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Website Update: Scotty – The Next Level

Scotty - The Next Level 1
This weekend we’re returning to BBA’s roots with this lengthy, unscripted “straight boy seduction” similar to those I used to film back in the good ol’ days of the Blue BBA Futon.

It turns out that Shaun ended up getting locked up AGAIN just a few days after filming that hilariously awkward and unforgettably entertaining encounter with his best friend Scotty, and this time it’s looking like he might be away for awhile.

Since I’ve been pretty generous with keeping money on Shaun’s “books” while he’s in jail, and even covered the costs for a new and better attorney, I was able to work out an arrangement with Scotty where he could start to pay off some of Shaun’s debt and dig himself out of his own dire financial situation at the same time by returning for a special training session with me….

As part of the negotiations that took place during this shoot, I promised not to give too much way in the previews or reveal EXACTLY what he ended up doing by the end of this scene. So I won’t spoil any of this scene’s hot surprises other than to say that if you’re able to make it to the end of this scene without busting at least two or three “nutts,” then you’re a far stronger person than I was while editing the footage ūüėČ !


Website Update: Breaking Bandit

Near the end of his shocking and unforgettable recent encounter with me, Bandit insisted that “bottoming” just wasn’t for him and something he didn’t plan on attempting again.

But as I fully expected (or at least hoped) might happen, it didn’t take long for Bandit to get back into debt by accepting several generous “advances” in exchange for his reluctant promise to return and GIVE UP HIS ASS to a bigger BLACK dick. I guess once you’ve finally given in and done something you once swore you’d never in a million years ever do, it’s a little bit easier to swallow one’s pride and make just one more “special exception” when the money’s right!

Saint had already met Bandit while helping out behind the camera when I officially popped Bandit’s cherry a few weeks ago. Since both guys have so much in common and seemed to hit it off right away, I decided that Saint would be the perfect candidate to thoroughly “break in” Bandit’s fresh, near-virgin ass!

“I would like to say sorry in advance, but I AM going to BREAK YOU IN!” Saint teasingly warns Bandit at the start of this scene.

There’s a generous amount of hot tongue-kissing, dick-sucking, and ass-eating building up to Bandit finally giving up that cute muscle-butt to his FIRST BLACK DICK….

Saint tries his best to be patient and gentle at first, knowing this is only Bandit’s SECOND time trying to take another man’s dick. But it isn’t long before he gets so caught up in the moment that he’s grabbing Bandit by the hips and aggressively POUNDING the subdued straight boy’s tight ass like his girlfriend’s wet pussy!

Don’t miss Bandit like you’ve NEVER seen him before, bent over with his cute light-skinned butt in the air, wincing and grunting and cursing as Saint greedily plunges his thick, black dick – RAW! – in and out of Bandit’s previously untouched insides – something most of us seriously doubted we’d ever see happen when Bandit made his BBA debut earlier this year!

bba_breakingbandit_blog8 (more…)


“Too Straight” vs. “Not Straight Enough”: The Paradox of “Gay For Pay” Porn

Dragon and Isaiah

I started to write this as a reply to some of the comments on my recent post about Isaiah’s stubborn refusal to try anal penetration, but decided to turn it into a blog post instead.

If I’d been as impatient and demanding of my straight models as some of you seem to think I should be with Isaiah, many of BBA’s most unforgettable “conquests” never would have happened! Let’s not forget that it took OVER TWO YEARS of patient pursuit before D-Rel agreed to get fucked, and well over a year for guys like Mystery Model, Rico, and Noah to surrender their asses.

I just can’t seem to win with some viewers when it comes to BBA’s straight models. When the guy is stiff, reluctant, nervous, or looking like a deer caught in the headlights, he’s criticized for being¬†TOO STRAIGHT. People complain about him needing the help of straight porn to perform with a guy, or that he doesn’t show enough passion and chemistry with his scene partners, etc.

But when I finally succeed in bringing these guys out of their shells and actually persuade them to try the very same things that were once unthinkable for them and for us – usually after a long pursuit and large financial incentive – all of a sudden they’re NOT STRAIGHT ENOUGH! Sometimes the very same people criticizing them for being “too straight” in the beginning start saying they’re not convincingly straight, or they had to have been gay all along, the whole “gay for pay” idea is a lie, etc., etc.



Website Update: The Forbidden Fruit #2

Michael About To Feast on Isaiah's Ass

Like most straight guys, Isaiah doesn’t want anyone looking at, let alone TOUCHING¬† his ass. He even told us during his solo audition that he wouldn’t let his own girlfriend try licking his ass!

