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Michael In The Movies

Michael Shows Off D-Rel's Ass
I just wanted to take a moment and respond to the recent complaints from several of you about my participation in some of the scenes.

BBA has always featured a wide variety of models and themes. In an older blog entry, I compared my diverse collection of movies to an all-you-can-eat buffet.

I realize that this variety can be frustrating for viewers who only enjoy one type of scene or another. Some people love the interracial and “gay for pay” scenes but think the black-only scenes are conventional and boring. Other people enjoy the black-only scenes but think my interracial scenes are unappealing and even offensive.

At the end of the day, everyone has different tastes and I am never going to be able to please every viewer all of the time!

Noah's Ass
Anyone who’s been following my work from the very beginning knows that one of BBA’s basic themes has always been the taboo fantasy of an older white man exploring his “addiction” to younger black males….and more uniquely, his addiction to young black male ass (“white men need ass too!”).

As I clearly advertise in the site’s preview area: “If you’re turned on by the idea of an older white cameraman enjoying the ripe young bodies of his black-boy models, I’m confident you’ll enjoy my movies!”

Wanna Fuck My Black Ass?
Now I can certainly understand and respect that these types of scenes are not going to be everybody’s cup of tea. My interracial scenes always have been and always will be controversial. The recent comments left by some of you on the blog are actually pretty mild and tame compared to some of the hostile things I’ve heard over the years.



Controversial Porn: Part 3

Michael Galletta and Day Day

Awhile back, I shared a few thoughts about the potentially “controversial” nature of some of my interracial videos (you can read my original reflections here and here). A blog reader recently posted the following reaction, to which I’d like to respond:

Let’s put it this way: if you were not CONSTANTLY putting your models in subservient, some would say demeaning, and most specifically positions that are demeaning such as feeling their faces and shoving your hands into their mouths as if you were inspecting them like a prospective slave buyer or doing that whole “Look at me! I’m a white guy pulling these fake thugs asses apart” thing that you do that have nothing to do with “topping” as a sexual position, then your furious blizzard of words above might hold more weight.

You compare yourself to other studios, but this is as PERSONAL to you as much as it is a business.

I’m even tempted to give you the benefit of the doubt that YOU don’t believe that you are engaging in racially informed/offensive behavior (despite your upbringing) but then your whole business is racially informed, is it not?

You have your fans who will defend you, including your models. Nothing new there. But seriously, you need to objectively stand back and look at how you actually behave in your videos. I’m not asking you to stop making videos. Only to more closely examine that heartfelt self-justification you made.

I don’t expect this to be published on the site. But then it doesn’t [have?] to be.


Here are some of my initial thoughts in response:

I actually have no problem recognizing the controversial and potentially offensive nature of some of my interracial videos. That was sort of the whole point of those entries: to acknowledge the negative reactions that some of my videos may provoke, but at the same time point out the hypocrisy, inconsistency, and unfairness of those criticisms (in my opinion).

You suggest that I like to put my models in “subservient” positions, and you describe my videos as “demeaning” and reminiscent of slavery. While you’re certainly entitled to your opinion, I’d like to point out that those are purely subjective, debatable value judgments on your part. Some people will watch my videos and find them similarly disturbing and offensive, while others will see no problem with them whatsoever. Each viewer is going to evaluate my videos (and porn in general) through the filter of his or her own personal experiences, prejudices, and subjective erotic tastes.

The claim that some of the imagery in my videos reminds one of a white slave-owner inspecting a potential “purchase” is an absurd and unfair accusation, in my opinion. I guess by the same logic, any white man (or white woman, for that matter) who touches a black male sexually is similar to white slave-owners who felt up potential slaves on the auction block during the time of slavery. I mean, where do you draw the line when making arguments like that?!? Slaves were also frequently forced to strip naked as a part of such inspections. Am I also somehow imitating a sadistic plantation overseer when I instruct my models to take off their clothes for their solo scenes?!?

