Website Update (with Video Teaser): Scuba Surrenders

By now it probably goes without saying that NO ASS IS SAFE here at BBA. This is something that rising young superstar Scuba learned the “hard” way while sharing a room with Stylez on a recent BBA trip.

Scuba is a sexy bisexual “top” whose thick dick is perfectly matched by an equally juicy-thick bubble-butt he’s kept strictly “off limits” ever since he started messing around with guys just a couple short years ago.

Anyone following me on Twitter (@bba_michael) already knows I’ve been drooling over Scuba’s tempting teen ass ever since his impressive gay porn debut earlier this year. My own personal conversations with Scuba, as well as several enticing glimpses of his tight, tiny hole, have confirmed for me beyond any doubt that he’s telling the truth about being a virgin who’s understandably nervous about taking such a big step. Of course this has only made me want to see it split open and enjoyed by another man’s dick even more!

Based on the recent flood of emails and tweets begging to see Scuba bottom, it’s clear I haven’t been the only one with these wicked ideas. Lucky for us, Stylez decided to take advantage of his serendipitous “roommate” assignment on a recent BBA trip and make our porn dreams come true.

Waking up hot and horny in the middle of the night, Stylez sneaks down to the bottom bunk bed where Scuba is passed out in a deep sleep after a long day of travel. Stylez quietly and carefully peels down the sleeping boy’s boxers to expose the beautiful bubble-butt popping out, almost DARING to be given some long overdue attention.

You’ll have to see for yourself how things pop off from there, but let’s just say Stylez wastes no time claiming the prize that he’s after.

There’s lots of noisy, sloppy-wet ass-eating as Stylez greedily devours Scuba’s sweet VIRGIN hole, prepping it for the plundering to come with his warm saliva and probing tongue.

“Can’t wait to be up in this motherfuckin’ ass!” Stylez exclaims, looking like an excited little kid on Christmas morning.

Stylez is patient and gentle as he struggles to take his new smoke buddy’s cherry. It takes several tries, first with fingers and then eventually dick, and every suspenseful, surprising second is captured on camera for you to savor and enjoy….

“Let me open you up!” Stylez coaches the nervous newbie, closing his eyes in rapturous pleasure as he strokes in and out of Scuba’s freshly deflowered ass with increasingly demanding thrusts.

Scuba gasps and curses and moans like a woman giving birth as his unbelievably tight hole slowly stretches and squeezes another man’s dick for the VERY FIRST TIME. In the end he has no choice but to cling to the bed for dear life and submit to what will hopefully be the first of MANY vigorous ass-poundings to come!

WARNING: If you’re only looking for scenes starring eager and experienced “bottoms,” then this ISN’T the scene or website for you! Like anyone truly SURRENDERING HIS ASS for the very first time, Scuba is understandably tense and uncomfortable throughout parts of this scene, and his authentic reactions might be disturbing to sensitive viewers. But if you’re like me and find yourself turned on by watching virgin “tops” finally pinned down and squirming under some dick, then this is another “reality porn” exclusive that you won’t want to miss!

To watch the full-length, uncensored action, click here to join BBA or buy credits today!

If you’re currently a BBA member and/or already have BBA credits, click here to see Scuba finally surrender any time you’d like!


27 comments on “Website Update (with Video Teaser): Scuba Surrenders

    Thanks for the disclaimer. I’m going to shamelessly say that it was meant exclusively for me. 😂 Still haven’t watched it yet. I will eventually.

    1. Travis

      I know right it’s either Shameeks or Scuba and I’m not really a fan. We wait it seems like forever for new scenes, and week after week I keep getting let down. Where is Bandit? I love him! BBA needs to do better and upload more. I’m just sayin.

    2. Michael

      I haven’t started recruiting here in New York City yet for a variety of reasons. However, we’ve still introduced FIVE exciting new models in recent months, in combination with several returning fan favorites, with more on the way very soon.

      1. Toney Hall

        Fuck the haters i love Scuba sexy ass he looks like a cross between a stoner and a hot nerd. That ass of his looked good he is really starting to become this fan favorite. I have to be honest never been a fan of Stylez his scenes always looked forced to me. Hey it might be just me keep up the good work.

  2. D'Sean

    I wish it would have been Saint. Only because Stylez always gets ass but rarely gives it up. He has given it up the least out of the other BBA guys who started around his time.

  3. WeatherMan

    Good things surely cum to those who wait! This scene was pure magic and chemistry. Scuba is quickly becoming one of my favorite new models on the site and Stylez is my hairy twin that I love, a classic BBA model. Pairing these two together was electric and I couldn’t think of any better way for Scuba to surrender than to Stylez. The way this scene was shot was immaculate and hearing those moans from Scuba got my dick rock hard. This is how you come back strong. Props to everyone at BBA, I cannot wait to see what the Fall holds.