“I’m scared of how it would feel,” he confessed at the time. “I don’t even want to test that water!”

Even though Isaiah briefly showed off his ass during that audition, he hasn’t let us give it much attention since then. Of course Isaiah’s stubborn protection of his tempting back-side only made me want to touch and taste it even more!

See for yourself what happens when I put this sexy straight basketball player’s limits to the test and finally get my first touch and taste of THE FORBIDDEN FRUIT….


This scene marks a MAJOR step forward for the same skeptical straight jock who insisted on wearing a blindfold during his first time with a guy!

“I really want to finish college and everything, so I gotta do what I gotta do!” Isaiah nervously explains when asked why he changed his mind about taking things to the NEXT LEVEL and trying some new things he initially swore he would NEVER do.

These include sitting in my lap as I feel up his athletic young body, kissing me on the lips (this time with TONGUE!), and even letting me suck on his long, curved dick….



Michael About To Feast on Isaiah's Ass
Of course my personal favorite of the day’s “conquests” comes when I get to be the first person (man or woman) lucky enough to bury my face in that muscular ass, eagerly sniffing and slurping and TONGUE-FUCKING that most private and protected part of his body.



Horny Black Boxer Demands Special “Room Service” From Cute White Bell-Boy (Vintage Illustrated Erotica From My Personal Collection)

Although this blog is primarily devoted to my videos, from time to time I like to share random bits and pieces of gay erotica that have inspired my¬†sexual fantasies and in some cases even¬†influenced my own¬†pornographic imagination and ambitions. If you’re a fan of my videos, I’m guessing that means we probably also share at least a few of the same fantasies, fetishes, “types,” etc., so hopefully some of you will enjoy these posts as well.

A few months ago I¬†discovered¬†Oliver Frey, an artist who created countless works of gay illustrated erotica during the 1970’s and 80’s, and I knew instantly that I’d stumbled upon one of my true erotic soulmates. The guy is an erotic genius if you ask me. His illustrations¬†are breathtaking¬†not only in their generous attention to detail, but also their ability to use¬†a kind of visual shorthand to tap directly into¬†some of my deepest and most intense erotic desires.

It’s truly¬†uncanny how many of his recurring¬†sexual themes and fetishes overlap with my own: younger guys, older guys with teenagers/younger guys, historical themes, rough sex, seduction/coercion, first-times/virgins, interracial, ass-eating, etc. Looking over his many works, I find myself wishing I had his talent and¬†freedom to create erotica unencumbered by the pressures and limitations and logistics of real-life amateur porn.



The Forbidden Fruit (A Tribute To Straight Boys’ Asses)

Straight Boy Ass

It should be obvious by now that I’m obsessed with asses, especially¬†those belonging to young males of African descent. There is nothing in this world quite like the unique¬†beauty of¬†black male asses. Seriously, entire volumes of poetry should be devoted to praising¬†their flawless beauty….their naturally high-arching¬†curves, their ripe, round firmness that always seems to leap out at you, stretching enticingly against any fabric that attempts to contain¬†them.

I’m truly addicted to them. I love looking at them, lusting after them, groping them, licking them, fingering them, and yes,¬†sometimes even fucking¬† them. I’m one of those guys who watches gay porn and usually spends more time drooling over the top’s ass than the bottom’s. Many times I’ll find myself¬†jacking off¬†to¬†fantasies of how good it would feel to fuck the “top”¬†more than I’m stroking¬†to the action on the screen.¬†A big part of the¬†appeal is the fact¬†that¬†the top’s ass is¬†totally private and off-limits, at least¬†for that moment.

That’s also one of the things I love most about straight porn. It’s hot to¬†see a straight black¬†guy fucking the hell out of some random¬†girl, and watch the high muscular slopes of his sweaty ass, rising and falling, rising and falling,¬†as he¬†bucks into her like some wild¬†stallion. Of course part of me is turned on by¬†that virility and¬†aggression. I can’t help but¬†admire¬†the young¬†man’s¬†skills and strength in the bedroom,¬†and sometimes I even envy the lucky female beneath him.

My eyes are always drawn to his ass, however….the forbidden fruit. It’s the most private and¬†protected part of his body, untouched and off-limits to everyone else. Tempting me even more¬†is the fact that most straight males are either barely conscious that¬†their assholes even exist, and if/when they do give their assholes any thought, it’s usually to defend¬†their privacy and deny¬†their potential ability to give others (or themselves) any sexual pleasure.

