Website Update (with Video Teaser): Coming For His Crown

We’re proud to kick off an exciting new year with one of the most requested scene pairings in BBA history.

It was only a matter of time. After trying to make this happen for OVER TWO YEARS, we finally succeeded in bringing together BBA’s two most popular models of all time for this long overdue and historic encounter.

Anyone who’s seen the recent BBA Christmas Party already knows that one of its highlights was the hilarious and playful trash-talking between Apollo and Bandit about Bandit knocking Apollo out of the #1 spot early last year.

Apollo seemed eager to prove to Bandit as well as his fans why he deserves to reclaim his crown. So we decided to take this rivalry to the next level by FINALLY pairing together these competing fan favorites and letting them settle the score once and for all….

See for yourself what happened when we brought together these two strikingly handsome and irresistibly sexy straight guys – both with girlfriends and kids waiting for them at home – for an epic encounter that includes lots of tongue-kissing, nipple-licking, dick-sucking, and ass-eating – plus Bandit shocking everyone by _________ for the VERY FIRST TIME.

Even better, both Bandit and Apollo prove just how far they have come in their “gay for pay” journeys here at BBA by giving up their tight, RAW asses to each other in nearly a FULL HOUR of unforgettable FLIP-FLOP action that you don’t want to miss!

To watch the full-length, uncensored action, click here to join BBA or buy credits today!

If you’re currently a BBA member and/or already have BBA credits, click here to enjoy this much-requested and long-overdue “showdown” any time you’d like!

30 comments on “Website Update (with Video Teaser): Coming For His Crown
  1. chucke1

    If this is what 2019 holds in store, some of us might not make it! OUTSTANDING and FANTASTIC performances by both stars! ONE OF THE BEST SCENES IN THE HISTORY OF GAY PORN!!!! Thanks to ALL the BBA team for this effort! WOW!!!!!!!!!!

  2. WeatherMan

    This new scene is already legendary. It was a scene of two BBA greats coming together to deliver something that most fans have been waiting on for quite some time and it did not disappoint at all. Everything about this scene is going to make it a BBA classic. Seeing these two beautiful black men making passionate and sometimes aggressive love to each other was thrilling and BBA and Michael have done it yet again. Kudos to Bandit and Apollo on making this a TWO for (number) one special.

  3. faulknerfan

    While I am usually less than thrilled when I know an upcoming BBA update will feature models I’ve seen many times before, I was greatly anticipating the Bandit/Apollo update even though there’s no centimeter of either model’s body that BBA hasn’t already explored in great detail many times in the past. I was looking forward to this scene because Apollo brings something to a shoot that’s extra special: full-bore sensuality. This on top of a near-perfect body (this size queen gives his body 9.99998 out of 10, wishing he had two more inches of dick length and a bit more girth). But that volcanic sensuality Apollo brings, whether it is faked or not, raises every scene’s sizzle factor by an order or two of magnitude.

    He did not disappoint in his scene with Bandit. But before you think I am advocating for Apollo to be named the hotter of the two in this scene, let me turn to Bandit’s contribution.

    Bandit, as you have noted, has come a looong way since his BBA career began. For one, he’s lost that goddamned hat, the losing of which signifies, I think, his acceptance of the discovery of the wider horizons of his sexuality. And although his body is not classically perfect like Apollo’s, his body is perfect for those of us who like finding the proverbial diamond in the rough: it is lean, whippet-strong, and marked with just enough imperfections to make him a bit more interesting than someone with a Michaelangelo’s David body. And then there’s that dick!! In this scene Bandit responded to the heat generated by Apollo with his own less sophisticated but nevertheless genuine passion, which made his work I think on a par with Apollo’s.

    So if you really are going to have a vote, as was suggested at the end of the scene, I could not in good faith choose one over the other. This scene would not be as burningly compelling as it is if one or the other of Bandit or Apollo was substituted for another model. So I say you need to contact BBA’s jeweler to the stars and order a second, identical crown, so that both of these fine models can reign as co-monarchs in the BBA kingdom. There’s no other fair solution.

          1. Michael

            I recently told another customer that I like my feedback just how I like the dicks on BBA’s models….the LONGER, the better 😉 !

