Website Update (with Video Teaser): Conquering Kingston

This is one of those scenes I honestly wasn’t sure I could ever make happen!

Ever since I was first introduced to Kingston almost two years ago, I’ve been dreaming of the day we might finally get to see a big, hard dick plunging in and out of his cute muscle-butt.

But turning this dream into a reality proved to be a lot harder than I thought. Unfortunately taking another man’s dick up his tight, virgin ass was a line the cocky Jamaican straight boy has been stubbornly refusing to cross for nearly TWO YEARS – regardless of how much money I offered!

“That would degrade me as a man,” he’d repeat over and over. “I don’t care how much money in the world someone can give me, I’m not putting a dick in my ass!”

Of course the more defiant and obstinate Kingston would get, the more patient and persistent I became. There’s a reason the expression “Never Say Never!” has become a tried and true mantra around here 😉 .

When Kingston finally texted me out of the blue late one night, telling me he was going through some hard times, and proposing an absurdly high amount that MIGHT make him change his mind, I couldn’t help but smile to myself and begin counting down the days: Yes, even cocky Kingston’s virgin ass had a price!

Skip ahead two months later:

“Sometimes I gotta do what I gotta do to survive,” a resigned and embarrassed Kingston tells the viewers at home. “I’m about to TAKE IT IN THE ASS for the first time!”

Dominic is the lucky BBA “top” assigned the enviable task of popping Kingston’s sweet cherry.

It’s been almost exactly one year since Dominic was the one in Kingston’s place, with Apollo walking HIM through his first bottoming scene. So he can easily relate to the fear and anxiety that accompany a big step like this, as he follows admirably in Apollo’s footsteps by coaching Kingston through his first time….

“I’m gonna take my time,” Dominic calmly reassures an understandably terrified Kingston. “In the BEGINNING!” he adds with a slightly sadistic smile.

Watch as this once-defiant straight boy resorts to doing just about EVERYTHING he swore he’d never do for a huge amount of cash – including kissing, sucking dick, and most shocking of all, finally BENDING OVER and GETTING FUCKED for the very first time!

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25 comments on “Website Update (with Video Teaser): Conquering Kingston
  1. Dexter

    OMG!! I’m so glad he FINALLY got some dick in his ass… BUT I’m sure this isn’t the first time and For him to be so DRAMATIC with all that screaming LORD!! For him to say at the end “Take This Ass”… #HowIronic But Dominic gets 10⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  2. Krypto

    Super hot scene Mike, well done on getting this one set up. Kingston says he didn’t enjoy it but the nut he busted says differently. Dominic enjoyed it and Kingston gave up his tight ass—this is the best one in awhile.

    BBA, no ass is safe. King Jake, you’re next

  3. WeatherMan

    This is what the BBA brand is ALL about right here: taking straight boys and making them gay for pay models. This scene is going to go down as one of my favorites in BBA history because Kingston was clearly nervous but he still performed and I think he did a good job, all things considered. Dom was very good at breaking him in with the toy play, anal and the facial was the cherry on top of the cake. I hope Kingston comes back and does another bottoming scene or gets some sweet revenge on Dom, congrats Mike and BBA on such a good scene, keep pumping them out.

    1. Michael

      Wow, thanks! So happy to hear that this was worth the wait. Glad you and so many others are enjoying this return to BBA’s roots. I’m extremely proud (and honestly still a little in shock) that this finally happened. Getting turned down over and over for almost two years can get discouraging, and it was starting to seem like this would never happen. Of course that only makes our ultimate success even sweeter!

  4. chucke1

    Talk about NOT getting what I expected! The Oscar goes to …….. Dominic and Kingston were a dream! History making epic scene from beginning to end! I had no idea this scene would be one of the BEST in BBA history! Thank you Michael for giving us something to look forward to, could not have been any better or come at a more perfect time! Stay safe and it looks like we are in for some rough days and weeks ahead! WE WILL SURVIVE!

    1. Michael

      I’m thrilled to hear that this exceeded your expectations. That’s music to my ears. Hope you’re staying healthy and safe during this difficult time.

  5. Eric Jenkins

    I enjoyed this scene even though Dominic sounds like an 80’s porn star “it’s tight” “it feels so tight” we got it it was tight lol. Have Dominic sexy ass work on his dirty/sex talk. When can we see him get fucked real good, no dick going halfway in…I digress but I enjoyed the scene hopefully he gives those cakes up again!!! Show more of his sexy feet!! I know you tired of this but I must ask…WHERE IS SCOTTY SEXY ASS AT!!! I really need to see him soon. I can’t wait to see the bloopers from this scene I know it had to be interesting!! Thanks again for the great scene.

    1. Michael

      Seems like just yesterday viewers were complaining about Dominic being too uptight and QUIET. What a difference a year or two at BBA makes lol!

      It can be tricky with the “gay for pay” actors like Dominic. He does get a little repetitive sometimes. We’ll try to work on that. But glad you enjoyed the scene overall!

      Unfortunately, Scotty and Shaun are both still locked up until early 2021 at the earliest.

  6. JayDee4071

    damn …. this is one of the best scenes to me…. kingston is already sexy af…. every scene i kept looking at that ass he has sitting fat …. i don’t know if he like bottoming but them moans made me bust 3 back to back…. i wish that was me giving him some chocolate dick…. dominic is fine but something about kingston being a bottom in this scene turn me the fuck on….. damn….. hope thats not the only time he bottom …..

  7. Stubz89

    Kingston is fine af but childish. He did great though. His fake moans in the beginning was annoying and some of his real moans was annoying too but he still did great. Dominic is getting better and better at this. No offense to him, starting to believe he isn’t heterosexual anymore and more so bisexual which there’s nothing wrong with. He definitely was attracted to Kingston and maybe a few other scene partners. He performs great with who he connects to or attracted to I’ve noticed.