How Gay Will He Go (Mild) - Part 1
Listen, I’m all for recognizing and redressing the legacies of slavery, both social and economic. But I think we head down a very slippery slope when we start seeing echoes of slavery in every interracial encounter, both sexual and non-sexual. If we want to pursue such statements to their (il)logical conclusions, I suppose we could also say that white supervisors barking orders at black employees is also reminiscent of slavery. Or black waiters and waitresses serving dinner to white married couples at the local “Applebee’s.” Or white men coaching athletic teams in predominantly black neighborhoods. In fact, one could argue that any time a black person has sex with a white person, regardless of who’s doing the penetrating, it’s similar to the days of slavery. In my opinion, arguments like that are usually pretty stupid and pointless, and they ultimately distract from the very real and persistent racial inequalities we should be talking about.

The overall point I was trying to make in my original blog entries was that things like objectification, domination/submission, conquest, seduction, etc., are universal themes in pornography. If one enjoys and approves of such themes in erotica, then it’s not fair to cry “racism” when those same themes are explored in an interracial context.



Two Rednecks and A Black Guy Are Together In A Room….

nimrodjaydee 2008_05_21_00_50_44 002 5/20/2008 9:51 AM

….Sounds like the beginning of an offensive joke, I know, but hear me out….

Joe Schmoe is one of my favorite fellow producers over at AMVC.

A lot of guys assume that because I started a company called Black Boy Addictionz, that means I’m ONLY attracted to black males, but that’s not the case at all. In fact, I’ve always had a thing for cute young rednecks, country-boys and “trailer park” types like the guys in Joe Schmoe’s videos. It’s really not all that different from my attraction to “thugs”….sometimes crossing class lines can be just as exciting as breaking down racial divisions.

Joe’s videos also have this gritty amateur vibe that is unlike ANYTHING I’ve ever seen in amateur porn. I like to think that I do a pretty good job of conveying a sense of spontaneity and authenticity in my own videos, but I swear Joe takes the amateur genre to a level that makes other amateur videos like mine look like glamorous Hollywood productions! (That is a compliment to his videos, not an insult!).

Sure, my videos are homemade, but I still recruit my models, schedule video-shoots, and set up the kind of camera-shots that I think will look the hottest. In most of Joe’s videos, however, it really looks his guys just stopped by his house unannounced after a long day’s work at the factory, horny and drunk and ready to fuck around as a way to earn some extra cash and/or explore their repressed same-sex urges before heading home to their wives and girlfriends.

I’m also a big fan of Joe Schmoe because I consider him to be a kind of fellow “pioneer” in the genre he’s referred to in the past as “reverse interracial.” He isn’t scared to show black guys sucking and getting fucked by young redneck dick, or taking some country-boy cum on their faces. Even when the action is more “predictable interracial” than “reverse interracial”, the whole dynamic of the black-guy-with-redneck taboo brings a freshness and erotic intensity that I normally don’t find in gay interracial porn.

Now I normally wouldn’t post a recommendation for a film I haven’t seen yet, but Joe’s latest release looks so damn hot and I have a feeling that a lot of the blog readers who enjoy my interracial scenes might want to check it out.

It’s called Dirty Old Men Start Out As Dirty Young Men (gotta love the creativity of his titles!), and it just went on sale today. Here’s part of the official description and a couple screenshot previews:


An open-minded str8(?) skaterboy, a barely legal redneck teenboy, a black ex-con who craves white cock on the DL, all ”meat” up for some amateur southern style cock suckin, cig smokin’, jerkin and more at Joe’s Place. New comer Jay is a quiet, but eager as he takes his first steps to becoming a dirty young man. As usual, its as amateur as it gets…and then some. -Joe


Nimrod brought his 18 yr old skatebuddy Jay over to make a vid. They’ve never seen each others dicks before or messed around. Jay just turned 18 less than a month ago and says that he’s bi…you can tell he’s very curious. Black ex-con Dee LOVES young white cock. Even though he is engaged, he couldn’t resist the chance to get a hold of some teen redneck dick. He reminds me of Dave Chapelle.

The teens get a look of Dee’s monster cock and can’t resist tasting it for themselves. They each take turns sucking some black cock…and of course Dee almost sucks the nuts right off both them boys. Nimrod gives Dee a redneck facial, Dee nuts on the floor, and Jay strokes one out by himself after Nimrod and Dee finish.

nimrodjaydee 2008_05_21_00_50_44 003 5/20/2008 9:55 AM
nimrodjaydee 2008_05_21_00_50_44 004 5/20/2008 10:00 AM

Of course my ULTIMATE Joe Schmoe porn fantasy would be to see my favorite young “wannabe thug” J-Bone in the middle of an interracial threesome, but I guess Dee will have to do for now 😉 !