            Seriously, I LOVE lengthy and detailed feedback like this. Reminds me of the type of feedback I used to write back when I was just an obsessed porn consumer and not a producer. I appreciate that level of intense passion and attention to detail.

            Keep it cumming, guys!!!

  4. Jayden

    Yo!!!! I see you guys are trying to top 2018 already! BBA, y’all came out the gate swinging! You guys are NOT playing! This was straight 🔥🔥!! Bandit and Apollo—two BBA kings, unite to create this amazingly epic duel that we get to enjoy! Damn!! *still recuperating from scene*

    Like everyone else, Bandit and Apollo are two of my favorites. Great beginning to the scene in this hella nice bathroom! Glimpses of Apollo and Bandit in the shower were great too. I even loved Apollo looking toward the camera. Loved when they faced off in the bathroom. Didn’t realize Bandit was that tall compared to Apollo. Music was lit too.

    Then, we have the action. I think this was probably the best head game we’ve seen from either of these models. Bandit CLEARLY loved Apollo’s head skills as he got hard FAST, and remained hard when Apollo was eating him out. Loved the fact you slow the footage down to emphasize Bandit’s erection when he turned over for Apollo. That shit was 🔥🔥. As for Apollo’s tongue-fucking, Bandit enjoyed it, and so did I! Props to Bandit. He CLEARLY hates eating ass. LOL! He did it for the fans. For that, thanks bro!

    The fucking was 🔥! Kudos to Apollo! With the exception of Spice, I think he probably handled Bandit’s monster the best! He’s a true champ because that damn sure would not have been me! Hell naw! Once again, Apollo went hard for the fans, thanks bro! Bandit and Apollo were sweaty toward the end—they put in work, and the scene was completely worth it! Again, thanks fellas! Good shit!

    Whew…still recuperating after watching that one! So the final question that needs to be answered is who won this one?

    My final answer: #TeamApollo

    Apollo was able to take in all of Bandit’s piece, and he did it like a champ. He used his oral skills to keep Bandit hard. Lastly, he was also able to handle Bandit’s merciless fucking.
    Bandit is exciting and awesome too (and I love seeing him completely naked), but this one is a win for #TeamApollo.

  5. llob taylor

    For me Bandit Blake Isaiah and Jay C are the best things on this site. They are natural sexual creatures. Apollo gives me pro vibes. His moves are too well controlled. I’ve never seen him lose control. He is always mechanical so I’ve never gotten into him. But this was one of his best performances. Bandit can have that effect on you I guess 🙂
    I still go back to his first clips when he first started and when he first took dick. I love watching his face and hearing him moan.

  6. sexygmoney

    great scene from 2 of my favorite models however if i have to choose a winner i pick Bandit. He stepped up his game Taking & Giving Dick in this 1. Hats off 2 both of you. We’ll be cummin 2 this for years. An instant Classic. Bravo!

  7. princexxchar

    OMG YES! yes yes yes. Bra Fucking Vo!!!! This is what im talking bout, leave it for Apollo to put on the best performance i think i see on this site!! Perfectionnnn. He always performs to perfectionnnn every timeeeeee. Like got damn. THE SECOND i saw that arch in this preview pic i was like okay this is bout to be hotttt. Lemme tell u something, that arch was EVERYTHING.

    BANDIT, fucked him just right, n jus how i wanted him to! Bandit was getting tired and running outta breath!! How it should be!! he was fucking like he got something to prove, and does!!! both yall bravo yo. i didnt even finish the video yet!!!!! this my second time nutting jus watching apollo get plugged!

  8. oneloveme2u

    BRAVISSIMO!!! This scene was hot!!! The actual sex was very good. They both bottomed well👍🏿, kissed, showed emotion, and looked great together. The background was nice as well. I think Apollo gets the victory because of his moans, great acting, bottomed like a pro…wow Apollo!!, and gave sexy sex talk. Apollo had a perfect arch while bottoming. I know someone had to bust to that. 😀. Michael, you’ve done it again. 10s across the board !!! Thanks and can’t wait until next weekend.

