Michael Galletta Counts Down BBA’s Ten Best Scenes of 2018

Despite getting off to an admittedly rocky start during its first couple months, 2018 still turned out to be an incredible year here at BBA. And based on my excruciating struggle just to narrow down this list to ten scenes, I think it could very well be our BEST year so far!

Even as we tried to mix things up and experiment with new creative directions (more content from director Shax Carter, more focus on “special guests” than usual, etc.), we still tried to deliver the kind of good, old-fashioned, unscripted amateur scenes that are such a familiar and beloved part of the BBA brand – including some truly unforgettable BBA classics that we’ll all be watching and talking about for years to come.

This brings me to my list of BBA’s Ten Best Scenes of 2018, the scenes which for a variety of reasons explained below are the ones that stood out from a VERY crowded pack as my proudest achievements and personal favorites from the past year:

(In Ascending Order)

#10. Meeting Mikey

Some of you will no doubt be surprised to see a SOLO scene make my list of favorite scenes for the very first time since I started posting these lists.

But thanks to Shax Carter’s skilled direction and beautiful cinematography elevating Mikey Piper‘s natural charisma and striking good looks, this solo packed in more breathless eroticism and nutt-draining visual stimulation than most action scenes!

From the steamy shower strip-tease to the most epic cum-shot in BBA history, this scene was a master class in solo gay erotica at its spellbinding best.

#9. Taming Trapp

I’m almost embarrassed to think of just how many “nutts” I’ve already bust to this scene, and it deserves a spot on this list for that reason alone.

Oddly enough, one of the moments I find myself watching over and over again is Trapp sticking his reluctant face in both of his co-stars’ butts and eating male ass for the very first time.

But there’s also something about seeing the cocky straight thug down on his knees, slobbering on TWO dicks at the same time, or grunting as his infamous “phat ass” gets stuffed with raw dick at both ends, that pushes me over the edge EVERY single time!

#8. Bandit’s Revenge #2

This was a breakout year for BBA’s #1 star, and watching Bandit slowly but surely come out of his shell and evolve into a more uninhibited and energetic performer has been one of the most exciting things I’ve witnessed all year.

There’s no better example of this than his “bromance” with Manny Killa, who had a breakout year of his own and repeatedly inspired career-best performances from his many co-stars, including Bandit’s surprisingly sensual performance in this scene.

What started out as an aggressive “revenge” scene took some unexpected twists and turns to become one of our most tender and passionate pairings of the year.

#7. A King Conquered

Didn’t think anything (or anyone) could challenge Bandit’s “bromance” with Manny until this scene with King Ant came along! Nothing I’d witnessed in their off-camera interactions could have prepared me for the shockingly explosive chemistry on display in this scene.

These two fucked like they’ve been lovers for YEARS, and the world of black gay porn is all the better for it. King Ant surrendered to that monster dick like a pro, allowing Bandit to deliver what was arguably his BEST and most passionate performance of the year!

#6. Detroit After Dark: Manny In The Middle

Probably the most fun I had behind the camera all year, and quite possibly the hottest threesome I’ve ever filmed.

For someone claiming to prefer the “top” role, Manny Killa sure set the bar high with a jaw-dropping performance that would put most power bottoms to shame. And once again he brought out a side of Bandit rarely seen with his other co-stars.

Of course the instant attraction between Manny Killa and Stylez also contributed to this scene’s palpable energy and sizzling-hot sex.

You’ll never look at a game of “Rock, Paper, Scissors” quite the same way again 😉 !

#5. Dominic: The Next Level

A return to BBA’s roots with the kind of spontaneous, sparely edited scene I used to film back in the good ol’ days of the BBA Futon, this scene had me harder than I think I’ve ever been during a shoot! And let’s just say editing without “interruptions” proved to be quite a challenge 😉 .

Much like Saint‘s training session with Apollo several years earlier, this turned out to be one of the steamiest sessions between “straight” guys that I filmed all year.