It’s rare that I buy porn on DVD any more, but I just ordered a copy so I won’t have to wait a month or more before it shows up online.

You can also check out most of Joe’s other flicks right here in my Online Theater.


Controversial Porn: Part 2

I see that my previous post provoked quite a few passionate and thoughtful reactions (as I suspected it might). I want to thank those of you who took the time to respond, and for keeping the conversation at an intelligent, thought-provoking but respectful level.

I don’t want to digress TOO much into a serious intellectual debate….this is still a PORN BLOG after all 😉 !

But I would like to elaborate on my previous post and try to explain in a little more depth who I am and why I’m making the types of videos that I am (something I will continue doing through this blog in the weeks and months to come). Some of this will echo what’s already been expressed by others.

Let me begin with the obvious: I LOVE BLACK GUYS 😉 !!!

Young, MASCULINE black guys in particular. I’ve been sexually attracted to black males for as long as I can remember.

Unlike a lot of white guys with similar attractions, I’m not a “size queen” with a fetish for “big black cocks.” My interest in interracial sex is not motivated by any sense of racial inferiority OR superiority.

I’m not seeking out the thrill of breaking a social taboo just for the sake of doing so.

It’s not even primarily an “opposites attract” kind of thing, an interest in something “exotic” or “different,” although I do enjoy the physical contrasts between black guys and white guys (hair texture, skin complexions, lips, asses, noses, etc.), and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with acknowledging or enjoying those differences in an erotic context.

I realize that nobody’s sexual desires can be attributed to ONE cause, but I do think the origin of my attraction is fairly simple and “innocent.” I grew up as one of the only white kids in predominantly black neighborhoods, so by the time I started to figure out at a pretty young age that I liked boys more than girls, most of those same-sex desires were directed at my black friends in school, church, and the neighborhood, sort of by default.

We can probably all agree that sexual desires formed in one’s childhood and adolescence are almost impossible to change later in life. It just makes sense that my original objects of lust (and in some cases, LOVE) continue to attract me well into adulthood.

As I started to explain in my previous post, I’ve also been obsessed with straight males for as long as I can remember, and a variety of related erotic themes including seduction/corruption, prostitution, economic coercion, resistance/reluctance, etc.

I’m also really turned on by themes of domination and submission. I’ve never gotten into the “S&M” or “leather” scenes. In fact, what I consider “domination” and “submission” is usually comically (some might say PATHETICALLY) tame in comparison. It’s basically just me being, for the most part, a “Top”….in terms of my sexual attractions and preferences, at least. (I like to joke that I was born with the desires of a “top” but the dick of a “bottom,” LOL!).
I love getting head and I love fucking ass. Few things excite me more than looking down at a cute boy giving me head, or lying with my naked body smashed against a hot young stud on his stomach as I thrust my dick deep (okay, as deep as I’m able, LOL) in his butt. I love finger- or dildo-fucking a tight young ass, and I love “nutting” on a hot guy’s face. I even like getting a little “rough” from time to time. By that I just mean grabbing a guy’s head while fucking his face, maybe slapping his ass while fucking him, nothing terribly kinky or imaginative I’m afraid. I’m actually embarrassingly awful at “dirty talk,” however….some of you might already have noticed this in my videos 😉 .

[Of course I also have a submissive side, and I’ve enjoyed that dynamic in interracial sex many times as well, moreso in the past than recently however. I *DO* suck dick in most of my scenes, although I don’t think I’m particularly good at it!]

There is NOT, however, any kind of exclusive or causal relationship between my attraction to black males and my interest in these themes. All of the “turn-ons” described above are just as much a part of my erotic fantasies/desires involving white boys, Latino and Hispanic boys, Thai boys, Japanese boys, and just about any race/ethnicity you can think of. I chose to focus on black boys (and hopefully a few Latino/Hispanic boys) primarily for two reasons:

First, they’re probably my preference (mostly for the reason I explained earlier).