  9. cookman

    Damn bandit has officially been turned out and likes it..his dick stayed hard even when taking dick…damn michael you da goat🐐 brush ya shoulders off

  10. Chris

    That kind of passion Apollo has I don’t think no one on this site can match. I saw a glimpse of passion in Bandit when he fuck King Ant. I wish Bandit had that type of passion. I’m Team Bandit all the way.

    I wish Bandit would’ve came inside of Apollo & I wish you’d showed their faces when they came.

    Great start to the new year.

  11. cocopop

    Thank you Mike, I’ve been the loudest call for these two to do a scene for the last 5 years. It was everything I had wished for, most of all seeing Bandit enjoy taking dick for the first time. Yes, this is how it sounds, looks to hear him enjoy being fucked. Never before has he enjoyed bottoming before, we did see glimpse with Mike and Isaiah’s scenes. Not sure Apollo brought him out his shell or he had something to prove. We saw him actually kiss rather than smack lips, actually offering tongue and French kissing. Love hearing his sexy unusual moans while watching him enjoy that Apollo dick. For that reason #Team Apollo cause he gave Bandit true pleasure, not that I have less love for Bandit. He even surprised himself Apollo was able to make him cum more than before. Great job fellows. Now, can’t wait to see Dominic and Apollo do their thang.

    1. Michael

      Thanks! Glad to hear that you and so many others have been enjoying this scene.

      Bandit went above and beyond in this one for sure. For someone who claims to have never watched any of his scenes, he sure does get pretty proud and protective of his #1 status lol. It’s really cute.

      He didn’t have that same explosive, undeniable chemistry that he’s had with Manny Killa or even King Ant, but he still put in effort to make the scene work. And thankfully based on the feedback so far, those efforts appear to be successful.

      Like I recently stated on Twitter (@bba_michael), I don’t think I’ve ever seen Bandit bottom quite like that before! I swear he was even arching his back and throwing it back at one point lol.

  12. da1ndet

    This scene was 🔥🔥🔥. I am Team Apollo! Both of these Bros did their thing! Bravo, Bandit! Mike I enjoyed this scene (grateful fan) and I am patiently awaiting Apollo/Dominic flip/ flop scene….👀👀👀Go Apollo. Go!!!

  13. A.J.

    This is the type of scene that made a nigga fall in love with BBA. Transitioning into a new year does BBA good lol. Dope scene Mike.

  14. h1lda74

    They went ALL the way in on this one. Both guys brought their A-stroke and wore this scene out!! Great job, guys!!!

  15. Stepp

    I actually want to see Bandit and Dominic before Apollo and Dominic and then Isaiah and Dominic. Santa Mike you still granting wishes right??

      1. Al

        They looked much more like friends than anything else, friends who love a banter, the terrible twos. Lol. The farthest they can go is jack each other off.

  16. Isaiah & Apollo fan

    One of the scenes we’ve been waiting for, this is over two years in the making!! The foreplay was good I wish the 69 was a bit longer and to see them flip ride each other’s faces. When Bandit ate Apollo’s ass and seeing him moan like that was hot as fuck loved how Apollo had Bandit on his knees eating his ass and playing with his dick

    Couple things I noticed in this scene:
    1. Bandit’s dick was semi hard when getting fucked
    2. Bandit’s ability to open up and come out his shell and be comfortable taking dick and looks like he enjoyed it

    Let me say this when watching this scene (even tho the scene was hot) it looked like Apollo couldn’t stay hard in parts of topping Bandit and felt like Bandit was forcing the moans based on Apollo (seemingly under-performing) but Bandit made up for it when he had Apollo laying on his back fucking him lol.

    I enjoyed seeing Apollo taking his biggest dick to date and love the journey of Bandit.

    I give this scene a 10/10 regardless. I give the better top title to Bandit and better bottom to Apollo. Reminds me of Isaiah and Bandit a bit in this scene.

  17. Jamal

    I for one loved the scene. I think that the fact that Bandit and Apollo paired together was such a great idea on paper. Although the scene was hot, I definitely thought that they should have done more.. Like more positions, more locations in the house, just overall more! However, it was still great.


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