That’s the great thing about a straight guy’s ass, the fact that in their minds or mine, it’s always at risk, always vulnerable to violation. It can be ignored or forgotten or defended, but it will always carry with it that potential for penetration and everything that represents (“compromised” manhood, loss of control, weakness,¬†vulnerability,¬†femininity, etc.).



DJ’s Porn Debut

DJ's Audition

When it comes to black guys, I’d say my tastes tend to be pretty diverse. In recent years,¬†“thugs” and masculine¬†guys¬†“on the down low” have been my preference, but I still find myself attracted to cute, preppy boys from time to time.

That’s how I ended up meeting DJ, my newest model. I know he won’t be everyone’s type, but this kid is absolutely beautiful¬†to me, and that’s an adjective I¬†don’t¬†throw around¬†lightly. I’m obviously attracted to all of my models to some extent, but there’s¬†something¬†intensely disarming and seductive about DJ’s looks and personality that I haven’t experienced with previous models. All it takes is one look or smile from him to set my heart racing wildly¬†like I’m¬†some stuttering schoolboy with¬†his first crush.¬†That’s the¬†kind of reaction that even the sexiest hardcore thugs rarely inspire.

DJ On Futon
If you share my weakness for¬†black boys with that “barely legal”¬†look, I think you’re going to¬†love¬†DJ! He just graduated¬†high school¬†last month and only turned 18 a month before that. Hey,¬†it’s not called “Black¬†Boy Addictionz” for nothing !

I mentioned a few days ago¬†that I was stressing out about finding a¬†second model for a scene I’d¬†scheduled with¬†Eureka¬†for Saturday afternoon. Most of the guys I’ve worked with so far came to me through ads I’ve placed online or¬†by¬†word of mouth. Last Thursday night, however, I was desperate enough to browse local profiles on a dating/hook-up site used primarily by young black males, and basically start propositioning the guys I thought looked cute.

When I stumbled across DJ’s profile, I¬†was instantly infatuated with him and knew that I just¬†had to feature him in one or more of my videos! I sent him a message explaining what I do and what I was looking for, and then desperately hoped he wouldn’t be one of those guys¬†who get all self-righteous and “offended” by the idea.

DJ’s¬†initial response was understandably cold and cynical, but¬†over the course of about a dozen messages exchanged that night,¬†his cynicism¬†gradually¬†evolved into¬†a kind of cautious curiosity, concluding with a reluctant, tentative openness to the idea.

The next day, however, all of that progress seemed to have been erased. When¬†I attempted to resume our correspondence, my heart sank when all I got in reply was something along the lines of, “Nawww, I don’t think I could ever do anything¬†like that.” I responded by saying that I understood his reluctance, and that I’d be willing to pay extra if he ever changed his mind. A little sleazy, I know, but that’s how desperate I was to meet this kid and get him¬†in front of my camera!

When I didn’t get any more messages from him the rest of the day, I pretty much gave up on ever hearing from him again. To my great relief and surprise, however, he started sending me messages again later that night. He must have sent me at least a dozen messages, asking tons of questions about what goes on behind the scenes of my video-shoots. He was definitely the most skeptical and inquisitive model I’ve encountered so far. I didn’t find it annoying, though. In fact, it was just the opposite. His questions were really cute and entertaining, especially when they revealed that a lot of his reluctance was more about his own insecurities about his looks and sexual skills than anything else.



Featured Studio of the Week: Chocolate Cream

When it comes to mainstream black-only porn, I think one of the best producers in the business these days is¬†Chocolate Cream (aka “B.C. Productions”). I’ve been a¬†huge fan¬†ever since I first discovered their movies a couple years ago (I don’t think they’ve been around much longer than that). Their videos bring a¬†raw energy and fresh vibe to¬†a¬†market that¬†was starting¬†to become repetitive and predictable, in my opinion.

To begin with, they consistently introduce some of the finest young black men I’ve ever seen in porn. I love the fact that while a lot of the other¬†black production companies seem overrun with gay, girly “bottom”-types, most of Chocolate Cream’s models are masculine and laid-back and could easily pass for “straight” on the street.

My biggest complaint about most black gay porn these days is probably the fact that the sexual roles are so rigidly, predictably inflexible. I can usually determine within a scene’s first ten seconds which model is going to do the fucking, and which model is going to get fucked. I know a lot of guys enjoy watching masculine “tops” paired with¬†feminine, eager¬†“bottoms,” and I can respect that. But personally, I¬†find such scenes to be¬†sort of dull and unexciting most of the time.¬†Where’s the sense of suspense or seduction or conquest¬†in such scenes?!?¬†When I’m in the mood to¬†see a man fuck a woman, I’d rather watch¬†straight porn¬†and¬†witness the real¬†thing ūüėČ .

