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It’s been several months since Dominic shocked his fans all over the world by letting Apollo be the first guy lucky enough to slide a raw dick deep inside his tight, straight-boy ass.

“Next time it’s YOU!” Dominic playfully warned Apollo at the end of that scene, and he’s nothing if not a man of his word 😉 ….

Reunited for a special BBA trip down to Florida over Spring Break, Apollo and Dominic are playing a casual game of pool when Dominic realizes it’s the perfect time to get his “revenge.”

These two sexy fan favorites make a friendly wager on their next game, with the loser promising to give the winner some ASS.

See for yourself what happens when this high-stakes game of pool turns into an unforgettable afternoon of adventurous sex taking place everywhere from the top of the pool table to the kitchen counter….

Don’t miss our most-requested “sequel” of 2019 so far, including tons of sensual kissing, sloppy-wet dick-sucking, hot and hungry ass-eating, and (*spoiler alert*) Dominic finally getting to sample that flawless muscle-butt he was only allowed to touch and TASTE the last time around….

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54 comments on “Website Update: In The Pocket
  1. Travy

    Everybody thinks Dominic and Apollo are so hot they’re OK, but I don’t like hairless muscle boys. I like natural hairy boys with meat on their on bones. My favs are people like Rico, Julien, and Kingston he is really natural. LOL!

  2. John Pecca

    What’s with all the video cuts and editing? This vid seems pretty unnatural and could’ve been a lot hotter. Just put some cameras on the walls (don’t move them), then stitch all the shots together. I don’t know why these studios try to be all fancy. We just want to see them put things into each other. I kept forwarding through this vid to get to the good part, then I was at the end. Facial expressions, body positioning, were all missing. Close-ups on a hole and a dick are so boring. We want to see who’s putting it in there and each of their reactions. Otherwise, why not just pay some random person off the street to be in your vids? It would be a lot cheaper.

  3. Mike

    Apollo looks great and all but I guess I’m going to go back and watch Bandit’s interview since I’m Team Bandit. I know, Apollo’s being given the time to recoup some voting ground against Bandit and like I said I’ll wait. But pls. in future videos with Bandit, they really must feature Bandit. I know Kingston is the new guy and all but the attraction is Bandit. He just has this personality that comes off as totally inoffensive and nice as well as all that great physicality.

    1. Al

      I agree somehow other models need their time to shine. However there has been a time prolly towards the end of last year where both Bandit and Manny ruled over. I was under the impression that they were the only ones left lol.
      I see Apollo ‘likes’ are quickly approaching those of Bandit. I guess it is probably time we see Bandit back again…
      On another note… I’m really looking fwd to the Kingston ‘another level’ but I’m not too sure how BBA releases their productions. They appear to be out of sync date wise at times.

      1. Michael

        We promise our monthly subscribers THREE hot and lengthy new updates each month, but depending on our travel and production schedule (among other factors), these will sometimes be posted back to back weekly, and other times more staggered with longer waits in between.

        For the past several months, we’ve been posting tentative schedule announcements here on the BBA Blog, so members can have an overall idea of the schedule around the start of each month. Hope this helps clarify our approach to updating the site.

      2. Mike

        Perfect scene for me would be: Bandit & TaeTheDoug. I know it’ll never happen but to me it would be next level.

  4. dv6000

    im at work… haven’t even watched it…BUT I LOVE IT! See Dominic’s hand over Apollo…aww a love story waiting to happen!

  5. Al

    I defo was not expecting Domillo so early especially when we had Apollo shining last week.
    My eyes were just glued to the screen watching this new scene. I loved the pool game and their playful banter.
    If I had to make a choice I’d say Apollo on top was the best.
    Don’t get me wrong Dominic was good however he came across very shy, intimidated, not really in control .
    Not sure what it was but he’s been a better top in previous videos and very good bottoming for Apollo. I missed the vocal Dominic we’ve seen before. I guess the sex God in Apollo has got an effect on him.

  6. oneloveme2u

    Apollo and Dominic are the epitome of compatibility. They have a genuine bromance. Their perfect bodies together with the amazing background scenery makes this scene so tasteful. I’m sorry I don’t think this is mere acting. I believe they are genuinely attracted to each other. You can see it in Apollo’s eyes and how he touches Dominic. I think Apollo’s bisexuality is more developed than Dominic’s so his comfort level seems to be greater. Yet, Dominic is opening up beautifully.

