BBA Under Quarantine: Spring Schedule & Sale

Like many of you across the country (and world!) right now, we’re still under a strict “stay at home” order due to the spread of COVID-19, and it’s looking like it may be several weeks (at the earliest) before we’re able to resume production of new content.

As much as I’d love to report that we have an emergency stockpile of hot new scenes waiting for you in the wings, that unfortunately isn’t the case. The recent Kingston/Dominic/Scuba scenes were actually filmed just in the nick of time, about a week before everything began shutting down.

Unless you want our future updates to look like the scenario below lol, we’re going to have to take a break from filming the kind of content you’re used to seeing here at BBA….

But don’t worry, we’re still committed to keeping everyone entertained during these stressful times. Over the next several weeks, we will continue updating the website every Saturday, and occasionally twice a week on Wednesdays as well.

Updates will include a combination of “behind the scenes” and bonus footage from your favorite models and scenes, homemade solo content filmed by the models, exclusive Q&A’s with your favorite models, and any other fun and creative ideas we can come up with during the downtime. If you have any special requests or ideas of your own, please email me at and/or share in the comments below!

During the break from production, we’re also going to be upgrading the website to a new and improved look. This is something we’ve had on our “To Do” list for awhile, and we figured why not take advantage of the extra time to tackle a long overdue site renovation? We hope to have the new website ready to launch no later than this summer.

We hope our loyal monthly subscribers will stick around and enjoy the alternative content in the weeks ahead, as well as continued access to our entire collection of over 430 scenes.

Since we know times are tough, we’re offering a special discounted price of $14.95 for a monthly subscription, re-billed every 30 days at the same rate. This is a total savings of 25% off every month!

Current members will need to cancel and resubscribe to take advantage of this discount, but to thank you for sticking with us, you can continue enjoying this discounted rate for as many months as you’d like until you cancel. Just use Promo Code QUARANTINEMEMBER on our “Join” page to take advantage of this special deal.

We’re also still offering the special sale of just $9.95 for our basic 15 credits package, a total savings of MORE THAN 30%! Just use Promo Code QUARANTINE on our “Join” page to take advantage of that special promotion.

Our hope is that BBA can continue providing entertainment and escape during these difficult days, and help make it easier for everyone to shelter at home and stay healthy and safe in the weeks and months ahead!

23 comments on “BBA Under Quarantine: Spring Schedule & Sale
  1. JVerde

    It’s totally understandable. The government had limited stockpiles for this pandemic too. 😂 looking forward to what’s to come.

  2. Bryan

    I look forward to seeing extended footage and BTS from Bandit when he bottomed for Apollo, Saint, and Mike. The “train” movie with Shazeer and Stylez is good. Also the Bukkake movie. Thanks Mike. Stay safe.

    1. Michael

      Members who signed up for the six-month or one-year subscriptions are already enjoying a monthly rate LOWER than the sale price we’re offering. But if you contact Montez at, we’ll be happy to add some complimentary credits or extra time to your membership.

      1. chucke1

        No but thanks anyway, I have enjoyed BBA for years, I am well and wish you guys all the best! I simply ask for HOT behind the scenes and bonus footage as promised and everyone to keep safe. Might be interested in buy three annual get two free LOL! You guys are the BEST IN PORN, hands down, just watch the language! THANKS FOR EVERYTHING AND looking forward to MANY MORE YEARS!!!!!

  3. Ro Mack

    I will continue my subscription at its current rate to continue to support BBA. I would love to see Apollo and Bandit behind the scene with SAINT

  4. Al

    😂😂… Enjoying my ‘stay at home’ UK time too. Terrible disease and my thoughts go to all those affected. On a positive side let’s enjoy the free time. Thanks bba for this delicious Apollo compilation, I enjoyed every second of it. Wud have loved a bit more of his topping scenes with both Mar and Justice but I won’t complain. Safe!!!

  5. Mike

    Well you know me, anything Bandit and I’m opting in. I await relief. Meanwhile with the discount in place I will stack credits. Albeit, Apollo is tempting and I love BTS stuff.

    1. Montez

      Hey, Jay!

      Unfortunately Bandit does not have a BBA associated social media, at this time. His personal social media, he prefers to keep private.


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