Hey, everyone!

In an effort to bring you all some extra content and fun, we have decided to start the BBA Q&A!

The BBA Q&A will be a semi-regular video series, hosted by me, Montez. I will be sitting down with BBA Models (some via Zoom and some in-person) to ask them the questions that YOU want the answers to. So this is where we need you. The first guest on BBA Q&A will be Ross!

Reply to this post with your questions by Tuesday, June 30th, midnight eastern time. Please include the username you want us to use. No real names. We cannot promise that we will get to every single question. It really depends on the amount of questions we get, so please limit it to three questions per person.

You can also make them fun! Feel free to give Ross a Truth Or Dare option! Be creative! We want to make this a fun, interactive experience for the models and for you. So hit us with your questions in the comments below!



31 comments on “BBA Q&A
  1. Lameek24

    What have been the wildest sexual encounter you have had with a guy outside of BBA?

    Do you use a dildo on yourself in your private life?

  2. Gold Bond

    Juicy Booty Ross, What is your favorite sexual position & why? What type of exercises do you do to get an ass like that??? Because that’s a Happy Meal booty fo’ real.

  3. 1luvme2u

    Wow. Great Idea! My three questions are:

    1- You and Trapp have great chemistry on camera. What’s your favorite part about doing scenes with Trapp?
    2- Who is a BBA model that you would like to work with in the future?
    3- What part of the female body turns you on the most? Also, the male body?

  4. Gold Bond

    Juicy Booty Ross, If you could pick any model on #BBA that you haven’t worked with yet to do a scene with you who would it be, why, & what type of scene would you want to do with your pick???


    Why the slim down after your long awaited video return. Was it because of fans stupidly fat shaming or because you wanted to just for you. Honestly I saw nothing wrong with the thickums Ross at all. lol 😝

  6. The man

    Have u ever had sex with a guy off camera?

    Do you like getting fucked?

    Who is the sexiest model on BBA? (Your preference)

  7. Jay DC

    Mike thanks for doing this before I get into my questions for Ross. I would like to suggest models for future Q&A sessions: Shameeks, Trapp, Lil Jake, Dominic, Justice, Bandit, Blake, Isaiah, Kenny.

    Questions for Ross:

    Do you consider yourself bisexual now?

    Do you like freaking with and getting fucked by guys (you are one of the few models who gets rock hard and bust while getting fucked)?

    Would you be open to getting tagged teamed? If so by who?

    If the Q&A is in person, I dare bba to have shameeks show up unexpectedly and get into some freaky fun with Ross after a good amount of questions have been asked. Of course only if it’s safe to do so. Otherwise I dare Ross to fuck himself with one of those fucking machines a lot of guys are using these days.

  8. Jamal

    When Ross did his scene with Kingston he told him that his girlfriend watched one of his bba scenes, which scene of his did she watch?

    Also would he ever do a scene with him a girl and a guy? Where he is messing around with the guy similar to the natural habitat scene ?

    Also? Which one of the bba scenes did he enjoy the most ?

  9. Dc

    My question is I know you don’t like kissing but when you going to start kissing another guy I mean its nothing worse than you sucking another man’s dick so what could be worse than that you believe in giving your fans what they want and that is what most of your fans would like to see it puts more romantic in the scene just trying to work your way into it please

  10. AG

    -when you bottom, do you douche at home or at the shoot? Who told you about that part of bottoming and how long does it take you?
    -what do you do for work that isn’t bba?
    -who has been your best top?

  11. Santana

    1 Ross who are your top 5 singers/rappers of all time.

    2 You are the star in a romantic drama who would you want as a costar can you name male and female.

    3 Michael used to do these spankings with the models would you be willing to get spanked in a video if so who would you want to do the do 😊👅

  12. Mr. Blackswell

    (1) What male celebrity would you most like to have sex with? Describe in detail the sex you would like to have with this celebrity.

    (2) Pretend there is a straight guy in the room with you. Maybe Montez could play that role virtually. Show us how you would seduce this straight guy.

    (3) Would you like to have gay sex on stage in front of a live audience?

    (4) Has your wife/girlfriend ever watched you having live gay sex? If so, describe.

  13. QG25

    1. Overall, what’s your favourite thing about being a BBA model (apart from the pay)?
    2. Are you going for the #1 spot?
    3. If so, what do think you’ll have to do to get there?

  14. Berlin

    Mr Ross, would u consider introducing a buddy or homeboy to BBA?

    Mr Ross, do you beat off to your own scenes? If so which?

    Mr. Ross, who did u serve that giant cucumber to?

  15. Addicted2Apollo

    Had you played with a zucchini before the Quarantine Chronicles solo?

    Is there any sexual act that you have done off camera that you WOULD NOT do on camera?

    What has been your best/favorite BBA experience?


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