Saint once again shined in the role of “gay for pay” mentor, unleashing a freaky side of Dominic we’d only seen glimpses of in his earlier scenes, and proving once again that you don’t always need hardcore action for a scene to earn multiple “nutts”!

#4. Detroit After Dark: Bandit’s Bukkake

Many viewers unfairly trashed this scene when it came out because it wasn’t the full-fledged orgy and/or gang-bang they’d hoped it would be.

But when you step back for a moment to ​enjoy and ​appreciate this scene for what it actually is rather than what it is NOT, what ​you’ll experience is one of the most ​wickedly ​hot things I witnessed all year, and something I was proud to finally check off my personal porn “bucket list”: ​​​

BBA’s #1 model ​sprawled out on the floor in sullen surrender as the other guys in the room blast multiple messy “nutts” all over his face, hair and chest! ​

Considering where Bandit started out in his BBA journey, ​​t​hat alone is something truly unbelievable and amazing to see, and an accomplishment I will certainly be thinking about and “enjoying” for many years to cum​.​

#3. Take It To The Hole

2018​ taught ​us​ to​ forget everything we thought we knew about “straight” porn stars​ and what they ​will ​or ​won’t do when the money’s right.

We proud​ly​ ​broke​ the Internet once again when Jahan Ace and Jay C finally gave their gay/bi fans what they’d been begging to see by “crossing over” to the world of gay porn​. ​

Most studios would have been content to let them jack their ​big ​dicks side by side, or maybe tag-team some eager gay power-bottom.

But here at BBA, we​’re always striving to make the seemingly “impossible” possible, and refused to settle for anything less than both guys BENDING OVER for each other’s huge dicks​​ in what was easily ​our proudest achievement of the year.

#2. A BBA Christmas Reunion

It was nothing short of a Christmas Miracle when we finally brought together ​four of ​BBA’s most popular “gay for pay” stars for the BBA Christmas Party.

Not since Truth or Dare​? have I filmed a ​party ​game so spontaneous and ​exciting and ​FUN. Th​at​ ​infamous ​kiss between Apollo and Dominic alone crammed more passion and chemistry intotwo minutes than you’ll usually find in entire scenes.

Of course seeing ​​sexy straight basketball player Isaiah ​​once again turned into the scene’s “bitch” by the end ​was just icing on the already tasty Christmas cakes. ​We’ve f​ilmed​ some ​unforgettable​ Christmas classics over the years, but I think it’s fair to say this will go down in thehistory books as one of BBA’s best.

#1. Jackpot!

Every so often a s​cene​ comes along whe​re​ I know​ right away​that ​we’re watching porn magic happen​.

Proving once again that sometimes unplanned scenes are the best (this was originally supposed to ​feature​ Bandit in the “top” role), what came depressingly close to being a total disaster turned out to be one of our most perfect and ​passionate ​scenes of the year.

EVERY element of this scene –  from the playful music and casino intro to the ​sensual elevator kissing, the ​sexy ​verbal taunting to​ Blake’s ​aggressive fucking​ – ​came together perfectly to create one of the most memorable ​moments in all of gay porn last year. JACKPOT indeed!


I’d love to hear your reactions to my top choices. Are there scenes you would have left out and/or included instead, and how would your rankings differ from mine? Let me know what you think, and please feel free to share your own lists! Oh, yeah, please follow me on Twitter @bba_michael if you haven’t already.

Montez will be posting his own list soon as well. And like previous years, I’ll be posting some viewer polls in which you can vote for your own favorite models and scenes from 2018.

On behalf of myself, Montez, and all the BBA models, I want to thank everyone for their encouraging feedback and loyal support over the past year, and wish everyone a safe and very HAPPY NEW YEAR!