Second, I thought I could bring something at least a tiny bit original to the world of amateur black porn. For example, most all-black scenes, even the more “amateurish” ones, don’t take their time and let you get to know the models. And obviously gay interracial scenes featuring white “tops” with black “bottoms” are incredibly rare (although I feel like this has been slowly changing over the past couple years). ESPECIALLY where the black “bottom” is a MASCULINE gay or bisexual boy, or a straight guy going “gay for pay!”

I can understand how the imagery in some of my videos might disturb or offend some people, black guys in particular. If you fit into that category, all I can do is encourage you to avoid my videos for the sake of your own mental and emotional peace. Or better yet, ignore the stuff that turns you off but stick around for the hot all-black content I still plan on producing!

But you know what??? For every guy who tells me that my videos are racist, exploitative, offensive, etc., I hear from at least ten others (including MANY black guys!) who think they’re hot as hell and say they can’t wait to see more!

At the end of the day, porn is almost always going to involve some degree of objectification and “exploitation.” That’s even a big part of its appeal, the idea that beautiful young men (of ALL races) are willing to show off their bodies and perform sexual acts (with varying degrees of enthusiasm) in exchange for a financial reward.

I also think that porn is one place where it’s OKAY to be a little “politically incorrect.” If you really think about it, porn (both gay AND straight) is all ABOUT stereotyping, racial and otherwise! It’s a medium that sort of demands such simplification in order to grab the viewer’s attention with a basic but powerful fantasy.

Burly firefighters, dumb blonde twinks, horny frat-boys, submissive Asians, lusty Italians, the list goes on and on. And yes, it also includes the “dangerous,” super-hung black thug from the “hood.”

In my everyday non-porn life, I can take my “political correctness” to extremes that annoy even my most liberal friends. But I feel like porn is one arena where we should all relax a little bit and enjoy the enormous erotic potential of character types and social stereotypes (as well as “twists” on those stereotypes).

Dragon is a hell of a lot more than a “schoolboy,” and Shyne (or Cortez, for that matter) certainly doesn’t fit neatly or consistently into the “thug” category. But my title isn’t meant as an insult to their complexity as human beings! Rather, it’s a fun and catchy way to understand and enjoy their video!

Similarly, domination and submission has always been a big part of both straight AND gay sexuality, and certainly it’s always been part of what makes a lot of straight and gay porn so hot. Seduction, conquest, sexual domination, rough sex….they’re present in just about every type of porn I’ve seen, including straight porn (interracial and non-interracial), lesbian porn, all-black gay porn, non-black gay porn, etc., etc.

Granted, there’s a wide spectrum ranging all the way from cutesy-cuddly-boyfriend-porn, to ultra-violent S&M torture-porn. But there’s almost ALWAYS at least a common theme where one or more participants is seduced, conquered, enjoyed, used, dominated, etc., and the other participants get to seduce, conquer, enjoy, use, dominate, etc. the submissive partner.

This is why things like gangbangs, double-penetration, face-fucking, and “facials” are such popular and predictable elements in porn. I don’t believe that gay sexuality is ALWAYS like this, or that it SHOULD always be like this, but in PORN it usually is. And I’m fine with that!

But as I see it, one either has to be fine with the dominant/submissive, top/bottom dynamic ACROSS THE BOARD, or oppose it altogether. You can’t pick and choose.

It can’t be “okay” for an aggressive black top like Thugzilla to verbally humiliate and fuck the shit out of submissive white bottoms and then NOT be “okay” for an aggressive WHITE top to do the same with black guys.

It can’t be acceptable for studios to pay straight young WHITE boys to go “gay for pay” in the enormously popular “frat boy” and “military” genres, but “racist” and offensive for studios to do the same thing with straight young BLACK guys.One shouldn’t assume racist or otherwise suspicious motives every time a white guy “tops” a black guy any more than one should assume that all black guys who top white guys are anti-white, or black men who fuck other black men want to demean and humiliate their own race, or straight male porn-stars who fuck (and even dominate) women are misogynists.

I hope this better explains where I’m coming from! And don’t worry, I’ll be back with more PORN tomorrow!

Controversial Porn and My “Catch-22”

When I started Black Boy Addictionz last fall, I knew that some of the videos I wanted to make would be controversial. I think a mischievous part of me actually ENJOYS pushing people’s buttons….just ask my family and friends, I’m sure they’d tell you that I’ve mastered the art of provocation 😉 !

