Why Are My Videos So Damn QUIET?!?

I love watching loud, raunchy, aggressive sex.

The kind of sex where the “top” takes control both physically and verbally. Sometimes it’s an attitude of confidence or even cockiness, with the “top” barking orders like, “Yeah, swallow that dick!” or “You gonna give me some of that ass?!?” or “Take that dick!” Other times, it’s more intense and aggressive, verbal taunting like “Get on your knees and suck this motherfuckin’ dick!” or “Yeah, choke on that dick!” or “Damn, you takin’ that dick like a bitch!” etc. etc.

The kind of sex where the “bottom” gasps and winces and groans….not with girlish squeals of ecstasy, but masculine grunts of resistance and endurance, pain mingled with pleasure, and maybe even a bit of humiliation about the fact that his ASS is being enjoyed by another man. Ass is sure as hell not pussy, and when a man gets fucked in his ass, it’s a very different kind of experience from a woman enjoying vaginal intercourse. For me, it’s the fact that there’s something difficult and “unnatural” about a man’s asshole being penetrated that makes it so hot to watch. That’s probably why I’m so turned on by watching inexperienced “tops” take dick….the pained facial expressions, the muscles tightened defensively, the squirming discomfort with occasional flashes of reluctant pleasure….all of that depicts a kind of conquest, the surrendering of one man’s body to another, that is intensely arousing to watch.

Rough, verbal sex almost always makes for hotter porn, in my opinion. Isn’t porn ultimately about the art of exaggeration, taking our fantasies and fetishes and making them almost ridiculously explicit and larger than life? So it’s no wonder that the best porn usually involves a little bit of aggression and “dirty talk.”

That brings me to my biggest disappointment with my own videos so far: the fact that they’re so damn QUIET!

I’ve been recognizing this as a weakness in my videos for awhile now, and a couple of you have brought it up lately, so I figured it was as good a time as any to discuss it on the blog. In all of my videos, I think there are plenty of arousing visuals and memorable action. Even the natural sounds of dick-sucking, ball-slurping, butt-licking, and ass-fucking can be a real turn-on. But I’ll be the first to admit that my videos lack the kind of aggressive edge and verbal exchanges I’d prefer!

Part of this can’t be helped, I’m afraid. At least not until I find some places other than my apartment where I can film. There are coffee-shops and restaurants right next to where I live, which means I have very little privacy because people are almost always around (if you’ve watched any of my videos, you’ve probably already heard the sounds of people laughing, dogs barking, children playing, etc. in the background). Plus, I have a neighbor living in an apartment right next to me, and the walls in my apartment building are frustratingly thin. So sadly, rough and verbal sex isn’t much of an option for me until I find some other places to shoot.

Still, I know things could be at least a LITTLE more energetic than they’ve been so far. It seems like the guys I’ve worked with so far just aren’t the aggressive or verbal types. As a couple of you have already pointed out, part of this is no doubt due to the fact that all of the guys I’ve worked with have never done anything like this before, so they’re understandably going to be a little nervous and inhibited throughout their first video-shoots. Most of the guys I’ve worked with so far also tend to be quiet, laid-back types, and when they have sex it’s just naturally quiet and laid-back like their personalities.

I’m no exception. I can get a little dominant physically sometimes….grabbing a guy’s head while he’s sucking my dick, smacking my hard dick against his face, fairly standard stuff like that….but I’ve never done a very good job at being verbally dominant. I basically have two expressions that I use on a regular basis: “Ahhh, that feels good!”….and “You like that?!?” Even with those rather corny and mild expressions, I usually feel ridiculous when I hear the words come out of my mouth!

Shyne likes to tease me about this, and tells me that I need to come up with some “new material.” Not that he has any room to talk, considering the fact that he’s almost comically quiet during his scenes, even when he’s obviously enjoying himself.

And that brings up another issue. My basic porn philosophy as an amateur producer has been to let the guys be themselves and just film whatever happens with little to no coaching or interference from me. The sex might be mediocre, it might be awful, and maybe, just maybe, it will be sizzling-hot….but whatever happens, it will be REAL.

But lately I’ve begun to realize that a little more “directing” from me might be necessary, especially when working with shy, nervous, and/or sexually inexperienced models. Still, I worry that too much coaching from me might cross the line between authentic amateur porn and phony, exaggerated “acting.”