The producers at Chocolate Cream, on the other hand, seem to¬†understand that there’s something intensely forbidden and thrilling about watching a masculine man….the kind of guy you’d never for a second suspect of “messing around”….surrendering his ass to another man’s dick.

This isn’t the case in all of their scenes, but there are still plenty of scenes where I honestly have no idea who will be fucking whom until it actually happens. Even better, in my opinion, are the scenes where the guys who’ve starred as skilled,¬†aggressive “tops” in earlier scenes end up surprising the hell out of me by flippin’ over to take some dick! I’m still waiting for a couple of my favorite stars to give up their asses….but where with most other companies I don’t even bother to get¬†my hopes up (i.e., Tiger Tyson, Breion Diamond, etc.), at least with Chocolate Cream there’s always a good chance that with a little patience my dreams¬†may come true.

There’s also a gritty, urban, amateur¬†vibe in their videos that a lot of the other companies lack. Most of the scenes are filmed in crowded apartments, bedrooms, basements, and hotels. The only non-amateur thing about them is the fact that they usually depict fictional, semi-scripted role-playing scenarios….but even those visual fantasies usually bring to the screen a gritty “hood” flavor that feels fresh and authentic!

These scenes frequently test the boundaries of gay black porn¬†by exploring¬†(some might say exploiting) various stereotypes and taboos: street thugs robbing and “raping” other young black men at gunpoint;¬†¬†straight¬†homeboys¬†“on the DL” cheating on their girlfriends with each other; ruthless drug-dealers demanding head and ass from¬†desperate corner-boys who’ve fallen behind on their payments; straight boys getting “turned out” by horny gay boys; and much, much more!

I can see how some people might think these scenarios are crossing the line, but as I’ve stated before, I feel like porn is one area where we should feel free to indulge and explore even our most “politically incorrect” fantasies. In the wrong hands, such scenes could easily come off as cheesy and outrageous, but most of the time they work; mainly, I think, because a lot of the models are believably masculine and “straight-appearing,” and the sex is almost always¬†gritty and aggressive and verbal.

Here are exclusive links to a few FREE GALLERIES featuring hardcore clips from several  Chocolate Cream productions:

Gallery #1

(The sexy “top” in this scene goes by the name of “Dream,” and he’s one of the hottest new faces I’ve seen in awhile. I’m betting he’ll¬†make a name for himself in the business,¬†and I hope he’ll give us the pleasure of watching him take some dick in the near future! He’s definitely one of the rising stars I’m keeping my eye on these days!)

Gallery #2

Gallery #3

(“JR” – the lucky “top” in this scene – is one of my favorite black porn stars right now. He doesn’t show much personality in his scenes, but I love how it seems to be all about business for him. He fucks with an aggressive, no-nonsense, relentless kind of seriousness and urgency that is incredibly hot to watch. You really have to check out some of his other scenes to see what I’m talking about. He’s another one I’m still hoping will give in and “bottom” one of these days….hell, that’s probably why he’s so interesting to me).

Gallery #4

(“Venom” – the guy getting fucked in this scene¬†–¬†is/was another one of my all-time favorites, although I feel like he’s been somewhat over-exposed lately. I’ve lost count of how many scenes I’ve seen him perform in, and after his thirtieth scene or so, the thrill of watching him starts to wear thin. Still, he’s one of black gay porn’s greatest, in my opinion, and I will never forget how hot it was the first time I saw him go from being an aggressive “top” to a reluctant but sexy “bottom”!)

Here are some of my personal¬†“favorites” that you can stream, rent, or download in my Online Theater¬†(just click on the photos to check out the video):



Why Are My Videos So Damn QUIET?!?

I love watching loud, raunchy, aggressive sex.

The kind of sex where the “top” takes control both physically and verbally. Sometimes it’s an attitude of confidence¬†or even¬†cockiness,¬†with the “top” barking orders¬†like, “Yeah, swallow that dick!” or “You gonna give me some of that ass?!?” or “Take that dick!” Other times, it’s more intense and aggressive, verbal taunting like “Get on your knees and suck this motherfuckin’ dick!”¬†or “Yeah, choke¬†on that dick!” or “Damn, you takin’ that dick like a bitch!” etc. etc.

