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Michael Shows Off D-Rel's Ass
I just wanted to take a moment and respond to the recent complaints from several of you about my participation in some of the scenes.

BBA has always featured a wide variety of models and themes. In an older blog entry, I compared my diverse collection of movies to an all-you-can-eat buffet.

I realize that this variety can be frustrating for viewers who only enjoy one type of scene or another. Some people love the interracial and “gay for pay” scenes but think the black-only scenes are conventional and boring. Other people enjoy the black-only scenes but think my interracial scenes are unappealing and even offensive.

At the end of the day, everyone has different tastes and I am never going to be able to please every viewer all of the time!

Noah's Ass
Anyone who’s been following my work from the very beginning knows that one of BBA’s basic themes has always been the taboo fantasy of an older white man exploring his “addiction” to younger black males….and more uniquely, his addiction to young black male ass (“white men need ass too!”).

As I clearly advertise in the site’s preview area: “If you’re turned on by the idea of an older white cameraman enjoying the ripe young bodies of his black-boy models, I’m confident you’ll enjoy my movies!”

Wanna Fuck My Black Ass?
Now I can certainly understand and respect that these types of scenes are not going to be everybody’s cup of tea. My interracial scenes always have been and always will be controversial. The recent comments left by some of you on the blog are actually pretty mild and tame compared to some of the hostile things I’ve heard over the years.

I’ve been called just about every name in the book, usually by jealous, bitter queens upset that I pull hotter black boys than them, LOL. I’ve even received death threats from people who hate the very idea of any black male bending over for a hard white dick!

Stephon Surrenders His Ass
So negative reactions to me being in the scenes is nothing new.

But let me make something very clear: I never have and never will let complaints, insults, and objections stop me from making the kind of unique and taboo porn that turns me (and many others) on!

If you dislike the scenes in which I perform with the models, DON’T WATCH THEM!!! It’s really that simple.

Michael Fucks Mookiie
I understand that some of you don’t mind the interracial themes overall, but are unable to enjoy my encounters with the boys because you’re turned off by my body and looks. I’m not offended by any of these comments, as I’ve never pretended to be a “porn star” or have a model’s good looks. I’ve never claimed to be anything other than an older, average-looking white guy exploring his attraction to younger black males.

Those of you posting comments criticizing my looks are entitled to your opinion, but you’re also *completely missing the point!* 

These scenes were never intended to be about my body or looks, except to the extent that my pasty-white skin, out-of-shape body, nerdy average looks, etc. are part of the taboo fantasy. I strongly disagree with the assumption that every participant in every gay porn scene needs to be in-shape and attractive for it to be hot.

Blacks On Daddies
I personally don’t care how old or unattractive or even hung the “top” in a scene happens to be as long as one of the guys (preferably the one in the submissive role) is young, masculine, and attractive. That’s because I’m identifying with (and envying) the guy doing the fucking, not lusting after him. In fact, as I’ve discussed many times on this blog in the past, sometimes the contrast itself between old/young, white/black, gay/straight, ugly/attractive, etc. is the very thing that turns me on the most!

My “dirty old man” scenes have never been about my body or looks. They are ultimately about the viewer *identifying with* and envying me, similar to straight guys watching straight porn and identifying with the oftentimes average-looking, older guys getting to fuck the hot young females.

My New White Stepdaddy
I’ve never been able to understand why gay guys aren’t more like straight guys when it comes to watching porn. I assume that most heterosexual men watching straight porn aren’t attracted to the men in straight porn, many of whom are old, out of shape, unattractive, etc. (Just look at Ron Jeremy, for example, LOL).

But straight guys don’t complain about unattractive guys being in the scenes because their focus is on the hot young females and they are imagining themselves in the place of the men lucky enough to enjoy their tempting young bodies.

White Boys Need Ass Too!
All of that being said, I’m not opposed to the idea of filming scenes with younger, hotter white models, or even older white males with bigger dicks and better bodies than mine. I agree that adding these types of scenes could make the site even more unique and enjoyable for many viewers.

Remember Fresh? I had hoped to feature that sexy white boy in many more scenes before he got scared away by the exposure. But I will continue looking for other white models to mix things up – even though lately it seems like all of the white men in my area who are even open to doing interracial scenes in the first place are submissive “bottoms” craving the stereotypical “big black dick.”

But I’ll keep trying!

Craving Kenny
Last but not least, it’s funny to me how people only see what they want to see when it comes to my interracial scenes. Those of you complaining about my scenes looking like rape, exploitation, etc., conveniently ignore the fact that in many of my interracial scenes, the hot young black guy is just as turned on by me as I am by him!

