch on a regular basis, however, and he’s always curious to hear how the business is going, how his videos are selling, what new models I’ve worked with, what scenes I’ve filmed recently, etc. He also checks in on the blog from time to time, and I know he loves reading the feedback as well as receiving emails from his fans.

He recently sent me the following update and asked me to post it for everyone to read on the blog:

what have i been up to. really i have just been going to school and meeting all sorts of people. i’ve made new friends and let go alot of people that i really dont and never did belong in my life. i have been getting older mentally and have reached a level of maturity that most my age wont hit until their later years. no i have not looked at any of the bigger porn companies i just chose to let time take its course. i would however love to and enjoy the honor of thanking everyone who has bought any of the bba entertainment vids. i would also like to thank those who have followed me since the start and i am truly grateful for all of your compliments and questions. you all can email me at Rickeykingofheartsb@gmail.com. i will answer ALL emails received. thank you again for all of your support best wishes to all.

Dragon also gave me permission to share with everyone some of these casual, personal photos of himself. He’s not naked or having sex in any of them, but I figured some of the dedicated Dragon fans out there (and there seem to be many) might enjoy seeing them anyway.

After all, part of my purpose in keeping this blog is to let my customers and readers get to know the people behind the porn-shoots in a way you’re usually not able to with the bigger professional companies. Even though I’ve spent a fair amount of time with Dragon in recent months, these photos still made my heart skip a beat, reminding me of just how irresistibly cute he really is, and how lucky we all are that he’s agreed to share himself so intimately with the porn-viewing public!

Dragon_5 (more…)


Gossip-Hungry Gay Boys and Jealous Drama Queens, Spoiling Amateur Porn For Everyone!

I’m beginning to see how the stereotype of the cold, heartless porn producer originated. Once again, I’m feeling like it’s almost impossible for a producer to have any kind of compassion or concern for his models, and still survive and succeed in the business. Once again, I’m torn between my concern for my models as people, and my need to make smart choices as a businessman.

Last weekend, I received a panic-stricken email from one of my models, begging me to take down anything that shows his face. Apparently, the wrong gay people found out about my videos and started spreading gossip and malicious rumors throughout the gay online community in my city, eventually reaching friends and family outside that community as well. One person even stooped so low as to publish a profile on one of the more popular black hook-up sites under the screenname “We_GotAIDS,” listing names, photos, and personal info about several of my models.

I’m 99% certain that one of the people behind it is a guy who’s contacted me several times expressing a desire to do some videos for me. This past Saturday night, he grew hostile and threatening when I politely turned him down. You know how sometimes you can tell that somebody’s not quite “right” just by looking at their pics? This guy looked like a hateful, conniving asshole from the start, and it didn’t take him long to prove my assumptions correct. Unfortunately, he seems hell-bent on spreading gossip and lies about me and my models, thus polluting my pool of potential models (at least those who are gay and bisexual) and potentially causing real harm to the lives and reputations of guys I care about.

I really am too naive and trusting sometimes. When I started this amateur porn project, I totally underestimated the number of hateful, vindictive, ugly human beings out there who don’t give a second thought about destroying other people’s lives if it brings them a little attention; the “crabs in the barrel” who can’t stand seeing others succeed.

One of my models is taking the whole thing particularly hard. He knew when he filmed his scenes there was a risk that people would find out, but he was still mostly closeted and emotionally unprepared, I think, to be exposed in such a cruel and humiliating way. I have tried to tell him that he shouldn’t let the harassment get under his skin; that he is better than the hateful people trying to tear him down; that he still has a bright future ahead of him; that I care about him as more than just a cute model; and that he is welcome to come over any time he needs to get away or just wants a sympathetic listener.

Dragon had to suffer through something similar when his videos first came out. I  also remember witnessing the same kind of thing happen several times when I was a regular “Cocodorm” member. It’s no wonder that the black gay porn industry is dominated by feminine bottom-types who couldn’t hide their sexual orientations if they wanted to…..all the masculine boys are driven into the closet by these shameless gossip-queen bitches who have nothing better to do than expose amateur porn stars!

And that’s one of the ironies about all of this….it’s the guys who love to watch porn and complain about the lack of hot masculine porn stars who are the same ones exposing and attacking their peers who choose to make porn as HIV-infected “sluts” and “ho’s,” thus driving more hot boys away from the porn industry and into the closet.

