Website Update: A BBA New Year’s Reunion

“Should old acquaintance be forgot….” — Auld Lang Syne

Apollo and Isaiah weren’t the only fan favorites we brought back to close out the year.

To continue our celebration of a truly unforgettable year here at BBA, and welcome an exciting new year to come, we’ve finally introduced Blake Bishop to Justice and then treated both of them to a night of “epidemic” fun with the sexy straight stripper and former YouTube star Freaky J, making his surprise return after nearly TWO YEARS!

A bottle of champagne and seductive lap-dance turns into nearly a FULL HOUR of passionate kissing, sloppy-wet dick-sucking, and hot and hungry ass-eating. All leading up to the thrilling sight – almost unthinkable just a few short years ago – of Freaky J grunting and cursing and moaning as he gets thoroughly “bitched out” and spit-roasted with RAW dick at both ends!

In other words, New Year’s Eve celebrated BBA style 😉 .

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Stay tuned to the very end for a special sneak peek at just one of several surprises we already have in store for the new year!

27 comments on “Website Update: A BBA New Year’s Reunion
  1. Stepp

    What up Freaky J! Good to see him. Is it me or is Justice extra handsome with his hair grown out? I’m digging these “double stuffed” scenes here lately first Isaiah and now Freaky J. And Mike you ain’t slick I know damn well you got more heat coming from that Christmas Party with all the smoke that was in that room. You could have paired anybody with anybody and it would be🔥🔥🔥

  2. Al

    Completely forgot that Justice was one of my favourites. He is real. I have to say that it is difficult to move on when you get Apollo and Dom in one scene, one tends to forget about the other boys. You are right Michael, the other boys need to be allowed to shine. Can’t wait for Blake and Justice part two, I know it’s gonna be good. Blake is Justice preferred choice so I’m expecting sparks. Roll on 2019… Two scenes to look forward to.

  3. chucke1

    Pleasant Surprise! Thanks Michael and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Great surprise future update by the way!!!! looking forward to Justice being taken down, Blake is perfect choice for that one!!! WHAT A WAY TO END AND START THE YEAR!!!!!THANK YOU, THANK YOU, AND THANK YOU!!!!!

  4. chucke1

    Michael, you HAVE WON ME BACK! How much is a lifetime membership? LOL Thank you for the BEST BLACK GAY PORN SITE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOOKING FORWARD TO 2019

  5. Jayden

    Well damn! I think that was probably one of the hottest threesomes I’ve ever seen on BBA! Good to see Justice and Blake make their returns—love those two. The OG King of Freak is back!!! Good to see Freaky J again!!

    Watching this scene I noted three things 1) I forgot how much I enjoyed Fantasy by the Fire. 2) Freaky J STILL freaky as hell! 3) Justice looks like he’s leaner-nice look for him!

    Man! Let’s get into it! I like Justice’s interview. He mentioned that he wanted to work with Apollo. Can we make this happen please? That would be a hot scene. As for this scene, oral play was on point. I loved everything from the kissing, sucking, and ass-eating. The setups you guys used were super creative. I love the triangle! Lol (see 31:28). I also loved Justice being serviced at both ends. His reaction was priceless—he seemed overwhelmed with pleasure.

    The sexing was HOT!!!! Freaky J did the damn thing when it came to bottoming. The closeups of him riding Justice in the reverse cowboy position were on point! (Thanks Shax!) Quick question. Was Freaky J’s climax manually induced with his hand or was it caused by the way Justice was stroking his prostate? There was deep, very nice action going on there. Either way, it was hot!

    I know that this is acting, but it seemed like you all had fun for real. Out of the three scenes released this month, this was my favorite. This was one hell of a party, and I enjoyed every minute of it! Thanks Justice, Blake, Freaky J, Shax, and you for a damn good time!

    Oh yeah, I CANNOT WAIT to see Justice give up the cakes! Shiiiit!!! Please don’t keep us waiting too long Mike! lol 😂 I can’t wait to see the hotness you guys have in store in 2019!