Just look at my encounters with guys like Tori, Eddie, Kenny, and Mookiie for examples of scenes where the black models’ dicks are rock-hard throughout most of the scene, and the sexual chemistry is unmistakable and intense.

I’m certainly not claiming that all of my interracial scenes are like this, but some of you would be surprised to know just how many times I’ve actually had to turn down a model’s off-camera advances and tell him to save it for the camera 😉 !

As much as some of you don’t want to believe it, the whole “white daddy with black boy” fetish can and frequently does work both ways!

Michael Fucks Eddie
If you’re one of BBA’s viewers who would prefer that I stay out of the scenes, I understand and respect your opinion. But I also have no plans to abandon one of the basic themes of the site.

If you’re *only* interested in predictable porn scenes starring eager hot black guys having sex with each other, to the point that you can’t just ignore the scenes that you don’t like, then BBA probably isn’t the site for you.

And if my participation in some of the scenes bothers you that much, there are plenty of other porn sites out there better suited to your more conventional tastes!

28 comments on “Michael In The Movies
  1. John

    Well said, Michael!!! I am one fan who definitely enjoys seeing you in your videos. I’ve mentioned to you before how the ivory skin makes a hot combination with the chocolate or caramel skins. Regardless of what some may say about your looks or your body, I find your looks and your body to be quite a turn on. Everyone has different tastes – that’s what makes for an interesting world. It would be impossible for you to please everyone of the people who frequent your site. My suggestion would be to continue what you’re doing and strive to satisfy your own tastes and specifications and let the chips fall where they may. Have you ever read the parable about the man, his son, and his ass (animal) traveling to a certain destination? If you haven’t, I’ll relate it to you some time.

    I do disagree with one point (or question) you raised. The reason we gay men can sometimes be critical of gay porn (unlike our straight counterparts) is simply because we tend to identify with both participants – the active and the passive – not just the one getting fucked. Still, we shouldn’t be overly critical. As far as the racial thing goes, there is always going to be a little racism in all of us. We just have to be careful not to become fanatical. Okay, my friend. Enough said. Bravo to your post. I commend you on the stand you are taking. Keep up the good work. I will continue to be a fan and a supporter!!!

  2. ShawtyRed

    “If you dislike the scenes in which I perform with the models, DON’T WATCH THEM!!! It’s really that simple.”

    I don’t. So I stopped reading here to avoid any other yawn-inducing explanations lol.

  3. Seymour Johnson

    I’d like to see an interracial “flip flop” scene where the white and the black both have roles on top and bottom. I wonder, Michael, if you’ve ever thought about stretching your limits to be not only on top but on bottom as well.

    1. Arnez Wms

      Hmmmm, where’s the reply to this man, im sure this viewer and myself are not the only ones with this question. I admit, i dont like alll the scenes with Michael, BUT some scenes I DO like…i would like to see a scene with you Michael, giving that top the opportunity to experience getting that (YOUR) ass…how bout!? That would be hot

      1. Michael

        I’m glad you’ve enjoyed at least some of my scenes with the guys, and I’m flattered by your interest in seeing me attempt taking some dick for a change. I highly doubt this will happen any time soon, if ever, but like I’m always telling the models, “NEVER SAY NEVER”! 😉

  4. Luke Bish

    I don’t mind Michael at all in any of his scenes. But what I really don’t like is the uncomfortableness of the models. I guess I’m just one of those people that are turned on when the people I’m watching are having a good time and loving every minute of it too. Not struggling and wincing. Putting that aside, I feel that if anything you are probably one of the best looking website owners who fuck with their models, which is more than I can say for a lot of the other gay producers who do the same like Jake Cruise, who is definitely overdue for retirement, and the guy from AllAustrailianboys (that guy is just too creepy! He’s not too far from looking like the crypt keeper!!). In my opinion they’re below average and should have never started fucking on camera in the first place lol but hey they’re making money so they must be doing something right. So I say that to say keep on keeping on Mike, do what you do. We love the dudes you bring to the site regardless of what you do to them haha.

  5. Jules Mangrove

    Thank you for writing that answer and coyly insulting those who kept piling on with the nasty remarks in the first place.

    What I like most about you sharing the scenes with the models is your seductive personality and how the models relate to you. The hottest moment of Stephon’s recent update was him calling you out during the most forceful thrusts : “Michael, c’mon! Michael.” You’d never get that with anonymous models meeting for the first time.

    So please, unless you can find Caucasian models with that level of persuasion and seduction (a tall order), continue to displease the haters.