18 comments on “Michael Galletta Counts Down BBA’s Ten Best Scenes of 2018
  1. Al

    Happy new year again… Great post however I believe JC and JA deserve the top spot. This was an achievement for BBA.
    The 2018 Christmas scene deserves the #2 spot, I watch it every day and still discovering new things… Yes, Apollo and Dominic are still bothering my mind at night lol. I wonder if they hang out off cam, I can see them dating …
    I am not too sure about #10, who is he? What did he do? I believe any of Justice’s scenes SHOULD have been there instead…
    Thank you again for having taken my breath away these past two weeks…

    1. Daniel Benboe

      100% agree!! JC is the hottest new model for me. #10 M. PIper is hot too in a different way. I remember that great solo. I’m surprised more of JC’s scenes didn’t make the top 10. He’s my no.1 no question.

      1. Michael

        Don’t get me wrong, I definitely understand Jay C’s popularity and appreciate the great work he did for us last year. He’s just not as much my personal type, if that makes sense. I had to make some painful cuts while narrowing down this list, and ultimately went with scenes I found to be the most personally exciting last year.

  2. Bugsy754

    1) New Year Showdown: In with a Bang
    2) BBA Christmas Reunion
    3) Taming Trapp
    4) Detroit After Dark: Bandit Bukkake
    5) New Years Showdown: The After Party
    6) Bandit Revenge #2
    7) Jackpot
    8) A King Conquered
    9) Bishop Takes the King
    10)Dominic the Next Level

  3. Stoned Mountain

    You guys ended 2018 on the HIGHEST note. And you set the bar hella high for yourselves. I’m beyond excited for the upcoming year, especially the Justice/Blake Bishop scene, and to see just how far Dominic goes. (Please have him do an extended scene with Apollo.) BBA is the site.

    Two questions: Any chance of Jay C/Axxil Miller or Jahan coming back? And any chance that any of the Amazing Trio (Trapp, Shaun, Scotty) will be back in 2019?

    1. Michael

      I’m so happy to hear that you feel we ended the year on a high note. We definitely tried to go out with a (gang)bang lol!

      To answer your questions, there’s a good chance we’ll work with Jay C and/or Jahan again. Not sure about the other three though. At least not all three at the same time. They’re still going to be locked up for awhile. But don’t worry, we have plenty of hotness to keep you entertained in the meantime, so stay tuned 😉 !

  4. Isaiah & Apollo fan

    My TOP TEN Picks for 2018

    10. Desiring Dominic

    We both know how I feel about these solo scenes but this scene was like watching Apollo all over again, every part of this man’s body is just perfect and when I first saw him in the scene I was like “you found a good catch this time” Watching him in the pool then in the shower I was completely amazed.

    9. Discovering Dominic

    Watching this scene reminded me of Isaiah’s scene with Cory, would it have been a “one hit wonder” type of scene like Isaiah’s scene with Cory? I actually enjoyed this because it’s him coming out of his shell and finally fucking a guy plus the close ups of his ass were breathtaking.

    8. Ace In The Hole

    Okay I’ve seen Jahan’s work on Twitter where he does his home videos and whatnot but I’ve always thought he’d probably NEVER do porn with a company especially g4p, then when I saw him on another website doing a home made solo scene I was like “Hmmm maybe” but seeing him on BBA I was semi shocked when I watched this scene I was like “this is pretty hot and seems like he really enjoys this”

    7. Dominic In Demand

    Apart from his work from the other website it looks like Dominic came back “prepared” for what’s ahead of him in this line of work, even tho I (like some others) do NOT personally care for King Ant (I’ll explain later on) I think he held his own in taking charge in servicing Dominic and what gets me is seeing Dominic riding King Ant’s face and then the fucking was good it looked like Dominic enjoyed it and was opening up more.

