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The REAL “Dark Side” of Gay Porn

I just wanted to thank everyone who took the time to share a reply to my recent post defending the many “good” people working in the porn industry today. Many of you brought up some very interesting and thought-provoking points, and it’s such a refreshing change of pace to see an intelligent and civil conversation taking place about such a complex and controversial topic.

HarlemBrotha’s comment summed it up perfectly and really gets at the heart of the matter, in my opinion. The real issue here is that sexual desire and pornography, and to an even greater extent GAY sexuality and GAY pornography, are still repressed and severely stigmatized by mainstream society and it’s these anti-porn and anti-gay attitudes that create the REAL “dark side” of gay adult entertainment.

I have witnessed firsthand the ridicule, mockery, harassment, judgment, and even threats of violence suffered by porn performers, in many cases by their own so-called “fans” and GAY PEERS, and this ignorant behavior has caused more emotional damage and psychological harm than a dozen “sleazy” producers combined ever could.

When this anti-porn, anti-gay climate drives individuals to the desperate extreme of inflicting violent harm on themselves or others, it’s a hell of a lot easier to blame the “evil” producer than look in the mirror at the ignorance, harassment, and in some cases downright hostility and threats against these young men from their own families, friends, churches, and neighborhoods.

In the past, I’ve used the analogy of a hate crime. If a gay person gets beaten up or even killed as part of a hate crime by people who see that person leaving a gay club late at night, we wouldn’t blame the VICTIM for being gay, or the owner of the gay bar for providing a safe space for community and self-expression. The blame lies solely with the homophobic assholes who chose to gay-bash an innocent person.

In the same way, pornography itself is not the enemy here, but rather the pervasive ignorance and homophobia that even in the year 2016 makes parents disown their own children, casually condones and even celebrates violence against GLBT people, and breeds so much fear, insecurity, and self-hatred in so many young black men in particular that some feel driven to the extreme of either killing themselves or others when they are exposed.

I hate to paraphrase the popular NRA slogan, but the truth is that porn doesn’t destroy lives, PEOPLE do. And if you truly care about the well-being of your favorite “porn stars,” stop ridiculing them on social media or when you see them out at the clubs, quit exposing them to their friends and family when you see somebody you know, and most importantly, start speaking up to challenge the hypocritical “slut-shaming” and homophobia in your own communities.

The more normalized and accepted that homosexuality and pornography becomes in society, the fewer suicides, overdoses, and tragic murders we’ll have to read about involving “porn stars” and producers.


In Defense of the “Good” Porn Producers

The following post is something I’ve been wanting to get off my chest for awhile and ended up taking the form of a reply in the “comments” section of a popular urban gay porn blog which recently featured an article about the murder of another porn producer by a former model in which the blogger and several commenters once again seemed to imply – without any evidence or apparent compassion – that the producer was somehow to blame for his own brutal murder. Some even seemed to be rooting for the same thing to happen to me!

This was just the latest and most extreme version of a disturbing trend I’ve been noticing on various porn blogs and social media lately where porn producers and models are casually and in some cases viciously mocked, attacked, slandered, and judged with self-righteous contempt by the very same audience watching and enjoying our movies.

So the following are a few thoughts that I’ve been wanting to share for the past couple months, and just kind of boiled to the surface when I saw the calloused way some people were reacting to the tragic story of yet another porn producer’s senseless murder. I’m sure the people who most need to read this probably won’t ever see it, but I still wanted to get it off my chest and speak up in defense of the “good” producers out there:

I agree that this is a conversation worth having, and shady business dealings like those you describe should be exposed and opposed by consumers, models, AND other producers.

But I don’t think all of this vague talk about anonymous “evil” producers does anyone any good or takes any concrete or positive steps toward accomplishing these goals. All it ends up doing is painting the entire adult entertainment industry with an unfairly broad brush and perpetuating a wildly inaccurate stereotype of the adult industry as some kind of seedy and semi-criminal underworld of greedy, predatory producers and drug-addicted, suicidal models. Which I’m sure is perfectly fine for many of your readers, since this only makes it easier to justify their regular consumption of stolen/pirated content and total lack of financial support for the porn studios they regularly watch. But I digress.

