Website Update: Double Or Nothing

Now that Justice has finally started surrendering his tight, hairy ass, we figured it was the perfect time to introduce him to the BBA “sex god” himself.

The guys are hanging out and playing cards when Apollo decides to make things interesting by raising the stakes.

His proposition to Justice is simple: The loser of their next Poker hand has to be the winner’s “sex toy” for an entire 24 hours, his to do with whatever he pleases, any time of the day or night….

See for yourself what happens when this friendly Poker match between two of BBA’s most popular models turns into a series of increasingly intense erotic encounters every place from the swimming pool to the shower.

It’s an epic showdown you do NOT want to miss, including a FULL HOUR of passionate kissing, dick-sucking, toe-licking, ass-eating, and raw FLIP-FLOP fucking….

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23 comments on “Website Update: Double Or Nothing
      1. Del

        Thank God there is a fast forward/skip option for you. We dont want you turned off. Lol….But for me, foot scenes adds the cherry on top.

        Apollo, Saint, and Bandit continue to be my faves, but Justice does a lot of foot fetish scenes and he is quickly gaining my attention. Good job!!

        1. Damien

          Robby – No one asked for your opinion on your love of feet, yet you gave it. Self awareness…get some. You are in the minority. The scene was great beside that part. Love both those guys.

  1. hozie7777

    You guys are on a major winning streak!! I could have watched another 50 minutes of this update. Btw, these two guys look really good together.

  2. UBoy22

    Amazing pairing I never seen Apollo this aggressive and Justice is just a man’s… man goes after what he wants and knows how to get it. Apollo ate his ass like it was the last supper, and the way Justice devour Apollo’s dick simply incredible!! Great Scene!

  3. Donovan

    Amazing chemistry – Justice has been doing his thing lately, he made a scene so hot and Apollo we already know why you really are the #1 BBA guy. That stroke game is the best all over

  4. princexxchar

    BBA! GOT DAMN. where do i begin? Just when you think it couldnt get no better here yall go again!!!! Whose mansion is this, n this beautiful neighborhood, got damn. yes i pay attention to everything!! The production alone, my god. The shots, the quality, the visuals, the story line. it was jus perfection. PERFUCKIN FECTION. i loved how it showed time stamps, its like a whole movie leading to the sex. AMAZING. I Didnt even start talking bout the sex yet!

    Apollo! is the best on this site, is, has been, and will remain!! idcccccccc. So fuckin sexy and no one on the site takes dick better than him. His arch, perfection. his sexy muscle body and ass, perfect. i love it. When ever i see apollo name i jus know this is gunna be good cuz hes here. This pairing was amazing, the chemistry is soooo on point. So fuckin sexual. i loveee it. They was so in tune with one another. its like they wasnt even being filmed, it seemed so natural, no distractions. No looking at the cameras, it was jus perfect.

    I love justice. he soo sexy to me. n very unique he is the only one on the site that is hairy hairy and looks so sexy n perfect on him. one hairy one bare, it jus mixxxx well. Justice reactions is so sexy, he feels every lick every touch, it makes you really get so in tune with the scene could u like imagining what it feels by his expressions. same with apollo. very reactive, very profesional. They do everything RIGHT. got damn.

    and im saying all this only getting through 40 mins!!!! cuz i couldnt hold the nut in! how it should be! i never wrote a review this long or been this pleased and didnt even finish the vid!!! got damn B B Fucking A. (clap emoji) scenes like this is why u could get my money every month. well deserved.

  5. Mike

    I see you’re going to make me wait for my new Bandit video. Well then, I’ll wait. This recent Apollo streak seems to be an attempt to raise Apollo’s vote cred to displace Bandit as #1. But as I said I’ll wait. Bandit #1. Apollo is definitely alright but money only leaves my hand concerning Bandit.

  6. Jayden

    Wow!! You guys are on fire 🔥 this year! That scene was crazy dope! Apollo and Justice together finally! Let’s get into it!

    Justice-’s good to you again bro! Justice lost this game, but it seems like he received a great prize for losing…lol! I think being Apollo’s sex slave would be a treat! 😂 I swear Justice’s scenes get better and better. It’s nice to see Justice in the submissive role, after seeing him on top for so long. The chemistry between him and Apollo was 🔥🔥. I loved it when Justice picked Apollo up off the ground during their steamy bedroom session. The oral game was great as always—he’s a wizard in that area! Justice’s performance was soo good. Cum shot with Apollo’s facial was 🔥! The body never lies, and you could clearly tell Justice was lovin’ Apollo. Can you blame him? Great performance. Kudos!

    Apollo-He’s the goat. He’s my favorite. He’s the sex god. He’s BBA’s longest #1 model. Is there anything not to say about this guy?!? It’s always a treat to see Apollo. He never fails to give a great performance. The head game was lit! Apollo has some of the best sex faces, and he delivered them again this time. It’s something about Apollo straddling in cowgirl (I guess cowboy in this case) position that’s just hot! It reminded me of “Ass Is Mine 2” when he rode Blake—that was so damn beautiful! Apollo seemed to enjoy Justice’s ass though— nice cum shot! As always, five stars! I enjoyed the hell out of you!

    I like the scenario with the loser being the “sex-god” for 24 hours! To be honest, I don’t know who was luckier—both of these models have a lot to offer! The location for this scene was lit 🔥 too! BBA movin’ up! Oh yeah, 👋🏾 to Montez and Dominic. Thanks for the cameos! I hope we see you all in a scene soon.

    This scene could not have been any better! Logging on to see a new BBA scene is like having bomb ass Christmas gift every week! It’s lit! To Mike, Shax, Montez, Apollo, and Justice, Thank you! This was crazy lit 🔥!

  7. Enigmatic718

    Amazing scene. Their chemistry was off the meter. Best BBA scene of 2019.

    Also, is it just me or does Justice remind anyone else of Lebron?

  8. apollox

    This is one of the most sensuous videos I have ever saw This was not porn They were making love to each other Apollo totally out did himself as well as Justice Usually in porn the models go through the motions or one is feeling his partner but the other isn’t or is apathetic On this they both were attracted to each other My God it was so beautiful Please pair them again Apollo may be the phynest man on Earth When Justice picked Apollo up that was so sexy Also Justice worshiping Apollo’s feet Actually he worshiped Apollo’s body as I would have done He took his time and tended to every inch Apollo is a pretty and beautiful man His muscles his ass and even the cute accent he has Wow

    1. D'Sean

      The back shots when u see Justice go in and out of Apollo slowly, were hot. Looked like Justice’s dick belonged in Apollo.

      I wonder if they went another round off camera….hmmmmm

  9. Biggum

    After watching a couple of times I just do not care for this scene..too choreographed, more acting than action because both models are verbal..semi hard, too dry, seems to be in slow motion or something..Apollo and Dominic are better bottoms than tops but you keep forcing them to be tops and its just not working IMO…

  10. 0BSSESIVE1

    Glad to see “Justice” embracing his sub role well but I really prefer him as a top. Ever since his scene with “Travis” it looked like real “Daddy/Son” relationship and those scenes appeal to me. Speaking of sons where are the youngins?? “Luh Red”, “Kayden”, “Mar”, “Travis”, …….. ???? And Michael dont have us sitting pretty with ” Kingston” he’s suppose to be giving up that precious asset real soon by the latest early May! I know I cant wait for that one! We dont have ” Shaun & Scotty” to complete their work and he`s the only hold out right now. You could distract us with them youngins by mixing them up with the vets & newbies (Jayc, Jahan) until you get that beautiful island boy ready for us eh? 😉


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