Cast Your Votes For The Best Of BBA 2018!

You’ve seen my own personal picks for the best scenes from last year. And Montez will be posting his own personal Top 10 list on the BBA Twitter very soon.

But now it’s YOUR TURN to let us know what you think by choosing YOUR favorite models and scenes from 2018! You’ll be able to see the voting results in live time to compare your own personal favorites with the rest of BBA’s members and fans.

To keep things as fair and accurate as possible, you’re only allowed to vote once, so please take your time and choose your answers carefully. In several of the categories, I’ve allowed up to three selections since there are so many models and scenes to choose from.

Please feel free to explain or defend any of your choices, or even share your own personal “Top Ten” lists as comments on this blog entry. We’d love to hear what you think! If you have any ideas or requests for additional poll questions that you think might be fun, just let me know and I’ll consider adding them.

I hope everyone has fun picking out their favorites and reminiscing with Montez and me about another exciting and unforgettable year. And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @bba_michael and @bbaddictionz. ​Thanks!

17 comments on “Cast Your Votes For The Best Of BBA 2018!
  1. Al

    Michael that was a very hard one. How very dare you???
    Submitted my votes and tried my best lol.
    My best BBA models are Apollo/Justice and Dominic.
    Isaiah, Jay C, Jahan come next…

    On another note, you guys are the best around and the interaction with fans whether on this website or Twitter is a plus, please push insta a little.
    Please continue, the only way is up!!

    I may not watch all videos, mostly because I may not like the pairings but I shall keep my membership. I have been happy thus far.

    Lastly, please post negative comments as long as they’re not rude, it’s good to have a variety. You’re dealing with people who have different opinions.

  2. Luis Rodriguez

    BBA is definitely a wonderful site, all of the models are unique in their own special way. What one model doesn’t present another one makes up for. Congratulations to all the BBA Models and keep up the outstanding work.

  3. Jayden

    10.Desiring Dominic

    As I said before, you all served a whole meal and then some with this one! Dominic’s solo scene, shot by Shax, was lit! The highlight was definitely the shower sequence—beautifully done. Left many viewers craving for more! Dominic definitely gave us wild thoughts and has never left imaginations!

    9. Justice Is Served

    Justice, also a new model for 2018, is also one of my favorites. It was great to watch him and Mar orally interact with one another. The scene was great, and they complemented each other well.

    8. Discovering Dominic

    Classic BBA setup. Dominic’s first taste of sex with a guy. Loved it. Dominic’s range of emotions go from uneasy and tense in the beginning to relaxed to sheer enjoyment in the end. He held in emotions during the scene. The way I knew he enjoyed the sex was by his smile at the end of the scene. I remember I was like, “Admit it! You enjoyed that shit!”

    7. Straight Boys Taste Better #2

    Perfect pairing with Justice and Stylez! Watching these two together as they played with each other orally was 🔥🔥! It almost looked like they enjoyed each other! I enjoyed them! So glad that Justice and Stylez decided to stick around.

    6. Jackpot!

    Manny on the bottom for the first time! Blake and Manny were straight 🔥🔥. The chemistry was undeniable. It was great watching all of the oral action, even some vaping. Watching Manny surrender was a great moment in 2018!

    5. Bandit’s Bukkake

    Bandit shows why he is BBA’s #1 model. It takes a lot to bottom for one person, much less two! He gave his all to give a good performance. The icing on the cake was the bukkake itself. I don’t think I have ever seen so much DNA before! lol

    4. A King Conquered

    The chemistry between these two was explosive! The two of them seemed like they genuinely enjoyed each other, and I enjoyed them. Almost seemed like they had been with each other off camera. King Ant bottomed like a champ! This was Bandit’s best performance. It almost made me wonder if he’s joined the LGBT recently. LOL!!!

    3. Don’t Tell My Girl

    Loved this one! I think it’s safe to tell Jay C that we won’t tell his girl, but we are telling everyone else! LOL! Jay C is truly a pro and a dynamic performer (not to mention beautiful to look at!) Manny’s oral skills are some of the best porn moments ever! Watching him give the oral experience never gets old. Jay C took dick like a champ. It was EPIC, and I thank you!

    2. New Year’s Showdown: The Afterparty

    One word: FIRE! Mar and Apollo together was hot! The foreplay was LIT!! Both of these guys are oral wizards! Everything from the French kissing, the tongue wrestling and down to the licking in general. I don’t think there was one part on either body that didn’t get touched! It was hot how Apollo took his time while kissing every inch of Mar. Mar’s reaction was priceless. Hopefully, Mar will return one day.