  6. rahim

    Your comparison with straight men works for me. Actually, after having read your analysis, I better understand my fantasies, and why also I like your scenes. I guess John is right when he says some gays identify with both men doing the topping and the bottoming, but to me, while an attractive top is just okay, an unattractive bottom is an immediate turn-off. And right, an unattractive top paired with an attractive bottom has something much spicier for me. I ever wondered why, but your analysis nailed it. Thanks. Feel like I can now enjoy that fantasy without feeling weird, lol.

  7. rahim

    Oh, btw, I am currently staying in my home country in Africa (btw, that’s why I am not a subscriber to your nice quirky site these days), and one thing I noticed on the gay scene here is that in relations between an older guy (say 30 and above) and pretty young things of circa less than 25 let’s say, the young are almost systematically expected to be bottoms (hot and fresh as they are). To the extent that when reading profiles on a dating site popular here, one youngin just made jibes at the claims of someone of being exclusively top. “That can’t be, he is only 21”, he explained. I think that’s cultural though, because some of my young countrymen who were partly brought up in France (former colonial overlord of this country) are more “Western/European/American” about this I think.

  8. SETI

    I dont mind seeing you fucking those boys- as you rightly says its an attraction fetish . Those who don t like it can go to other sites. My beef is your sometimes constant incessant chatter and banter that is repetitive and sounds uncomfortable for everyone. Just do the interview, ask pertinent questions and get the scenes going. This un-necessary 10 minute chat is un-necessary. Just get to the “meat” of things.

  9. johnwill45

    I enjoy most of the scenes on BBA. I am turned off by any mask or hidden face because that is part of the fantasy. I have no problem with your having sex with the guys. It is hot. I do have a problem with trying to make straight guys gay and trying to make that appeal to the viewer. I feel that there is no turn on for having a “straight” guy have gay sex. I just want to see a good looking guy having sex. Straight or gay is irrelevant and who knows what the persons real sexual orientation is. I did take offense to DL chill spot that made a “religion” of converting straight guys gay. Plus he was into painful sex. “Fuck him harder”. I felt that the CEO was abusive. And again, how do we know the model’s real sexual orientation.
    Keep enjoying your addiction to Black Boys.

  10. UK Dan

    Hey Michael,

    It’s your fan Danny here in London. I have to congratulate you on this post. The need for you to write this post is unfortunate but I have to say of all the videos you post, the ones I look forward to the most are the ones where you fuck the guys. I absolutely love it. I cannot describe strongly enough how hard I cum when I watch the Craving Kenny videos particularly the one where you properly tongue kiss and make him serve you. So fucking hot. All the videos where you fuck the guys are amazingly hot. I’m only a young guy (24) but the videos that get me off the most are where young guys service older guys and particularly interracial cross generation so I love it when you get involved with the boys. Keep up the good work and stop giving a fuck about people who diss you and get your dick in Dee Weezy and Cory.

  11. LobTaylor

    Point taken Michael and well written, and I only expressed an opinion. I love your site and am mature enough not to watch stuff I don’t like on your site.

  12. Michael

    Thanks, John! I really appreciate your encouragement and support, and I’m flattered that you’re actually turned on by watching me in the scenes. The parable about the man and his ass sounds interesting, LOL. Please elaborate.

    You bring up an interesting point about gay men and identification in porn. The comparison to straight guys is probably easier for someone like me who identifies exclusively with the active/dominant partner. It’s more difficult for me to get turned on by scenes where the passive/submissive partner is unappealing to me. So it makes sense that it would be just the opposite for viewers who are more versatile or submissive, and therefore find it harder to enjoy scenes in which they find the “top” to be unattractive (or even repulsive).

    I don’t have any scientific data to back this up, but my guess is that most of the viewers who enjoy my interracial scenes tend to be more sexually dominant and able to identify with me in the role of the top, while more sexually submissive and/or versatile viewers tend to find them unappealing (with the main exception being viewers like you who actually get turned on by watching me in the scenes). I guess this makes sense, after all, since the entire site is inspired by the fantasies, fetishes, and overall mentality of a white top.

  13. officialg

    Been a fan and viewer of bba since day one. do your futhamuckin thing michael. Nothing wrong with you participating in the fantasy many of us wish we could.

  14. Marcus

    I can deal with the interracial stuff, I get that its a motif of the site. Subscribers should too, its always been that way. If you don’t like it, move on.