The kind of sex where the “bottom” gasps and winces¬†and groans….not with girlish squeals of ecstasy, but masculine grunts of resistance and endurance, pain mingled with pleasure, and maybe even¬†a bit of humiliation about the fact that his ASS is being¬†enjoyed¬†by another man. Ass is sure as hell not pussy, and when a man gets fucked in¬†his ass, it’s a very different kind of experience¬†from a woman enjoying vaginal intercourse. For me, it’s the fact that there’s something difficult and “unnatural” about a man’s asshole¬†being penetrated¬†that makes it so hot to watch. That’s probably why I’m so turned on by watching inexperienced “tops” take dick….the pained facial expressions, the muscles tightened defensively, the squirming discomfort with occasional flashes of reluctant pleasure….all of that depicts a kind of conquest, the surrendering of one man’s body to another, that is intensely arousing to watch.

Rough, verbal sex almost always makes for hotter porn, in my opinion. Isn’t porn ultimately about the art of exaggeration, taking our fantasies and fetishes and making them almost ridiculously explicit and larger than life? So it’s no wonder that the best porn usually involves a little bit of aggression and¬†“dirty talk.”

That brings me to¬†my biggest disappointment with my own videos so far: the fact that they’re so damn QUIET!

I’ve been recognizing this as a weakness in my videos¬†for awhile now, and a couple of you have brought it up lately, so I figured it was¬†as good a time as any to¬†discuss it on the blog. In¬†all of my videos, I think there are¬†plenty of arousing visuals and memorable action. Even the natural sounds of dick-sucking, ball-slurping, butt-licking, and ass-fucking¬†can be a real turn-on. But I’ll be the first to admit that my videos lack the kind of¬†aggressive edge and verbal¬†exchanges I’d prefer!

Part of this can’t be helped, I’m afraid. At least not until I find some places other than my apartment where I can film. There are coffee-shops and restaurants right next to where I live, which means I have very little privacy because people are almost always around (if you’ve watched any of my videos, you’ve probably already heard the sounds of people laughing, dogs barking, children playing, etc. in the background). Plus, I have a neighbor living in an apartment right next to me, and the walls in my apartment building are¬†frustratingly thin. So sadly, rough and verbal sex isn’t¬†much of¬†an option for me until I find some other places to shoot.

Still, I know things could be at least a LITTLE more energetic than they’ve been so far. It seems like the guys I’ve worked with so far just aren’t the aggressive¬†or verbal types. As a couple of you have already pointed out, part of this is no doubt¬†due to the fact that¬†all of the guys I’ve worked with have never done anything like this before, so they’re understandably going to be a little nervous and inhibited throughout their first video-shoots.¬†Most of the guys I’ve worked with so far also tend to be quiet, laid-back types, and when they have sex it’s just naturally¬†quiet and laid-back like their personalities.

I’m no exception. I¬†can get a little dominant physically sometimes….grabbing a guy’s head while he’s sucking my dick, smacking my hard dick against his face,¬†fairly standard stuff like that….but I’ve never¬†done a very good job at being¬†verbally dominant. I basically have¬†two expressions that I use on a regular basis: “Ahhh, that feels good!”….and “You like that?!?” Even¬†with those rather corny and mild expressions, I usually feel ridiculous when I hear the words come out of my mouth!

Shyne likes to tease me about this, and¬†tells me¬†that I need to come up with some “new material.” Not that¬†he has any room to talk, considering the fact that he’s almost comically quiet during his scenes, even when he’s obviously enjoying himself.

And that brings up another issue. My basic porn philosophy as an amateur producer has been to let the guys be themselves and just film whatever happens with little¬†to no coaching or interference from me. The sex might be mediocre, it might be awful, and maybe, just maybe, it will be sizzling-hot….but¬†whatever happens, it will be REAL.

But lately I’ve begun to realize that a little more¬†“directing” from me might be necessary, especially when working with shy, nervous, and/or sexually inexperienced models. Still, I worry that too much coaching from me might cross the line¬†between authentic amateur porn and phony, exaggerated “acting.”

Like many of you, I’d like to see things get a little more¬†intense and dirty and verbal in future videos. I will strive to direct the action a little more, without spoiling its spontaneity and authenticity. As I evolve as a producer/director, I will also continue to evolve as a performer, hopefully growing more confident and creative and¬†daring in future videos. Plus, I will continue finding new models, and I’m sure some of them will be more naturally wild and outgoing and aggressive in the bedroom than the guys I’ve featured so far.

Trust me, I’m my own worst critic, and things will only get hotter from here….