There are dishonest and shady people in every business, and the adult industry is no exception. But in the nearly eight years I’ve been working in this industry (starting out as a lover of good porn much like yourself and most of your readers), I have yet to meet anyone even close to resembling the almost comically villainous caricatures regularly described on this blog. The vast  majority of people I’ve met in this industry are honest, hard-working, and shockingly “normal” people who have a passion for porn and are just trying to make a living like anyone else.

One of my very first friends and mentors in the industry (the Marketing Director for Badpuppy) was actually a straight and married “Soccer Mom” with two teenage kids, and the sweetest, kindest person you could ever meet. Another friend and mentor was a gay college professor who started his site as a side hobby and over time turned it into a successful business after a lot of sleepless nights and hard work. Most of us are not the ruthless “pimps” you’d think based on this blog, and we try our best to treat our models and business associates with the same honesty and respect we’d expect in return.

Which is why I think you should start putting your money where your mouth is and calling out these shady porn studios by name. Instead of offering the disclaimer that you’re only talking about SOME but not ALL porn producers, why not be specific and tell us who you’re talking about? Who EXACTLY are these “evil” producers and who are the “good” ones? And are you willing to boycott these studios both on this blog and as a porn viewer?

And just to be clear, I’m talking about responsibly researched and fact-based reporting, not simply repeating unsubstantiated gossip or hearsay from delusional Internet trolls or disgruntled and dishonest ex-models with chips on their shoulders. If your allegations are accurate, they more than likely won’t sue, and even if they do, what better opportunity to actually PROVE and EXPOSE the unethical behavior described in this post?

This clarity and specificity will ultimately be better for EVERYONE – viewers, models, AND the “good” producers who treat their models with  honesty, fairness, and respect, and don’t like seeing their entire industry constantly being maligned and attacked on porn blogs like this.



Saturday Night “Reunion”

Cory and Tay at Cheesecake Factory

Guess who finally came back to town for another visit?

I took the above pic while out to dinner with Cory and Tay this past Saturday night. It probably won’t surprise you to learn that these two boys have actually stayed in touch and become long-distance friends since first meeting during their intensely erotic “handcuffs” scene together during Tay’s first visit here around the end of last year. This dinner was their first time seeing each other since then.

It was fun getting to know both guys a little better and enjoying their company apart from the more limited and sometimes stressful environment of a video-shoot. Random observations/recollections from the night:



Dragon & Shyne: From Co-Stars to Rivals

Shyne Sucking Dragon

I haven’t heard anybody comparing the second scene between Dragon and Shyne to their first encounter in The Schoolboy and the Thug. Personally, I think the actual fucking in both videos is pretty damn hot, but I suspect that it had to be obvious to anyone paying attention that the chemistry between Dragon and Shyne in their “reunion” scene was very different than it was during the scene filmed just minutes after they met for the first time.

Shyne Fucking Dragon
I’m still curious to hear people’s thoughts about this, but I might as well make it official: Dragon and Shyne no longer like each other very much. You can see hints of it in that second scene, and it never improved after that. They aren’t bitter enemies or anything that dramatic, but they certainly aren’t friends and neither boy wants to perform with the other again.

It actually makes me sort of sad, to tell you the truth, but I tend to be a little melodramatic that way (leave it to a Libra to get all sentimental over porn, LOL). They seemed to get along so well during their first video-shoot together, and as I’ve mentioned before, that whole experience overall was very special and memorable for me, for a variety of reasons.

My sense (and I might be totally wrong about this) is that Dragon developed a crush on Shyne that first day, but for Shyne it was only about tappin’ that ass and makin’ that cash. When Dragon realized his attraction to Shyne wasn’t being reciprocated, his way of dealing with it was to focus on Shyne’s imperfections and exaggerate them in his mind until he felt like a fool for ever being attracted to the guy in the first place. Not to mention the fact that both boys had very different personalities to begin with. In my thirty-plus years of living, it’s been my experience that these types of “opposites attract” scenarios almost always end up in disappointment and sometimes even hostility toward the initially appealing partner.