    In the future I’d love a “honeymoon night” fantasy or a “new boyfriend” fantasy between them (or something very sensual and romantic). They are the perfect pair for that. Apollo eating Dominic’s ass on the pool table was a major turn on. Any time Dominic’s legs are in the air I get chills. I love when they kiss and touch each other. It’s like watching the sex of new boyfriends. Apollo definitely kept his word and then some when he promised a scene with Dominic.

    I really like how they take their time with each other too. They aren’t trying to hurt one another. It really makes the scene better to watch as opposed to someone in pain and clearly faking pleasure. Being dominant is hot but rape isn’t. I definitely look forward to seeing more of these two models together in the future. Another great scene Mike, Shax, and all the crew. Can’t wait for the 18th or 19th to see what BBA has in store.

  7. DC

    Thank you I’ll stop complaining because it don’t do no good anyway it’s the same models every f****** week I’m tired of it get something new yeah they pretty boys but I’m tired of that b******* the same models every f****** week do something different like a lot of fun motherfukers out there on Tumblr and Jack and Adam for Adam

  8. Michael

    We always try to mix things up and bring our viewers as much variety as possible.

    We have a robust roster of hot and popular models all wanting work, and it can sometimes be a struggle to strike the perfect balance between introducing fresh faces and giving our current stars the amount of work they want and deserve.

    Our current approach to production can also make this a challenge at times. Most of BBA’s models have to be flown in from various cities all over the country. This obviously limits the number of guys we’re able to work with at any given time, AND usually means we’re filming the same small group of guys in multiple scenes over several days – in a limited number of casting combinations.

    In Apollo’s case, you might recall that he recently went into semi-retirement for nearly a year, giving us a scare that we might never film him again. With a model that strikingly handsome and overwhelmingly popular, can you blame us for trying to film him as much as possible now that he’s finally back and ready to work?!?

    Long story short, this can be a difficult juggling act at times, and it’s unavoidable that certain models will show up more frequently at various times throughout the year.

    To be fair, just last month we featured a hugely popular model (Ross) who hadn’t been seen on the site in OVER THREE YEARS. And just a couple updates before that, we introduced a brand-new model (Tarzan).

    So I’d encourage some of you to take a deep breath, practice a little bit of patience, and trust that just because this month’s models and updates might not be to your liking doesn’t mean next month’s won’t turn out to be your favorite month of the year 😉 .

    1. Stepp

      Well its good to know there is no shortage of models wanting work. Now that you have achieved a consistent update schedule I am pleased with the site. I have learned to take a wait and see approach for who is up next and for the most part the roster is hot. Speaking of Tarzan, hows that coming along?

  9. Isaiah & Apollo fan

    This has to be one of my favourite scenes

    Everything about Dominic getting his revenge was so sexy, watching from the 8 ball game to the pants coming off was sexy.

    Dominic being all shy and nervous around Apollo was nice to look at but when Apollo had Dominic on that pool table eating his ass to when Dominic had Apollo bent over on that countertop in the kitchen eating his ass was just perfect.

    When the fucking began and Dominic had Apollo in that froggy position and we saw Dominic’s hole just got me and my nut was PERFECT to the T, these two guys are just straight fireworks for BBA. The sexiness and chemistry btwn the two of them was outta this world even though they’re acting but still….

    Oh lemme not forget that lil distraction thing Apollo did by grabbing onto Dominic’s dick when he was playing pool was hot.

    In my closing, if you haven’t already I STRONGLY suggest that you get this scene you won’t regret it!!

    I give this scene a RESOUNDING 10/10

  10. Biggum

    Where is ISAIAH!!!! Still feel like it’s just me being negative or do you now see many more of your customers are tired of this same old routine …?

    1. Michael

      99.99% of your feedback is bitter and negative. I stand behind my statement on the website that sometimes you are just nasty and rude for absolutely no reason.

      The funny part is that you’ve been that way for many, many years, so we must be doing something right since you’re still around lol.

  11. Al

    Was talking about the story lines and how you seem to randomly release productions. Sometimes your pairings and their time of release do not make sense.

    A few examples: after the Christmas ending scene many viewers were expecting A and D. Rightly so. Instead we had an A and Bandit scene.. Then on Valentines came D and Manny which again was confusing. You’ve explained at the time what was happening. Fair enough.

    … Not too sure if there’s a follow up with the B, M and Kingston scene. I am waiting patiently lol.

    … Only 2 weeks ago we got a beautiful Justice and A closely followed by a very similar A and D scene which also seemed a little odd no matter how good both scenes are.
    I do believe the last two scenes were released 2 close to each other, probably why so many viewers are bored with seeing Apollo again. Not me though lol

    You guys must have a backlog waiting for release since donkey years or do you just film new scenes, edit and release straight away as you go along?