    But Michael, WHY oh WHY did you put Cory’s beautiful, sexy doe-eyed ass in a scene with Dee Weezy -____- THAT was the worst thing ever, I too prefer the submissive party to be sexy. Dee Weezy AIN’T that. Please pair up Cory with somebody sexy at some point, bottoming/verse please, and preferably before you inevitably take him down…LOL

  15. John

    The Parable: A man and his boy were traveling to an unknown destination. The boy rode on the jackass and the man walked beside them. As they passed one group, the people commented how awful it was that the young boy rode while his old father walked. Complying to what he heard the people say, the man and his son switched positions. Farther on their journey another group commented how awful it was that the old man rode while his poor little boy had to walk. To satisfy those bystanders, the man and his boy decided to both walk. The next group of people commented on how stupid the two men were to be walking when they had an ass to ride on. The father and son then both decided to ride. Farther along on their journey other people commented how cruel it was for the two men to be riding the poor old donkey. The father and the son decided then that they should walk and carry the ass. Can you imagine how crazy they looked then!!! The moral of the story shows how futile it is to try to please others. Furthermore, we only make ourselves look very, very stupid when we do try to please everyone. I know the story is a little flaky, but it has stuck in my mind since I was a very young child. As a little boy, the curtains in my bed room had drawings on them depicting this story. I remember my Dad explaining that story on the curtains many, many times in my childhood. Stick to your guns, Michael, my friend. Keep producing your art in the way it’s manifested inside you!!! Some people will like it; others won’t. The main thing is that you’ll be pleased and satisfied with your work. That’s what matters.

  16. AJ

    I can deal with the interracial thing when I want too. It’s not that big of a deal really. I’d just like another preview please lol.

  17. Ericson

    Michael, right now I am a member of both –
    Blackboyaddictionz & Dlchillspot.net , I am seriously consdering canceling one. The one thing that is making me lean towards canceling Blackboyaddictionz is the inconsistant up dating. I mean like clock work DLchillspot is updated each weekend.

    Come on Michael you have to get with the program , It feels like you are dragging out the scenes…. all this part 1 and part 2 scene. Its one movie. Give us our moneys worth.

  18. DJ

    Ok, now we have this out of the way. Where is the next update? We have only one week left in Oct. and have had one Oct. update lol….

  19. Michael

    I agree that the DL Chill Spot CEO has been doing an excellent job at updating his site at least once a week. But comparing our sites is like comparing apples to oranges. If I shared the DL Chill Spot CEO’s standards for what constitutes good amateur porn, and what I’m willing to put up on my site, then I could EASILY update weekly as well. Hell, if it’s 15-minute clips that you want, the vast majority of which don’t include hardcore action, then by all means, let’s start updating BBA three times a week, LOL!

    No, thank you, I would rather invest the extra time and hard work into bringing my members the kind of hot and LENGTHY scenes they will hopefully remember for years to come, even if that occasionally means longer waits between updates. Most of BBA’s scenes are between 45 to 60 minutes long, sometimes even LONGER, and include more high-quality amateur action packed into a single update than three or four of the DL Chill Spot’s updates combined!

    That being said, I’ve been listening carefully to the feedback from BBA’s members, and I’m going to at least TRY to work toward a more consistent weekly schedule, most likely on Thursdays. Now this might mean more solo scenes, bonus footage, even the occasional straight or bi scene, etc. in order to keep up with a weekly schedule. But at least people won’t have to wait as long between updates, and if there’s a model or scene that you don’t like, a new model/scene will be right around the corner. I’m going to give it a shot to see if this is something I can do without compromising the high standard I’ve tried to set for BBA’s scenes.

    As far as your last point is concerned, I have no idea what you mean about me “dragging out” the scenes. The last time I split up a scene was when I released Saint’s very first gay-for-pay scene (“What He Did For Money”). But that was ALMOST TWO YEARS AGO, so please clarify what you mean?

    Thanks for your long-time interest and loyal support, and I hope you’ll stick around to enjoy the hot scenes to come!

  20. gwa

    Mike I am happy you are going to be updating the webpage more often even if that means more solo scenes. I being one that like solo scenes, yours are by far the best ones out there. I do have to admit that the Day Day scenes were not uploaded while my membership was active. rest assured I will be renewing my membership once it is uploaded.

  21. DJ

    I joined the Dlchillspot site. While updates here frustrate me, this site is better. However, I do like the guys of the chill spot and them doing what they do for cash. But Mike is way better than the “CEO”… That site does make me bust more than BBA lol. Mike, how about getting a sidekick like that CEO to turn dudes out? Or how about a Bi scene??? You should poach his talent. Get some guys on your roster. Lol

  22. ReadyRod

    I enjoy it when the boys scream in agony and pain and even curse. I like real straight men who learn to take dick from another straight man. Now that makes me hot just thinking about it.

  23. Seymour

    Michael, I know you are more than open to younger white guys who want to be on Black Boy Addictionz. I was wondering if you might want to be somewhat pro-active and dropping hints in gay sites and advertise in gay magazines in the Saint Louis area. I think it would be very hot for me to see a good looking white guy with a more than average dick paired up with one of your black models who are about the same age. What do you think?


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