    1. A BBA Christmas Reunion

    I live for Christmas at BBA! This scene was possibly the best Christmas scene yet! Loved it! Everything from the conversation at the beginning to the “Heart’s Lead” game, and Bandit’s “Grand Opening” boxers. Who could forget the steamy make out session with Apollo and Dominic? 🔥🔥🔥 This all led to the gangbang/bukkake. Isaiah took one for the team and rocked it! It was great seeing him again!

    Well, there you have it. You guys did the damn thing in 2018! That was hard to put together!

    Here’s to 2019🥂!

    1. Michael

      Wow, that’s a very interesting list. I’m surprised by some of the scenes that made your list, as well as some of the scenes that did not, but just goes to show how we all have such different preferences and tastes and experience these scenes in very different ways. I’m sure Shax will be flattered and thrilled that half of your list is comprised of scenes he directed lol.

  4. Isaiah & Apollo fan

    My TOP TEN Picks for 2018

    10. Desiring Dominic

    We both know how I feel about these solo scenes but this scene was like watching Apollo all over again, every part of this man’s body is just perfect and when I first saw him in the scene I was like “you found a good catch this time” Watching him in the pool then in the shower I was completely amazed.

    9. Discovering Dominic

    Watching this scene reminded me of Isaiah’s scene with Cory, would it have been a “one hit wonder” type of scene like Isaiah’s scene with Cory? I actually enjoyed this because it’s him coming out of his shell and finally fucking a guy plus the close ups of his ass were breathtaking.

    8. Ace In The Hole

    Okay I’ve seen Jahan’s work on Twitter where he does his home videos and whatnot but I’ve always thought he’d probably NEVER do porn with a company especially g4p, then when I saw him on another website doing a home made solo scene I was like “Hmmm maybe” but seeing him on BBA I was semi shocked when I watched this scene I was like “this is pretty hot and seems like he really enjoys this”

    7. Dominic In Demand

    Apart from his work from the other website it looks like Dominic came back “prepared” for what’s ahead of him in this line of work, even tho I (like some others) do NOT personally care for King Ant (I’ll explain later on) I think he held his own in taking charge in servicing Dominic and what gets me is seeing Dominic riding King Ant’s face and then the fucking was good it looked like Dominic enjoyed it and was opening up more.

    6. A King Conquered

    Watching this scene I was at first like “King Ant is probably about to annoy me” but watching him getting fucked “for the first time” was nice to look at because his “first dick to take on cam” was a baseball bat from “BDB” himself. Watching Bandit evolve before our eyes on BBA and watching how he stays hard when watching these scenes says it all. This scene kinda looks like a “DL boy going to fuck a regular gay boy that out there on the low”. (if you get what I’m saying)

    5. I Don’t Do This!

    I was shocked when I saw you FINALLY got these two paired up together! I kept wondering to myself how Saint was going to take it or if he’s going to take it all or bitch out like he did with Migo but he held it in there and took it as much as he could which I enjoyed, Stylez giving up that ass is ALWAYS an A+ in my book, this scene was an A+ in my book. Good pairing (which I’ve been requesting for awhile) and good versatile scene

    4. Dominic: The Next Level

    Watching this scene was like classic BBA just Saint took over from your role. We’ve seen Saint in these scenes with Isaiah, Scotty, Shaun, Apollo and Trapp but I must admit that this scene has to be his best “mentoring scene”. Watching Dominic suck dick I was impressed for his first time doing it and once again the oral foreplay between these two will forever go down in history. Make sure to get Saint to fuck Dominic in an upcoming scene this year will you?

    3. Take It To The Hole

    This has to be the shocker scene of the Summer 2018, I’d never expect to see Jahan Ace taking dick yet alone on and in front of a Camera for a g4p website LOL. This scene had its up’s and down’s but overall it was good. To see Jahan suck dick like a pro and to see Jay C (who I never followed before until he appeared on BBA) take Jahan’s dick and be submissive and to see Jahan getting fucked on camera by a dude yet alone was shocking. I call this “Models that cross over” LOL

    2. Bandit’s Revenge #2

    I always say to myself when watching Bandit’s scenes “whoever fucked Bandit in the beginning will NEVER get away with it in the long run” I always knew that Manny will have his day taking that bat up in his ass and he’ll feel what he did to Apollo and to Bandit. I enjoyed the 69 to the ass eating to Bandit getting his revenge on Manny and showing him that revenge is sweet and payback’s a bitch.