Now maybe I’ve read this all wrong, but I like to think I have a fairly good intuition about these things. Regardless, Dragon and Shyne are now more like porn rivals than co-stars, and it’s highly doubtful they’ll be performing in any more scenes together. I know this will come as disappointing news for some of you, but at least I was able to capture on film two hot and memorable scenes for all of Dragon’s and Shyne’s fans to beat off to for years to come 😉 !


Gossip-Hungry Gay Boys and Jealous Drama Queens, Spoiling Amateur Porn For Everyone!

I’m beginning to see how the stereotype of the cold, heartless porn producer originated. Once again, I’m feeling like it’s almost impossible for a producer to have any kind of compassion or concern for his models, and still survive and succeed in the business. Once again, I’m torn between my concern for my models as people, and my need to make smart choices as a businessman.

Last weekend, I received a panic-stricken email from one of my models, begging me to take down anything that shows his face. Apparently, the wrong gay people found out about my videos and started spreading gossip and malicious rumors throughout the gay online community in my city, eventually reaching friends and family outside that community as well. One person even stooped so low as to publish a profile on one of the more popular black hook-up sites under the screenname “We_GotAIDS,” listing names, photos, and personal info about several of my models.

I’m 99% certain that one of the people behind it is a guy who’s contacted me several times expressing a desire to do some videos for me. This past Saturday night, he grew hostile and threatening when I politely turned him down. You know how sometimes you can tell that somebody’s not quite “right” just by looking at their pics? This guy looked like a hateful, conniving asshole from the start, and it didn’t take him long to prove my assumptions correct. Unfortunately, he seems hell-bent on spreading gossip and lies about me and my models, thus polluting my pool of potential models (at least those who are gay and bisexual) and potentially causing real harm to the lives and reputations of guys I care about.

I really am too naive and trusting sometimes. When I started this amateur porn project, I totally underestimated the number of hateful, vindictive, ugly human beings out there who don’t give a second thought about destroying other people’s lives if it brings them a little attention; the “crabs in the barrel” who can’t stand seeing others succeed.

One of my models is taking the whole thing particularly hard. He knew when he filmed his scenes there was a risk that people would find out, but he was still mostly closeted and emotionally unprepared, I think, to be exposed in such a cruel and humiliating way. I have tried to tell him that he shouldn’t let the harassment get under his skin; that he is better than the hateful people trying to tear him down; that he still has a bright future ahead of him; that I care about him as more than just a cute model; and that he is welcome to come over any time he needs to get away or just wants a sympathetic listener.

Dragon had to suffer through something similar when his videos first came out. I  also remember witnessing the same kind of thing happen several times when I was a regular “Cocodorm” member. It’s no wonder that the black gay porn industry is dominated by feminine bottom-types who couldn’t hide their sexual orientations if they wanted to…..all the masculine boys are driven into the closet by these shameless gossip-queen bitches who have nothing better to do than expose amateur porn stars!

And that’s one of the ironies about all of this….it’s the guys who love to watch porn and complain about the lack of hot masculine porn stars who are the same ones exposing and attacking their peers who choose to make porn as HIV-infected “sluts” and “ho’s,” thus driving more hot boys away from the porn industry and into the closet.

I don’t know if it’s worse in the black community in general (the flip-side of something usually so positive, a more expansive and intimate family and social network?); or maybe my city is just too damn small, even for an amateur producer like me; or maybe the black gay boys in my city are just particularly vicious and judgmental???

Whatever the cause, the fact that this has already happened to almost all of my models is extremely frustrating and depressing. Making videos with the types of guys I’m attracted to is going to grow increasingly difficult if there’s a mafia of gossip-hungry drama-queens constantly waiting for every blog update as their next chance to expose another one of my models. Every time I post screenshot previews or video clips, I will have to worry that the models involved (at least the gay and bisexual boys) will most likely be exposed, mocked, and humiliated. Even the straight boys are at risk for exposure if some evil gay boy happens to recognize them.

