Dragon & Shyne: From Co-Stars to Rivals

Shyne Sucking Dragon

I haven’t heard anybody comparing the second scene between Dragon and Shyne to their first encounter in The Schoolboy and the Thug. Personally, I think the actual fucking in both videos is pretty damn hot, but I suspect that it had to be obvious to anyone paying attention that the chemistry between Dragon and Shyne in their “reunion” scene was very different than it was during the scene filmed just minutes after they met for the first time.

Shyne Fucking Dragon
I’m still curious to hear people’s thoughts about this, but I might as well make it official: Dragon and Shyne no longer like each other very much. You can see hints of it in that second scene, and it never improved after that. They aren’t bitter enemies or anything that dramatic, but they certainly aren’t friends and neither boy wants to perform with the other again.

It actually makes me sort of sad, to tell you the truth, but I tend to be a little melodramatic that way (leave it to a Libra to get all sentimental over porn, LOL). They seemed to get along so well during their first video-shoot together, and as I’ve mentioned before, that whole experience overall was very special and memorable for me, for a variety of reasons.

My sense (and I might be totally wrong about this) is that Dragon developed a crush on Shyne that first day, but for Shyne it was only about tappin’ that ass and makin’ that cash. When Dragon realized his attraction to Shyne wasn’t being reciprocated, his way of dealing with it was to focus on Shyne’s imperfections and exaggerate them in his mind until he felt like a fool for ever being attracted to the guy in the first place. Not to mention the fact that both boys had very different personalities to begin with. In my thirty-plus years of living, it’s been my experience that these types of “opposites attract” scenarios almost always end up in disappointment and sometimes even hostility toward the initially appealing partner.

Now maybe I’ve read this all wrong, but I like to think I have a fairly good intuition about these things. Regardless, Dragon and Shyne are now more like porn rivals than co-stars, and it’s highly doubtful they’ll be performing in any more scenes together. I know this will come as disappointing news for some of you, but at least I was able to capture on film two hot and memorable scenes for all of Dragon’s and Shyne’s fans to beat off to for years to come 😉 !

11 comments on “Dragon & Shyne: From Co-Stars to Rivals
  1. Domenico

    I love your website, it’s my favourite one. I love the pics but also your personal commentary. Please keep it up! Shyne is my idea of heaven and the fact that he’s a dirty boy only in it for the cash makes it hornier! Dragon is a total dream too. I also enjoyed the scene with the white boy, I’d love to see more of that in future! xx

  2. Bernie

    So, let’s see: Eureka wanted DJ, DJ wasn’t feeling him, but Eureka got him anyway. Dragon (may have) had a thing for Shyne, but Shyne wasn’t feeling him, they did two videos together, but no more. Eureka and Dragon were friends before and clearly feel each other. I guess we need to see how Shyne and DJ or Eureka and Shyne would work out. Frankly, I’d love to see Eureka and Shyne give up the booty to one another. That would be hot!

  3. ezdawg

    I luv anything with shyne and dragon togetha… they are so fukin hot togetha… got me going from the time they start lookin at each otha… I know the last one didnt go as far as I would like to see them go….but then all that means is…. more …more…more ,,, They seemed really excited to be togetha in their first movie…. i luv that energy

  4. Michael

    Thanks, Domenico! I’m honored that my blog is one of your favorite websites, and I’m glad my personal reflections are part of what makes it enjoyable for you. Stay tuned for much more from Dragon, Shyne, and other hot black boys….including more hot interracial action ;)!

  5. Michael

    I don’t want to give too much away just yet, but I will be a tease and tell you that one of those scenes has already been filmed ;).

  6. Michael

    Yeah, I loved that energy too, and that’s one of the reasons I was so sad to see their interaction turn sour. The funny thing about that scene in “The Fuck-Buddy Vs. the Thug” is that even though their personalities clashed throughout the entire video-shoot, their SEXUAL chemistry was still intense and hot to watch. Hopefully I will be able to bring other guys together in the future who will bring a similar energy to their scenes. But that first scene between Dragon and Shyne will always be an unrivaled BBA classic in my mind!

  7. vincent

    I agree that very first scene they had together was so totally hot. The way Shyne made Dragon cum while he was hittin his ass and Dragons verbal ascent of it was fish grease hot!!! I was surprised to see that they went awry but these things happen. Dragon truly is a dream to me for real!!! I love him!!!!

  8. Michael

    Sorry, guys, but I can’t give out my models’ personal email addresses, Facebook or Myspace pages, Twitter accounts, etc. out of respect for their privacy. Thanks for understanding!


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