    1. A BBA Christmas Reunion

    THIS IS OFFICIALLY THE SCENE OF 2018! (that rhymed lol)

    As you recall I’ve been literally BEGGING you for MONTHS to PLEASE pair these 4 together and maybe include Trapp in the mix but these four made my dick hard from the minute I watched them drinking and talking shit together. Literally EVERYTHING about this ENTIRE scene was A1 nothing disappointed me, the pairings were incredible the attraction between Dominic and Apollo were through the the roof and it really took me by surprise to see how attracted they are to each other and lets me know that hopefully a scene between the two of them will be hot as hell. From the foreplay to Dominic and Apollo kissing to watching Dominic eating ass for the first time I was legit mesmerized. I watched them fucked Isaiah all the way down was some seriously crazy ass shit and to hear his moans while he lay there being filled up in the front and in the back….literally LOL was just PERFECT!. This scene can be called “Behind Closed Doors Part 4” if you think about it !…..PERFECT ENDING TO 2018 and great intro into 2019.

  5. Santana

    Here’s my list.. (Mikey Piper)best solo, best Gay/bi.( Dont tell my girl) Gay for pay ( take it to the hole )best new model ( Jahan Ace). My favorite 2018 overall pick is (Manny killa, Jahan Ace and honorable mention. Jay c. Best top Blake Bishop honorable mention Bandit best bottom. In 2018 Trapp overall best bba bottom is Apollo but the Christmas scene with Isaiah makes this hard. Best dick Bandit best ass Trapp best personality goes to most bba guys but Bandit and Blake. I love the guys that you would never expect their secret hobby espionage good work Michael.

  6. Al

    Not surprised about Dominic results. He truly deserves it. I fell in awe of him whilst watching the infamous Christmas reunion scene. His banter with Bandit, his cracking jokes on the sofa and that kiss with Apollo.
    For someone who claims to be reserved he was the chattiest.
    For someone who claims not liking to kiss men, he let himself go 100% with Apollo almost like two people in love. That the way to go my brother.
    Along with Apollo, Isaiah, Justice, Manny, he has now become a favourite. I just love the boy. I’m monitoring his progress to the top ten, he shall get there soon.
    Don’t push him too much though lol

    1. Michael

      While I was certainly surprised by some of these results, Dominic being voted Favorite Solo Scene AND Favorite New Model were not among those surprises lol.

      And it was so cute the way he seemed so genuinely shocked and excited and humbled when I shared the good news.

      Like I’ve said about Apollo many times, not a day goes by that I don’t thank the porn gods for dropping Dominic in our laps (so to speak lol)!

      1. cocopop

        I’m not surprised, his reactions he’s seeking the #1 position. Hopefully you’ll give him Saint to break him in, Apollo as his signing bonus with a flip scene between the two. I would say Apollo to break him in, but not sure he has the skills to break in that tight ass of Dominic. Congratulations Dominic(Smiley), don’t you just love that smile?

        1. Al

          Though I’m a top I think I’d be too nervous to break in that ass too. I think I’d turn bottom for him and just die in his eyes and smile lol… That Dominic boy is too mesmerising. I loved his scene with Saint and the way Saint kept on complimenting and treating him.

    1. Michael

      What happened to Mikey Piper is still a great unsolved mystery to this day.

      At the time of filming and even in the days that followed, Mikey seemed genuinely excited about working with us, and pleased with the filming experience overall. Then about a week after his solo was filmed, he disappeared completely. Just up and vanished into thin air. No replies to texts, emails, phone calls, nothing.

      It has now been many MONTHS and we still haven’t heard back from him or had any luck tracking him down. Our best guess is that maybe he got locked up? But I agree, he had so much potential and would have been a phenomenal addition to the BBA roster.

      1. DK

        What happened to Majesty? I always felt that he had potential but was kind of mismatched for a debut scene with the monstrous dick Migo. Lil Scrap and Julien were also great ones that got away

  7. cobra

    I truly hope Mikey is not hurt or locked up. It’s a shame that most young Black men the law of averages makes this a common assumption. It has always amazed me the gay for pay models who DO come back for more scenes because I do know they must get some feedback from friends and or family. In this age of social media there are few secrets if you appear on the internet on a large platform such as BBA.

    1. Montez

      Shax and I were just talking at length about Mikey Piper. Mikey was so happy with his shoot and so eager to return for another, that him disappearing caught everyone completely off guard. Much like the returning Ross, we think Mikey may be locked up. Hopefully he is okay and we’ll hear from him again in the future.


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