I’ve already removed the blog posts featuring a certain model’s action scenes, at least until he goes off to college in a few weeks, even though it will certainly have a negative impact on my video sales. But I can’t exactly do this every time a model gets “outed,” and I don’t want to settle for filming porn that only features out-and-proud gay men.

I’m really at an emotional and professional impasse here….


Why Are My Videos So Damn QUIET?!?

I love watching loud, raunchy, aggressive sex.

The kind of sex where the “top” takes control both physically and verbally. Sometimes it’s an attitude of confidence or even cockiness, with the “top” barking orders like, “Yeah, swallow that dick!” or “You gonna give me some of that ass?!?” or “Take that dick!” Other times, it’s more intense and aggressive, verbal taunting like “Get on your knees and suck this motherfuckin’ dick!” or “Yeah, choke on that dick!” or “Damn, you takin’ that dick like a bitch!” etc. etc.

The kind of sex where the “bottom” gasps and winces and groans….not with girlish squeals of ecstasy, but masculine grunts of resistance and endurance, pain mingled with pleasure, and maybe even a bit of humiliation about the fact that his ASS is being enjoyed by another man. Ass is sure as hell not pussy, and when a man gets fucked in his ass, it’s a very different kind of experience from a woman enjoying vaginal intercourse. For me, it’s the fact that there’s something difficult and “unnatural” about a man’s asshole being penetrated that makes it so hot to watch. That’s probably why I’m so turned on by watching inexperienced “tops” take dick….the pained facial expressions, the muscles tightened defensively, the squirming discomfort with occasional flashes of reluctant pleasure….all of that depicts a kind of conquest, the surrendering of one man’s body to another, that is intensely arousing to watch.

Rough, verbal sex almost always makes for hotter porn, in my opinion. Isn’t porn ultimately about the art of exaggeration, taking our fantasies and fetishes and making them almost ridiculously explicit and larger than life? So it’s no wonder that the best porn usually involves a little bit of aggression and “dirty talk.”

That brings me to my biggest disappointment with my own videos so far: the fact that they’re so damn QUIET!

I’ve been recognizing this as a weakness in my videos for awhile now, and a couple of you have brought it up lately, so I figured it was as good a time as any to discuss it on the blog. In all of my videos, I think there are plenty of arousing visuals and memorable action. Even the natural sounds of dick-sucking, ball-slurping, butt-licking, and ass-fucking can be a real turn-on. But I’ll be the first to admit that my videos lack the kind of aggressive edge and verbal exchanges I’d prefer!

Part of this can’t be helped, I’m afraid. At least not until I find some places other than my apartment where I can film. There are coffee-shops and restaurants right next to where I live, which means I have very little privacy because people are almost always around (if you’ve watched any of my videos, you’ve probably already heard the sounds of people laughing, dogs barking, children playing, etc. in the background). Plus, I have a neighbor living in an apartment right next to me, and the walls in my apartment building are frustratingly thin. So sadly, rough and verbal sex isn’t much of an option for me until I find some other places to shoot.

Still, I know things could be at least a LITTLE more energetic than they’ve been so far. It seems like the guys I’ve worked with so far just aren’t the aggressive or verbal types. As a couple of you have already pointed out, part of this is no doubt due to the fact that all of the guys I’ve worked with have never done anything like this before, so they’re understandably going to be a little nervous and inhibited throughout their first video-shoots. Most of the guys I’ve worked with so far also tend to be quiet, laid-back types, and when they have sex it’s just naturally quiet and laid-back like their personalities.

I’m no exception. I can get a little dominant physically sometimes….grabbing a guy’s head while he’s sucking my dick, smacking my hard dick against his face, fairly standard stuff like that….but I’ve never done a very good job at being verbally dominant. I basically have two expressions that I use on a regular basis: “Ahhh, that feels good!”….and “You like that?!?” Even with those rather corny and mild expressions, I usually feel ridiculous when I hear the words come out of my mouth!