I anticipated that a lot of guys, both black and white, would be turned off and in some cases PISSED off at my decision to film scenes where masculine black males (even “thugs,” in some cases) perform “submissive” sexual acts with white males. The vast majority (probably 99.9999%) of gay interracial porn consists of the stereotypical hung black stud fucking the hell out of a sissy white bottom, to the point that any departure from that stereotype strikes some as “unnatural” and distasteful. This is so deeply engrained in our conceptions of gay interracial sex that the amateur producer Joe Schmoe recently coined the term “reverse interracial” to describe scenes where the black male sucks dick or gets fucked by a white guy. I’ve even heard from some black guys who go so far as to say it’s “racist” any time a white man takes the “top” role with a black guy. [To be fair, I’ve also heard from MANY guys, both white AND black (and neither), who WELCOME the change of pace.]

What I *DIDN’T* anticipate, however, was the kind of negative, even HOSTILE, reaction by some to the “straight seduction”/”gay for pay” theme itself (regardless of its racial make-up). I’ve been accused of exploitation, rape, manipulation, cruelty, torture….Hell, reading through some of the comments on my X-Tube clips, you’d think I should be reported to Amnesty International for crimes against humanity!

I’m beginning to think that a lot of this hostility comes from a lack of familiarity with the history and diversity of gay erotica, and a very limited exposure to AMATEUR porn in particular.

A big part of it is generational, I think. Most of the negative feedback comes from young black guys who’ve only been watching gay porn for a couple years at the most. They’ve been raised on a porn diet of predictable, black-only porn scenes where the “tops are tops” and the “bottoms are bottoms.” Videos like mine are as foreign to them as everything else that happened before 1990 😉 . They seem to have no idea that my videos are part of a genre that’s been around for decades!

I’ve been obsessed with “straight boy” porn since I first started watching porn in college. For the longest time I was addicted to the young Adonises of Bel Ami, beautiful straight boys from Eastern Europe who the legendary director George Duroy would recruit from poor villages into lives of “gay for pay” porn. My influences since then are too many to describe here. They range from comically staged fantasies to gritty, documentary-style “reality porn” depicting actual straight boys selling their young bodies for cash.

I suppose it’s fair to question the “morality” of such films (just as I suppose it’s fair to debate the “morality” of porn itself).

I have to confess, however, that what some find morally reprehensible are the very same things that turn me on the most! While I certainly don’t condone rape or violence, there’s a huge gray area between passionate, eager lovemaking and the extreme of non-consensual sex, that has a lot of erotic potential.

Themes like economic coercion, prostitution, the “deflowering” of virgins, reluctance, initiations/hazing, sex in exchange for money or favors, etc. have always held a powerful erotic appeal for me in literature, film, erotic fiction, AND pornography. These themes have a long and vibrant history in both gay AND straight erotica, and I don’t see why their relatively mild manifestations in my own videos should be so shocking or offensive.

Over the next few weeks, I plan on presenting some of my porn inspirations on this blog as a way of better explaining where I’m coming from, and preparing readers for the release of my potentially controversial next video (I’m calling it Corrupting Cortez, if that tells you anything).

And that brings me to a kind of predicament I’ve gotten myself into with my videos, the “Catch 22” mentioned in the title of this post.

Some of my videos, like The Schoolboy and the Thug, will feature only black models in relatively conventional action scenes (but hopefully with a unique amateur vibe). The problem is that a lot of the fans for these types of videos do NOT enjoy interracial scenes, at least not the type that I’m making. In fact, a lot of them are the same folks who find my “gay for pay” films so disturbing and offensive.

Conversely, a lot of you who enjoy my videos for their interracial and/or “gay for pay” themes have complained that a video like Schoolboy is boring and unappealing.

It’s going to take some time before I know how much cross-over there is between these two camps. My fear at the moment, however, is that I’ll risk alienating both groups by offering videos they simply don’t like (or find offensive).

My feeling as I write this is that I should follow the advice given to me by one of the main guys at AMVC when I started making videos: Stick to the stuff that turns ME on, and trust that those turned on by the same things will buy my videos and remain loyal fans, while those who aren’t will eventually move on to producers who better satisfy their erotic tastes.