    6. A King Conquered

    Watching this scene I was at first like “King Ant is probably about to annoy me” but watching him getting fucked “for the first time” was nice to look at because his “first dick to take on cam” was a baseball bat from “BDB” himself. Watching Bandit evolve before our eyes on BBA and watching how he stays hard when watching these scenes says it all. This scene kinda looks like a “DL boy going to fuck a regular gay boy that out there on the low”. (if you get what I’m saying)

    5. I Don’t Do This!

    I was shocked when I saw you FINALLY got these two paired up together! I kept wondering to myself how Saint was going to take it or if he’s going to take it all or bitch out like he did with Migo but he held it in there and took it as much as he could which I enjoyed, Stylez giving up that ass is ALWAYS an A+ in my book, this scene was an A+ in my book. Good pairing (which I’ve been requesting for awhile) and good versatile scene

    4. Dominic: The Next Level

    Watching this scene was like classic BBA just Saint took over from your role. We’ve seen Saint in these scenes with Isaiah, Scotty, Shaun, Apollo and Trapp but I must admit that this scene has to be his best “mentoring scene”. Watching Dominic suck dick I was impressed for his first time doing it and once again the oral foreplay between these two will forever go down in history. Make sure to get Saint to fuck Dominic in an upcoming scene this year will you?

    3. Take It To The Hole

    This has to be the shocker scene of the Summer 2018, I’d never expect to see Jahan Ace taking dick yet alone on and in front of a Camera for a g4p website LOL. This scene had its up’s and down’s but overall it was good. To see Jahan suck dick like a pro and to see Jay C (who I never followed before until he appeared on BBA) take Jahan’s dick and be submissive and to see Jahan getting fucked on camera by a dude yet alone was shocking. I call this “Models that cross over” LOL

    2. Bandit’s Revenge #2

    I always say to myself when watching Bandit’s scenes “whoever fucked Bandit in the beginning will NEVER get away with it in the long run” I always knew that Manny will have his day taking that bat up in his ass and he’ll feel what he did to Apollo and to Bandit. I enjoyed the 69 to the ass eating to Bandit getting his revenge on Manny and showing him that revenge is sweet and payback’s a bitch.

    1. A BBA Christmas Reunion

    THIS IS OFFICIALLY THE SCENE OF 2018! (that rhymed lol)

    As you recall I’ve been literally BEGGING you for MONTHS to PLEASE pair these 4 together and maybe include Trapp in the mix but these four made my dick hard from the minute I watched them drinking and talking shit together. Literally EVERYTHING about this ENTIRE scene was A1 nothing disappointed me, the pairings were incredible the attraction between Dominic and Apollo were through the the roof and it really took me by surprise to see how attracted they are to each other and lets me know that hopefully a scene between the two of them will be hot as hell. From the foreplay to Dominic and Apollo kissing to watching Dominic eating ass for the first time I was legit mesmerized. I watched them fucked Isaiah all the way down was some seriously crazy ass shit and to hear his moans while he lay there being filled up in the front and in the back….literally LOL was just PERFECT!. This scene can be called “Behind Closed Doors Part 4” if you think about it !…..PERFECT ENDING TO 2018 and great intro into 2019.

    1. llob taylor

      I didnt like the editing for the BBA Christmas Reunion. Too many limp dicks more than half the show. Take It To The Hole and the rest of the Jay C clips were my 1 2 3.

      1. Michael

        You do realize they’re all straight/gay4pay guys in this scene, right? You really expect them to all be sitting there with rock-hard dicks the whole time? That’s hardly a very fair or realistic expectation for this type of scene lol.

    2. Michael

      Thanks for sharing your list! I really enjoyed reading your insightful and entertaining descriptions for the various scenes. We obviously disagree on a few of the scenes making our lists, but all of your choices were still very good scenes and I’m glad you enjoyed them as much as you did. It was a fantastic year and plenty to choose from!

  5. llob taylor

    Puleez. Jay C and Jahan broke the internet! Jay C and Blake, Jay C and Manny Killa were not too far behind either. I love me Blake Bishop but Jay C was the revelation of the year. Wow, what a man. I wish I could walk in every day on him in his trademark sprawl with that bbc hanging down. Gets me hard just thinking of that guy!

  6. llob taylor

    Seeing this list in 2020 makes me realize how awesome 2018 was in terms of the hawtness of the guys and the sex. 2019 was nowhere close. Glad I got to witness 2018 crop of guys!


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