Shyne likes to tease me about this, and tells me that I need to come up with some “new material.” Not that he has any room to talk, considering the fact that he’s almost comically quiet during his scenes, even when he’s obviously enjoying himself.

And that brings up another issue. My basic porn philosophy as an amateur producer has been to let the guys be themselves and just film whatever happens with little to no coaching or interference from me. The sex might be mediocre, it might be awful, and maybe, just maybe, it will be sizzling-hot….but whatever happens, it will be REAL.

But lately I’ve begun to realize that a little more “directing” from me might be necessary, especially when working with shy, nervous, and/or sexually inexperienced models. Still, I worry that too much coaching from me might cross the line between authentic amateur porn and phony, exaggerated “acting.”

Like many of you, I’d like to see things get a little more intense and dirty and verbal in future videos. I will strive to direct the action a little more, without spoiling its spontaneity and authenticity. As I evolve as a producer/director, I will also continue to evolve as a performer, hopefully growing more confident and creative and daring in future videos. Plus, I will continue finding new models, and I’m sure some of them will be more naturally wild and outgoing and aggressive in the bedroom than the guys I’ve featured so far.

Trust me, I’m my own worst critic, and things will only get hotter from here….


Porn Pimp or Porn Pushover? (And Other Weekend Ramblings)

I’m learning the hard way that this is a business of highs and lows, ups and downs, and nothing can ever be taken for granted. ESPECIALLY when I’m working with young guys whose moods and ambitions and life circumstances change from day to day. It’s a tough balancing act for a guy as sentimental and emotional as I tend to be.

On the one hand, I don’t want to turn into some sleazy porn-producer stereotype who treats his models like disposable pieces of meat. The kind of guy who’s totally emotionless when things turn sour with a particular model….because he thinks that one cute black boy’s just as good as the next, and there are a dozen new faces to replace any one guy, right?

At the same time, I feel like I’m WAY too emotionally invested in my models right now, to the point that it’s potentially bad for business and most definitely bad for my mental health. I really need to figure out how to strike a balance between the cold-hearted Porn Pimp and the overly-sensitive guy who gets too attached to his models.

Thank goodness Dragon hasn’t let me down yet! He still calls me about once a week to ask about my latest video-shoots and hear what people have been saying on the blog lately. He was ECSTATIC when I told him that The Schoolboy and the Thug was the #1 movie on AMVC for a second month in a row!

Speaking of Dragon….

Last night I went out to dinner with one of my closest friends. She’s a black lesbian who is very open-minded about sex, and the first friend that I told about my secret “hobby.” She’s been incredibly supportive from the time I first told her (“How could I NOT support you when you’re making your dream come true???” she explained). Whenever we hang out, she asks how the business is going, what videos I’m working on, etc., and it’s always nice to be able to talk about things with a close friend in person, as opposed to posting things on the blog, or talking with my models, or corresponding with cyber-friends through email.

Anyway, after dinner last night she came back to my place and asked me to show her one of my videos. I was really reluctant and embarrassed at first, but eventually I decided “what the hell.” I’ve never really watched porn with my platonic friends before, let alone watched gay male porn with a LESBIAN when the porn in question was filmed by me! Needless to say, it was a pretty bizarre and comical experience.

I showed her The Schoolboy and the Thug, and she loved it! She was really amused by Shyne’s attitude throughout much of the scene, the way he’d switch from apparent indifference to arousal in a matter of seconds. She was also impressed with Dragon’s performance (“Damn, he’s really WORKIN’ it!” she exclaimed when Dragon was riding Shyne’s dick), and she told me to tell Dragon that he should take FULL credit for the video’s success! I’m sure Dragon will be THRILLED to hear that, since a definite rivalry has developed between he and Shyne since they filmed that first scene.