    1. Michael

      Wow, thanks for the fantastic review! Glad you enjoyed it. This is a pairing I’ve been wanting to make happen for awhile. I just had a sneaking suspicion they would have amazing chemistry and boy was I right lol. And of course when we finally convinced Scuba to bottom, I knew Stylez would be the perfect fit since his dick is big but not monstrously big like so many of the other guys on the site.

  4. SexyBoJay

    Michael you and your staff did a great job. This is one of the best scenes that I have seen in a very long time. When you hired Scuba that was a very good hire because for him to bottom for the very first time he did an excellent job. Give him a BIG BONUS!!! More of Scuba BOTTOM please.


    Mmmn hmmmn 😎😉 one down two to go! “Shameeks” & “Rocky”, one extra “sweet chocolate” and one special “caramel” flavor, right Mike?? A cherry popping is always a great scene! 👍👏👏👏👏.

  6. JVerde

    I finally watched it last night. It was hot in terms of the guys. Both beautiful to look at. Stylez was showcased in the shower in such a beautiful way. He is already great looking but that made him stalking worthy. LOL Scuba Scuba blessed him heart and booty LOL It wasn’t as bad as I expected I’m sure thanks to MG’s expert editing skills. LOL I think some parts of bottoming might have been slightly enjoyable. MG your vision continues to stay true to showing exactly what is involved in being in this industry. I know that there will be other scenes to come that will be more to my liking (lusting) LOL Good job to all involved overall.

    1. Michael

      Thanks for the kind words, but I can’t take all the credit this time. This scene was filmed and edited by Shax Carter, with creative input and camera assistance from Montez, and direction/feedback from me. But yes, Shax’s expert editing skills no doubt made this much more tolerable for our more squeamish/sensitive viewers like you lol.

  7. KodyFan

    That was a juicy deflowering! Loved his gaped hole and helpless yelling!! WTH have you turned me into??!! Lol!! Nice feet shots too! Lol. Well worth the wait!!

  8. Stepp

    Thank you Scuba for a fire scene. I love watching him give head and that moan tho. Stylez sexy asf. He looks better every scene. Opened that thing right up. When Scuba legs flipped up and exposed that open hole whoooohooo!! I would like to see the camera hold on those open hole shots longer please and thank you. Maybe do a before and after split-screen, at the end that would be hot. Scene Review: 👌🔥🔥Lit-Lit

  9. Travis

    I’m over these newish models they keep alternating Shameeks and Scuba. Where are more of your classic stars I love, and let’s face it they are way HOTTER!!! ( Bandit, Kingston, Jahan, Saint) are some of my favs that’s who I want to see…

    1. Michael

      We have been trying our best to strike a balance between fresh faces (Scuba, Shameeks, Jah, Rocky, etc.) and older fan favorites (Trapp, Dominic, Isaiah, Stylez, etc.). But we’re clearly never going to be able to make everyone happy. When we post our veterans, people grumble that we just recycle the same guys. But then when we actually shift our focus to some new guys, people like you say they miss and prefer the old roster. As the saying goes, damned if you do, damned if you don’t lol.

  10. Jayden

    These gentlemen were fire, and looked great together. The chemistry was undeniable. Also, they don’t ever need clothing—their birthday suits favor them, very, very, well. 😈 Allow me to show you all some love real quick!

    Stylez is back in the house! I’ve missed him, and it’s so good to see him again! I loved the premise of the scene, and I cannot blame Stylez for peeking at Scuba while he was sleeping. Stylez’s emotive nature makes him a hot feature in all of his scenes. When he likes or loves something, his reaction is authentic and obvious. Case in point, when Stylez and Scuba were engaged in the 69, Scuba began to eat Stylez out. Stylez let out the sexiest moan. I loved it! Also loved the fact that Stylez was patient with Scuba, giving him a chance to get use to the sensation and shape of his dick. He varied his strokes, while keeping Scuba comfortable. Good shit!

    Now that I am done with Stylez, I’ve got to talk about this dude named Scuba. 😜 I love his nasty ass!! I’ve said before that Scuba has gifts for both tops and bottoms. The bottoms have always enjoyed his gift in the previous scenes, now the tops get to enjoy the gift…his ass. Scuba’s reaction was priceless. At first, he tried to play cool. However, once Stylez’s dick settled in, that reaction quickly became “Fuck it! This shit hurts!”😂 As the scene continued, Scuba even looked like he wanted to punch the shit out anyone nearby LOL!! Each groan, each moan and every “Aww shit!” from Scuba made the scene even hotter. There’s no question that Scuba went all in to please his BBA fans. I think it’s safe to say that the mission was accomplished. Job well done bro! I loved EVERY minute of it! This moment will be replayed countless times.

    A special shout out to Shax! The shower sequence was awesome! I also loved all of the close-up shots of the boys while they were fucking.

    To Mike, Shax, Montez, Stylez, and Scuba, thank you, and two thumbs up!


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