Saturday Night “Reunion”

Cory and Tay at Cheesecake Factory

Guess who finally came back to town for another visit?

I took the above pic while out to dinner with Cory and Tay this past Saturday night. It probably won’t surprise you to learn that these two boys have actually stayed in touch and become long-distance friends since first meeting during their intensely erotic “handcuffs” scene together during Tay’s first visit here around the end of last year. This dinner was their first time seeing each other since then.

It was fun getting to know both guys a little better and enjoying their company apart from the more limited and sometimes stressful environment of a video-shoot. Random observations/recollections from the night:

Like a lot of guys his age, Tay stays glued to his phone and you practically have to snatch it out of his hands if you want to have an actual conversation. But the funny thing is that once you get him going, he’s surprisingly talkative!

Cory can barely keep his tongue in his mouth when a hot guy walks past, and apparently two of his favorite “porn stars” are Arquez and Phat Daddy. He also explained to me over dinner that his confidence and self-esteem have greatly improved since he started working for BBA, which possibly explains his hilariously bold flirtation with our waiter (a cute, country white boy who seemed to flirt back), even asking him if he and Tay looked familiar (disappointingly, the waiter seemed clueless).

Of course an older white man out for dinner and drinks with two cute black twinks who look like they could still be in high school is always sure to get plenty of puzzled and curious looks from the general public, at least here in the more conservative and racially segregated Midwest. Teacher? Foster parent? Coach? Sugar Daddy? I doubt many onlookers would have guessed that I was a porn producer hanging out with two of his models, but you never know. The three of us had a good laugh about that as we were leaving the restaurant.

Just wait until you see what spontaneously happened between these two horny black boys later that night when we got back to the hotel….

(Let’s just say that sometimes the best scenes are the ones that aren’t planned!)

8 comments on “Saturday Night “Reunion”
  1. UK Dan

    Michael, I am hoping you got to have your way with at least one of these boys. Taking them out for dinner gives you licence to pound this pair. Can’t wait for the weekend update!

  2. John Williams

    Tay and Cory are an example of good HOT porn which does not involve turning straight guys gay. I think the scene speaks for itself and has nothing to do with whether the models are straight or gay. Plus who know if the models are telling the truth about their sexuality. Actually, a straight guy doing gay porn, who is not into it, is a boring scene.

  3. Lamar

    I tell you they are two very handsome guys and you could see the chemistry oozing off of them when they were together that first time! I am glad that they stayed in contact and are both coming back to see you and show us what more they have to offer! I also agree with John, I would much rather see a scene where the guys have a spark and are really hot together than a forced scene that leaves out the passion that sex has with it! Love the work Mike can’t wait for this update great teaser, bringing the memories of those two back keeping hope alive!

  4. Gregg

    Love this post Michael! The realism, laid-back approach, and spontaneity of your site is amazing! And I totally agree with John and Lamar’s post. IM SUPER EXCITED TO SEE THIS SCENE! I’m hoping it’s a flip-flop scene! (that’s something i’d really love to see more of on your site Michael!). And thanks for all the background info that went into this scene Michael. I love how they’ve kept in contact! It makes the attraction of the scene feel so real and legit :). I mean, just look at the end of their last scene and how Tay willingly holds hands with Cory and makes out with him during the “post-interview”, way after their scene was supposed to be done. That means they were really digging each other! The little things say a lot!!!

  5. Michael

    I know you’re not a fan of the scenes with the more reluctant straight guys, but many viewers actually enjoy them and don’t find them “boring” at all. They always have been and always will be a big part of what makes BBA unique.

    That being said, I respect that everybody has different tastes when it comes to the types of guys and porn they prefer to watch, and I’ve always tried to mix things up and offer a variety of models and scenes on the site. I’m glad you’ve been able to find hot gay boys that you enjoy watching like Cory and Tay, and hopefully we’ll be seeing MUCH more of them in the near future!

  6. Michael

    I’m glad you enjoyed this blog entry and I just wanted to clarify that this was intended more as an entertaining glimpse “behind the scenes,” the kind of thing I used to post on the blog more often and would like to get back to doing more regularly, and not as an official teaser for the next website update. Sorry for any confusion or disappointment that this may have caused.

  7. stu

    I don’t know how you can say this is anything other than a teaser though, I mean right in the post you even say “just wait until you see…”


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