    1. Michael

      Ahhh, okay, I apologize for the misunderstanding.

      Please understand these aren’t “storylines.” They’re real people and TRUE, unscripted stories that develop spontaneously over time, and frequently in ways I can’t control or predict. It’s not like I’m just sitting stingily on some huge stockpile of fully edited scenes with every new straight model following the same cookie-cutter progression from solo, to topping, to bottoming. I wish it was that easy lol.

      Kingston, for example, still stubbornly refuses to bottom. I will obviously keep trying, but I can’t guarantee if or when that will happen. I’ve filmed some guys who bottom within a matter of months, and others who take YEARS to bottom, or never bottom at all. In other words, it’s A LOT less structured and scripted than you seem to think.

      Also, not releasing scenes exactly when you want is NOT the same thing as our schedule “not making sense.” For example, it made PERFECT sense for us to release Dominic and Manny Killa around Valentine’s Day. You just happened to get upset because you don’t care for Manny and wanted to see Dominic paired with Apollo instead.

      Please read my comment above about our production process. Hopefully that will better explain why certain models and scenes get posted more frequently or sooner than we’d sometimes like.

      1. Al

        Thank you.

        I still don’t get the Manny or Bandit scenes.
        Had they been released after ‘personal trainer’ it would have made more sense.
        Oh.. I was not that upset though loool, we all have bigger fish to fry.

        Do not force anyone to bottom if not willing.
        Bring Tarzan and Travis back in the meantime.

  12. DC

    Good morning Mike me you been going at it for a while since I’ve been on your site so yeah I complain because I like to get what I paid for and I know you can’t satisfy everybody all the time but at least try I would love to see new bottoms on your show I would love to see Zadian get that boy pussy f*** and other models on your sure I know probably either locked up are you can’t find and here are the names right here someone has already bottom but I would love to see them again bottom BBA Scotty-Lil Scrap-Jahan Ace-Shaun-Chippy-Majesty just a few that I like to see and I’m sure a lot of you can find them Jack or Tumblr Adam4Adam but I know you to safety as your main concern was on the stand just bring something new to the table you’re tired of seeing the same guys you seem like you’re trying to make a living off your paycheck still trying to find a real job I work two jobs from past 20 years and don’t miss a days of work thank you God blessed day be safe

  13. Jamal

    I mean, it’s porn. I like it. I do think the whole story line was a little out there … but still it’s porn. Nice scene but I love me some Isaiah and Bandit. I really really enjoyed the Christmas Gangbang on Isaiah. Maybe we can do one with Bandit getting gangbanged.

  14. Jayden

    Shax’s beautiful cinematography, along with the magnetic beauty that is Dominic, and the enticingly erotic “sex god” Apollo gives us a gift that we can only dream of—this crazy lit 🔥 scene! Damn! It was hot enough having Apollo and Dominic in one scene to themselves, and then you blessed us with a second one??!? You guy are spoiling us, and I am here for it all! Come all the way through!

    Dominic- I become more impressed with this guy in each scene! He’s really growing as a performer. It wasn’t enough to have sex in the pool room on top of the pool table (btw that was hot!!), but you guys had sex all over this BEAUTIFUL house! BBA is coming through with the locations lately! Dominic’s acting is so much better. You can see it in his interactions with Apollo. For example, the subtle smile he gave Apollo when he was taking off his boxers, even in the way he held Apollo. Love it! Dominic’s oral skills are getting better too! I know that it must be difficult to get used to g4p work, but he’s doing great! I look forward to the porn moments in store from this beautiful dude!

    Apollo- Apollo, brotha, why you gotta look so good?!?! Damn! 😂 The “sex-god” has graced us with his presence once again! I’m loving the fact that we have seen a lot of Apollo lately! We used to only see him during the holidays so this is a treat. Thank you! I envy every model that is paired with Apollo because you know they get the best head game and ass-eating ever! Apollo’s bottoming performance was 🔥. He stuck it out through the pain to give viewers his best, and he made it look hot as always. He made sure to give every ounce of pleasure to Dominic. With that said, it is only fair to say that Dominic was definitely served the “Apollo Experience”.

    Lastly, this scene was crazy beautiful, and crazy amazing! The beauty of these two brothas puts me under a spell, and I don’t want a cure! 😂 To Mike, Montez, Shax, Dominic, and the “sex-god”, Apollo. Thank you! 👏🏾👏🏾💯💯

    Stay Lit BBA🔥🔥, I can’t wait to see what’s next!🙌🏾🙌🏾

    1. shaxbba

      Hi, this is Shax. Thanks, I’m really glad you liked it. Thanks also for your reviews of all the scenes, I always look forward to reading them, and too for your support of the models. They work very hard to bring you these scenes and it’s very cool that you give them all this encouragement.