    Mike, the December updates were well worth the wait. This is why I, and many others, always cum back for more (lol). Thank you! These scenes were the shit and more! No wonder BBA been around for a decade.

    Bustin’ to BBA shit,


    PS: To you and yours, I wish a Happy 2019!

  6. princexxchar

    BBA…..take my money!!!!! I LOVE IT. loved the energy of freaky j, he was always good !! i loveeee justice. his hairy ass is sexy as fuck. I been wanting to see him get fucked for the longest, cant wait till next scene!!!! and blake is the nigga that i wanted to do it! ugh. just perfect, loved this scene, n all updates thats been coming! good intro to 2019!

  7. Santana

    Welcome to “The Chi” bba. I enjoyed the video Blake is looking like a whole snack these days very attractive and sexy. Nice to see freaky j return, justice is cool would love to see more than a tongue up that ass you know it’s time for some dick 😂 that goes for Dominic too. I love that old models are making comebacks…..find Kenny, Ross, lil scrap and Zadian 😁 bba should do a web series on the site with the models take it to a new level ..hmmmm let me stop Happy New Year to you Michael and Montez shout out to the whole bba family looking for you to top 2018 in 2019 thank you for one of your best years.

    1. Stepp

      That’s actually a good idea. Not even them fucking necessarily, just hanging out like with the Detroit Pride out takes.

  8. Al

    Just wanna wish a happy new year to you Michael, Montez (I’m a fan), the filming crew, the models, the fans.

    You outdid yourselves especially towards the end of 18, made me a happier customer. I’ve never posted in here before but since we’ve had that Christmas scene, it has now become a habit. Love you guys, appreciate criticism, continue to show your haters some love, then you will prosper. As someone said BBA is the real website around although I’m not too into bareback, but that’s another story lol.

    Lastly, please create a BBA FORUM so that we can share our views… Peace up

    1. Montez

      Happy New Year to you as well and thank you for the kind words and support. And one could consider this blog a forum for BBA subscribers.

  9. leech10x

    These past few videos starting to feel like Avengers movies – all the best models looking better than ever seen and doing some of their best work and making hype for the sequel hahaha

    This threesome was 🔥🔥🔥!!! Justice got the licking he deserved, Freaky J got sexy new moves, and Blake staying long, and giving Justice eyes like “Your next” lolol And that LAST PIC at the end of the video!!! Talk about the after credits movie stinger! BBA is Avengers through and through lolol! I CANT WAIT 4 WHAT COMES NEXT!!!

  10. Wayne

    Good update. Glad to see Freaky J again. This would have been my favorite BBA scene of all time, if only Freaky J actually got hard or came from getting fucked. But overall good job.

  11. cobra

    My man Freaky J did the damn thing as usual. New Year but still old Freaky J! This will be a hard one to beat in 2019 but I’m sure all the guys are ready to step up their game this year.

  12. oneloveme2u

    Wow…. What if somehow Justice creeps up to the #1 spot?! If he bottoms well at least once, keeps looking as sexy as he did here, maintains good sexual stamina, etc. I think he could pull it off. I’ve always been a fan of his sensuality. I think he’d pair well with this greatly evolved Isaiah. What you guys think?

  13. JP

    Loved this scene, but what’s up with going weeks with nothing then all 3 posts within a few days at the end of the month the last few months? Is it going to keep going on that way?

    1. Michael

      Glad you enjoyed the scene. We promise our monthly subscribers THREE hot and lengthy new updates each month. Depending on our travel and production schedule (among other factors), sometimes these are posted back to back weekly, and sometimes they are staggered with longer waits in between. I’ll try my best to space things out a bit more evenly and consistently as we kick off the new year.

      1. Chris

        I get that December was probably a hectic month but I can almost bet The Manny / King Ant scene will be over looked because of other 2 gangbang scenes being uploaded within a couple days

        1. Michael

          Yeah, that’s really my only regret about the way we closed out the year. Because that was actually a damn good scene that ended up getting overshadowed by the two epic group scenes it was sandwiched in between.


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