Website Update: But That’s My Homeboy! (Revisited)

As most of you know by now, Scotty and Shaun have been incarcerated for the past couple years, and probably won’t be out until some time next year.

If you’ve been missing these sexy and hilarious straight best friends as much as I have, then you’re in for a special treat with this weekend’s update!

I finally went through the HOURS of scrapped footage from their unique and unforgettable two scenes together, and put together this entertaining collection of NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN outtakes and bonus footage.

Most of this compilation is taken from their second shoot together, which to this day goes down in BBA history as one of the LONGEST and most stressful shoots I’ve ever filmed. Nobody ever said that coaching real-life straight boys out of their comfort zones is EASY! 😉

As a result of that second shoot being so ridiculously long (damn near EIGHT HOURS), I was luckily able to find enough footage to make this new update which is practically a complete and separate scene of its own.

Enjoy an intimate and illuminating look at some of the conversations, humor, personalities, and action that didn’t make it into the edited versions of these BBA classics – including the hilarious, uncensored footage of the simulated fucking that was originally featured as part of a music montage.

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10 comments on “Website Update: But That’s My Homeboy! (Revisited)
  1. D

    This was too funny…Shaun is pretty outgoing, Scotty reaction seems to keep Shaun from being himself, fun and full of energy… they’re both fun to watch…Shaun seems to enjoy it alot more than Scotty…

  2. WeatherMan

    These deleted scenes of Scotty and Shaun prove why they are BBA all stars. They are hilarious, real, street, and overall just sexy. They are unintentionally hilarious in that they don’t even try to be funny…they just are, it’s a part of their magic together. I look forward to seeing them explore new adventures together (and they better have a scene with Trapp) when they are released. I hope Mike is letting them know how popular they are and how much the fans ask about their return to the BBA landscape!

  3. Anthony

    When will we be getting some real scenes again I understand Covid but just like std testing Covid testing could be done on performers you should either pause the monthly charge or find a way to get 2 performers tested for Covid 19 I mean they have drive through testing for crying out loud!

    1. Michael

      Wish it were that simple, but there are many factors that we have to take into consideration, including the fact that most of our models live all over the country and have to be flown to us for their shoots. In case you weren’t aware, Covid cases are actually SURGING in a majority of states right now.

      I can certainly understand being impatient for new content, but for now we will continue listening to the scientists and health experts while making the health and safety of our models our top priority.

      1. Anthony

        Thanks for the reply, and yes I have seen the current surge. I understand the safety precautions & will continue to support. I’m not sure where you are located but hopefully we can find some new blood in your city/state 🙂 Thanks again

      2. James

        Hey mike what do u use to keep some of your straight models hard in some of these films any kind of supplement? Thanks mike


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