      1. Jayden

        👋🏾 Shax!

        Great to hear from you! Thank you for the amazing hot scenes you guys have consistently brought to us! The reviews are fun to write, and I am glad to be able to give encouragement to you all through them!

        Keep doing your thing! I can’t wait to see what’s next! 💯💯

        1. Al

          Omg. Thank you for blessing us with such an amazing scene. 2 adonises who seem to enjoy one another, beautiful set, plenty of love making, what else do I need? In your own time this deserves the finale part 3 that is a verse scene. May the bromance live. And all the very best with your future productions, keep on listening, keep on reading, keep on taking notes, keep on striving… Regards

      2. Andre

        I love your work. Keep the wide shots! Then go close. Don’t stay close too long — remind us who’s doing who. Great work.

  15. Isaiah & Apollo fan

    How could y’all sit here and talk about these two models being reused but a lot of y’all are quite quiet when bandit and or manny is in the scenes? Mind you manny and bandit have been in 5 scenes, 6 if you include the Christmas scene yet Dominic and Apollo have been in 3 together and y’all complain about that?!? Come on now can’t win for trying smh 🤦🏽‍♂️

  16. Yoseph

    Michael please,please,please bring back Jahan Ace again so he can get fuck by Blake Bishop or Bandit big time.

  17. Stubz

    I only have ONE issue with this scene and it’s at the end, when they took the fun to the bedroom. That part was dull af. It’s like Dominic forgot Apollo was a pro at this. He was being so gentle at the end. He proved himself as a great performer with Manny Killa so why didn’t he put that same effort with Apollo?(towards the end). Apollo sure didn’t have mercy on him his first bottoming scene.

    1. Al

      When I first watched it that was my first reaction. I was like ‘that’s hardly a revenge, is it?’ But the more I watch it the more I like it now. There is passion in the strokes not weakness. D makes sure A gets it slow and deep.

      1. Stubz

        Oh I agree I definitely see the passion and there’s nothing wrong with that. I just got really bored and started dozing off. It could of ended a lil better.

  18. BlackNCute

    I loved the chemistry between these two. One of the best pairings on BBA and two of the hottest guys on BBA. I absolutely loved this video. I want to see more of Dominic–sexy as hell!

  19. Mike

    “I’ll look to like, if looking liking move; but no more deep will I endart mine eye than to await Bandit’s reprise.”

    1. Michael

      Who told you I was an English major 😉 ? Clever try, quoting Shakespeare as a way to sweet talk me into bringing Bandit back sooner lmao.

      But I GET IT. You’re Team Bandit and you’d like to see Bandit in every BBA scene if you could. Message received lol.

    1. Michael

      Not sure what part you’re referring to but this scene was directed by Shax Carter and I was clear across the country at the time, so no, I don’t think it was me lol.

  20. Wolfk

    Mike. Eff all the haters. I’m strictly here for Bandit these days; cant get enough of him tbh. Not a fan of muscular guys so didnt even watch this scene. But, I’m not gonna b*tch about it. Not everyone likes the same thing….. DUHHH!!! So…. I’ll do what I have been doing…. sit and wait to see what’s coming next week while those fans of apollo and dominic enjoy some scenes they have been waiting for. Jeesh. I guess I’m weird?

    1. shaxbba

      Hi, it’s Shax. You threw me for a loop there, so I had to go back and look. It’s definitely Dominic saying that line at 38:15 “It’s deep in that ass…” If you look close, he starts to say the line right before he goes off camera. For a second, I thought it might be Montez lol

  21. Dononvan

    MICHAEL great pairing… Regardless what they say… you can have a whole site with just APOLLO and I would still be watching. Im glad you brought him back, because as much as I love Bandit…..Apollo is still ranked #1 in my book

  22. Al

    I’ve got an idea. The battle of the bromances feat B/M Vs A/D to keep everyone happy lol
    BBA needs to start prepping this.

  23. Al

    My babies again.

    I fell in love with this one even more after watching the bts.

    There was loads of love making in this.

    Sex or topping is not about aggressivity, there must be love which is what Dominic served Apollo.
    One can tell Apollo loved it, the bts proves it.

    Dominic was not boring at all, probably tired, seems like it was a long/late shoot.
    Or a more erotic approach is what Shaxx wanted?

    Please elaborate on this? Thanks



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