Tomorrow afternoon I have plans to meet with this cute, 19-year-old white boy that I’m hoping to feature in some interracial scenes if all goes well. I still plan on appearing in some of my interracial videos, but it’s always so stressful juggling sex AND filming at the same time, especially when trying to fuck the guys on camera. I’ve had a lot of difficulty getting the right angles and staying hard throughout numerous interruptions. But I don’t have the kind of budget that can afford to hire a videographer (plus, I’m a bit of a control-freak when it comes to the actual filming). So I’m hoping if things work out with this new kid, I can film some hot interracial FUCKING in the near future, without the limitations that come with tripod-style homemade porn. We’ll see how things go tomorrow….

I’m starving, and that left-over pizza in the fridge is sounding pretty damn good, so that’s enough rambling for now….


Overexposed Models & “Head Only” Videos

Thanks for sharing your feedback and questions! I decided to turn my responses to some of the feedback on previous threads into a new post.

“Anonymous Me” wrote:

The only thing that concerns me just a little is that you referred to many future repeat appearances by Shyne and a couple of the other guys featured in your present videos. Basically, that’s why I stopped purchasing or renting any Sneek Peek videos after awhile–because how many times can you see Vinnie service Enrique, Buzz, Franco, and the other three or four dudes before it becomes boring? Vinnie REALLY needs to expand his talent base in order to get me interested again. I own many of his earlier videos (literally hundreds of dollars worth), but now when I see the names and faces of the same old talent on the boxes I don’t even rent them to scan because I know it’s just going to be more of what I’ve already seen. If he’d added more variety to his talent base (especially different body types and ages) he would have continued to make a lot of money off my purchases. As it is now, I haven’t spent a dime on his newest vids in a couple of years. That said, I hope you’ll continue to find new and intriguing talent for your straight thug explorations, because let’s face it–nothing does away with sexual tension and exhilaration like too much familiarity and repetition.

I know what you mean about Vinnie’s videos getting a little bit too predictable and unimaginative. I honestly didn’t even think he was filming new content any more. It seems like all of his videos for the past year or two have been recycled “Best Of” content, or “new” stuff that is really just more of the same, taken from old but previously unreleased footage.


In any case, I think this is a trap that a lot of porn producers fall into. Now that I’m doing this myself, it’s easy to see why this is so common. There’s a lot of stress and risk involved in meeting and working with a new model for the first time. And there’s something sort of “safe” about working with guys you feel comfortable with and can trust to give you your money’s worth.


But I’ve been a porn CONSUMER a hell of a lot longer than I’ve been a porn producer, and I agree that erotic suspense, sexual tension, new faces, fresh bodies, etc., are some of the things that make porn so appealing. I can think of many porn stars whose physical attractiveness and sex appeal for me have sadly been spoiled by overexposure, and I certainly don’t want to make the same mistake with my videos!


But at the same time, I’ve tried to film and edit my videos in a way that lets viewers get to know the models in a way they just can’t with most fast-paced, tightly-edited productions from the professional studios. When a model is attractive and popular enough, I think it can be exciting to follow his adventures and maturation as an amateur porn star.


I think the key when using familiar models is to make an effort to put them in new and intriguing scenarios, or expand their sexual boundaries in creative and stimulating ways. That’s where I think Vinnie makes his mistake. For me, it’s less about him using the same guys and more about the fact that he follows virtually the same exact routine with those same guys every time!


So yeah, I’ve already filmed additional scenes with Shyne, and I plan on continuing to use him until he loses interest or gets stolen away by one of the bigger companies (which wouldn’t surprise me at all….he’s been VERY popular so far). But every time I film him, I hope to try something different. For example, we’ve seen him take dildos and we’ve seen him fuck Dragon, but I’d love to see HIM get fucked for a change, either by me and/or a super-hung black guy and/or a younger, cuter white boy.


So don’t worry….I will do my best to introduce new guys in my videos on a regular basis. And when I use guys you’ve already seen, I’ll try to space those scenes out, AND make the material as fresh and engaging as possible.


