Website Update (with Video Teaser): Smashing Shameeks

Sexy newcomer Shameeks‘ impressively THICK nine-inch dick might usually be the star of his scenes, but it’s the dark-skinned 18-year-old’s spectacular ASS that has most captured my attention from the start.

Sadly, Shameeks has been stubborn and stingy with that priceless treasure upon which he sits, claiming to be strictly a “top” and insisting that taking dick just isn’t his thing.

Of course this has only made me want to see it split open and enjoyed by another man’s dick even more! And based on viewer reactions to his experimentation with a dildo just a few weeks ago, it’s clear I’m not the only one who’s been wanting to see him finally try the REAL THING.

Lucky for us, Justice decided to take the new kid under his wing during a recent BBA trip, and turned our wicked porn dreams into a reality….

Justice watches lustfully from a distance while Shameeks swims alone late one night at the pool, paying special attention to the tempting twin melons stretching against the younger male’s skintight swimsuit. With the other guys either asleep or away, Justice realizes it’s the perfect time to make his move.

You’ll have to see for yourself how things play out from there, but let’s just say Justice wastes no time TAKING CHARGE and showing Shameeks exactly which one of them will be the “bottom” that night….

Enjoy nearly a FULL HOUR of intense and passionate action that includes some of the sexiest kissing we’ve ever captured on film, our first-ever UNDERWATER blowjob, lots of sloppy-wet ass-eating, and of course some good old-fashioned RAW “take-down” fucking.

Justice tries his best to be patient and gentle at first, knowing this is supposedly Shameeks’ very first time trying to take another man’s dick. But it isn’t long before he gets so caught up in the moment that he’s grabbing Shameeks by the hips and aggressively POUNDING the subdued top’s tight ass like it’s his last fuck….

“That shit’s INSIDE me, nigga!” Shameeks groans in stunned disbelief as he struggles to adjust to the overwhelming new sensations of pleasure mixed with pain while having his beautiful bubble-butt split open and ravaged by Justice’s thick, hungry dick.

It’s Shameeks like you’ve NEVER seen him before, moaning and cursing but ultimately SURRENDERING HIS ASS in this epic “take-down” you do NOT want to miss.

WARNING: If you’re only looking for scenes starring eager and experienced “bottoms,” then this ISN’T the scene or website for you! Shameeks’ authentic reactions might be disturbing to our more sensitive viewers. But if you’re like me and find yourself turned on by watching hung 18-year-old “tops” finally pinned down and squealing under some dick, then this is another proud “conquest” that you will never forget!

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24 comments on “Website Update (with Video Teaser): Smashing Shameeks
  1. Stepp

    GooooootDaammnnn!!!!! That shit was pure flames!!!!! My shit was brick from start2finish. Justice turned me out and I been fucn for years, he can get Saint job as Head Trainer and what the fuc was that cum shot at the end? is that a fire extinguisher. da fuc? I hope Meek enjoyed his first time as much as I enjoyed watching. Excellent job to you both🔥🔥🔥👌

      1. cocopop

        Hope Mike threw in a bonus to Justice for that CUM shot of his, loved the expression Shameeks gave. Hell Apollo thought he was bathed in Justice’s juice, that was nothing compared to him unloading on Shameeks. Never seen it done that extreme before, some missed Shameeks and hit the bed. I can see why he asked him that. Great scene guys.


    This was amazing! Even better than “Scuba” I think, “Shameeks” took it like a champ! I think he enjoyed it more too. “Justice” is a love maker yo, he got it down pack mmn mmn 😏 I loved every minute of this scene! Great job guys! Great job! 👍👍

    Now Michael and team next up we got “Rocky” right..?? 🙄 and of course I’m still not forgetting that luscious island caramel flavor boi “Kingston” lets get it on yo!

  3. Jay

    Omg this was epic, amazing, breathtaking and sent me in cardiac arrest!!! Straight 10’s across the board. I forgot how aggressive and verbal justice can be. Which made it a brilliant idea to put him with Shameeks. He was man handling shameeks. The kissing, the dick sucking and the fucking were perfect. Boy shameeks can suck some dick and lives too! While this video was hot I don’t think it was shameeks first time taking dick and I say this because he rode Justice dick better than any porn star i have ever seen and it was so hot. There was no acting here they both were into it and into each other. Shameeks thoroughly enjoyed that dick. Something tells me him and justice exchange numbers and will be fucking again if they have not done so already! Mike the best scene ever next to trapp giving up his ass and Ross giving up his. There are a few only ways you can top this video or even come close to topping it. That would be justice vs trapp (justice as top), Justice vs jah (Justice as top), and justice, shameeks, jah and trapp in a no holds bar flip fest! Please work on this for the future!
    Also other scenes include jah vs trapp (flip), jah vs shameeks (flip) and shameeks and trapp (flip)

  4. Al

    Some scenes are enjoyable due to the fact your favourites are in it, others, well, you just can’t be bothered watching.
    This one right here turned me on so much I almost did not make it past the kissing section. It was that hot. I struggled but pressed on till the very end. Had to rewind so I can release my shoot along with Justice.
    Justice and Shameeks are one of the best pairings, they just complete each other, release the freak out of each other.
    I knew they both were individual freaks but I never thought about pairing them.
    There was no acting, they were really into each other and were really enjoying the sex.
    I loved the height contrast, shame Justice did not lift Shameeks up or did I miss that?
    I did not really need the talking bit at the end, they should have just carried on with part 2 titled ‘Justice4Shameeks’ and then a part 3 with a splendid flip flop.
    These 2 are electrical.