    1. Jamal

      Yes it’s not fair Dominic never took Bandit dick. I feel like house of horrors was underplayed and needs more attention.

  8. Jayden

    It’s LIT! Kingston FINALLY gave up the booty! I have to admit that I didn’t think this would be a scene that we’d ever see. However, BBA teaches us two things: “Never say never” and most importantly, that “a young black ass is a terrible thing to waste!” This scene is tried and true to the ever so classic, “final-frontier” BBA experience. Allow me to show y’all some love real quick!

    I. The Oral Show

    Dominic’s oral skills continue to improve with each scene! (Side note: for the peeps complaining about all the Dominic scenes lately. SPEAK FOR YA DAMN SELF!! He’s one of BBA’s best offerings, and I could watch Dominic EVERY week!) Now, let’s go back to the scene. 😂 I didn’t know what to make of Kingston’s reaction. It was hard to tell whether he was enjoying Dominic or if he was just completely disgusted, and refused to allow himself to enjoy the experience . I could tell he enjoyed Dominic licking his nipples. After that, I was confused. However, from what we could see, he didn’t run away. Is it fair to say a combination of both? 😂 Kingston giving Dominic a blow job was LIT! For limited experience, he did very well.

    II. The Fuck Show

    Loved this whole sequence! This part of the scene really showcased the strength of this pairing. Dominic was great as the coach in this one! Btw: He’s really awesome in these scenes! His acting is more believable! I loved the fact Dominic walked Kingston through different levels (ie: fingers, toy, then dick). He took his time and allowed Kingston to adjust and exercised patience, which Kingston definitely needed. Kingston’s reactions were priceless and honest. Bottoming is not for everyone! Kingston did a damn good job for his first experience. Kudos!

    Ill. The Cum Show

    Dominic’s cum shot was nice as usual. I was really surprised to see Kingston take a facial. Nevertheless, no complaints—it was hot AF. Let’s talk about how QUICK and THOROUGH he cleaned his face after that nut though!! I died laughing! Kingston’s cum shot was awesome as well. I loved watching Dominic lick Kingston until the nut came. It almost appeared that Kingston enjoyed Dominic during that part. Is it true? Who knows. I’ll just continue to get drunk off of that fantasy as it makes that part of the scene even hotter!

    IV: The Post Show

    The conversation was funny. Dominic driving the conversation showcases how much he’s grown as a performer. Good shit! Kingston was definitely glad the scene was over, and he was probably in pain from being fucked, which is why the convo was probably scant at times. I loved Kingston’s honest, candid reaction. Bottoming is NOT great the first time. Porn often promotes this absurdity. It actually feels weird AF, and this scene captured that truth to a “T”. This scene was classic BBA, and it was beautifully done!

    Special thanks to Mike, Montez, Dominic, and BBA’s newest bottom, Kingston! Kingston states that a second time bottoming is a no-go huh? He said that the first time too.🤔BBA, didn’t you all just recently teach us that “Practice Makes Perfect”? 😉 With that said, Kingston, can we get an encore? We want more! 😈 Honestly, if Kingston sticks around, and “perfects his practice”, he could be a potential top ten competitor. Only time will tell.

    1. Michael

      Thanks, Jayden! I had a feeling you’d enjoy this one 😉 !

      I’m honestly still in shock that we finally made this happen. And just in the nick of time too, since we literally filmed this a week before everything went to shit and started shutting down. But yeah, still pinching myself that we FINALLY got to see a big, hard dick splitting open Kingston’s tight, virgin ass. Whew, I’m getting turned on just thinking about it lol.

      I recently mentioned on Twitter that Kingston reminds me a lot of Scotty and Shaun in terms of the silly, spontaneous humor he brings to his shoots. Some of his comments in that wrap-up interview were cracking me up. And the Mr. Miyagi comment was hilarious too. Of course the flip-side to that is that he can be a handful to work with at times. Have you ever seen a hyper little puppy around a much older dog? That’s pretty much what it was like watching Dominic and Kingston together. I think Kingston was really testing Dominic’s patience at times, but thankfully it all worked out in the end.

      Thanks again for the THOROUGH and entertaining review lol!

  9. Wayne

    Great scene. Don’t usually like cherry popping scenes, but something about Kingston made this an instant classic. He has a bright future ahead of him in adult film.

  10. Isaiah & Apollo fan

    Everything about this scene was perfect and Dominic did a great job breaking in Kingston, Kingston you’ll be back getting fucked again hope you shut that big mouth of yours next time lol.

    Stylez vs Kingston sounds good to me.

    When Kingston put his head in the pillow screaming I was like yes nigga take that dick 😂 . This scene reminds me a lot of Stylez vs Blake idk why maybe I’m not alone here.

    Anyways. I give this scene a solid 10/10

  11. Praktical

    Great Video!! Loved seeing Kingston take that dick in his hairy ass.
    WHERE IS SCOTTY??? Can’t wait to see Scotty’s cherry popped!!

  12. Jeffrey Nary

    I’M glad the CHANCE OF OPPORTUNITY happen…..Kingston 👑 finally OPENED UP…..goes to show…the more EAGER to GO after of what u want…U LIKELY to GET IT…..EPIC SCENE!!! Now my request is to see BANDIT AND SHAUN do a SCENE together in coming FUTURE….THAT WOULD BE A CLIP worth seeing YOUR RATINGS WILL GO WAY UP……Please make it HAPPEN….

  13. Wayne

    Just revisited this scene and it’s probably my favorite of all time. Michael any chance we will be seeing more of Kingston?


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