Like many of you, I’d like to see things get a little more intense and dirty and verbal in future videos. I will strive to direct the action a little more, without spoiling its spontaneity and authenticity. As I evolve as a producer/director, I will also continue to evolve as a performer, hopefully growing more confident and creative and daring in future videos. Plus, I will continue finding new models, and I’m sure some of them will be more naturally wild and outgoing and aggressive in the bedroom than the guys I’ve featured so far.

Trust me, I’m my own worst critic, and things will only get hotter from here….

5 comments on “Why Are My Videos So Damn QUIET?!?
  1. Ben


    You’re being entirely too harsh, man! Seriously. Chill. Though I understand your reaction about your own work, however, so I’m hardly one to talk. You know, the Libra thing and all.

    When you stop and think about it, the “sizzling-hot” and nasty, dirty-talking videos you’re talking about sometimes seemed forced. Although when the chemistry is right, it all pulls together and works well.

    So, I’m thinking that if you can, try and relax. The rest will evolve naturally and it will progress at the speed in which it is supposed to.

    Again, please don’t take it the wrong way since I’d be right there saying the same things about myself! In fact, while editing my first solo jerk-off DVD I was thinking that the boys were too quiet. But, that’s how it goes I guess. I would rather the quiet because otherwise it would sound forced and kinda cheesy.

    Be yourself, have fun, and let the guys do their thing. And if there’s something you’re not seeing that you want to see, then throw some more direction in there. But remember that most guys, if this is their first time, will be so self-conscious that throwing more direction for them to think about will make the filming look a bit . . . unnatural.

    Know what I mean?

  2. Bernie

    If you’re putting it to a vote, I prefer the authentic amateur porn over the phony, exaggerated “acting.”

    I think we’ve all just grown a little too accustomed to seeing professional porn where it’s all staged that we think somehow that’s the norm. I think there are probably more people having quiet sex than the noisemakers.

    If you want the guys to get more vocal, you may have to find a more private space to shoot your videos.

  3. Fan in Queens

    It’s a bit of a conundrum I’d imagine in that I think the majority of your fans are attracted to the more gritty, authentic and amateur style of porn that you specialize in, and for these guys in particular that you have used, they are first-time performers, full of nerves, and who perhaps just as part of their sexual characters, are just not too verbal. It’s not the sort of thing that can really be forced. While verbal is hot, when it’s forced, it becomes almost too cliched and formulaic. It’s like the guys in most porno flicks are reading off of cue cards, which isn’t all that hot to me. On the other hand, in watching amateur couple videos on xtube, where the comments seem to flow naturally out of the mouths of tops and bottoms, is incredibly hot. It’s really a trial and error sort of thing though. Maybe when you just happen to find that particular model, or just happen to have that particular explosive chemistry with a pair….and find yourself a new place with thicker walls to play around…then it will just come to be naturally.

    I’ll definitely take the quiet over the forced porn moans and lines though.

    Most of the individual models that have been on this site, I just don’t see being the verbal types. DJ and Lil Luda are too shy, Shyne is too laid back, Samuel and Cortez seem the strong and silent type, Jay seems fairly quiet too but I could see him maybe being a little verbal with females. Really, the only guy featured thus far that I could picture being verbal is Dragon.

  4. Michael

    Thanks for the helpful input, guys! I definitely don’t want the action in my videos to feel forced, staged, exaggerated, phony, cheesy, etc.

    When a guy is NATURALLY aggressive and verbal, that can be hot as hell, and hopefully I’ll work with some guys like that in the future. But like most of you, I’m also NOT a fan of the fake, scripted kind of rough sex one finds in a lot of professional productions!

    Based on the feedback I’ve received so far, it sounds like most of my fans and customers would prefer that I continue letting the guys be themselves, even if that means the action is on the quiet side of things a lot of the time.

    I think I was feeling a little self-conscious after editing “My First Interracial Threesome,” because I swear there are parts of that video where you’d think we were having sex in a LIBRARY, LOL! But as one of Joe Schmoe’s titles put it, “It is what it is….”. Amateur porn can be hot precisely BECAUSE of its imperfections, not in spite of them.

  5. Michael

    It’s also worth mentioning that quiet sex does have an appeal of its own! Those moments when the room is deathly silent except for the sounds of heavy breathing and the sound of a hard dick going in and out of a wet mouth or tight ass….the occasional gasp of pain or pleasure….low-hanging balls slapping against sweaty thighs….such aural sensations can be just as hot or even hotter than rough, vocal sex!


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