Website Update: The Return of Ross (Part Two)

In 2015, Ross skyrocketed to the top of the BBA charts with his outgoing personality and addictive charm. And even though he only appeared in five scenes, he quickly became one of the most beloved and requested “gay for pay” models in BBA history.

But just as he was starting to make a name for himself and try some new things, Ross disappeared on us completely. No replies to our emails, calls, texts – NOTHING.

We’d nearly given up hope of ever seeing or hearing from Ross again. But then he suddenly resurfaced, revealing that he’d actually been in PRISON all this time!

We weren’t quite sure how Ross’s body or overall looks might have changed, or how he’d react to coming back after being away for so long. But we knew that most of our viewers would be excited to see his return, and curious to see his story continue….

“I have a surprise for everyone!” Ross announces in his sexy, seductive voice at the start of this scene. “I’m more than sure this will make up for the lost time.”

In this shocking conclusion to his long-awaited return, Ross finally takes things to the NEXT LEVEL by doing some of the very same things he’s always stubbornly sworn he would never in a million years ever do….

To help coach Ross through this climactic next chapter in his “gay for pay” journey, we’ve paired him with returning fan favorite Saint, welcoming Ross back to BBA like only he can!

If you’re one of the many viewers who’ve been waiting OVER THREE YEARS to see Ross’s cocky mouth and cute, virgin ass finally deflowered and devoured by another man’s dick, then this should be a “homecoming” present that you won’t soon forget….

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20 comments on “Website Update: The Return of Ross (Part Two)
  1. mrwhitley1

    Make Ross #1 !!!!!!!! That’s how it’s done!!!!!!!! Saint always does it well, but he came back kicking and screaming, 2 scenes, took Dick, had a hard dick while taking dick, and nutted!!!! And it was possibly his 1st time (never know for sure, dudes be lying) but he did that!!!! I’m happy I got this!!! I have nothing negative to say.


    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ That’s all the last 23mins of this video deserves! Beautiful! Absolutely Beautiful! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I pray Ross does more bottoming scenes cuz you will have my BANK ACCOUNT! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  3. D. Britt

    My dream came true😭 Outta 5 stars I’ll give it 10. Perfect from beginning to end. If my baby never comes back “I hope so” this will be just fine. I love u Ross🥰

  4. Dexter

    Ross Ross Ross…… I swear my 🍆 is SORE!! Him screaming was so GENUINE!! The more he screamed the harder I got!! This is BY FAR THE BEST SCENE (TO ME) All Year!! It was 🔟🔟🔟🔟🔟🔟🔟🔟🔟 And Saint use to be one of the models that didn’t do it for me…. That has now changed HE ENJOYS BREAKING IN NEW BOOTY🤣🤷🏾‍♂️ AND I LOVE IT!! Great Fucking Job!! Now Bring On Blake Bishop for their “REUNION” as they said in their first meeting… Great Fucking Job Mike!! HATS OFF!!

  5. VSWBoy18

    I don’t care what y’all say, Saint is the fuckin #1 on BBA. Dude has now properly opened up Ross, Bandit, Apollo, Trapp, Isaiah and if Mike would ever pair them up, he’d give Blake the ass opening he so rightfully deserves. There’s a reason all the guys love Saint… he’s cool as shit and got that good DICK!!! Not to mention, dude can cum from fuckin. Hopefully, Mike pairs him with Jahan this year 🙂 … We, the fans are trippin. Saint should at least be top 5. I say he’s #1.

  6. WeatherMan

    This scene is history making for BBA! I felt like Ross and Saint had really good chemistry together and the vibe was right between them. I thought Ross was just going to suck some dick so imagine my surprise when I saw that he was taking dick for the first time. He did a really good job, you could tell this was his first time and that’s okay, that’s what BBA is all about REAL porn with REAL beautiful black kings. BBA needs to keep this movement going because 2019 is a good year so far for the brand.

  7. Chris

    I can honestly say I appreciate the body types in this scene.

    That 69 was hot.

    I didn’t care for the actual sex because of the way my boy was screaming. My question is if it hurts how did he cum while getting fucked?

    I think a Blake / Ross pt2 is needed or a Ross / Manny scene. The strokes would be way different from Saint.

    Good job guys 👍👏

  8. Isaiah & Apollo fan

    First time watching Ross suck dick, first time seeing Ross open up so much hearing him moan and grunt and cuss and run from taking dick was sexy af. Was wondering who’d be the first person to fuck him and thought it would’ve been Apollo to get his revenge but glad when it was Saint. Saint I give it to you for this scene….This scene reminds me so much of his scene with Bandit (the first one) NO MERCY SAINT! What caught me off guard was seeing him nutt when getting fucked.

    Ross getting fucked has been LONGGGGGG overdue.

    I give this scene a 10/10

    In the words of Saint……Welcome back to BBA Ross !

  9. Tori Fan

    Ross part 2 gets a 10. It was a different kind of hot. I think at first Ross was hesitant but then when Saint hit his spot and it started to feel better he went for it. Thanks for the toe shots. I always think you do that for me.

  10. Jayden

    Ross is the man! He left and came back with that 🔥🔥!! Ross deserves everything and more. Ross gave Saint top, and it was good too. I like the fact that he took his time with it, and got to watch Saint rise slowly to prepare for the main event—Ross bottoming.

    Honestly, I thought this would never happen. He endured Saint’s pounding strokes. It was easy to see that Ross was in obvious pain (understandably so, given how tight he was); however, I’m thankful that he was even willing to do this in the first place! Ross did the damn thing! BTW, Ross’ walk at the end needs to be a GIF. I laughed sooo hard!!

    Saint, the BBA legend himself, is back in this muthafucka!!! Always great to see Saint. He brings a certain energy to the scene that no other model can bring. This dude makes you laugh, keeps you interested, and makes you horny all at the same damn time! On top of that, he’s the BBA coach that breaks in all the new bottoms. Saint went hard on this scene. I love watching him deliver his oral skills, he’s one of the best on the site in that department (Apollo as well) but I’m glad he did take it easier on Ross compared to some of the other models (ie: Apollo, Bandit, Stylez, Isaiah, Luh Redd, etc). Saint usually gets lost in the pleasure, but we didn’t see that this time. He broke Ross in perfectly. His approach was not-too-rough, but rough enough to do the job. Kudos!

    With the recent additions of Ross and Dominic to the prestigious “Tops Taken Down” club, BBA always reminds us that dreams do come true! Never stop dreaming kids! 😂 😂😂

    Forever dreaming,


  11. princexxchar

    yes!!! here for it completely. amazing scene. 3 years in the making worth it !!!! more of him bottoming ! so sexy

  12. A.J.

    If I don’t get butt sex on this site for a long while I won’t complain. You have totally delivered within these last couple of months Mike. I mean I cannot complain at all because u are on a total roll. This scene right here drives me crazy whenever I think about it. It’s complete 🔥🔥🔥 just like part one. Oh and the positions so many different positions. That’s the type of fuckin I Iive to see. I vow to not complain the rest of the year 💯. I do mean that but I suspect I won’t have to lol. Kill em Mike.

  13. Donovan

    WOW HOW LONG have we ALL waited for this day. ROSS and his nice ass getting fucked!!!!!! What a surprise. NEVER seen this coming. BRAVO and welcome back ROSS


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