“OfficialG” wrote:


I like to see more oral scenes, Dragon knew what he was doing and no doubt Shyne enjoyed it. I think that Michael has strong dick game as well and that maybe you could focus on having a video dedicated to oral sex, no masterbation but get a top notch dick sucker who has skill to make a dick cum just with head alone. Besides, I think there is this stigma that some guys cannot cum with just head alone, and I like to meet that challange head on (no pun intended) I like to see even the most disciplined tops cum when they said they wouldn’t because the head was just too much. anyway it is just a suggestion and since it looks like you have more tops than bottoms it would take one attractive charming dick sucker to take on Shyne, Michael and any others thinking they “wont nutt from head.” As you said, Michael was already sexually attracted to men as was Dragon and I would presume those two solo videos not as profitable as Shyne cortez or JAy’s so do not discredit someone who is so enthusiastic and does not ask for much. anyways I want to see your idea on the head only videos maybe have three scenes maybe ten to 15 minutes long with a great cum shot?


I like the idea of making a “head only” video.

I know I’m probably in the minority here, but a lot of the time I get just as turned on watching guys giving/getting head in a porn video as I do when watching hardcore fucking. ESPECIALLY when the guy giving head looks straight or more like a masculine “top,” and/or when things get a little aggressive and intense.

I’m the same way in my own sex life. Sometimes fucking a hot wet mouth can feel just as good or even BETTER than fucking a nice tight ass! But like I said, I’m probably in the minority on that 😉 .

I’ll give the “head only” idea some more thought. For starters, I’ll need to find the right guy to do the dick-sucking.

A “Thug” By Any Other Name….

 [Note to Readers: The images in this post are NOT “Black Boy Addictionz” models! ]

Sagging Thug
Since I use the term “thug” in the titles of three out of my four DVD’s so far, I thought I’d post a few reflections on what I mean when I use that word to describe one of my models.

I know some guys (usually white) think that if a black guy’s wearing a du-rag and sagging his pants, that automatically makes him a “thug”.

I know other guys who seem to think that a guy has to be built like a body-builder, covered from head to toe with tattoos, and participate in at least one drive-by shooting a day before he can earn his “thug” credentials!

I think my own definition of a “thug” falls somewhere in the middle of those two extremes.

Some of my models have already been to prison at least half a dozen times. That fact, plus their cocky attitude and laid-back “swagger” make them definite “thugs” in my book.

Of course there are a lot of young black guys who like to CALL themselves “thugs,” but for them it’s more about a kind of attitude and lifestyle-choice than it is about any actual violent or criminal activity. For them it’s more about the hip-hop fashions (sagging jeans, “grills” in their mouths, “Timbs” on their feet, chains hanging low around their necks, etc.) and a “hood” mentality that celebrates greed and ego, along with values such as “staying fresh,” “money over bitches,” “no snitching,” etc., etc.

I’d place Shyne (Breakin’ In A Young Thug) closer to this category. He proudly and repeatedly insists that he’s a “thug,” a “G,” but for him I think it’s more about a sensibility, a lifestyle, than anything truly dangerous or criminal. Although he does come from the “hood,” and I know he spent close to a year in prison a couple years ago for charges that were later dropped, so it’s at least a little bit more than just talk.

Here are a few “thug” pics I like, collected from various places on the web:

Lil Romeo In Boxers

Thug Showing Dick
Thug With Huge Dick
People will always disagree on what truly makes a guy a “thug.”

Some readers/customers have already expressed wishes for me to film scenes with models a little more rough-looking and “hard” and threatening than the models I’ve featured so far, and I’ll do my best to satisfy those requests.

What I hate more than anything, however, is when gay porn companies present one of their models as a “thug,” except that when the guy strips out of his sagging jeans and backward baseball-cap, he turns out to be one of those “girly” gay black boys you might see prancing and twirling in tight pants and muscle-shirts at your local gay club on a Friday night 😉 !

I promise that I’ll never do anything fake or insulting like that, EVER! When I describe one of my models as a thug, I’ll always have an honest justification for it. For example, neither Michael (Black Boys Who Crave White Cock) nor Dragon are “thugs,” and I’d never think of describing them as such.