I don’t know if it’s worse in the black community in general (the flip-side of something usually so positive, a more expansive and intimate family and social network?); or maybe my city is just too damn small, even for an amateur producer like me; or maybe the black gay boys in my city are just particularly vicious and judgmental???

Whatever the cause, the fact that this has already happened to almost all of my models is extremely frustrating and depressing. Making videos with the types of guys I’m attracted to is going to grow increasingly difficult if there’s a mafia of gossip-hungry drama-queens constantly waiting for every blog update as their next chance to expose another one of my models. Every time I post screenshot previews or video clips, I will have to worry that the models involved (at least the gay and bisexual boys) will most likely be exposed, mocked, and humiliated. Even the straight boys are at risk for exposure if some evil gay boy happens to recognize them.

I’ve already removed the blog posts featuring a certain model’s action scenes, at least until he goes off to college in a few weeks, even though it will certainly have a negative impact on my video sales. But I can’t exactly do this every time a model gets “outed,” and I don’t want to settle for filming porn that only features out-and-proud gay men.

I’m really at an emotional and professional impasse here….


Porn Pimp or Porn Pushover? (And Other Weekend Ramblings)

I’m learning the hard way that this is a business of highs and lows, ups and downs, and nothing can ever be taken for granted. ESPECIALLY when I’m working with young guys whose moods and ambitions and life circumstances change from day to day. It’s a tough balancing act for a guy as sentimental and emotional as I tend to be.

On the one hand, I don’t want to turn into some sleazy porn-producer stereotype who treats his models like disposable pieces of meat. The kind of guy who’s totally emotionless when things turn sour with a particular model….because he thinks that one cute black boy’s just as good as the next, and there are a dozen new faces to replace any one guy, right?

At the same time, I feel like I’m WAY too emotionally invested in my models right now, to the point that it’s potentially bad for business and most definitely bad for my mental health. I really need to figure out how to strike a balance between the cold-hearted Porn Pimp and the overly-sensitive guy who gets too attached to his models.

Thank goodness Dragon hasn’t let me down yet! He still calls me about once a week to ask about my latest video-shoots and hear what people have been saying on the blog lately. He was ECSTATIC when I told him that The Schoolboy and the Thug was the #1 movie on AMVC for a second month in a row!

Speaking of Dragon….

Last night I went out to dinner with one of my closest friends. She’s a black lesbian who is very open-minded about sex, and the first friend that I told about my secret “hobby.” She’s been incredibly supportive from the time I first told her (“How could I NOT support you when you’re making your dream come true???” she explained). Whenever we hang out, she asks how the business is going, what videos I’m working on, etc., and it’s always nice to be able to talk about things with a close friend in person, as opposed to posting things on the blog, or talking with my models, or corresponding with cyber-friends through email.

Anyway, after dinner last night she came back to my place and asked me to show her one of my videos. I was really reluctant and embarrassed at first, but eventually I decided “what the hell.” I’ve never really watched porn with my platonic friends before, let alone watched gay male porn with a LESBIAN when the porn in question was filmed by me! Needless to say, it was a pretty bizarre and comical experience.

I showed her The Schoolboy and the Thug, and she loved it! She was really amused by Shyne’s attitude throughout much of the scene, the way he’d switch from apparent indifference to arousal in a matter of seconds. She was also impressed with Dragon’s performance (“Damn, he’s really WORKIN’ it!” she exclaimed when Dragon was riding Shyne’s dick), and she told me to tell Dragon that he should take FULL credit for the video’s success! I’m sure Dragon will be THRILLED to hear that, since a definite rivalry has developed between he and Shyne since they filmed that first scene.

Tomorrow afternoon I have plans to meet with this cute, 19-year-old white boy that I’m hoping to feature in some interracial scenes if all goes well. I still plan on appearing in some of my interracial videos, but it’s always so stressful juggling sex AND filming at the same time, especially when trying to fuck the guys on camera. I’ve had a lot of difficulty getting the right angles and staying hard throughout numerous interruptions. But I don’t have the kind of budget that can afford to hire a videographer (plus, I’m a bit of a control-freak when it comes to the actual filming). So I’m hoping if things work out with this new kid, I can film some hot interracial FUCKING in the near future, without the limitations that come with tripod-style homemade porn. We’ll see how things go tomorrow….