    Thank you Michael, Montez, J/S, Mr fabulous Carter for a wonderful scene.

    When sumn is good, we have to say it.

  5. Dope88

    Mike in all realness Justice is probably the only one who in the long run will give Bandit a run for his money you cant deny his masculinity even when he is getting topped
    he let blake…apollo and dominic slaughter him and he still was a man about it

    and u been shoving him in our face as much as the rest (not that i dont like them but manny…dominic..shameeks…scuba) and i honestly realized im still not tired of him he’s unpredictable

    Justice has chemistry with everyone u link him with 👌🏽

  6. princexxchar

    YOOO!! WHAT A PERFECT I MEAN PERRRFECCTTT PAIRING! I love both them. This right here was amazing, i mean every minute. everything i imagined it would be. Bravo BBA. WOW!!! Justice!! i thought i love him bottoming but shit! I love him topping. yall DID THIS. Shameeks is so damn sexy. IM pleased alll the way around.

  7. Jay

    I love the mini discussion at the end between two. Please keep doing this as it gives us insight actually provides a lot of answers. The ending discussion made it very clear that shameeks enjoyed it and wants more.

  8. Jayden

    The grizzly adonis returns! I say that out of love because I love the fact that he had hair EVERYWHERE! Shax was awesome to capture his entire body while he was removing his boxers by the pool. It’s great to see Justice again. Justice’s sexy, dominant, and aggressively gentle nature was a perfect fit for Shameeks. I loved watching Justice squeeze Shameeks’ cheeks underwater. The bedroom sequence was LIT! I loved the fact that he started off easy with Shameeks, and then increased the stroke as the scene progressed. There was one moment where Shameeks was about succumb to the pain, and Justice slowed his stroke down to try to make him more comfortable. You could tell he was understanding, and he gave Shameeks what he needed. Great performance! Good shot!

    Bottoming for the first time is an unforgettable experience. If I had to speak for Shameeks, I would say that his experience was no exception LOL. Shameeks’ held on with every second he could muster to endure the painfully pleasurable sensations of Justice’s dick. We saw him in various positions in this scene, including reverse cowboy. He did that shit! Shit was fucking nice! We also saw him with a wide range of facial expressions that started from curiosity, then went to “This kinda hurts” then “OMG WTF” and lastly, complete, and utter surrender. In spite of that, he held on to give his fans two things 1) an unforgettable performance and 2) the gift we’ve wanted ever since he stepped in the BBA Zone…his ass. If he keeps bottoming, he could be a force to be reckoned with at BBA. Shameeks, thank you for agreeing to do this scene. Your performance was HOT! Don’t worry about your facial expressions—they were priceless! You earned EVERY cent of your pay for this scene! Kudos to you bro!!!

    To Mike, Shax, Montez, Justice, and Shameeks! Good shit fellas! Thanks for a damn good time!

  9. JVerde

    Shax, and creative mastermind Mr. Montez, I really enjoyed this one. Videography and creative shooting was superb. Underwater sequences were so erotic. Justice has grown on me so much. At first he didn’t appeal to me at all. All that has changed. Looking forward to seeing all that you guys come up with going forward.

    1. Montez

      LOL I don’t know about mastermind, but thank you! I’ll take it lol. This scene was very fun to create and to watch unfold. I was even texting Michael during filming (and sending him some teaser pics and videos) to tell him how hot it was. So I am very happy that you all seem to be enjoying it just as much.

  10. DisciplineU

    I love this scene. Outstanding. It includes the hottest ass smacking ever on BBA – because he smacks it HARD like it should be, not scared to smack it hard. Awesome that Justice gets dominant with Shameeks and makes it clear who is in charge, and then actually delivers an aggressive fucking. Great work.

    1. Montez

      Listen…. The first smack took me by surprise. I literally jumped LOL. No lie. After we had cut for a moment, Shameeks said “my ass is on fire!” LOL

  11. Stubz

    Personally I don’t think justice should of been the “first” to top Shameek. He should of had a partner that would of took their time to get him open and not just go right in. Someone like Blake. The beginning of the scene was great so the chemistry is there just not the right time I guess.

    1. Jay

      I respect your opinion but i completely disagree. I like Blake but he has never been aggressive in my opinion and rarely talks. Yes he has a big dick and can fuck but that’s it. Justice dominant, aggressive, verbal and passionate nature along with good looks made this scene everything. He took charge of shameeks and that was needed. If you going to agree to give ur ass up and also be cocky and suck dick the way shameeks does and play with dildos (basically teasing) then you deserve to get exactly what you asking for and that’s FUCKED DOWN!! As you can see by the ending shameeks thoroughly enjoyed it and obviously wants more. I am sure they exchanged numbers and probably fucked off camera or will.

      1. cocopop

        @Jay, while I enjoy Blake as a model, I must agree with you. When it comes to being vocal, as a gay model Blake comes up empty, he just fuck. Most of your gay4pay straight models are more vocal than Blake. Great scene, I knew from day one Justice would be one to watch out for. Now that he’s learned to bottom, easily becoming one of BBA’s best bottoms. Shameeks took that dick better than I thought he’d have. Loved Justice’s dominance, and aggressiveness. Overall. a great scene.


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