I’m starving, and that left-over pizza in the fridge is sounding pretty damn good, so that’s enough rambling for now….


Dragon Brings Over A Buddy

Dragon and Eureka

[Update: You can now enjoy the full-length, uncensored version of this hot scene, along with ALL of my other movies, by joining BlackBoyAddictionz.com!]

Those of you who read my blog regularly know that Dragon moved out of state awhile back. It was a pleasant surprise, then, when I got a call from him last Sunday night, telling me he was back in town for a dentist’s appointment and that he was hoping he could do a scene for me. I knew he was wanting to make some extra spending money, but I also think he was just really, REALLY horny 😉 .


Because the whole thing was so last-minute (Dragon was heading home via Greyhound early Wednesday morning), I didn’t have any success putting a scene together, and I finally had to tell an obviously disappointed Dragon that we’d just have to wait and make something happen next time he was back in town.


But Dragon refused to give up. He proceeded to go through his cell and call a bunch of friends, ex-boyfriends, etc., trying to persuade them to give the whole amateur porn thing a try. Even then it didn’t seem like he was going to have any luck. He finally called me late Monday night, however, and told me he’d talked a friend of his into doing a scene with him.


I’ll be honest, I was pretty skeptical of the idea. I usually like to see photos of a guy and put him through a kind of “orientation” process before filming him….explaining the kinds of videos I make, talking about what he’s comfortable or not comfortable doing in a scene, etc., etc. But Dragon was setting me up on the porn producer equivalent of a “blind date,” asking me to gamble that I’d share his physical attraction to this guy I’d never seen or heard of before. Dragon sounded so eager and hopeful, however, that I just didn’t have the heart to say “no,” so we went ahead and made plans for a video-shoot the next morning.


To make a long story short, Dragon now teases me that I should NEVER doubt him again 😉 !


I breathed a huge sigh of relief when the two boys showed up yesterday morning, and it turned out that Dragon’s friend was a VERY attractive young man with a great personality, gorgeous body, and a natural confidence and talent in front of the camera.


He wants to be known as “Eureka”….an odd choice for a porn name, I thought, but I usually try to let the guys I work with create their own names without any input or interference from me.


Eureka is a masculine bisexual “top” who just turned 19 and hopes to join the Air Force in the near future. Dragon described him to me on the phone as a mix of “preppy” and “street,” and I’d say that’s pretty accurate. He’s also an athlete….he played football and ran track in high school….and he’s got a nice muscular young body, a bit more “beefy” than most of my models, and five or six tattoos (always a turn-on for me).


He was a little shy at first, but in a cute, sexy way that really turned me on. He said he hadn’t really thought about doing porn before Dragon approached him with the idea, but that he figured he should give it a try at least once so he could say he’d done it.


The scene we filmed yesterday is hands-down the most mutual and SENSUAL action scene I’ve filmed so far.


As a lot of you already know, I’m really turned on by themes of reluctance, inexperience, persuasion, etc. in porn….straight boys being bribed into gay sex, masculine guys taking dildos for the first time, strangers hooking up and fucking just minutes after meeting for the first time, “tops” agreeing to get fucked for the right price, etc., etc.


The scene with Dragon and Eureka was very much the OPPOSITE of those themes, but still turned out to be unbelievably hot to watch! The two boys have been close friends for a couple years. They’ve messed around with each other a few times, but never dated or anything like that. They are basically “friends with benefits” who agreed to let me film them having some horny fun together. They had a special, intense chemistry together that was obvious from the start….there were even a few times that I had to tell them to keep their hands off each other until the camera was ready to start filming!


In other words, it’s a far cry from Corrupting Cortez, LOL! Say what you will about my films, you can’t accuse me of a lack of variety!


As an exclusive holiday-weekend treat for my blog readers, here are some hot-off-the-press screenshots from the first part of yesterday morning’s video-shoot with Dragon and Eureka.




Yes, I nearly dropped my camera when Dragon first pulled down Eureka’s underwear! I defy anyone to check out the photo below and tell me that isn’t one DAMN beautiful dick!